12 Best Male Masturbators in 2023, REALLY Tested! [Video]

While the art of masturbation by hand has been around for centuries, nothing beats the convenience and versatility of a male masturbator. I’ve used masturbators for more than ten years, and I can’t compare the experience to before when my hands did all the work. And of all the devices I’ve tested, the best male masturbator is Kiiroo Keon. The powerful motor, ergonomic design, intuitive controls, VR porn compatibility, and sleeve texture stood out.

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Key Takeaways

Best Overall: Kiiroo Keon
Kiiroo KeonOur favorite male masturbator is Kiiroo Keon. We especially liked the powerful motor, ergonomic design, app, VR compatibility, unique sleeve texture, and user-friendly control buttons. 10% discount with this link!

Premium Pick: Autoblow AI+
Autoblow AI+If you don’t mind splashing the cash, this luxury blowjob simulator is undoubtedly good value for money. It has a powerful motor, AI tech, ten experiences, voice control, and a dedicated mobile app with endless blowjob settings and long-distance control.

Budget Pick: Fleshlight Stoya
Stoya Destroya FleshlightFleshlight Stoya Destroya is my top pick for budget seekers. The orifice is molded from popular pornstar Stoya and has one of the most intense Fleshlight sleeves. In addition, it’s relatively budget-friendly, costing only $79.95.

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Tim LarsonSince Tim and Sandra started My Sex Toy Guide in 2016, they’ve professionally tested sexual wellness products. The site has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, with more and more people reading sex toy reviews and guides, gradually turning the website into one of the best in its field. In addition, the team behind the scenes has transformed into a diverse pool of experts, including product testers, designers, researchers, creative professionals, editors, and marketers.

Putting this article together took over 50 research hours. We started with a pool of 40 male masturbators and scaled the number down to the best 12. Besides our long-standing sex toy experience, we went through customer reviews and sex toy user forums to get a feel of other people’s experiences. And after hard work, we firmly believe these products are the out-and-out best in 2023.


1. Kiiroo Keon: Best Overall!

Kiiroo Keon

Kiiroo Keon is the best masturbator in my extensive male masturbation collection. And besides its powerful 230 strokes/minute motor, I loved that both the masturbator and stroker are made in-house, which gives it a better locking mechanism.

The original Fleshlight Launch replacement has more grip control, a more powerful motor, and intuitive buttons on the side to help you regulate the sensations more easily. I also noted the inscribed grooves and ridges for the fingers and thumbs, which greatly simplifies handling.

In addition, the stroker’s helix power texture features a series of bulbs and nodes to elevate the stimulation. I could feel the nodes hugging my cock on the instroke and outstroke with a well-measured kick. And with a 9″ length and 1.6″ diameter, it will fit most sizes. It even has an end cap to regulate suction pressure.

The body showing the LED lights and controls

The Keon is comparatively easy to handle and control, whether you want a manual masturbation experience or immerse yourself in futuristic VR content.

The masturbator’s interactive technology and FeelTech-compatibility allow you to enjoy VR content. And long-distance partners can regulate each other’s toys for an immersive, real-time action. Sweet!

If you can afford it, this year’s best male masturbator is the Kiiroo Keon. Everything from the powerful motor to the ergonomic design, intuitive controls, VR compatibility, app control, and textured sleeves makes it the perfect male sex toy for singles, couples, and webcam performers.

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

Read my complete Kiiroo Keon review here.

  • Material: Silicone, ABS Plastic
  • Speed: 6 – 230 strokes/minute.
  • Stroke Length: 0.8 – 2.56″
  • Insertable Length: 9″
  • Canal Diameter: 1.6″
  • Charging: 4 hours
  • Output: 0.5 – 2 hours


  • Powerful and versatile masturbator.
  • Ergonomic design with intuitive controls and elegant lighting system.
  • Manual and automatic modes to meet your specific masturbation needs.
  • The life-like helix power texture elevates the thrill.
  • Suction regulation end cap.
  • Resourceful VR and FeelTech-compatibility.


  • It’s expensive – $229.

Update: Seeing the positive response, we went out of our way to negotiate a special deal with Kiiroo for you! If you buy Keon using the Kiiroo link below, you get a 10% discount at checkout!

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2. AutoBlow AI+: Premium Pick

Autoblow AI+

AutoBlow A.I.+  takes a high seat in a world saturated with male masturbators.

Noticeably, the blowjob simulator boasts Artificial Intelligence technology designed to add a human aspect to the experience. I’ve used numerous masturbators, but very few can match up with Autoblow’s authenticity.

I thought adding AI and motion sensing made it easy to customize the blowjob settings, especially with the dedicated mobile app.

