18 Best Automatic Male Masturbators 2024, REALLY Tested [Video]

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All the masturbators we testedAfter reviewing more than fifty automatic male masturbators for this article, we can with confidence say that Kiiroo Keon is this year’s best product. It was more powerful, well-made, and, most of all, easier to use than the other devices we tested. In addition, Keon has interactivity, mobile app control, and VR compatibility for complete immersion, something most of the competitors didn’t have.

Update: Seeing the positive response, we went out of our way to negotiate a special deal with Kiiroo for you! If you buy Keon using the Kiiroo link below, you get a 10% discount at checkout!

Key Takeaways

Test Winner: Kiiroo Keon
Kiiroo KeonKiiroo Keon got the highest rating in our review. Our testers loved how among the automatic male masturbators we reviewed, Kiiroo Keon performed the best. We loved most of its attributes, but its wide range of stimulations stood out.

Blowjobs: AutoBlow AI Ultra
Autoblow AI UltraAutoBlow AI Ultra performed incredibly well on multiple metrics. The testers pointed out the impressive balance between realism and intensity. “It was the most realistic masturbator we reviewed,” says Shane Davis. 

Budget: Lovense Max 2
lovense max 2 in a boxIf you’re on a budget and you want to sink your feet into the wild world of automated male masturbators, the Lovense Max 2 offers excellent value for money. For $139.99, the dual stimulation stroker provides a bang for your buck with the simplified and exciting design.

Why Should You Trust Us

Tim LarsonTim Larson has tested sex toys professionally since 2016, emphasizing having first-hand experience for better judgment. Over the years, Tim has tried everything under the sun, with the automatic models winning a particular spot in his heart.

Putting this article together took 135 research hours. Everything from testing by Tim himself and colleague Shane Davis, to surfing through sex toy forums and reading user reviews, Tim’s dedication to excellence is outstanding. With that being said, here are this year’s 10 best masturbation toys:


How We Picked the Products

This article took two months to complete, with the bulk of the time used to test more than 30 automated masturbators. Some devices we didn’t include this year were Cobra Libre II and Arcwave Ion because we felt there were better devices available now. Before the review, I defined well-defined quantitative metrics that we could measure on a scale from 0 to 100. These factors included the following:

  • Design: The design was an essential facet of the process because it directly affected the experience. We prioritized strokers whose design was rooted in making the user experience easier and more fun.
  • Size: The size affects handling and decides what sex toy suits specific users. As always, we measured the length, girth, and usable length to help you compare different strokers before deciding on the one to buy.
  • Settings: The number of vibration/stroking settings shapes a sex toy’s flexibility. It also makes them ideal for different users, experienced or new to self-pleasuring.
  • Special Features: Masturbators like the Lovense Calor offer a unique experience with the warming feature. We prioritized such sex toys with more than the standard vibrations.
  • Realism: People have different tastes and preferences, and the degree of realism is one feature that elicits mixed reactions. We added products with realistic and non-realistic designs, so everyone had something to consider.
  • Build Quality: Quality over quantity! Throughout the review, I highlighted the importance of only going with high-quality and well-made automatic masturbators made of latex-free and non-porous materials.
  • Rechargeability: A rechargeable sex toy is as good as its battery life. Beyond ensuring we prioritize USB-rechargeable models, we only picked those with enough battery life to last a few self-pleasuring sessions.
  • Bells and Whistles: Every sex toy has a unique feature setting it apart from the competition. We paid attention to these bells and whistles, including heating capabilities, interactive content, voice control, a flexible design for couples’ play, and wireless remote control.

During testing, we rated each test criterion on a percentage scale from 0% (Worst) to 100% (Best). We then calculated the overall score using different weighted metrics depending on the importance of the test criteria. Half the total rating comes from Design (25%) and Size (25%). After that comes Settings (10%), Special Features (10%), Realism (10%), Build Quality (10%), Rechargeability (5%) and Bells & Whistles (5%).

Afterward, I compiled the findings using comparison charts to analyze and report. My colleagues were with me, helping me choose the top picks, especially in categories that needed a second opinion. It’s from more than a month of self-testing and 25 hours of deliberation that we believe these are the best automatic male masturbators of this year.


Everything We Tested

In this chapter, you can see a comparison table with all the products we tested. As you can see, each row has the test criteria our team used during the testing. To make our testing process even more transparent, we also included the raw test data so you can see how the products performed with each test criteria.

Kiiroo KeonKiiroo Onyx+AutoBlow AI UltraAutoBlow AI+Lovense Max 2Lovense SolaceAutoBlow VacuGlideThe MilkerFleshlight Universal LaunchQuickshot LaunchThe HandyLovense GushHot Octopuss Pulse Solo LuxFun Factory MantaLovense CalorBlowmotion Warming Male MasturbatorHoney Playbox WarriorKYO F Motion
NameKiiroo KeonOnyx+ AI Ultra AutoBlow AI+Max 2SolaceVacuGlideMilkerUniversal LaunchQuickshot LaunchThe HandyLovense GushSolo LuxMantaCalorBlowmotionWarriorKYO F-Motion
CategoryBest OverallCompact AlternativeBlowjobsErectile DysfunctionBudget PickHands-FreePowerfulPowerful AlternativeFor FleshlightsUniversal Launch AlternativeVoyeurFrenulum StimulationFrenulum Stimulation AlternativeFrenulum Stimulation AlternativeWarmingWarming AlternativeRotatingRotating Alternative
Average Rating94%91%93%93%92%91%90%85%90%84%87%86%85%85%84%85%97%96%
Ease of Use95%89%90%93%85%89%90%80%90%95%83%80%80%90%84%80%93%96%
Battery Life92%85%88%90%92%85%87%89%87%92%89%86%84%84%85%84%93%92%
Build Quality93%92%91%91%89%92%89%84%89%93%83%87%85%84%82%85%96%94%
Special Features91%89%90%97%94%90%89%80%89%93%92%83%86%83%92%86%94%95%
Price & Value89%93%90%87%95%89%90%88%90%86%90%95%92%93%93%84%83%84%
Price Tag$229$219.99$299.95$239.95 – $299.95$99$189$899.99 – $999.99$850.50 – $1,064.99$199.95$269.95$199$99$149.95$139.99$139.99$53.99$133.33$159.99
MaterialABS, P.C., & SiliconeABS & POMSilicone & ABSSilicone & ABSABS & TPEABS & TPEAluminum, ABS, & SiliconeSilicone, Rubber,
ABS & PU CoatingABS & PUSilicone, ABS & TPESiliconeSilicone & ABSSiliconeSilicone & ABS SiliconeSilicone, ABS, TPE,
Silicone, ABS, & TPE
Insertable Length9 inches6.5 inchesN/A7.8 inches9.5 inches6.6 inches8.5 inches3 - 9 inches8.5 inchesN/A5 inches3.39 inches3.25 inches7.5 inches6.02 inches3 inches10.62 inches (Length)16.93 inches (Length)


