An Exploration Of Panty Fetish And The Community

A butt with underwearWhen there is a chance of hooking up with a cutie, I put on fresh (ideally rip-free!) panties that show off my booty and are made of soft and enticing material. If the titillating moment comes when I reveal my panties, my panties can help entice my date to want to explore what may be underneath them. However, for folks with a panty fetish, the anticipation of seeing someone show off their panties can be even more exciting than seeing what is underneath.

Key Takeaways
  • People with a panty fetish are aroused by wearing, smelling, admiring, and interacting with undergarments. Some are aroused by all types of underwear, while others prefer a specific material or style of garment.
  • The most likely explanation for why people are into panties is because they contain feel-good pheromones.
  • To explore, you can sniff panties and imagine all the dirty stories about the owner. Or wearing panties can be a way to subtly gender bend.

What is a panty fetish?

A panty fetish is when someone is aroused by wearing, smelling, admiring, and otherwise interacting with undergarments [1]. As with all fetishes, there are many ways this desire can manifest. Some folks are aroused by all types of underwear, whereas for others, it’s a specific material or type of garment that gets them going. For example, some folks are specifically aroused by silk or leather underwear, thongs, or even panties that are a particular color.

For others, it’s not so much the panties themselves but who has worn them. Although some prefer fresh panties, many find well-used panties more arousing because you can take in the womanly scent and imagine their story.

A Reddit user explained:

“I don’t have any wild fetishes or anything, but I love panties. I love wearing them, especially if they’re dirty. And I love how they feel on my dick, I love looking at pictures of girls just in panties. I love the cute patterns, the material, the different styles. All of it.”

For those who are into worshiping a sexy stranger’s panties – the options for finding the right pair are endless. Indeed, there’s a multimillion-dollar panty-selling business where porn stars, sex workers, and regular joes sell their underwear online. Some folks can get paid upwards of $5000 for a single pair of panties, and there are many sites where folks can buy and sell used panties.

When describing the appeal of their panty fetish site, Panty Deal Marketplace shared:

“For used panty fetishists, the thrill is in the smell. A pair of used panties holds the intimate and sensual scent of the woman who wore them. Holding used panties in real life lets a fetishist’s imagination run wild.”

Indeed, holding a pair of panties and imagining its story can be enthralling. An underwear enthusiast on Reddit described his satin panty fetish like this:

“I am completely fascinated and excited by them. Especially satin panties. I go crazy for them. I’ve purchased panties online, gone through panty drawers, fapped with panties, etc. I also find it hard to be sexually excited unless panties are involved.”


How common is a panty fetish?

In a recent study, researchers explored online content that included the word fetish. The researchers found that most fetish groups focused on parts of the body or objects associated with the body.

Of the groups that focused on objects associated with the body, ⅓ included footwear, ⅓ included clothing associated with the legs, and the final ⅓ involved panties or full-boy outfits. Although a study like this can not give definitive answers, it suggests that a panty fetish is extremely common! In most studies, feet and footwear are the most common fetishes, so it appears, at least in this study, that panties aren’t too far behind.

A man sniffing panties

When looking for information on this topic, it’s a shame that there are so many articles on the one dude who took it too far instead of the many that ethically explore their panty fetish. Indeed, there are several headlines investigating panty raids and discussing the “gross panty sniffer” with taglines like “A Harrodsburg man accused of stealing approximately 100 pairs of women’s underwear and bras arrested by deputies.”

Most folks with fetish explore it ethically by purchasing panties online, wearing fresh panties, or exploring this kink with their partner, so it’s a shame the media frames panty fetishes as some disorder. However, as I’m sure you know when exploring any fetish, you must receive consent before smelling or interacting with someone’s panties! There are so many fun ways to explore panties ethically – there’s no reason to be that creepy panty stealer.


Why do some people have a panty fetish?

There are many explanations for how a panty fetish can develop, from childhood experiences discovering an older girl’s panties to the tease of touching the clothing that separates and covers somebody’s special bits.

However, the most potent explanation for why people are so into panties is because they contain feel-good pheromones. Pheromones are present in all body secretions, including your sweat, the oil in your skin, and, you guessed it, your vaginal fluid.

Research shows that everybody has unique pheromones, and we are often attracted to pheromones revealing youth, health, and fertility. Indeed, research shows folks are more attracted to the pheromones of women ovulating (when they are the most fertile). Other research shows that folks of all genders experience an uplift in their mood, an increase in concentration, and arousal after exposure to pheromones.

It’s no wonder many people have a panty sniffing fetish – it’s scientifically proven to make you hornier and happier!


How do I explore my fetish?

There are so many ways to explore a panty fetish!

  1. Wearing women’s panties and going about their daily lives can be a kinky way to subtly gender bend.
  2. Some folks enjoy the humiliation of having a dominant partner force them to wear underwear that they find embarrassing.

A couple having a discussion.

Others enjoy wearing panties when they are alone at home, as this Reddit user shared:

“I am a straight male, and I have a big panty fetish. I really like the way they feel, and something about them makes me feel closer to women. I only wear them in private as they are a huge turn-on.”

For others, their arousal can be even more subtly triggered. As this Reddit used shared:

“One weird turn-on for me is the word “panties” itself. If I’m watching a porno or something and a female says the word, I immediately bust. Like a girl that I’m attracted to says the word “panties” I get turned on so fast.”

When folks have fetishes, there are often some words that can powerfully trigger arousal for them. However, it’s a shame that this Reddit user, like so many others, thinks there is something ‘weird’ about his desires. It’s a sign that we still have a long way to go in becoming truly sex-positive.

For those who enjoy the smell of panties, there are many ways to indulge. You can sniff panties and imagine all the dirty stories about the owner. Others are turned on by the full-body experience of smelling and tasting panties, as this Reddit user shares:

“I always love the idea of sucking a woman’s wetness from her panties as she still wears them.”

In long-distance relationships, sending panties can also be a fun way to smell your partner, even if they are on the other side of the world.

The beauty of exploring a panty fetish is its vastness. There are endless ways to incorporate panties into a sexual encounter, and there’s no right way to explore as long as all parties involved consent.

Have fun out there 🙂


PS, I am in the process of writing a book about demystifying fetishes. Please click here if you’re interested in sharing your experience with fetishes in the book (anonymously!) I also specialize in coaching clients to better navigate their fetishes. Please email me at [email protected] or check out my website to learn more.

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