Closeup of the control buttons

Besides the available 10 settings, you can explore endless patterns, pass on control to a long distant partner, and use your voice to regulate the experience.

Something else I loved was the interchangeable sleeves that helped to make the experience different every time I used the masturbator. You can easily switch between the default realistic mouth orifice and the vagina and ass sleeves. The ass sleeve is especially ideal for those with extra-sensitive penises because it’s untextured.

Unfortunately, the package doesn’t come cheap, and it’ll cost anywhere between $239.95 – $299.95. But if you don’t mind splashing the cash, the blowjob simulator is undoubtedly good value for money. It comes with a powerful motor, AI tech, ten experiences, and a dedicated mobile app with endless blowjob settings and long-distance play.

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

  • Material: Silicone & ABS Plastic
  • Insertable Length: 7.8″
  • Sleeve Diameter: 0.3″ – 2″


  • A well-made and powerful male masturbator.
  • The adjustable penis gripper heightens the quality of sensations.
  • Endless patterns with the mobile app.
  • Easy-to-use control interface.
  • Three interchangeable sleeves.
  • The first male masturbator with voice control.


  • The masturbator is indiscreet.
  • It’s pricey.

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3. Fleshlight Stoya: Our Budget Pick

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight

The Stoya Destroya reminds me of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, a fierce, badass product. And the best part is the orifice is molded to look like the vagina of celebrated pornstar Stoya. In addition, it’s relatively budget-friendly for a Fleshlight Girl, only costing you $79.95.

I especially liked the multi-chambered design with varying textures creating myriad sensations. It even has some gates between each chamber, further intensifying the sexual experience. Interestingly, the sleeve’s first two chambers are the most intense, so you don’t have to be 9″ tall to enjoy it – most people will still strike gold with Stoya.

Closeup of the vagina orifice

You can choose between a vagina or butt orifice, each with a unique texture. I found it to be tight and intense, especially for a realistic masturbation sleeve under $100 – I loved it.

I also liked the masturbator’s open-ended design, which renders cleaning easy. And with an end cap at the base, I could easily regulate the suction pressure to my liking.

So, if you don’t mind a tight and intense male masturbator, this year’s best cheap male masturbator is Stoya Destroya. It also has a whopping 9″ insertable length, meaning you won’t be running out of depth anytime soon. And since the most intense sections are in the beginning, it’s also the best male masturbator for guys with a small penis.

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

For other Fleshlight girls models, check out this article.

  • Material: SuperSkin Soft Plastic
  • Insertable Length: 9″
  • Case Length: 10″
  • Width: 3.5″
  • Orifice: Vagina, Butt


  • Realistic and budget-friendly male masturbator.
  • Multi-chambered canal with varying textures.
  • The bottom cup regulates the suction pressure.
  • Open-ended design simplifies cleaning.
  • The first two chambers are the most intense – most guys (sizes) will find it exciting.


  • Girthier guys might find it a little too tight.

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4. Kiiroo Onyx+: Runner Up

Kiiroo Onyx+

If you love Kiiroo Keon, here’s another model that’s just as good. I especially liked its compact and discreet design, making it a great travel partner. While it might not be as strong as Keon, the Onyx+ male masturbator boasts an impressive 140 strokes per minute.

A significant standout feature was the sleeve. It has 10 contracting rings that do a great job simulating oral sex. The well-measured side-to-side movements and up-and-down strokes make it one of the most intense and realistic male masturbators today.

The Onyx+ sleeve

The 6.5″ sleeve has a 1.5″ diameter, rendering it ideal for most sizes.

In addition, the high-tech penis massager can be connected to virtual reality adult videos and games for an immersive experience, making the vibrating masturbator ideal for solo play and webcam models. It can also be connected to other Kiiroo sex toys for real-time shared sensations.

Update: Kiiroo released an Onyx VR version called Realm that comes with a VR headset for a fully immersive erotic experience.

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

  • Material: ABS Plastic, POM
  • Speed: Up to 140 strokes per minute
  • Insertable Length: 6.5″
  • Canal Diameter: 1.5″
  • Charging: 4 hours
  • Output: 1 hour


  • Robust and compact penis massager.
  • Ten contracting rings simulate intercourse.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • USB-Rechargeable with 3 replacement sleeves
  • It syncs to VR content and can be connected with other Kiiroo sex toys.


  • Four hours charging time Vs. 1-hour playtime.

Update: Seeing the positive response, we went out of our way to negotiate a special deal with Kiiroo for you! If you buy Onyx+ using the Kiiroo link below, you get a 10% discount at checkout!