1. Kiiroo Keon: Our Overall Test Winner!

Kiiroo Keon

Why we love Kiiroo Keon:

Among the automatic male masturbators we reviewed, Kiiroo Keon performed the best. We loved most of its attributes, but its wide range of stimulations stood out. Whether you want a quick wank or an extended session of self-pleasuring, both the manual thrusting and interactive modes made it easy to explore the best Kiiroo Keon had to offer.

Kiiroo Keon’s compatibility with a dedicated mobile app was another highlight of the review. The Real Feel application (screenshots in the image below) added more possibilities to the automated thruster, making it ideal for singles and couples. Notably, pairing the app and masturbator was much easier than most of the other models we tested, with easy-to-follow prompts.

Screenshots from the Feelconnect app

The reviewers highlighted the impressive 2D and 3D content compatibility that opened the user’s world to new possibilities. Besides elevating your everyday masturbation needs, advanced masturbator fans will be glad to stretch their imagination with interactive webcam shows and VR porn. “You can also connect it with compatible sex toys like Pearl 3,” emphasizes Shane Davis. “The immersive toy-to-toy interactivity added a layer of excitement, allowing couples to enjoy real-time connectivity, regardless of distance.”

Besides connecting it with 2D and 3D content, the mobile app allows lovers to chat and video with each other and schedule playtime. In addition, future functions like music sync, custom patterns, and sound-activated strokes will undoubtedly make the experience more wholesome.

Screenshot from KIIROO.live

Let’s talk about the design language next. We’ve reviewed numerous Kiiroo masturbators, and the shape is usually the best selling point. Keon’s designers did an incredible job with the ergonomic build (evident in the image below). Notably, the control interface was straightforward, with easy-to-press buttons on each side.

The buttons on the right side help control the stroke speed, while those on the left regulate the stroke length. You could even change the stroker’s position so that you can specifically target different regions of the penis. Whether you want to focus on the head of your penis for teasing fun or full-shaft blowjobs, the control interface significantly enhances the experience.

The body showing the LED lights

Another highlight was the RealFeel stroker’s texture. We thought it felt like the Stamina Training Unit (STU), with the characteristic evenly-sized bumps running from end to end. “The tight canal and firm, rounded bumps made the stroker ideal for a range of stimulation, including stamina training and edging play,” confirms Tim Larson. “The pocket pussy ‘s smooth TPE material felt warm around the penis, and the Helix Power texture spread the sensations from the head to the tip, making for full-on stimulation.”

Some testers raised concerns about the stroker’s size (highlighted in the image below), describing it as too big for some users. “People with limited mobility or weaker hands will find it challenging to keep up with the weighty masturbator,” says Shane Davis.

Kiiroo Keon sleeve

Note: For regular users, the extra weight made the experience more realistic than other smaller models we tested for the article.

The versatility was another review highlight. As stressed before, the mobile app opened the user’s world to new possibilities, including mobile control, toy-to-toy connectivity, and VR compatibility. In addition, the masturbator can be used with attachments like the PowerBlow or table clamp for automated suction pressure and hands-free pleasure.

Kiiroo Keon and the content of the box

The build quality was impressive. As seen in the image above, everything about the design and quality of craftsmanship was exceptional. We loved the firm housing, and the structure remained strong without any moving parts, even with vigorous shaking. “I’ve used mine a dozen times, and nothing about the stroker taints its durability, and even with continuous shaking, the structure maintained its integrity, and there was no doubt about longevity. Notably, both the masturbator and stroker were made by Kiiroo, meaning they lock in firmly without any compatibility issues.

Alternative: Kiiroo Onyx+:

Kiiroo Onyx+ is the best alternative for folks seeking a more compact masturbator. It’s lighter and more convenient for people with weaker hands. The improved portability enhanced handling (image below) and made Onyx+ the perfect travel buddy. More importantly, the sensations are equally powerful, and the smaller size doesn’t affect the motor power.


Onyx+’s masturbation sleeve felt more natural than most models in the article, and its compatibility with the Feel Connect app added to the versatility. The easy-to-use application opened the user’s sex world to endless possibilities, including toy-to-toy connectivity, VR compatibility, and remote control.

Those who lean more toward this alternative can read the review of the Kiiroo Onyx+ right here.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Unfortunately, the masturbator is expensive, and budget seekers might have to look elsewhere. The cost ranges between $249 and $279, which most users, especially beginners, will find too much. We recommend going for a more affordable model like Lovense Max 2 if you’re only interested in a quick wank.

