An Exploration Of Breeding Fetish And The Community

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Key Takeaways
  • A breeding fetish is when a person is turned on by the possibility of pregnancy or actual impregnation. Mostly, vagina owners with this fetish are turned on by being inseminated, and penis owners are into the idea of providing sperm.
  • A study found that 30% of people had a breeding fantasy before, and 7.5% of folks fantasized about this often.
  • The safest way to explore is through role play and fantasy while on birth control.

What is a Breeding Fetish?

A breeding fetish is when someone is turned on by the possibility of pregnancy or actual impregnation [1]. Mostly, women with this fetish are turned on by being inseminated, i.e., filled with cum, and men are into the idea of providing sperm. However, folks of all genders and sexual orientations can explore the fantasy of procreation. Power dynamics often accompany this fetish because part of the desire usually involves using the person playing the role of the breeder, essentially as a machine for fucking and procreating.

As described on Reddit:

“I want this to be my life. I want to be a dumb cumslut, always pregnant. And I never know who the father is. I am theirs to breed, milk, fuck.” Or, from the expecting father’s perspective,” “I’d grunt, growl, and pound you like you weren’t even a person, just a breading incubator that will house my children while they grow. Your life will be a repeating cycle of pregnant, whore, mommy, pregnant/etc.”

It’s clear that for both partners, the arousal comes from having the submissive partner be degraded and used as a hole, a cum bucket, or, as they are often referred to, a breeding bitch.

Because pregnancy is part of the allure, many folks with this fetish become aroused by unprotected sex. As was shared on Reddit:

“I’m literally like obsessed with being cummed in. I know it’s so bad, but I love the feeling, and sometimes I grab a guy’s hips when he is about to finish and make him finish inside me. Or I just don’t stop riding even when I know he is about to cum. It’s this crazy feeling close to adrenaline for me.. like I know it’s risky, but that’s what makes it SOOO SEXY.”

Our brain registers anxiety and arousal similarly. As a result, the danger of the possibility of experiencing permanent consequences from a sexual act can feel particularly arousing. Similarly to having sex in public or having sex with a stranger, the danger of the unknown can drive the behavior. As a result, not having conversations about protection or STI status can be part of the appeal, which can be a risky combo!

Some people with a breeding fetish genuinely want to become pregnant, others are willing to risk it, and others still enjoy fantasizing about getting pregnant but put barriers in place to ensure it doesn’t happen. For the later cohort, it’s more about exploring the fantasy or breeding role play of insemination than actual pregnancy. In this case, folks may use birth control or not be fertile. However, for others, exploring it involves the exchange of fluids without birth control or STI protection.


How does it differ from a pregnancy fetish?

Folks with a pregnancy fetish are aroused by how the body changes during pregnancy. However, people with a breed kink are specifically focused on what happens a few stages earlier, the act of impregnation.

A pregnant woman

There may be some overlap between the two. Still, most folks with a breeding fetish are more focused on the cum stage, and people with a pregnancy fetish are more concentrated on the effect of the growth of a tiny human on a female’s body.


How common is a breeding fetish?

Justin Lehmiller conducted the most extensive study of desires, asking many essential questions about fantasies, including how often people fantasize about becoming pregnant or getting someone pregnant. They found that a whopping 30% of people had this fantasy before, and 7.5% of folks fantasized about it often.

Regarding the gender breakdown, 28.5% of women, 31% of men, and 38% of trans and non-binary folks had this fantasy before. Although the breakdown of women with this fantasy was pretty even among all orientations, gay men (9%) were far less likely to report this fantasy than straight men.

Unfortunately, this question did not differentiate those with a breeding fetish from those with a pregnancy fetish.


Why do people have a breeding fetish?

It’s a fundamental evolutionary desire to pass on your seed and procreate. During ovulation, when pregnancy is most likely, women put more effort into their appearance, sway their hips more when walking, go to more social gatherings, and have more sex. On some level, we are driven by these elemental evolutionary forces to procreate. A breeding fetish is a natural extension because it explores this primal evolutionary purpose.

As was shared on Reddit:

“I have an overwhelming urge to be bred and kept pregnant. It’d be extremely inconvenient if I actually got knocked up, but every time I get wet, all I can think about is getting pumped full. It’s a primal urge. I just wanna be used for my main purpose.”

Although we are complex creatures with many purposes, including or not including pregnancy, sometimes the best way to explore our multidimensionality is to role-play our most primal selves. You can read more about primal kink here.

There may be something primal about having a breeding kink, but social forces also frame our desires.

  • In 2020, according to Google Trends, a breeding kink became much more popular.
  • A ton of TikToks went viral about women taking the fetish too far, which often ended with showing a pregnant belly.
  • There has also been a considerable increase in Reddit subgroups discussing a breeding fetish over the past couple of years.

It’s hard to say if breeding kinks became more popular or people became more comfortable sharing their experiences.

I spoke to Amalia Miralrio, LMSW, a sexuality expert, and she shared:

“I think having a Breeding fetish is particularly common due to the way power and reproductive rights intersect politically, speaking specifically about the context of being in the United States. This doesn’t mean that someone with this kink automatically holds specific political beliefs. It’s more that the association between power, reproduction, and sexuality is alive and well in the American imagination. This results in reproduction being a common metaphor for power in sexual fantasies and kinks: the desire to overpower someone, to be submissive to someone, and to gain power by multiplying, to name a few examples.

There’s no research to back this up, but many conversations I saw on Reddit about breeding fetishes occurred close to Roe v. Wade. Sometimes, eroticizing what’s unjust can be a method to regain power over what we cannot control.


How can I explore my fetish?

There are many ways to explore an impregnation fetish. The safest way would be to have someone other than a fertile female play the breeder or have someone other than a fertile male play the dominant role. If both partners are straight and fertile (and the woman is playing the breeder), there are still ways to explore without risking pregnancy.

Many folks with a breeder fetish can explore it through role play and fantasy while on birth control. If both partners are tested for STI, something like an IUD or the birth control pill may work better than condoms because they are less visible. So much of breeding play involves dirty talk, so if you can get creative with your words, nobody will be thinking about whether you are wearing an IUD or not!

A couple having a discussion.

If you want to experience the actual risk of pregnancy, it’s essential to contemplate whether it’s something you want or if it is more the idea of it that is exciting. You want to discuss some basic logistics, such as parental responsibility and parenting styles, before entering a situation where pregnancy is possible.

For example, will the breeder be seen as a sperm donor or a father? If you get pregnant, is abortion an option, or will you both proceed with the pregnancy?

If you are a risk taker and open to any possibility, you do you. However, before entering a mating kink scene, I recommend doing what you can to separate the arousal from the real-life situation so that you can be sure you are genuinely open to all potential outcomes.

As long as both parties agree, there’s nothing wrong with exploring a breeder kink in any way that feels right.


PS, I am in the process of writing a book about demystifying fetishes. Please click here if you are interested in sharing your experience with your fetish in the book  (anonymously!) I also specialize in helping clients navigate fetishes. Please email me at [email protected] or check out my website to learn more.

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