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5. Fleshlight Universal Launch: Versatile Male Masturbator

Fleshlight Universal Launch

As a replacement for the discontinued Fleshlight Launch, the Universal Launch is a versatile and powerful male masturbator. Notably, it features a series of improvements, including intuitive control buttons, a more powerful motor, longer battery life, and easy-to-use handles.

Unlike the previous model, it’s compatible with more Fleshlight models, making it very versatile. And to make up for the lack of interactive features, I found the included universal smartphone mount very resourceful. You can watch your favorite erotic content without giving up control.

Closeup of the speed button and handles

I found the device effortless to use. The ribbed handles hold on well, even when you have wet hands from overspilled lube.

I also liked the included Turbo Thrust stroker. Besides the differently-textured canal, I enjoyed the versatile 3-point entry orifice that feels like a human mouth. The air gaps separating the entry points feel like you’re sliding your dick past your girlfriend’s lips, tongue, and throat. And for the wild fun seekers, you can also try penetrating the stroker from the cut-out areas. These points offer a unique penetration angle so it feels special every time you use it.

Overall, the Fleshlight Universal Launch + Turbo Thrust stroker combo is the right sex toy for those looking for a realistic oral experience. In addition, you can mount pretty much all Fleshlights on this machine, making it the best automatic male masturbator for men who wish to use many different sleeves.

Note: The Fleshlight Universal Launch has an active launch mode that allows you to carry on even when you run out of power – just plug it into the nearest wall outlet, and you’re good to go.

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

You can read my comprehensive Universal Launch review here.

    • Material: ABS Plastic, PU Coating
    • Speed: Up to 250 strokes/minute
  • Insertable Length: 8.5″
  • Charging: 6 hours
  • Output: 1-2 hours


  • A versatile Launch that’s compatible with numerous Fleshlights.
  • Resourceful universal smartphone mount.
  • Textured, multi-entry sleeve replicates oral sex.
  • Simplified controls and huge easy-to-use handles.
  • The active launch mode allows you to plug and play if you have to.


  • No interactive features.

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6. Arcwave Voy: Compact Male Masturbator

Arcwave Voy

If you’re looking for a compact male masturbator under $100, Arcwave Voy is perfect for the job.

The tiny masturbator looks like a broad penis ring. It’s compact and easy to hold with your palm, rendering it an ideal travel buddy. And the best part about it is it only cost $99.

A standout feature during my review was the intensity regulation mechanism with eight different pleasure settings. You can regulate the adjustable ring to match your ideal tightness. And unlike regular masturbators, it’s not electric – no batteries or initial charging, just pure bliss.

The Voy is made from high-quality silicone material, meaning it’s bacteria impermeable. The soft silicone material hugs a section of the shaft during stroking, leading to intense sensations. The all-silicone build also simplifies cleaning. And without electronic parts, it’s fully water-resistant.

Arcwave Voy with the two protective caps

I also like that it comes with protective lids for storage purposes. Simply pop them back after cleaning; they should keep off dust and other debris during storage.

Something I loved about Voy was how easy it was to use it. It’s one of the masturbation toys I’d describe as foolproof. You only need to remove the lids, pour lube, slide your penis, adjust the tightness, and stroke your way to intense orgasms.

My only concern is it might be too tight for some people. I’m not the girthiest, but using it for more than 15 minutes without feeling constricted has been a problem. You probably won’t last as long, but the tightness could be more giving.

Overall, Arcwave Voy is the best compact male masturbator. The small and intensity-regulating toy hugs part of your penis shaft, leaving room for extra stimulation. In addition, it’s made from silicone, another aspect that makes the $99 price a bargain.

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

You can read our extensive Arcwave Voy review here.

  • Material: Silicone
  • Product Dimensions: 3.35″ x 4.53″


  • Budget-friendly male sex toy – $99.
  • High-quality silicone material.
  • It comes with an easy-to-adjust ring.
  • Extra soft material stimulates your penile nerve endings.
  • It leaves room for extra stimulation of the tip.
  • The protective lids simplify storage plans.


  • It emits an annoying crinkly sound during use.
  • People after full-shaft stimulation might have to look elsewhere.

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7. Fun Factory Manta: Best For Couples

Fun Factory Manta

Fun Factory Manta does precisely what it promises. The sleek, vibrating male stroker has a unique design with flexible silicone tongs to fit between bodies during sex and promote exciting couple’s play. I usually place it on the base of my penis when Sandra’s giving me a blowjob for even more intense sensations.

In addition, the vibrating masturbator has a hard-hitting motor that churns out 6 speeds and 6 patterns. Notably, the 3-button control pad is easy-to-use, and it even has a finger loop base I found very useful in simplifying handling and control.