As stressed before, some users, especially those with limited mobility and weaker limbs, will find the automatic stroker too heavy. Kiiroo Onyx+ is the best alternative for folks who find Keon’s dimensions off-putting.

Why Kiiroo Keon is the best automatic male masturbator:

  • Design: The masturbator’s ergonomic design was a highlight of the review. We loved the simplified user interface, with easy-press buttons on the sides. Kiiroo designers made the housing and stroker, taking away any compatibility issues common with sex toys made by collaborating brands. In addition, the Helix Power texture on the stroker’s cavity evenly distributed the sensations, rendering it perfect for stamina training and teasing fun.
  • Build Quality: The testers lauded the stroker’s phenomenal build quality. “The plastic body was alarming at first, but it turned out firmer than we had anticipated,” says Shane Davis. “The housing felt solid, and even after shaking it vigorously, all the parts remained in place.” More importantly, the Real Feel sleeve was made from high-quality TPE material, rendering it durable and reliable for extended use.
  • Versatility: Kiiroo Keon’s versatility made it stand out from the competition. The dedicated mobile app opened endless possibilities for singles and couples. Everything from long-distance control to VR compatibility and real-time toy-to-toy connectivity, there was no limit to the capabilities. In addition, the masturbator was compatible with multiple accessories, including the table clamp and PowerBlow. The latter promoted automatic suction pressure, while the former enhanced hands-free pleasure.

If you want to see what Kiiroo Keon looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

You can read our full Kiiroo Keon review here.


  • Material: Silicone, PU Foam, TPE, ABS
  • Length: 9.05″
  • Width: 3.62″


  • Phenomenal build quality.
  • Incredibly-designed male masturbator.
  • Easy-to-use mobile application.
  • Body-safe materials.
  • Intense stroking action.
  • The product is ideal for mobile control and VR games.


  • It’s expensive – $249 – $279.
  • The dimensions render the stroker unideal for vacationers.

Update: Seeing the positive response, we went out of our way to negotiate a special deal with Kiiroo for you! If you buy Keon using the Kiiroo link below, you get a 10% discount at checkout!

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2. AutoBlow AI Ultra: Blowjobs Simulations!

Autoblow AI Ultra

Why we love AutoBlow AI Ultra:

AutoBlow AI Ultra performed incredibly well on multiple metrics. The testers pointed out the impressive balance between realism and intensity. “It was the most realistic masturbator we reviewed,” says Shane Davis. “The super-realistic orifice and ribbed cavity helped simulate blowjob sensations with impeccable details.”

Besides the realistic texture inside the cavity, we noted a stopper node towards the end that simulated a deep-throating experience. In addition, the extensive Video Sync Library (image below) helped further articulate the stroker’s movements so that the experience felt real. “I enjoyed surfing through the blowjob videos from different pornstars, seeking to discover something new every day,” says Shane Davis. “Over the last few months, there have been new videos because AutoBlow regularly updates the library, something that made the masturbator stand out.”

Me holding the Autoblow phone app

The reviewers pointed out the ergonomic design and how the finger grooves on either side helped simplify the user experience (demonstrated in the image below). The more compact 3rd generation device ran more smoothly than its predecessor, and the design was more balanced. Unlike the original masturbator, the AutoBlow AI Ultra’s stroker and sleeve moved together, thereby generating more friction and laying the foundation for more satisfying orgasms.

AI Ultra’s build quality was phenomenal. AutoBlow designers paid attention to detail, incorporating reviews and changes recommended by sex toy users of the original AutoBlow toys. For instance, the team ditched the tear-susceptible lip ends on the sleeves for a more conservative Fleshlight-like design.

Autoblow AI Ultra

The masturbator’s versatility was another highlight of the review. Besides blowjob simulation, the stroker came with more sleeves for users seeking to switch things up. In addition, the team ditched the sharp lip on the sleeves, which was more likely to get torn during use.

As said before, the masturbator is an upgrade from its predecessor. Unlike AutoBlow AI+, the sleeves feel tighter and more realistic. The mouth orifice (image below) was especially relatable; you can mistake it for your partner’s mouth. More importantly, the new masturbator features standout features like video syncing, making the experience more animated.

Closeup of the mouth orifice

Besides the realistic blowjob simulation, we loved that the AI Ultra came with more sleeves for the kinky user looking to switch things up. The vagina sleeve was the most intense among the three, and it had a tight canal with a much sharper texture. On the other hand, the anal cavity was texture-free and relatively loose, rendering it perfect for newbies and those in favor of extended self-pleasuring sessions.

Lastly, the product was compatible with the AutoBlow mobile app. The dedicated application offered more control than the built-in interface for solo-play fans and couples. Pairing it with the sleeve was straightforward, and there were endless customization options. More importantly, bells and whistles like long-distance control and customized patterns made it a worthy investment.

The content of the box

Alternative: AutoBlow AI+:

If you have Erectile Dysfunction (ED), the AutoBlow AI+ (image below) is the best pick. The high-performing model’s ‘more relaxed’ structure made it easy to use with a flaccid penis. Like the Ultra model, the stroker has three sleeves to replicate blowjobs, anal sex, and anal gaping. In addition, its compatibility with the dedicated mobile app made it more versatile, with notable bells and whistles like voice control and long-distance control.

Autoblow AI+ and the box

While the Adult Video sync is unavailable for the AutoBlow AI+, the stroker was more affordable and ED-friendly.

You can find out how this alternative works better for people with ED in this AutoBlow AI+ review.

Minor issues we found during testing:

A significant concern was the dimensions. Newbies and folks with smaller hands will find it chunky, and using the product for extended sessions will be challenging.

In addition, the suction cap produced an annoying rattling sound during stoking, especially when the cap wasn’t fastened well.

