An Exploration of Sex and the Furry Community

A group of furries

When someone says something is furry, the first thing that pops into mind is people with an unusual fascination with animals, like foxes, rabbits, wolves, etc. But I found the term is used quite frequently to refer to a much wider variety of people who enjoy wearing clothes made from animal fur and/or using their clothes to express their love of animals.

What are furry fetishes? Is there such a thing as a furry community? If there is, will this article teach you about it? Yes, and yes!

What Is A Furry Fetish?

Furries are a community of folks who take a liking to anthropomorphic animals or animals who take on traditionally human characteristics such as emotions, complex speech, and, well, having human genitals [1]. The furries express their liking in several ways, from wearing ears or a tail to full-on animal costumes. Furries also make art, engage in role-play, and, for some, enjoy pornography and/or sexual interactions that incorporate the furry world.

Furries develop a “fursona,” [2] their personality when in character. Some folks choose animals with personalities similar to theirs. While others choose characters with traits they value or desire.

For example, @throwaway_dragon explains on Reddit:

“Dragons tend to be introverted, keep to themselves, but can be fierce if provoked. That’s similar to what I’m like, so my fursona is a dragon. More social, loyal people might be wolves, inquisitive upbeat, or coy people are often foxes; the list goes on and on. I once met a spider!”

Furries can express their fursona by changing their voice and personality. About 15-25 percent of folks put on a full fursuit that emulates their fursona. In addition, the community holds conventions, has impressive TikTok compilations and dating sites, and has developed a distinct sexual community.


Who Is In The Furry Community?

The community is about friendship more than anything else, and it can help shy people assume a new identity and gain confidence.

  1. The typical furry is between 15 and 19 years old and consists primarily of males (only 25% females).
  2. Interestingly, furries are seven times more likely to be transgender than the general population.
  3. In addition, they are five times more likely to hold an identity other than heterosexual.

The community is founded on its openness and inclusivity by embracing all types of humans.


Furries And Sex?

Furries have received a lot of press associating the community with wild furry orgies and kinky animal sex. This, in conjunction with a couple of highly publicized furry-related sex crimes, has impacted the way folks think about furries.

In reality, most furries don’t have a fetish or intense sexual desire toward humans dressed in furry costumes. It’s even rarer that anyone in the community would engage in unethical sexual behavior. (Read more about extreme fetishes in this article)

Researchers asked a group of self-identified furries what role sexuality plays in their lives. They found that 3% said it was very large, 11% said large, and most participants said either medium or small.

A group of furries in fursonas

In this survey, the researchers also asked them how much the public assumes sex plays a role in their lives. Most furries responded either extremely large (50%) or large (37%).

There’s a disconnect between the way folks think about furries (people in animal suits having orgies) and how it goes down (cute friendships, connection, and sometimes porn). I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the focus on furry fans started from transphobic journalists who don’t know the difference between gender identity and sex.

Folks within the community tend to enjoy furry porn, so there’s some sexualization of furries happening – it just doesn’t seem to be the main draw:

  • One study found that 96% of furry males and 79% of furry females view furry-themed porn.
  • However, another study found that almost half of male furries say porn did not influence their furry fandom.
  • And only 5% believe it was the main draw to the furry world.

Of course, it’s natural for all furry fandoms to add a sexual component to the community, especially when it consists of many teenage boys. So, for most, it seems like sex is more of an extension of their fandom rather than a unique sexual fetish.


Why Furry Sex?

How do sexuality and furrydom connect, and what is exciting about furry sex?

Firstly, a necessary clarification is that these folks are not attracted to real animals. Instead, they enjoy anthropomorphic animals, which are humans dressed as animals.

When describing the sexual draw, @Flocculent on Reddit explains:

“I’m into manly guys with tons of body hair IRL, so I guess werewolves and anthro-tigers and shit are just my normal fetishes taken to the extreme. Also, some of the artists are really good.”

Another user responds:

“Same, but human body hair isn’t something I’m super into. For me, it’s like a cartoon fetish but more towards the Robin Hood-type cartoons where animals are drawn with human traits.”

Another user responds:

“The “exotic” thing is simple enough. Human porn is great, but sometimes, it gets boring. Humans all sort of look the same. Sometimes, I wonder if I have some sort of underdeveloped facial recognition or something. But when I watch human porn, it all just looks like generic porn actors having passionless sex. It’s just a blur. It’s uninteresting. With well-designed anthropomorphic characters, each character feels unique and interesting but still believable. They have neat fur patterns, colors, teeth, ears, tails, faces, and sizes. They feel different, they look different, but they’ve still got humanoid anatomy in all the places that matter.”

Furries encompass such a large group, so those aroused by furries are drawn to them for different reasons. For some, it’s attributes of the furry characters they are attracted to, like body hair, size, or anthropomorphic cartoon characters. For others, the uniqueness of animals makes them more interesting to view than boring old humans.

Being drawn to this type of porn makes sense for younger furry friends, as many described it as less gross or explicitly sexual than regular porn – but still enough to awaken their sexual drive.


How Could It Work?

Many folks in this community sexually engage with furries through enjoying VR furry porn that features folks either in furry suits or in character having sex. For those who want to have more hands-on engagement, there are several ways to explore:

  • There’s a massive collection of tail butt plugs with bunny tails, foxtails, cattails, and raccoon tails.
  • For others, the excitement may come from having sex while in character. It can involve role-play, which can help some furries translate the part of their personality into the sexual sphere, making them more sexually confident, brave, or strong.
  • There’s also something arousing about the anonymity of having sex in suits, which can be stimulating to some.

Pup play is an overlapping fetish that someone with a furry sexual fetish may enjoy. There’s a sexualization of exploring a dog owner dynamic with pup play, which often emulates a BDSM dynamic. The dog is usually trained to do what their handler tells them to do, which can be anything from walking on all fours, sitting, or engaging in more explicitly sexual acts.


How To Get Sexy Furry Style?

Those turned on by furries are excited by it for very district reasons. If you are looking to explore furry sex, the first step would be to have an honest conversation about what component of furrydom each partner is excited by.

For example, if anthropomorphism is the exciting part, you can work together to create a role play involving each person’s fursona. When discussing this with a partner, you can show them the type of porn you find exciting to get an idea of the type of interaction you would like to explore. You can also show them a regular movie featuring a scene you find exciting and share why you are drawn to that particular scene with your partner.

A couple having a discussion.

You can start your journey slowly by wearing animal ears or tails around the house or during sexy times. Then you can perhaps add in some role-play or a furry sex doll. Then, depending on what excites you, you can add the additional component involving power (pet and owner) or getting more into character (perhaps sex in a furry garb).

Putting on animal suits, engaging in role-playing, and watching furry porn may sound strange to someone who has yet to explore it. However, in reality, the modern furry movement is about acceptance, love, and exploration.

If you interact with a community member, remember that most furries do not have fetishes. However, if you are interested in exploring the erotic part, make sure you communicate what part of it you find exciting, take it slow, and enjoy.

Furry Fetish Infographic

We have summarized our furry fetish article in this handy infographic. Please share!

Furry Fetish Infographic

Happy Exploring!


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