Closeup of the Manta wings

The 1.5″ wide canal hugs the shaft with the serrated silicone interior absorbing the vibrations and bouncing them back to where you need them the most, your dick. I also noted that the serrated design helps to retain the lube better.

My only concern is the insane time the male vibrator needs for a full charge (6-8 hours), especially considering that playtime ranges between 40 minutes and 2 hours at most.

Overall, Fun Factory Manta rechargeable male stroker is an incredible masturbation aid, and its ergonomic design allows it to fit between bodies for intense couple play. In addition, the 12 vibration speeds make it the best vibrating male masturbator on our roundup review list.

Pro Tip: Add a vibrating cock ring for a more thrilling orgasm. Thank me later!

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Speed: 6 vibration speeds and 6 patterns.
  • Length: 7.5″
  • Charging: 6-8 hours
  • Output: 2 hours


  • A versatile male stroker is ideal for couples.
  • The flexible silicone rings wrap the penis warmly.
  • A solid and well-built stroker.
  • USB-Rechargeable and completely waterproof.
  • 12 vibrations speeds to explore.
  • A handy finger loop simplifies handling.
  • These are excellent toys if you have erectile dysfunction.


  • The vibrations could be a little stronger.
  • The charging time is insanely long.

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8. Fun Factory Cobra Libre II: Targeted Stimulation

Fun Factory X Lovehoney Cobra Libre II

Cobra Libre II is one of the most powerful male masturbators. I especially liked that Fun Factory changed the woeful control pad into a responsive one with tactile feedback in the upgrade. Unlike the predecessor, Libre II also has added oomph with the two rumbly motors providing targeted stimulation to the head of your penis for mellow yet resounding orgasms.

The 3.5″ chamber-like canal wraps your penis head with the quivering lip at the entrance enhancing the sensations. With a 2″ diameter, the vibrator fits most sizes.

Notably, the rechargeable, travel-friendly sex toy boasts eleven patterns and speeds. And for a toy that targets the tip of your penis, that’s a lot to experiment with.

A closeup of the Cobra Libre controls

The Cobra also has a handy 3-button control pad with easy-to-use punchy buttons.

I also found the cleaning very easy – just rinse the rinse with mild soap and water and leave it to air dry.

So, if you’re looking for targeted penis tip stimulations, Cobra Libre II is the best male sex toy for you. It’s made from silky-smooth silicone, has two motors for extra power to your sweet spot, and has a quivering lip to intensify the sensations.

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

You can read our complete Cobra Libre 2 review here.

  • Material: Silicone, Plastic
  • Speed: 11 patterns and speeds
  • Insertable Length: 3.5″
  • Canal Diameter: 2″
  • Output: 40 – 120 minutes


  • A perfect choice for targeted penis stimulation fans.
  • Fun Factory’s new sex toy with improved power and better controls.
  • 3-button control pad with tactile feedback.
  • Easy cleaning and overall maintenance.
  • USB-Rechargeable and waterproof design makes shower play fun.


  • People that prefer whole shaft sensations and stroking action may find it underwhelming.

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9. LELO F1s V2: High Tech Male Masturbator

Lelo F1s V2 Blue

Developed as an upgrade to the initial Developer’s kit RED, Lelo F1s V2 is a high-tech male masturbator with everything needed for an explosive solo play experience.

The new model features more powerful motors, more vibration patterns, and a flexible sleeve. I especially liked the internal grooves on the new sleeve that wrap the penis warmly, transmitting the vibrations where you need them the most. And the best part about it is there are two motors, one to power sensonic waves and the other for regular vibrations. The mellow vibration and pulsation action feel like someone giving you a handjob and licking your penis simultaneously.

Screenshots from the F1s smartphone app

Screenshots from the F1s smartphone app

Notably, the sleeve is lined with 10 sensors to track your reaction to the vibrations so you can easily customize your sensations. And with two motors, an intuitive set of button controls, and a dedicated mobile app for tech savvies, you can be sure of an exciting experience. The device even has an SDK to create your own patterns!

Overall, Lelo F1s V2 is a gem combining the aesthetics of aluminum and non-toxic silicone with the power of two motors and 10 motion sensors to make up a high-tech male masturbator. And with an SDK, a dedicated mobile app with more settings and greater control, the toy is a prime choice for techies. I’d advise you to give it a closer look.

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

You can find my detailed LELO F1s review here. And a good alternative is Arcwave Ion.

