8 Cool Sex Positions on Hot Summer Days

Featured imageSummer is all about letting loose and having a blast, and this includes the intimate moments too. And so, with summers getting hotter and hotter, it’s time we talk about turning up the heat in ways you might not expect. When the sun is blazing and temperatures are soaring, the best thing to do is to stay in bed… and have fun in the bedroom. Why not make the most of it? Imagine spicing up your summer with some creative and oh-so-refreshing bedroom maneuvers. So, if you are looking to beat the heat indoors, look no further. We have got the inside scoop on 8 cool sex positions that are about to become your new seasonal favorites.

Doggy Style

Though Doggy Style is quite arguably a favorite year-round, it is particularly great for the hot weather. Why? Mainly because it minimizes bodily contact. It is also perfect for stimulating your partner’s erogenous zones, like a woman’s G-spot. It is, without a doubt, a cool way to beat the heat whether you are having fun with someone who has a penis or strap-on or someone who is using their fingers. And when things become monotonous, you’re free to twist by transitioning to the other variations of doggy style.

Doggy Style Position

How To Do It

  1. The receiving partner assumes a hands-and-knee position with the giving partner kneeling behind them.
  2. The giving partner grabs their partner’s waist, enters, and begins to thrust in and out.
  3. They begin to thrust faster and deeper.
  4. They Keep going until both partners orgasm.

Table Top

Just like Doggy Style, the next position, Table Top, also involves minimal skin-to-skin contact, making it one of my go-to hot sex positions for hot summer days. The Table Top is an extremely versatile position, meaning that it does not have to be done only on a table top. You can have fun with this position on virtually any surface that is flat and at the height of the penetrating partner’s crotch, whether it be the dining table, the kitchen counter, the bedside table, the bathroom counter, or even the office desk.

table top sex position

How To Do It

  1. Find a flat surface that is suitable for performing the Table Top.
  2. The receiving partner lies down on the table top with their knees above their chest and spread apart. Have them position their body close to the edge of the table for easier penetration.
  3. The giving partner enters the receiving partner standing.
  4. The giving partner begins with slow thrusts and then gradually increases their speed. Feel free to use your hands to play with and explore each other’s bodies.


If you are fond of passionate and sensual sex, then you will enjoy the Lotus, so be prepared for lots of intimacy, eye gazing, making out, and more. There is no full-on body contact in this position making it a cool sex position, unless things get steamy. The Lotus is also good for making intercourse last longer. Here, you can also focus on strengthening that physical and sexual connection and stimulation. If you find this appealing, I’m sure you’re going to love more sex positions involving a chair.

Lotus sex position in a chair

Pro tip: The Lotus is best enjoyed by rocking back and forth gently and not bouncing up and down.

How To Do It

  1. Look for a comfortable place to do the Lotus. This could be the bed, the couch, or a soft floor.
  2. The giving partner sits down with their legs crossed.
  3. The receiving partner straddles the giving partner, wrapping their legs around their partner’s back. They may also opt to hug each other to be in an embrace.
  4. The giving partner penetrates the receiving partner while the latter grinds down.
  5. They grind against one another, establishing a comfortable pace and rhythm until they reach an orgasm.


To switch things up, turn up the heat, but also keep things cool and refreshing, we have the Pretzel. It combines the intimacy and eye contact of a missionary with the animalism and deep penetration of doggy style, and this all depends on your pace and body contact.

Pretzel sex position

How To Do It

  1. The receiving partner lies down with their knees bent to the side.
  2. The receiving partner lifts their upper knee.
  3. The giving partner kneels and centers their body on their partner’s lower leg, with both knees between the receiving partner’s legs.
  4. The giving partner encircles their upper knee around the receiving partner’s waist.
  5. The giving partner guides their penis inside, making use of their partner’s wrapped knee to leverage their thrusts.
  6. Maintain eye contact and try to arouse each other’s erogenous zones.

Missionary with Legs on Chest

You can not have cool summer fun without the classics, so this is where Missionary comes in. To add a twist, the receiving partner’s legs are on the giving partner’s chest. Missionary with Legs on Chest also does not involve too much body contact, making it an excellent position for hot summer days. Plus, the receiving partner can control the depth at which the giving partner penetrates.

Missionary position with legs on chest

If the giving partner thrusts too deep, the receiving partner can push their feet against their partner’s chest to cause shallow thrusts. Be prepared, this position does require some flexibility from both partners, so if the receiving partner’s hips are not flexible or the giving partner can not comfortably stay on their knees, it will be difficult to maintain this position.

How To Do It

  1. The receiving partner lies on their back with their knees lifted and bent, and the giving partner gets on top, facing their partner.
  2. The receiving partner places their feet on their partner’s chest.
  3. The giving partner penetrates from there.
  4. The giving partner begins with shallow thrusts and then gradually increases the speed and depth of their penetration. The receiving partner can adjust this by pushing their feet against their partner’s chest.
  5. They keep going until they climax.


Here is a unique one; Scissoring. With this flexible sex position, only your critical body parts are touching each other, so you can keep cool with the distance. There is lots of clitoral stimulation in this position as well as chances of hitting the G-Spot and other erogenous zones, not to mention deep penetration. However vanilla or intense you want to have sex, you can adapt the speed and intensity with Scissoring.

Simple Scissors Sex Position

Take it slow or build it up and go hard. Do note that initially, it may take trial and error to find the best position that offers the most pleasure for both partners. Be patient, listen to one another, and get ready for some Scissoring fun.

How To Do It

  1. Both partners lie on their sides on opposite ends of the bed.
  2. The receiving partner raises one leg then the giving partner places his lower leg underneath his partner’s thigh.
  3. The giving partner’s other leg goes in between their partner’s.
  4. The giving partner penetrates and begins to thrust.
  5. Find an angle that works for both partners and keep going until you climax.

Reverse Scoop

If you have not yet heard of the Reverse Scoop, you will want to give this a try. Think of it like being in a spooning or cuddling position but you are facing your partner’s legs and they are facing yours. This way, you can keep your body cool, and the receiving partner still gets G-spot or clitoral stimulation. If you’re interested in trying more comfortable sex positions, click here.

Pregnancy Side-by-side Sex Position

How To Do It

  1. The receiving partner lies down facing one side.
  2. The giving partner lies down facing the same side, but with his head facing the receiving partner’s legs.
  3. The receiving partner lifts their upper legs and the giving partner guides his penis inside the receiving partner from behind.
  4. They keep going until they reach orgasm.

Standing Doggy

Performing Standing Doggy during the summer feels great! You get all the benefits of the classic doggy style: there is minimal body contact, deep penetration, and intense pleasure, but doing it standing adds a fun twist. You can also hit many angles from this standing sex position. So, what more could you want?

Against the wall sex position

How To Do It

  1. Both partners stand up with the giving partner behind the receiving partner.
  2. The receiving partner bends down on any surface. You can opt to add a pillow under the receiving partner’s upper body or stomach for support.
  3. The receiving partner spreads their legs open.
  4. From behind, the giving partner penetrates the receiving partner and holds their hips for support.
  5. They keep the momentum going by thrusting in and out until they reach an orgasm.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, the 8 best sex positions to keep cool during the hot summers. This list proves that you do not need to sacrifice intimacy and pleasure for the sake of the weather. Instead, this is your chance to merge the art of staying chill and experiencing eye-rolling and mind-boggling pleasure. Give these 8 positions a try, and they will surely be your ticket to turning those sweaty summer days into an unforgettable cool adventure for you and your partner.

Thanks for reading my list of really cool sex positions to try!


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