What Is Feeder Fetish? Exploration Of Feeders & The Community

A feeder and feedee sharing a hamburger

Do you know when you secretly stroll to the kitchen cabinet and stuff your face with all the Oreos when you think nobody is looking? This version of yourself that you are embarrassed by could be an erotic pleasure for a feeder fetishist, also known as “chubby chasers” or “fat appreciators.

Let’s have a comprehensive look at this relatively uncommon fetish in my feederism guide.

What Is A Feeder Fetish?

Feeders are aroused by the idea of feeding their partners, often to an extreme point of fullness. In an ideal circumstance, the feedees involved in this dynamic would also have a fetish for being fed by their feeders [1]. However, this is not always the case.

Feederism can vary from a consensual exploration by two folks who enjoy embracing fatness to an abusive relationship where one person is force-feeding another, intending to make them unhealthy and entirely dependent on their feeder.

Feeder fetishism is slightly different from a fat fetish, as the excitement and sexual gratification are having the feedees gain weight and not simply fat admirers having sex with fat people, like with fat fetishism.

On Reddit, someone explained where they draw the line:

“What’s the limit? “Well, the limit is where either the woman wants to stop or if health becomes a problem. Whichever comes first. If feederism was an element of my relationship, it would have to be completely consensual. Some women enjoy gaining weight, and some don’t mind gaining weight as long as it pleases their partner. So it’s not harmful for all people, but if I were to have a partner who did not like the idea of weight gain, I wouldn’t ask them to do so. Plain and simple.”

Although some may think of this dynamic as inherently unhealthy, there are ways to explore this fetish ethically.


Feedism vs. BDSM

There’s a component of BDSM involved in the feeder community. Instead of sexually dominating a person, the feeder dominates the feedee’s body for sexual pleasure. The extreme version of this would be when a person becomes so large they lose mobility and the ability to sustain themselves.

The less intense version involves consensually managing the food a person eats, thus impacting their body size and health. As with all BDSM dynamics, the crucial part is that the sub is consensually giving up their power, in this case, over their body. During each meal, there must be consistent consent!


What’s In It For The Feedees?

Some feedees feel rebellious by owning the taboo of being overweight in a culture that stigmatizes a fat person. For others, having someone care for you and treat you like a (large!) queen feels good.

A man feeding pizza to an obese woman

A feedee explained on a Throwaway account on Reddit:

“It started when I got pregnant a couple of years ago, and I was horny and hungry all the time. My husband and I ended up turning it kinky. I don’t have an eating disorder. I just like to be tied up and fed donuts, lmao.”


How Common Is A Feeder Fetish?

A feeder may be more common than a feedee, but both seem relatively uncommon.

There are sites such as Fantasy Feeder, a fat fetishism community, and Stuffers on Reddit, both very active, where folks share sexual fantasies, pics, and tips regarding weight gain. There is also a lot of feeder fetish porn on Pornhub and other adult sites that show this dynamic, like the big beautiful women (BBW) niche.

However, it’s hard to assess how common this fetish may be. It seems that, for the most part, in the feedism community, men are feeders, and women are feedees. However, folks of all genders and identities can enjoy this fetish.


How Does Feeder Fetish Develop?

As with many fetishes, a feeding fetish can develop through early childhood experiences, where some component of fatness is paired with early sexual experiences, for example, dreaming of a sexy fat woman [2].

For example, someone on Quora explained:

“The reason I got it in the first place was because of that “1 Tip for a tiny belly” ad with the fat belly in a skimpy outfit. That was back when I was like 11. I continued to feed the fetish by watching YouTube videos of women with fat bellies, completely oblivious to what I was fueling. It didn’t help that I was unnaturally skinny, which made me feel like I was missing out on something, which also fed into my weight gain fetish. “

Another person on Quora explained:

“I have this inclination towards fulfilling gender roles where the ideal feminine form is soft, gentle, and pampered, being brought nourishment by a strong, lean provider of a male. When the female can become plump, it signifies that these roles (rolls? – pun) are being filled.”

As with any kink, several possible experiences can lead to its development.


How To Ethically Explore Feeder Fetish?

It’s possible to explore your chubby fetish ethically! What’s paramount is you make sure that any power play is entirely consensual.

For example, I read a creepy post from a feeder about how to help your partner gain weight secretly. He recommended buying elastic clothes for her, marrying her (an extra 10 pounds apparently?), taking her to restaurants, buying bold art (?), and getting her pregnant.

The tone of this description is not ethical, as it’s about coercing a woman into gaining weight instead of deciding together to explore this sexual attraction.

A couple talking

A person should always be in control of their own body in all circumstances. If a feedee wants to let a partner impact their body in a consensual way, that’s fine, but they should always be the boss of their body. No secrets, no schemes.

  • If you’re looking to explore your fat kink healthily, perhaps look for calorie-dense foods that are better for you but will also cause you to gain weight—for example, peanut butter instead of chocolate and candy.
  • You can also exercise, so even if you’re gaining weight, you’re remaining healthy and not becoming morbidly obese. I recommend not gaining weight beyond what’s healthy, but if it makes both folks in the relationship happy, who am I to tell you how to live your life?


Feeder Fetish Infographic

We have summarized our feeder fetish article in this handy infographic. Please share!

Feeder Fetish Infographic

Happy Exploring!


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