  • Material: Body-safe silicone, ABS, Aluminum alloy
  • Function: Sonic waves and standard vibrations
  • Insertable Length: 4.3″
  • Internal Girth: 5.07 – 5.9″
  • Charging: 2 hours
  • Output: 2 hours


  • Dual motors combine pulsation and vibration action.
  • A more flexible sleeve with 10 motion sensors.
  • Exceptional cruise control technology.
  • The mobile app simplifies control and offers more settings.


  • Unfortunately, the sleeve’s 4.3″ length might be small for some people.

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10. Jimmyjane Arvos: Warming Feature

Jimmyjane Arvos

Jimmyjane made it to my best male masturbators guide, thanks to the electrifying warming feature that transforms a fairly regular silicone masturbator into a high-end, realistic pick.

Besides warming the silicone funnel and elevating my solo play experience, I loved how intuitive the controls were. Unlike most male sex toys, Jimmyjane Arvos has two punchy buttons with a power button that triggers the warming function and an S-shaped button to cycle through the vibration patterns.

Talking of vibrations, the seven vibration modes and three intensity levels excited me. I love silicone sex toys with multiple vibration settings, and Jimmyjane Arvos’ twenty-one possible combinations made my experience even more exciting.

Closeup of the Arvos opening

The inner sleeve wraps around the penis warmly, so the vibrations are injected from all sides. And with two powerful motors, I found it very stimulating, especially in high settings.

My only concern was the loud noise from the motors, especially when in full blast. It’s certainly not the best choice for anyone out for a discreet pleasure toy.

So, if you’re looking for a realistic experience, complete with a warming feature, the JimmyJane masturbator is the best. The USB-rechargeable toy boasts two powerful motors for full-on vibrations and an all-silicone build for warm shaft enveloping.

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

  • Material: Silicone, ABS
  • Length: 7.87″
  • Insertable Length: 3.15″
  • Width: 3.15″
  • Charging: 2 hours and 7 minutes
  • Output: 4.5 hours (low settings)


  • Well-made product overall.
  • An exciting warming feature makes the experience realistic.
  • Powerful dual-motor design.
  • Remarkable 7 vibration patterns and 3 intensity levels.
  • It’s USB-rechargeable and splashproof.


  • The powerful vibrations numb the hands after extended use.

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11. Apollo Hydro Power Stroker: Hands-Free Masturbator

Apollo hydro power stroker vibrating male masturbator with suction cup

With a detachable suction cup, Apollo Hydro Water Stroker is the best hands-free male masturbator.

It’s also waterproof, allowing for hands-free fun in the shower. You can always attach your sex toy to your work table, but I feel the epitome of hands-free sex is in the shower. And if you decide to use the standalone stroker, its ergonomic design includes a thinner stem so you can easily handle it with one hand.

I also liked the textured sleeve lined with multiple jelly nodules to stimulate your penis. And the best part about it is the vertical positioning means that penile massage happens on the instroke and outstroke, intensifying the sensations. And with a rumbly motor with 30 vibration modes, the male strokers are very easy to customize.

The 4.5″ internal length and 2.2″ canal opening mean the masturbation sleeve will be the perfect fit for most people. I liked the two-button control pad with the ON/OFF button and another to cycle through the settings. The stroker also has a memory chip that allows you to stop and quickly resume your last vibration mode.

My only complaint is that despite the memory chip, skipping a setting you like unknowingly means you have to cycle through all 20 modes to get back where you were.

  • Material: Soft Plastic
  • Speed: 30 vibration patterns.
  • Internal Length: 4.5″
  • Canal Diameter: 2.2″
  • Power Type: 4 x AAA batteries (not included)


  • Impressive hands-free masturbation sleeve.
  • Posable suction cup mount.
  • Two easy-to-use buttons.
  • A textured sleeve feels amazing when massaging the penis.
  • Decently strong vibrations.


  • No rechargeable batteries.
  • The memory chip can be a pain in the ass during use.

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12: THRUST Pro Elite Alana: Realistic Butt Masturbator

THRUST Pro Elite Alana

When I first heard that I was going to review a butt masturbator, I thought could it be a prostate massager? Maybe the best prostate massager? Needless to say, I was delighted when I learned the ‘butt masturbator was better than I’d thought.

The life-size masturbator is the perfect addition if you fancy some realistic doggy-style backshots. I especially liked that both canals are distinctively textured, so the vagina feels utterly different from the ass.

The curvaceous Alana is well-weighted and stable for both hands-on and hands-free play. Notably, it has a flat base and front, allowing you to place it against a wall and enjoy effortless sensations.

Furthermore, the soft plastic material feels smooth and flexible. It has a great degree of squishiness, evident during doggy style – with butt wiggling to the rhythm of your back shots.