Why AutoBlow AI Ultra is perfect for blowjob simulations:

  • Stimulations: The masturbator’s realistic blowjob simulations stemmed from the mouth cavity. Everything from the orifice to the canal’s texture amplified the realistic oral sex experience complete to the last detail. It wasn’t as intense as the vagina sleeve. Still, the detailing with realistic texturing, a stretchy cavity, characteristic grooves on the upper side, and deepthroat simulation made the masturbator feel wonderful.
  • Versatility: AutoBlow AI Ultra’s compatibility with the mobile application made it stand out from the competition. The dynamic stroker was more manageable to regulate, and bells and whistles like long-distance control and customized patterns elevated the quality of solo play and coupled sex. In addition, the product came with an extra two sleeves to replicate vaginal and anal sex. The former was the most intense and tight, while the latter was loose and ideal for extended self-pleasuring sessions.
  • Design: Lastly, the new design addressed concerns users raised about the previous models and incorporated them into the latest AI Ultra’s build. The testers emphasized that the stroker felt more balanced and the stroking action was smoother. More importantly, the design was ergonomic, with easy-to-use side buttons and finger grooves to enhance handling. “The single-housing design that synced the housing and sleeve movements created more friction and made the orgasms more intense,” confirms Shane Davis.

If you want to see what the product looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

If you want to check out how realistic the blowjobs are with this bad boy, then you better read the review of the Autoblow AI Ultra.


  • Material: Silicone, ABS
  • Width: 5.5″x 4″
  • Height: 10″


  • The best-performing blowjob sex toy.
  • Impressive build quality.
  • Multiple interchangeable sleeves.
  • Immersive video sync library.
  • Convenient mobile application.
  • Adjustable suction pressure.


  • It’s not ideal for users with Erectile Dysfunction (ED).
  • The size might be too big for beginners and folks with smaller hands.

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3. Lovense Max 2: Our Budget Pick!

Lovense Max 2

Why we love Lovense Max 2:

If you’re on a budget and you want to sink your feet into the wild world of automated male masturbators, the Lovense Max 2 offers excellent value for money. For $139.99, the dual stimulation stroker provides a bang for your buck with the simplified and exciting design. Most of the models we tested were twice the price without many features to justify the price, which makes Max’s cost a massive bargain.

The ribbed cylindrical body (image below) complements Max 2’s simple design and low-key yet masculine look. Unlike most regular masturbators, handling Max was straightforward, even for people with smaller hands. simplifies handling

Lovense Max 2 in the box

Note: While the slimline body makes handling easy, holding it with one hand for extended sessions can be tiring. Masturbators like Fleshlight Launch are massive in size, but the handlebars make it easy to use one with a single hand.

The case was easy to open (demonstrated in the image below), making cleaning quick and easy. More importantly, the air pressure vent’s sliding switch simplified vacuum suction control. The designers even added a quick-release valve at the bottom for emergency release. “I didn’t like the air vent design because adjusting it was challenging, and it required precision using the fingernails,” says Shane Davis. “Luckily, there’s nothing much to complain about the body, and the overall experience was great.”

Lovense Max 2 with no cap

Another highlight of the review was the sensations. The stroker (image below) combined contractions and vibrations evenly, making the stroking action super intense and fulfilling. For people who’ve not found success with regular sleeves, the automated penis stimulator will have you orgasming hands-free within minutes.

The 360-degree contractions coupled with an adjustable air vent made the blowjob sensations super realistic. Cycling through the seven vibration patterns and three contraction settings was blissful. Only the most experienced folks will go near the highest settings, but the excellent range made the product ideal for different users.

lovense max 2 sleeve

Setting up the automatic stroker was straightforward, and pairing it with the app was quick. The mobile app (screenshots in the image below) enhanced the versatility with standout features like music sync and customized patterns. “I had the bedroom music playlist ready,” says Shane Davis. “The music-inspired vibration and contractions felt terrific, with every beat change reverberating through the ridges on the stroker’s walls.”

Lastly, the TPE sleeve felt squishy and realistic. Cleaning was more complicated because of the porous material, but the sleeve texture negated any inconvenience. The ridges and nodes amplify the vibrations, ensuring intense stroking action.

Screenshots from the Lovense remote app

Minor issues we found during testing:

One of the most significant concerns we had was the porous TPE material. Cleaning and drying can be tedious because you must avoid soaking water in the microscopic holes. In addition, the sleeve attracts a bit of dust and hair, so you’ll need to clean it more often.

In addition, adjusting the suction pressure regulatory valve is challenging, and the design could be better.

Why Lovense Max 2 is our budget pick:

  • Price: For $139.99, the dual stimulation stroker offers excellent value for money. Everything from the straightforward design to the ribbed case and combined contractions and vibrations make it a massive bargain. Most of the models we tested for the category were much costlier without much to show for the price.
  • Design: The cylindrical body significantly enhanced handling. “It was a unique mix of the low-key, sophisticated, yet masculine body that’s almost impossible to find for the price,” says Shane Davis. The easy-to-open case simplified cleaning significantly, while the air pressure vent made it easy to regulate the suction vacuum to your desired intensity.
  • Versatility: Lovense Max 2’s compatibility with the mobile app was the peak of versatility. Unlike most budget-friendly products, the dedicated application offered impressive bells and whistles, including more customization and music sync for a more hands-free experience. Pairing the two was straightforward, and the simple interface made the experience blissful for any user, regardless of experience.

If you want to see what Lovense Max 2 looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

For our budget-conscious kinkster out here, you can check the Lovense Max 2 full review here.


  • Material: TPE & ABS
  • Insertable Width: 3.33″
  • Insertable Length: 6.5″


  • The most affordable automatic penis vibrator.
  • Body-safe TPE and ABS materials.
  • Squishy TPE sleeve with ridges and nodes.
  • Convenient Lovense mobile app.
  • Bells and whistles, including music sync.
  • Adjustable suction vent.


