What Is Fart Fetish? Everything To Know About Eproctophilia!

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I biked across town to check out this funky Kava cafe in New Orleans. I got my drink and began talking to a regular with a kind smile named Philip. After sharing I was in the field of sex education, the stranger was intrigued. He mentioned something rather uncommon turned him on, but he couldn’t get into it at the cafe.

So, we took a lovely walk along the Mississippi River and recorded a fascinating conversation about his fart fetish!

What Is A Fart Fetish?

Experiencing a fart fetish, known as Eproctophilia, can involve being turned on by the smell, sound, and/or discharge involved in farting [1]. Different types of smells and unique farting scenarios turn people on. But there’s a general agreement among the fart fetish community that louder farts are better than quiet releases.

Although farting on others may turn some people on, the more common desire is enjoying having someone pass gas on you. For many, this may be a way to explore a BDSM dynamic, with the person with Eproctophilia often being in the submissive role.

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In addition, there’s an agreement among flatulence fans that their fetish is distinct from scat play, as most folks with Eproctophilia are uninterested in poop. Folks with this sexual fetish also, for the most part, only enjoy farts of people they are sexually attracted to, although I read a fascinating account of one fellow who was heterosexual but only into men’s farts.


What Types of Farts are the Sexiest?

There was one academic study on Eproctophilia, but it only included a single subject. Fortunately, this subject was very well-spoken when he described his preferences.

He shared, “In terms of sound, I prefer a deep bubbling sound. In terms of smell, I like acrid sulfur. I also prefer the farter to be clothed.”

He then goes into detail describing clothing makes the sound of the fart more clear, and the smell lingers longer on the fabric. The subject also confirmed he’s only into the farts of people he’s attracted to.

When I asked my new friend Philip the specifics of his desire, he replied, “Louder is better, and the grosser, the better. But I would say the sound is the bigger turn-on of the two, especially if the woman is embarrassed.”

When describing his ideal fart fetish session, he shared a good beginning would be sharing with his sexual partner he has Eproctophilia and her thinking it was funny.

He continues, “Later that day/night, she asks if I want her to fart in my face since she needs to. I say sure, and she has me get on my knees behind her, or she sits on my face and farts loudly, directly onto my face through her pants or leggings. Later, she takes her pants off and tells me to open my mouth. The noise a loud fart makes when it echoes in the mouth is especially gross and therein especially exciting.”

When I think of my non-sexual experience with farting, embarrassment, laughter, or feeling grossed out are the emotions that come to mind. Interestingly, that’s exactly what my new friend found so exciting about airy farts. He also enjoys engaging in a form of power play, as his sexual partners are dominating him and giving him instructions.

For Philip, engaging with a fart fetish is usually a stand-alone act or part of foreplay. And he’s not often exploring it during sexual intercourse.

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Why do Folks Develop a Fart Fetish?

As with any fetish, an early childhood experience could lead to the development of arousal towards farts [2]. For many, this involves having an intense or traumatic experience involving feeling embarrassed, disgusted, or even humorous from flatulence at a young age.

Having an early childhood experience when someone experiences any of these emotions intensely around flatulence can be enough to be sexually arousing.

For example, if your parents forbid farting or laughing at farts, this can become imprinted as taboo behavior for you. As we know, creating a taboo around any behavior makes it particularly likely to become sexualized.

Similarly, suppose you have a traumatic experience when a bully farts at you (apparently, it’s a thing!) or you farted during an inappropriate time. In that case, that could become a strong imprinted association, which would make a fetish more likely to develop.

Philip had an early childhood traumatic experience related to shame he believes started his farting kink. However, his first fart arousal experience was as a young boy in eighth grade when an attractive female classmate walked up the stairs and accidentally let one rip from her butt cheeks. She then blushed and continued up the stairs, and Philip explained he had an erection the rest of the day.

For Philip, a lot of the sexual arousal came from the embarrassment of his very femme classmate. He described farting as the least ladylike thing someone can do, making it taboo and, therefore, enticing.

Another draw to fart fetishes is the intimacy involved in engaging in a face fart fetish. Especially for a girl, it’s not socially acceptable to fart in public. I have been with my partner for two years, and I am still not comfortable enough to fart around him.

Trusting someone enough to be vulnerable and let them smell your smells and hear your farting sounds can be intimate AF and can be a large part of the intrigue for many.

There’s also a mindblowing evolutionary reason farts may arouse folks. A very fancy and complex study found that one of the major components of a good stinky fart, hydrogen sulfide, can provide health benefits, including preventing heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis, and dementia!

As a result, evolving to be sexually aroused by smelling gas could make you more likely to live long and prosper.


How Common is a Fart Fetish?

Although Philip was the first person who shared with me that he was into farts, this desire may be more common than you would think.

An active subreddit shows many online videos and photos of men and women passing gas. In addition, there’s also an entire fart fetish genre on Pornhub, with some fart fetish porn videos having more than 30 thousand views!

Interestingly, many fart videos show fully clothed folks farting, consistent with what Philip said about the sound being the largest appeal. Furthermore, on OnlyFans, there’s a “gassy queens” category known for girls who let them rip.

So it’s not just one or two folks who are into ass farts!

However, as this desire is particularly out there, many folks may be less likely to share this fetish with others, so we hear about it less.


How is Eproctophilia Related to Degradation?

Many folks into masochism and submission enjoy playing with farts as one way to explore this desire. So, if you receive sexual gratification from humiliation, I can’t think of too many things more humiliating than someone forcing you to smell their farts.

For example, I read online about a fellow who was really into the idea of being a fart slave whose only job is to receive farts from all givers. Although there are no data on this, I would assert that many folks with fart fetishism may also receive sexual pleasure from being dominated and humiliated in other non-fart-related ways.


How do you Talk to a Partner about it?

Telling a partner about your fart fantasies can be difficult compared to more common fetishes. Philip shared that in his experience, most people he disclosed to thought his fetish was funny, but other people shamed him.

A couple having a discussion.

Philip shared: “Not everyone will accept your fart kink. However, you can and will find someone who does.”

Perhaps it may take sharing your sexual preference with a few folks before finding the right person to play around with. His advice was not to take himself or others so seriously when discussing this sexual fetish. And with practice, you can get better at expressing your sexual fantasies.

When you discuss your fart fetish with someone, it’s helpful to explain exactly what flatulence arouses you and how you would be interested in exploring it with a partner. Remember, if they are not down to explore with you, you can still explore your fetish in other ways.

What’s important is they don’t shame you for your desire.

Philip shared that he doesn’t think fart fetishes will ever become normalized, which is part of the excitement of having a farting fantasy.


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