So, if you’re looking for the best realistic male masturbator, THRUST Pro Elite Alana is the one. The butt especially feels tight and raw. In addition, it’s well-weighted and stable, with textured canals that dish out a reasonable degree of resistance during sex.

  • Material: Soft Plastic
  • Vaginal Internal Length: 7.5″
  • Vaginal Canal Width: 0.5″
  • Ass Internal Length: 5.5″
  • Ass Canal Width: 0.1″


  • Realistic butt masturbator.
  • The well-weighted Alana stays in place.
  • Squishy soft plastic gives a little realistic wiggle during play.
  • Distinctively textured vaginal and anal canals.
  • A sure upgrade from masturbation by hand.


  • Some people might find a soft plastic model expensive – $274.99.

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Everything We Tested

In this chapter, you can see a comparison table with all the products we tested. As you can see, each row has the test criteria our team used during the testing. To make our testing process even more transparent, we also included the raw test data so you can see how the products performed with each test criteria.

Kiiroo KeonAutoBlow AI+Fleshlight StoyaKiiroo Onyx+Fleshlight Universal LaunchArcwave VoyFun Factory MantaFun Factory Cobra Libre IILELO F1s V2Jimmyjane ArvosApollo Hydro Power StrokerTHRUST Pro Elite Alana
LinkKiiroo KeonAutoBlow AI+StoyaKiiroo Onyx+Universal LaunchArcwave VoyMantaCobra Libre IIF1s V2ArvosApolloAlana
CategoryBest OverallPremiumBudgetRunner UpVersatileCompactCoupleStimulationHigh TechWarmingHands-FreeRealistic
Average Rating94%93%93%91%90%89%88%87%86%86%85%84%
Ease of Use95%93%92%89%90%89%90%89%82%82%80%84%
Battery Life92%90%89%85%87%86%84%85%90%89%82%80%
Build Quality93%91%90%92%89%78%84%84%86%86%85%81%
Special Features91%97%89%90%89%83%83%84%83%83%82%80%
Price & Value89%87%96%89%90%93%87%89%89%95%94%88%
Price Tag$229$239.95 – $299.95$79.95$219.99$199.95$99$139.99$129.99$172 – $229$79.99$81.99$274.99
MaterialABS, P.C., & SiliconeSilicone & ABSSuperskin PlasticABS & POMABS & PU CoatingSiliconeSiliconeSilicone & PlasticSilicone & Aluminum AlloySilicone & ABSPlasticPlastic
Insertable Length9 inches7.8 inches9 inches6.5 inches8.5 inchesN/A7.5 inches3.5 inches4.3 inches3.15 inches4.5 inches7.5 inches


How We Picked the Products

Unlike a few decades ago, male sex toys are just as popular. With most designers venturing into the male masturbator world, finding a suitable model for your sexual needs is no longer complicated. And in the spirit of separating the best from the rest, my colleagues from My Sex Toy Guide self-tested dozens of male masturbators.

I handpicked 35 masturbators and distributed them among the crew at the office. We debated hard if we should include Lovense Gush, Tenga Flip Hole, and Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux on the 2023 list, but we decided there were better alternatives this year. In addition, I defined a list of key decision-making factors that we could measure using well-defined quantitative metrics. These included:

  • Some significant areas we focused on included sleeve texturing and case design. We also paid attention to controls and their placement on the masturbators, prioritizing those that were easy to use.
  • The masturbator’s size was essential to our review because people have different penis sizes. We measured the insertable length and girth for all the strokers to give you a clear picture of what to expect and help you make the right decision.
  • Settings. I was persistent in finding male masturbators with the most flexibility in settings. More settings mean different users can enjoy the sex toy, regardless of their experience.
  • Besides the traditional vibrations and stroking action, we gave male masturbators with a unique stimulation feature a priority. For instance, Kiiroo Onyx+ has unique contractions and Autoblow AI+ blowjob settings that simulate sexual intercourse and oral sex, respectively.
  • When reviewing masturbators, we tried to include different models. Everything from the sleeve texture to the orifice design, we reviewed realistic and non-anatomical strokers to meet the diverse needs of the sex toy industry.
  • Even before we looked into other factors, the masturbator had to be made from hypoallergenic and body-safe materials. The sex toys we reviewed are made from silicone, TPE, and ABS plastic.
  • As always, we focused more on environmentally-friendly rechargeable batteries as a power source for masturbators.
  • Special Features. We also looked for special features like a waterproof design, voice control, interactive content, and mobile control when compiling the best picks.

During testing, we rated each test criterion on a percentage scale from 0% (Worst) to 100% (Best). We then calculated the overall score using different weighted metrics depending on the importance of the test criteria. Half the total rating comes from Design (25%) and Stimulations (25%). After that comes Sizes (10%), Settings (10%), and Special Features (10%).