  • Cleaning TPE can be a pain in the ass.
  • The air vent design could be better.

View On Lovense.com

View On Lovehoney


4. Lovense Solace: Best Hands-Free Mount!

Lovense Solace

Why we love Lovense Solace:

Lovense Solace was the best model among the hands-free products we tested. It was more compact than the massive Keon, and its compact body greatly simplified handling. More importantly, the included desk mount (image below) was compatible with almost any tabletop-shaped surface, making it easy to use the masturbator anywhere you might be.

Note: The hands-free toy was more compact than the Lovense Max 2. We tested over a dozen options for the category, and none came close to Solace from Lovense.

Solace with the desk mount

Setting up the mount was straightforward, and the connection remained firm even with robust thrusting. In addition, the flexible arm makes it easy to adjust the penetration angle and position up to 180 degrees, ensuring you explore the wildest sex positions. Whether you want to be seated or standing, there’s little you can’t do with the male masturbator.

The design was the main highlight of the review. Its slim and lightweight body (evident in the image below) made the product stand out from the competition. Besides simplifying handling, it also intensified the sensations because most of the energy was focused on what matters the most: having a good time.

Lovense Solace

The sleeve’s close-ended build elevated the suction pressure. It enhanced the suction pressure and provided a unique experience for masturbator users looking for intense suction orgasms. Unfortunately, there was no way to regulate the vacuum pressure, and the build made cleaning and drying more tedious. Still, the induced intensity negated the slight inconvenience.

Unlike most models in the category, Lovense Solace had two sleeves to pick from, allowing users to customize the experience further. Whether you want a realistic vagina orifice or a non-descript model (one in the image below), the stroker is ideal for different users. The latter yielded more for extra girthy folks, and the former was more intense and tight.

Me holding the gender neutral orifice

The build quality was another feature we wouldn’t overlook. In all the Lovense products we’ve reviewed over the years, the quality of craftsmanship is always top-notch, and Solace was no exception. We loved the rugged ABS material on the case and the ultra-soft TPE because the two merged coziness and durability incredibly well. In addition, the stroker’s movements felt smoother and more balanced than most other models we tested.

The testers highlighted how powerful the Lovense Solace sensations felt. The robust motor delivered a knockout, with an impressive top speed of 280 strokes in a minute. We loved the mighty sensations and firmly believe it adequately negated the limited stroke length (2.76″). More importantly, the multiple settings made it easy to customize the experience while opening it up for different users, including edging and teasing fun seekers.

Closeup of the control interface

Solace’s compatibility with the Lovense Remote app (screenshots in the image below) was an incredible feature for the review. The dedicated application was the easiest to use, and the control range was impressive for close-range and long-distance couples.

Note: The masturbator was also compatible with the VibeMate mobile app. It wasn’t as intuitive as the Remote app, but it added a layer of dynamism with a vast collection of sync-ready videos. Whether you want to simulate penis-in-vagina penetration or a blowjob, the video library makes the masturbator perfect for different scenarios.

Screenshots from the Lovense Remote App

Minor issues we found during testing:

The stroker makes an unsexy clicking noise when stroking, which most people will find annoying. It wasn’t the loudest among the reviewed models, but it can be distracting, especially at max volume.

Lovense Solace’s sleeves might be too tight for girthier folks. If your member is above the 6.5″ x 2.5″, consider getting a more accommodative option like Lovense Max 2.

Why Lovense Solace has the best hands-free mount:

  • Design: The review panel pointed out that the slim, lightweight design significantly enhanced the user experience and simplified handling. The designers balanced the dimensions and power ratio well, making handling easy without cutting on power. In addition, the desk mount lets the user think less about handling and more about having a good time.
  • Versatility: Besides the multiple sleeves, Lovense Solace’s versatility was evident with the convenient Lovense Remote app. Everything from the simplistic interface to the endless patterns made it stand out from the competition. More importantly, the VibeMate mobile app added a layer of excitement with several porn videos to sync with the stroking action.
  • Build Quality: Like other Lovense products, the quality of craftsmanship was top-notch. The designers delivered an incredible piece of art, emphasizing user satisfaction and durability. We loved the silky TPE and the rugged ABS plastic housing.

If you want to see what Lovense Solace looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

You can read our Lovense Solance review to know more about its specs.


  • Material: ABS & TPE
  • Width: 4.07″ x 3.94″
  • Length: 11.6″


  • A high-performing, hands-free male sex toy.
  • Outstanding build quality.
  • Robust motor with multiple settings.
  • Convenient Lovense Remote and VibeMate mobile apps.
  • Numerous customization options.
  • Ideal for VR content users.


  • The stroker can be loud at high settings.
  • Girthier folks will find the sleeves to be too tight.

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5. AutoBlow VacuGlide: Most Powerful!

Autoblow VacuGlide

Why we love AutoBlow VacuGlide:

Among the male masturbators we tested, AutoBlow VacuGlide was the most powerful. The testers found the sensations 40% more intense than the other models we reviewed, making it ideal for more experienced users. Besides the intensity, the suction-based sex toy’s motor had multiple patterns and speed levels, making it easy to customize the experience to match your experience. “Having different pleasure modes was instrumental because it made the ultra-powerful stroker less intimidating for intermediate users,” says Shane Davis.

The automatic male masturbator had three pleasure sleeves (image below), adding to the customizability facet. Whether you have a small, mid, or massive member, these sleeves wrap the penis warmly, ensuring you get an exquisite experience. As anticipated, the mid-sized model was the coziest, but girthier folks will find it too tight. In addition, the more oversized sleeve yielded more, but the extra size reduced the suction pressure.

