About My Sex Toy Guide

Hello, and welcome to My Sex Toy Guide! Our publication began in Tim and Sandra Larson’s living room back in 2016 when they decided to put their decades of experience and multiple degrees to good use.

Since then, the My Sex Toy Guide team has expanded to include ten relationship and sexuality experts, all of whom specialize in their own realm of sexual expertise and personal preference. Whether you’re married, single, gay, straight, vanilla, an experienced kinkster, or anything in between, you’ll find content here that will help you explore your fetishes (or lack thereof) with much-needed knowledge and the safest and high-rated products available today.

Our Mission

The My Sex Toy Guide team is on a mission to empower everyone, solo and couple, to enhance their intimate lives. Whether through pleasurable adult products or encouraging confidence to embrace your personal sexual preferences, we’re here to help our readers close the gap between boring, run-of-the-mill sex and earth-shattering orgasms.

We believe in promoting open and honest conversations about sexual well-being in a world that would rather silence anyone seeking to expand their sexual horizons. We fight against sex-shaming by breaking down taboos and fostering a community that encourages making informed choices and embracing long-silenced desires.

Our mission is to be your trusted resource, that you can depend on to provide a wealth of expertise and unbiased insights that contribute to a healthier, happier, and more satisfying sex life.

Our Values

It’s not hard to guess that, above all, we value sexual exploration and creating an intimate life that feels adventurous, fulfilling, and most importantly, pleasurable. Finding new ways to help our readers achieve just that is at the top of our list of priorities.

We also believe that everyone deserves to have an awesome sex life, regardless of age, gender, relationship status, or sexual orientation. For that reason, we employ a diverse team of sexual experts, to ensure that the products we recommend are a good fit for a range of body shapes and sizes, and sexual preferences.

Our Review Process

Each year, our team of experts reviews dozens of the highest-rated adult products available through our favorite sex toy retailers. Since we believe that there’s no limit to the amount of fun you can have in the bedroom, we’re open to testing anything and everything (as long it doesn’t compromise our safety) and because of this, you’ll find reviews for everything from virtual reality porn to clit vibrators to chastity cages.

Since writing our first review all the way back in 2016, we’ve reviewed 200+ toys. As you might expect, this has allowed us to hone our reviewing process, coming up with an essentially infallible procedure which we will dive into in greater detail below.

1.  How We Pick Products

When starting a new round of testing, we start by deciding on a product (app-controlled butt plugs, for example) and then browse through our favorite sex toy retailers and online forums to uncover any fan favorites. We sometimes submit surveys to other sexuality experts or even on forums. Our readers are also great detectives and always inform us if there’s something that we should include in our test schedule. Thank you, everyone!

In addition to tracking down toys of various sizes, so we can satisfy everything from beginners to size queens, we’re also on the hunt for toys and accessories that offer unique values. When it comes to adult products, we know that everyone enjoys different flavors, and we aim to cater to every palette possible.

2.  How We Test Products

After deciding on our favorite products, the real work begins! At this point, we distribute our top picks to our sex experts, who are then tasked with personally testing each of the toys. Hard work, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Our team consists of unique body shapes and sizes and includes both men and women where applicable. Involving a wide variety of testers helps to ensure that each of our recommended products is beloved by all, and not simply suited for a single anatomy.

3. How We Rate Products

For each of our reviews, we define several categories that we feel are a good fit for that particular product. These are usually “Best Overall”, “Budget Pick”, “App-Controlled Pick”, etc. Sometimes we also add in niche categories like “Best For Size Queens”. “Most Inclusive”, etc.

After that, we define the test criteria which we use to score each of the products. This allows us to gather quantifiable results and ensure that every product gets a fair trial.

For example, app-controlled butt plugs score brownie points for infallible connectivity, while monster dildos that don’t deliver on girth and density are immediately removed from the running. We cover all bases!

Each of the products we test earns a rating out of 100 based on relevant test criteria. These ratings are then weighted using our proprietary algorithm to calculate the final average score which we use to to rank them in the respective category

Fan Favorites

Interested to see what adult products have managed to make their way into the My Sex Toy Guide Hall of Fame? Here are some of our most beloved toy reviews.

Affiliate Disclosure

My Sex Toy Guide participates in affiliate marketing programs, which, simply put, means that we sometimes receive a commission on products purchased through our reviews—at no extra cost to you, of course.