After the week-long testing exercise, the team returned with the findings. It took me about 18 hours to analyze everything, mainly using comparison charts to conclude. I also liaised with my fellow sex experts, especially in areas where I thought we needed a second opinion. Learn more.


What Is A Male Masturbator?

A male masturbator is a manual or automated sex toy that mimics penetrative sex. It consists of a hard plastic case and a soft sleeve that simulates the feeling of a vagina, mouth, or ass. Besides varying textures, these sex toys for men may also include a descript or non-descript orifice, depending on your choice.

The manual masturbators require you to move them up and down with your hands. However, automatic devices feature a powerful motor, so the thrusting action happens with the press of a button. High-end models also include extra bells and whistles like VR connectivity, Internet connection, and multiple motors for pulsation and regular vibration settings.


A man thinking what masturbator to use


Male Masturbator Buyers Guide

What makes a good male masturbator? Like other masturbation toys, there are things you must know before buying your male masturbators. These factors determine how organic the experience gets, how long you enjoy your purchase and other variables like ease of cleaning and maintenance. Here are some of the essential pointers when picking a masturbation sleeve:

Material & Maintenance

More than anything else, your masturbation sleeve’s material significantly affects longevity. It also determines how body-safe, realistic, and reliable your sex toy is.

Kiiroo Keon silicone sleeve

Silicone is the go-to material for sex toy manufacturers because it’s body-safe, easy to clean, and durable in the long run. Other materials like TPE are preferred because they’re more affordable. However, TPE is porous, which makes cleaning and maintenance more tedious.

So, if you have the resources, I recommend going with silicone. However, if you’re short on cash, TPE will do; just keep in mind cleaning will be tedious.

App Control /Bluetooth/ VR

High-end male models have extra bells and whistles, including app control, Bluetooth connectivity, and VR compatibility. App control offers more settings and greater control, and with Bluetooth connectivity, long-distance partners can enjoy shared sensations from miles away. Whether it’s handing your partner the control or connecting with compatible sex toys so you can enjoy the same feelings at the exact same time, Bluetooth connectivity and app control open a world of new possibilities.

Onyx+ and the VR headset

Lastly, VR connectivity allows you to connect them to webcam sites and other VR content sites for an immersive experience. And while these features might mean adding a few dollars when checking out, they’re worth the money.

Manual / Automatic / Hands-free

Generally, male masturbators fall under two categories; manual and automatic. As the name suggests, the former is more of a simple masturbation sleeve without much tech. For this reason, it lacks vibration settings, and you must move it up and down to simulate stroking action.

On the other hand, automatic masturbating machines feature a motor and other tech provisions to induce vibrations, pulsations, and other additions like a memory chip so you can pause and go back to your last setting. And while the automatic models are understandably more expensive, the hands-free action and convenience are worth it.

Closeup of the Universal Launch manual speed button

Finally, a hands-free model frees one or both hands (with a mount/suction), so you can focus on other body parts for an even more exciting experience.


Your budget helps you narrow the specific caliber of male masturbators you go for. It gives you a clear vision of what to expect regarding the material, size, and extra bells and whistles, among other variables.

For example, today, you can find cheap products as low as $20. But remember, I’d rather you add a few dollars than settle for an overhyped knock-off. At least aim for around $100 from an established sex toy company.

Different brands and vendors offer varying warranty terms. So, ensure you buy from people who’ll stand by their product if needed. Any genuine brand/vendor shouldn’t have a problem refunding or sending a second shipment if you receive a damaged toy.

Orifice and Sleeve Realism

Most brands allow you to choose the masturbator’s degree of realism with a wide selection of sleeves. Do you want a descript orifice, or maybe that’s not your taste? How about the sleeve texture? Would you rather have a wildly textured sleeve or a smooth-as-silk model?

The vagina orifice of the Keon stroker

The Fleshlight brand offers male masturbators like the Stoya Destroya, a stamina training unit for premature ejaculation molded from a real-life pornstar’s anatomy. Best of all, there’s a vagina or anal orifice.


As stressed before, silicone is waterproof, making it ideal for shower and bath play. And even for motorized masturbators, some models can be used in the shower.

Just ensure you confirm whether your is waterproof or splashproof. The former can be used in the bath, while the latter can only take a few drops of water in the shower.

A Fleshlight in the shower

So, if you fancy some lacy solo sessions in the shower, I recommend picking a waterproof male masturbation aid. Trust me. It amplifies the experience a lot more.