The three sleeves

VacuGlide’s versatility was another highlight of the review. It combined stroking and suction settings, further amplifying the quality of sensations. It takes a while to get the perfect balance for the dual stimulations, but soon enough, you’ll be enjoying realistic blowjob replication. “We reviewed multiple AutoBlow options, and only the AI Ultra was better at simulating oral sex.”

Note: While there wasn’t a way to control the suction and stroking actions, VacuGlide’s robust motor and multiple receivers made up for the inconvenience.

Autoblow VacuGlide

For the sensations, VacuGlide’s range of stimulations made it ideal for different users. For instance, the first few patterns were great for edging. At the same time, the higher modes provided more intensity for the more experienced folks. As long as you use enough water-based lube, there are no limits with the automatic masturbator.

The automated puffs of air made for gentle yet impactful sensations. Conversely, the vibrations added vigor to the suction pressure, creating the right balance. Notably, the stroker’s responsive LED display on the toy’s side (image above) helps keep tabs on the specific speed mode, an often overlooked feature that enhances the user experience.

The content of the box

Lastly, the designers paid attention to detail with the thoughtful dimensions and rugged build. The stroker felt solid on the hands, even in the highest settings, and there were no doubts about its durability. In addition, the waterproof silicone used on the sleeves was silky smooth, rendering the blowjob simulations cozy for extended sessions.

Alternative: The Milker

The Milker is a good alternative to VacuGlide. The massive box masturbator boasts a more robust motor than the VacuGlide, with intense stroking and suction patterns.

The Milker

Unlike the VacuGlide stroker, the Milker’s two penis sleeves provided a more direct approach to penis massage. The smaller receiver was perfect for targeted edging fun. At the same time, the second one stimulated the entire shaft for a more rewarding, full-on experience. Notably, handling was straightforward, thanks to the classic dial control that made it easy to regulate the suction and vibration settings.

Minor issues we found during testing:

The automatic stroker isn’t the most affordable model in the article. It costs $899.95, which most sex toy fans will find to be too expensive. We recommend getting the Lovense Max 2 if you want an affordable model.

In addition, AutoBlow VacuGlide lacks hands-free properties, which is a bummer for the price. Other models like Lovense Solace and Max 2 are compatible with mobile applications, adding a load of possibilities to the experience.

Why AutoBlow VacuGlide is the most powerful:

  • Stimulations: The range of stimulation was excellent among the powerful models we tested. The extreme lows and highs were easy to customize, making the masturbator perfect for edging and intense orgasms. Whether you want to enjoy teasing strokes for extended sessions or hasty but intense stroking and suction patterns, the VacuGlide offers the best of both worlds.
  • Design: The testers highlighted how the modern and sleek design elevated the user experience. For starters, there were multiple masturbation sleeves, making the toy ideal for different users. In addition, the compact stroker had a straightforward user interface with a responsive LED strip to help monitor the pleasure settings during use.
  • Build Quality: Lastly, the build quality was phenomenal. We loved that VacuGlide designers chose high-quality materials, including aluminum, silicone, and ABS plastic. The different parts of the masturbator worked together flawlessly, and the system felt stable on the hands.

If you want to see what AutoBlow VacuGlide looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

Check out our Autoblow Vacuglide review to find out how powerful this masturbator can get!


  • Material: ABS Plastic, Silicone, & Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 6.18″ x 15.15″


  • The most potent product.
  • Different penis receivers for better customization.
  • Phenomenal build quality.
  • Multiple suction and vibration patterns.
  • Cleaning the sleeves is straightforward.
  • It comes with a cozy travel bag.


  • It’s pricey – $899.95.
  • There was no app compatible with the stroker.

View On Autoblow.com


6. Fleshlight Universal Launch: Best For Fleshlights!

Fleshlight Universal Launch

Why we love Fleshlight Universal Launch:

The Fleshlight Universal Launch is the best option if you own multiple Fleshlights. The reasonably new model was compatible with more strokers, meaning you won’t be tied to a few names. Its universal design made it easy to attach the sleeve, and the firm connection significantly enhanced the security so that the toy didn’t jump out during use.

Note: In addition to the industry locking mechanism (zoomed in the image below) that ensured the sleeve bolted securely, the new ratcheting system included a stable plastic loop that secured the sleeve from the outside. This added an extra layer of security and made it easy to switch between different Fleshlights.

Fleshlight Universal Launch

The ergonomic design included massive handles on either side. “It looked like something out of a sci-fi film,” says Shane Davis. “The handlebars laid the foundation for the well-designed automatic stroker.”

Notably, the handles (image below) made the rather massive masturbator easy to use with a single hand. In addition, the easy-to-press buttons on both sides let the user control the stroke length, speed, and position with the least effort. The buttons on the left toggle the length and position of the sleeve, while those on the right helped regulate the 4-speed levels. We especially loved the positioning toggle because it allowed for precise sensations on the head, entire shaft, and base.

Closeup of the ratcheting system

The Universal Launch’s smartphone mount was another highlight of the review. Most reviewers pointed out the automatic stroker’s lack of interactive features was a bummer. Still, we firmly believe the universal mount added more possibilities—the visual assistance of watching porn and other raunchy content while masturbating made for more exciting experiences.

Unlike the discontinued Fleshlight Launch, there’s a lot to love about the Universal Launch. Besides its compatibility with more Fleshlight sleeves, we loved the comparatively quieter and discreet build. It wasn’t whisper-quiet but relatively discreet for its size and power. Your roommate will be in the loop, but your neighbor won’t know about your newfound love.

The content of the box

The Turbo Thrust is one of the best Fleshlight sleeves we’ve ever reviewed, and it didn’t take long to see why most people are fascinated with the masturbator. “The flexible orifice allowed users to penetrate from different angles, thus increasing the friction and making the orgasms intense,” says Shane Davis. ” The ridges and ribs were spread evenly through the cavity, striking an incredible balance between intensity and coziness.”