However, in no way do these commissions impact our review process or the decision to recommend certain products to our readers. We pride ourselves on providing unbiased information that adheres to industry standards.

Working At My Sex Toy Guide

Here at My Sex Toy Guide, we believe that it takes a village. Every individual involved in our product reviews, from manufacturer to consumer, as well as our online community (including readers like you), is essential to our continued success.

For that reason, we’re always open to expanding our team. If you think your passion for sexual wellness would make you a valued member of the My Sex Toy Guide team, we would love to hear from you!

We’re currently on the hunt for candidates for human resources, web designers, and product testers. If you think you could be a good fit, please apply here.

Learn More About The My Sex Toy Guide Team:

The My Sex Toy Guide team is comprised of passionate and dedicated individuals who have made it their life’s work to enhance the sex lives of their readers. Our diverse team brings together experts from various backgrounds, including sex education, product testing, content creation, and community engagement.

Tim Larson (CEO & Co-Founder)

Tim LarsonTim, a Cheyenne, Wyoming native, started My Sex Toy Guide with his wife, Sandra back in 2016. He kicked off the publication by rounding up a crew of experts and diving into relationships, LGBTQ topics, and other sexuality matters. He’s the go-to guy on male pleasure gadgets, zeroing in on Fleshlights and Onaholes, having personally tested nearly a hundred himself. With a Japanese heritage, courtesy of his dad, Tim spent his twenties teaching English in Japan, soaking up all things Japanese—especially insights into their sex toys, subcultures, and Shibari. His expertise landed him features in Vice.com, MensHealth, and more.

You can find more of Tim’s posts here.

Sandra Larson (Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder)

Sandra LarsonSandra hails from the Windy City but these days, you’ll find her living and working with her husband and My Sex Toy Guide co-founder Tim Larson, in Cheyenne Wyoming. Her background includes nursing with a focus on sexual health, which helped her earn her rank among the top 50 sexologists globally. Her expertise has landed her features in Men’s Health, Wedding Wire, InsideHook, ThriveGlobal, and Focus On Disability, among some of the industry’s other hottest publications.

You can find more of Sandra’s posts here.

Rachel Sommer, Ph.D. (Clinical Sexologist)

Rachel SommerRachel holds a degree in Gender, Sexuality, and Society from the University of Houston, focusing primarily on LGBTQ+ and BIPOC issues. Originally from Texas, she enjoys sushi, white wine, and spending time with her partner, Jessica. Her work has been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, Women’s Health, Healthline, Editorialist, Glamour, MindBodyGreen, and more.

You can find more of Rachel’s posts here.

Nikki Davis-Fainbloom

Niki Davis FainbloomNiki Davis-Fainbloom, a New York-based sex educator, researcher, and coach, specializes in social psychology education. Her approach blends current research, humor, and practical advice to help individuals cultivate healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Her expertise has earned her features in more than 30 publications, including Cosmopolitan, Everyday Health, Pornhub, Mind Body Green, and Refinery29.

Beyond her written work, Niki has conducted over 500 sexual education workshops worldwide, partnering with institutions like Planned Parenthood, New York University, and the United Nations.

You can find more of Nikki’s posts here.

Angela Kempf (Sexual Health Writer)

Angela KempfAngela Kempf, a writer based in Denver, specializes in sexual health and has contributed her work to various prominent online publications.

Apart from her writing, she finds joy in B movies, yoga, exploring new places, and a good pun. When she’s not immersed in books or writing, she’s often out seeking the finest tacos in town.

You can find more of Angela’s posts here.

M. Christian (Technology Writer)

M.ChristianM.Christian is deeply passionate about the crossroads of sex and technology. Known as an esteemed erotica writer, they boast six novels, 12 collections, over 100 short stories, and have contributed to 25 anthologies. Their non-fiction work is a regular feature on platforms like Kinkly, Tickle.Life, Sexpert, Queer Majority, Killing Kittens, Sex for Every Body, Future of Sex, and many more.

Their writings delve into a broad spectrum of subjects, including BDSM safety, sexual education, senior sexuality concerns, and diverse issues within the queer and gender communities. M.Christian also offers insightful reviews of various sex-tech products and adult entertainment sites.

You can find more of M. Christian’s posts here.


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