An Exploration Into Extreme Fetishes & Freaky Kinks: Top 15 List

A woman blowing up a balloon

BDSM and other sexual fetishes have become more commonly discussed because everyone and their mother has seen Fifty Shades of Grey. But there’s a significant difference between telling a partner you like being tied up and telling them to buy tentacles, do some research into octopi sound, get into character, and fuck you.

Simply put, the experience of having a fetish is very different for folks who have less commonly discussed, more out there desires.

This article will explore the fascinating world of weird fetishes and freaky kinks. Afterward, you will never look at a carpet the same way, trust me! However, if you want to learn about more common fetishes, I recommend checking out my other article.

1. Puppy Play

Pup play is a fetish where adult humans are aroused by exploring the dog/owner relationship through role play. For the dog, the play can take many forms, from letting out a cathartic howl at the moon to enjoying being petted, fed, and walked around on a leash.

Girl dressed up for puppy play

Most pups have handlers who take on the role of pet owner. The owner can train their pup, cuddle on the couch, or take them for a walk.

Many folks enjoy this type of play since it’s a safe space to explore their more primal animalistic identity. It’s also often explored within the broad category of dominance and submissive interactions, where the handler controls the pup. It’s essential to note that pup play is entirely distinct from Beastiality, as no actual animals are involved.

Today, a large community of folks enjoys pup play in their sex lives. They are active on a private Twitter group and throughout Reddit, making this a surprisingly common sexual gratification, albeit an unusual fetish. You can read more about primal fetishes in this article.


2. Objectum Sexuality

Objectum sexuality refers to sexual, emotional, or romantic feelings toward inanimate objects. It’s a broad category of desires that can include being aroused by the Eiffel Tower, a pillow, your vibrator, and even a sex doll.

A man hugging a pillow

Famously, Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer experienced romantic attraction towards the Berlin Wall and married it!

Being turned on by your vibrator is a different sensation than being turned on by your vibrator. I may have sexual feelings from my vibrator and fantasize about having some time to pleasure myself. But with Objectum, you may fantasize ABOUT your vibrator.

As technology evolves, I think we will see a spike in folks beginning to have sexual interest and even romantic feelings toward sex dolls and other sexual pleasure-giving technology.

Research shows that folks with Objectum Sexuality are significantly more likely to be on the autistic spectrum, perhaps due to their difficulty with inter-human interactions. You can read more in our forniphilia article.


3. Pregnancy Fetish

A pregnant person can arouse folks for several reasons, including their beautiful round stomach, the accompanying lactation, larger breasts, or the magic of creating life. However, pregnancy fetish is complicated to explore with someone because, unlike many other sexual dynamics, pregnancy has a clear(ish) end date.

Pregnancy Doggy Style

I heard stories of folks with this fetish jumping from a relationship with one pregnant person to the next. Although there are healthy ways to explore any fetish, with pregnancy fetish in particular, you must communicate with partners and create a scenario where you are not using a person.

Although we traditionally think of women becoming pregnant, some people are turned on by the idea of a man becoming pregnant (AKA breeding kink). This fantasy can be actualized by trans men, and for cis men, the fantasy can include the idea of men having a secret “male vagina.”


4. Fart Fetish

Eproctophilia is a fancy word used to describe arousal by the smell of farts. It’s a subcategory of an Olfactophilia fetish, arousal from smells and odors.

A farting butt

I have a couple of friends with a fart fetish, and their first memory of this fetish was when they became very aroused during school when they heard or smelled a girl fart.

My friend described something profound and beautiful about watching a young woman do something inherently un-delicate and even gross. There was also a component of sexual arousal due to embarrassment and vulnerability for a girl to feel comfortable doing something so personal around them.

For some, eproctophilia can be a method for exploring masochism and enjoying being dominated. For example, many folks with these weird sexual fetishes enjoy having a partner sit on their face and let out a big ol fart.


5. Spectrophilia

Folks who experience Spectrophilia have given up on the concept of living humans and instead are turned on by ghosts. Folks who have this desire fantasize about having encounters with ghosts and may enjoy the concept of their partner role-playing a ghost.

A sexy ghost

Natasha Blasick (actress from Paranormal 2 ) made the news by claiming to have sex with a ghost. Although she said she never got a visual of the creature, she explained feeling the weight of a body on her and the energy, warmth, and erotic pleasure.

There’s no hard evidence of ghosts existing. However, there’s also no evidence of an octopus double penetrating people, so not all fantasies need to be something you can explore IRL. If you don’t have a ghost at hand, you can explore these strange fetishes through fantasy, porn, or role-play.


6. Looning (Balloon Fetish)

I was so sick of the regular “let’s meet for a drink” type of Tinder dates, so when someone invited me over to hang out in body-sized balloons, I could not help but say yes. Although we couldn’t figure out how to blow them up big enough, and it mostly just covered our legs, it was a memorable experience, to say the least.

A woman inflating a balloon

Looning is arousal to latex balloons and is a subcategory of an inflatophilia fetish, aroused by inflated objects, including pool toys, bounce houses, rubber gloves, and car tires. The even broader version of balloon fetish would be arousal to latex, which I believe my date was beginning to realize he was into.

What’s sexy about a balloon? Well, there can be something sexy about having a small object expand so quickly. For some, the smell of latex is sexually arousing. For others, the feeling of the material of the balloon is nice, while others find the balloon popping sound alluring.