Lastly, the ratcheting system (image below) made switching between different Fleshlight sleeves easy. If you want a more or less intense sleeve, the system makes changing them straightforwardly.

Closeup of the ratcheting system

Alternative: Quickshot Launch

The Quickshot Launch is a decent alternative to Universal Launch. Unfortunately, the product is only compatible with the more compact Quickshot sleeves. However, everything, including the massive handles and easy-to-press buttons, amplified the user experience.

Quickshot Launch blowjob machine

The touch control interface significantly simplified handling and made it easy to regulate the speed and length of stroking. We found it easy to switch between the different sleeves, and the handlebars allowed for single-hand use.

Here’s the Quickshot Launch review for those who are interested.

Minor issues we found during testing:

The stroker is pricey. It costs between $262.67 and $291.85, which most people will find too expensive. Lovense Max 2 is the most affordable alternative for budget seekers.

Another concern was the lack of interactive features. Most of the new masturbators offer high-tech features like mobile control, VR sync, and toy-to-toy interactivity. For this reason, most people will be disappointed with the overly simplistic Fleshlight Launch.

Why Fleshlight Universal Launch is the best for Fleshlights:

  • Design: As the name suggests, the Universal Launch is compatible with most standard Fleshlight sleeves. Its unique design and rugged ratcheting system promoted security, ensuring the sleeve stays in place regardless of the intensity.
    The massive handlebars with intelligently placed buttons beneath the thumbs simplified handling. In addition, we found it easy to control the stroker with a single hand, leaving the other free to explore other erogenous zones during self-pleasuring and foreplay.
  • Versatility: The Fleshlight Universal Launch performed incredibly well in terms of versatility. For starters, it was compatible with multiple sleeves, making it the perfect choice for people with a vast collection of Fleshlights. Connecting the stroker to the housing is quick, and the ratcheting system significantly enhances the security.
  • Build Quality: Like other Fleshlight products, the masturbator boasted impressive craftsmanship. The designers paid attention to detail, with remarkable handles to simplify control and intelligently placed buttons beneath the thumbs. In addition, the high-quality materials emphasized the designer’s commitment to brilliance.

If you want to see what the Fleshlight Universal Launch looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

You can read our full review of the Universal Launch here.


  • Material: ABS Plastic, Silicone, & PC
  • Size: 14″ x 11.5″ x 7.5″


  • The best product for Fleshlight owners.
  • Impressive build quality.
  • Sturdy ratcheting system
  • It’s compatible with multiple sleeves.
  • Straightforward control interface.
  • Fitting smartphone holder.


  • The stroker didn’t come with a storage bag.
  • No interactive or high-tech capabilities.

View On Fleshlight


7. The Handy: For the Voyeur!

The handy sleeve on a dildo

Why we love the Handy:

The Handy is a beauty, and it didn’t take long to be mesmerized by the brilliance. We loved the transparent TrueGrip sleeves because they gave a peak into the action. Sandra and I loved the view of my penis during mutual masturbation, and the Handy was perfect for the job. Besides enhancing the visual appeal, it significantly simplified cleaning because you could easily see the body fluids and lube when washing the sleeves.

We loved that the Handy came with three different sleeves: the Lotus, Touch, and Lips (image below). The masturbators’ length ranged between 4.1″ and 5.3″ while the diameter stretched from 0.5″ to 2.75″. In addition, all the sleeves had a varied feeling, making each experience unique.

The packaging of the 3 Dream sleeves

The Lotus mimicked the sensations of penetrating a vagina, with a tight canal lined with nibs and ridges from end to end. On the other hand, the Touch sleeve felt like a human hand. It even had an open end to give a natural wrist-job feeling. The five finger-like ridges and nubs accentuate the sense of a firm grip. More importantly, it was the tightest of the three, and the open end allowed the user to enjoy deeper strokes.

The Lips sleeve (image below) mimicked the feeling of a tight deepthroating mouth. The bumps in the cavity formed ridges that almost created a corkscrew pattern that felt like a swirling tongue – almost like someone slurping ice cream on a cone.

The Lips sleeve

Something else that stood out when testing the male masturbator was the stimulations. The robust motor packed a punch with a max speed of 10 strokes per second. Unlike most models, the stroke length was impressive (4.3″), providing an exciting depth of pleasure. More importantly, the straightforward control interface on the side made regulating the stroke length and speed easy.

The high-tech capabilities made it stand out from the competition. It was compatible with HandyConnect, a dedicated mobile application helping couples in long-distance relationships keep the spark alive. In addition, the app synced to porn content on sites like HandyFeeling, giving users a link to a wide range of porn videos to explore. Lastly, the stroker connected to the FeelMe AI, allowing for a more realistic experience. The advanced artificial intelligence system lets the sleeve transform a quick wank into a realistic blend of sensations from your favorite adult star.

The content of the box

Lastly, the versatile masturbator can be used with other sleeves from different brands. The ratcheting system might not be the most stylish, but it allows the user to try different strokers with the device for a more dynamic experience.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Unfortunately, the automatic stroker was louder than we had anticipated. Unless you don’t have a problem using music and other distractions to mask the sound, the Handy might not be for you.

In addition, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity could be spotty at times. Sometimes, we had to disconnect and re-connect the app and stroker repeatedly to get it to run smoothly.