One of the weirdest fetishes, many folks in the balloon community describe having an early childhood experience with balloons when they began to understand or explore their sexuality.


6. Zoophilia

Zoophilia is being sexually attracted to animals. It’s a tough one because most folks assert it’s unethical to act on this sexual attraction (defined as Beastiality). However, we cannot help what turns us on.

I remember reading a fascinating philosophical paper that argued for the same reason we shouldn’t harm animals because they experience pain; we can have sex with them because they derive sexual pleasure and show consent non-verbally.

Other than this one philosopher, I think most of us can agree that Beastiality is inherently wrong. Regardless, the Kinsey report found a shocking 8% of men and 3.6% of women had sexual interactions with animals in their lives, and these numbers are even higher for folks who grew up near a farm.

Although it’s hard to know how accurate this older study is, that’s quite a high number!

Currently, all forms of zoophilic behavior are legally prohibited. However, there may be safe ways for folks to explore this desire without harming animals, such as exploring furries.


8. Bug Chasing

Bug chasing is when someone who doesn’t have HIV intentionally seeks to get HIV. For example, I know someone HIV positive, and folks on Grindr have contacted them saying it was sexy that they have HIV and want to have barrier-free intercourse.

A man chasing a bug

The arousal may come from folks’ ability to eroticize their fear of HIV. Many people described having an intense fear of HIV and then developing the fetish, almost to alleviate the fear.

Bug chasing is an extremely dangerous fetish to explore because, despite the medical strides that have made HIV a manageable condition, eroticizing it can be very self-destructive.


9. Carpet Fetish

I met Georgio Carpet when I was going to get a drink at a kink party and realized the stool I thought I was standing on to order a drink was moving. I looked down and was shocked to see the kind eyes of a man wrapped in a carpet looking up at me.

A man rolled up into a carpet

For folks with a carpet fetish, their desire is often to be rolled up in a rug and have people walk all over them. For some folks, it’s part of a broader desire to enjoy being submissive. A carpet people step on is about the most sub thing you can be.

Many carpet kinkers enjoy being stepped on by women in heels or barefoot, which may also be connected to a foot fetish. There’s also enjoyment in feeling the weight of several people on your body.

I helped Georgio Carpet beat his record and have fifteen women stand on him at once, and he seemed very much into it.


10. Vore Fetish

Maybe you have heard, “You look good enough to eat,” or “The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach.” If so, they are either using outdated phrases or have Vorarephilia (shortened to vore). A vore fetishist is aroused by someone eating them alive, eating another creature or human being, or viewing this process for sexual satisfaction.

A giant eating a man

You can read more about vore fetish in my extensive guide.


11. Giantess Fetish

Folks with a giantess fetish (Macrophilia) are sexually aroused by giant people, where “maco” means big and “philios” means love. The emphasis is on height, not width, with the giants usually being the same size as humans but can sometimes be over one hundred times the size.

A man hugging a giant's leg

When you search for giant porn, the term gets almost 10,000 hits, some videos with millions of views. There are also online forums with nearly 100,000 members.


12. Scat Fetish

Coprophilia or scat fetish is sexual arousal around pooping. Some enjoy watching other folks go to the toilet, while others want to smell poop, watch it come out of the asshole, touch it, see it during anal sex, or in extreme cases, even taste it.

A pile of poop

A study showed that 6 % of folks had a fantasy involving scat. Hence, it’s less common than folks who were into blood (9.5%), breast milk (31%), urine (32%), spit (54%), squirting (76%), and semen (79%), but more common than a vomit fantasy (3%).


13. Sneeze Fetish

Sneeze Fetish (or mucophilia) is a relatively unknown fetish defined as sexual arousal related to sneezing. Although many sneeze fetishists are turned on by their own sneezing, it’s more common to receive sexual pleasure from seeing or hearing other folks sneezing.

A woman sneezing

Since not much research has been done on this subculture, it’s difficult to know how many identify as sneeze fetishists. However, we can get an idea from a forum called the Sneeze Fetish Forum, which currently has over 3500 members!


14. Feeder Fetish

Feeders get sexual arousal from feeding their partners a lot of food, often to an extreme point where they become obese. It ranges from a consensual relationship to an abusive one where the feeder is force-feeding the feedee.

A man feeding pizza to an obese woman

A feeder fetish may be more common than a feedee fetish, but both seem relatively uncommon based on the membership of various forums and online communities. However, it’s challenging to estimate how common the feeder fetish really is.


15. Tongue Fetish

A makeout session with a lot of tongues is sexy, but did you know the tongue is not just a tool for pleasure but the object of desire for some folks? This desire is called a tongue fetish.

A woman sticking her tongue out

Although most agree tongues are sexy, only a few identify as having a tongue fetish. However, because enjoying tongues is common, many folks may be turned on by the tongue but not identify as having a fetish.

But how common is it? Well, a study found that of all folks who had a fetish, 2% identified as being aroused by parts of the mouth.


Final Words

When something uncommon arouses you, others may tell you there’s something wrong with you. However, if everybody consents and you are not hurting anybody or yourself, there’s nothing wrong with being turned on by anything!

But if something that can be destructive turns you on, such as bug chasing, the goal is to find a way to explore this fetish safety – for example, exploring through fantasy, watching porn, and role play, instead of putting yourself in danger.

Please read my other article to learn more about how to talk to a partner about a fetish and add it to your sex life!


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