Why the Handy is ideal for the voyeur:

  • Design: If you enjoy the sight of your erect dick when masturbating, the Handy gives you a glimpse of the veined shaft, adding to the visual excitement. All three sleeves are transparent, with a clear view of the textured cavity. Unlike most models, the sleeve shafts up and down on the outside, giving you 360-degree access to the action.
    In addition, the Velcro strap on the outside might not be the most sophisticated feature. Still, it significantly enhanced the security, holding onto the sleeve through the most intense stroking actions.
  • Extra Bells & Whistles: The product was compatible with a convenient mobile application. The HandyConnect made it easy to regulate the stroking action with a single touch of the screen. In addition, it opened a world of possibilities, including syncing a vast collection of porn videos to the sleeve. An AI system bridged the physical gap, letting you enjoy top-tier intimacy.
  • Versatility: Besides enhancing security, the Velcro strap adds to the dynamism, allowing you to use different sleeves, including those from other brands. The adjustable design and straightforward system made it completely foolproof.

If you want to see what the Handy looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

We highly recommend reading our Handy review, especially for those who want a deeper understanding of the differences among the three sleeves.


  • Material: ABS & Silicone
  • Size: 14″ x 11.5″ x 7.5″


  • The best pick for voyeurs.
  • Powerful motor for intense pleasure seekers.
  • Multiple sleeves with different textures.
  • The unique Velcro strap is easy to use.
  • Convenient mobile app.
  • VR and AI capabilities.


  • It didn’t come with a storage bag.
  • The stroker can be a little loud.

View On TheHandy


Other Good Alternatives

Lovense GushLovense Gush performed best among the frenulum stimulators we reviewed. The flexible design felt like a bracelet on the penis, and the textured inside added to the sensations. More importantly, the compact size made it easy to hold onto the sleeve with one hand. Impressive bells and whistles like the Lovense Remote application made it stand out. Regulating the intensity with the hand grip was another remarkable feature that complemented frenulum sensations.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo LuxHot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux is a good alternative for frenulum stimulation fans. The flexible body encapsulated the penis warmly, with the more rigid body feeling more intense. Notably, the lines on the inside rub against the frenulum, making the vibrations more impactful. The convenient remote with a watch strap simplifies the user experience.

Fun Factory X Lovehoney Cobra Libre IIAnother good alternative was the Cobra Libre II. The Fun Factory’s sex toy’s dual-motor design ensures a flow of satisfying rumbles over the frenulum. With six vibration modes and multiple speeds, the toy combined power and versatility, making it a unique pick. More importantly, its open design meant people with ED could use it.

Lovense CalorLovense Calor’s precision and simplistic design made it stand out. The warming stroker’s heating sensations felt realistic, but most people would mistake it for a human mouth. Its compatibility with the Lovense Remote app allowed users to enjoy exquisite bells and whistles, including an alarm feature, music sync, and remote control. Other impressive features like the adjustable grip, textured sleeve, and multiple vibration settings cemented its number-one position among other warming models.

Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male MasturbatorIs the Lovense Calor not compact enough? Well, the Blowmotion male masturbator is the best alternative. The small-sized model was travel-friendly, and its affordable price made it ideal for beginners and budget seekers. Toggling the warming feature was straightforward, and the powerful motor churned out an excellent range of pleasure settings.

Honey Play Box WarriorHoney Play Box Warrior is the perfect rotating masturbator. The wondrous wank warrior combines hands-free thrusting and rotation settings, making for satisfying rubbing sensations. Notably, the compact design makes the stroker easy to use, while the transparent sleeve makes it ideal for voyeurs. “It felt like my fiancé was rinsing my member while simultaneously stroking it,” says Shane Davis.

KYO F-MotionKYO F-Motion is the best alternative for users seeking an intense automatic rotating masturbator. The robust motor morphs rotating and thrusting actions. It’s mighty, and the multiple pleasure patterns make it ideal for different users. Whether you’re looking for a quick wank, role-playing with a partner, or exploring stamina training, anything goes. In addition, the ergonomic design simplifies handling, while the textured sleeve maximizes pleasure.


What Is an Automatic Male Masturbator?

An automatic male masturbator is a stroker designed to stimulate penetrative or oral sex through a thrusting motion. Unlike manual models, these toys feature vibrating motors and other mechanisms to stroke or massage your penis with the press of a button.

Fleshlight Universal Launch


How To Use Automatic Male Masturbators?

Unlike traditional strokers, using automatic masturbators is much easier, thanks to the mechanized operation. You don’t need to stroke your penis because the sex toy does it all with just the touch of a button.

Before diving in, I recommend preparing your body, mind, and room before the action starts. Most people love taking a warm bath to get themselves ready. A good music playlist or scented candles get me in the right mood. In addition, I like to have a bottle of water-based lube within arm’s reach for easier ‘re-fueling.’

A bottle and sachet of Fleshlube

Once everything is ready, pour a generous amount of lube into the orifice, using your finger to direct it inside the sleeve. Pour some on your penis before slowly sliding it into the canal. You can experiment without the vibrations, switching between slow and fast thrusts.

Once your penis is accustomed to the sleeve, turn on the rumbles and enjoy the journey. Switch between low and high settings, making the most of the different rhythms. In addition, shift between different sex positions to keep things exciting.

Closeup of the Fleshlight Launch stroke button

Lastly, experiment with unique features like interactivity and mobile control. Most automatic masturbators are compatible with interactive content, allowing you to enjoy complete immersion. And if you’re in a long-distance relationship, connect the stroker to your lover’s sex toy and enjoy real-time interaction and control sharing.

You can read more on how to use an automatic male masturbator in this guide.


How To Clean Automatic Male Masturbators?

As with other sex toys, regularly cleaning and properly maintaining them is key to enjoying them in the long run. After using the toy, remove the sleeve from the case (where possible) and use a sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap to clean it. Rinse it under warm water, and air dry it completely – you can also use a clean towel to dry it.

Cleaning Sex Toys In The Sink

Use a clean, damp cloth to remove visible dirt marks on the case. Ensure it’s also completely dry before sliding the sleeve back in.

Lastly, store it in a cool, dry place away from damp conditions. Ensure the storage space is away from everyone’s view—a top shelf always does it.

Have fun!


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