Size & Shape (Ergonomics)

The shape and size determine its ease of use and storage. For example, sex dolls are the most realistic masturbators but require a lot of storage space. In addition, the size affects portability, a big question especially for people who want to travel with their toys.

The Manta with a dildo

And although it’s not always the case, a bigger adult toy means a bigger and more powerful motor. So, consider your preferred power, travel, and storage convenience before picking a good product.

Power Source

When it comes to the power source, there are battery-powered, plug-and-play, or rechargeable sex toys. The battery-powered toys are my least favorite because you must buy batteries, which are costly in the long run and very environmentally unfriendly.

Plug-and-play sex toys offer a quick fix to male masturbation – connect it to a wall outlet, and you’re good to go; no wasting time charging the batteries. However, it relies on power availability, and you must be close to an electric outlet.

The Onyx+ charging port

Lastly, rechargeable toys are versatile and flexible because you can enjoy your favorite sensations from anywhere –  as long as you charge up beforehand. And although there’s a possibility for mid-session pit stops, most models will warn you when the battery is low, so you can always be in the loop.


How To Use A Male Masturbator?

Now that you have bought your male masturbator, learning how to make the most out of it is essential for your sex life. Of course, this will depend on the specific type, but a general rule of thumb is to read the instructions manual and, most importantly, use a generous amount of water-based lube.

A bottle and sachet of Fleshlube

If you have a manual masturbator, you should be ready for some ‘heavy lifting.’ But if you have an automatic model, you have a smoother ride. Learn about the settings and explore until you find the one that works best for you.

And for Virtual Reality compatible masturbators, connect it to the mobile app and VR headsets beforehand. Luckily, there are numerous VR content sites like FeelMe at your disposal.

And just like you do before sex, prepare for a good time. Whether it’s a cool playlist, a 30-minute bath, or scented candles, planning is never a bad idea. And even after applying lube, ensure the bottle is on your bedside table or anywhere within your arm’s reach when you need to reapply.

Romantic Bedroom

You can read more on how to use a male masturbator in this guide.


How To Clean A Male Masturbator?

Different sex toy materials require different cleaning methods, and I recommend reading the manufacturer’s instructions. However, mild soap and warm water will remove the debris and kill germs, which is vital for your sexual health. You can also get a sex toy cleaner and use it in place of the soap.

Cleaning out a Fleshlight case

Generally, non-porous materials like silicone are easier to clean, and you can even boil them for a few minutes to sterilize the masturbation sleeve. For porous materials like TPE, you might have to use a clean, damp cloth to clean them. Most importantly, ensure the sleeves are dried well before placing them back in the case.


Where Can I Buy Male Masturbators On The Internet?

The male sex toy industry is filled with shady companies, so buy from well-established retailers and brands like Kiiroo and Lovehoney. They only sell high-quality products with a solid warranty, customer service, and return policy.

A person buying from an online sex toy retailer


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Make a Male Masturbator?

There are numerous ways to make male masturbators from home. Here are a few DIYs to ponder.

How Much Lube Do You Use for Male Masturbators?

As with other sex toys, I recommend using a generous amount of lube. Pour it on the orifice and use the finger to direct it inside the canal before smearing it on your penis. In addition, re-apply the lube if necessary.

How Does A Male Masturbator Work?

A male masturbator works by offering a vagina, mouth, or asshole replica. The canal lets you enjoy penetrative sex with the tight walls and often textured design, enhancing your solo masturbation experience and orgasm.

How To Masturbate Quietly With Male Masturbators?

My best advice would be to pick a quiet male masturbator. However, if you have a powerful and rumbly model, try and stifle the sound with whatever you have. For instance, I love masturbating in the shower because the water muffles the noise. Other noise arresters include a heavy duvet, pillow, and music.

What Percentage Of Men Have A Male Masturbator Toy?

According to a survey by Indiana University, 45% of adult men use sex toys, including masturbators.

How To Warm Male Masturbators?

There are numerous ways to warm your device. You can soak it in warm water for 5-10 minutes before play and have it warm and cozy. Likewise, you can use a heating device like the Fleshlight sleeve warmer or an electric blanket.

How To Make Male Masturbators Tighter?

One way to make your male masturbator tighter is by using a rolled hand towel, a rubber glove, and a rubber band. You can also use a pair of socks, a latex glove, and a rubber band.

What Lube Do You Use With Male Masturbators?

As with other sex toys, we recommend using a water-based lube because it won’t damage your silicone or TPE-made stroker. In addition, water-based lubes are easy to clean after you’re done.

How Does A Male Masturbator Feel Like?

A male masturbator feels incredible. Of course, the sensations are relative, but with the constricted canal, varied texture, and powerful motors, it feels closer to realistic sex than ‘by-hand’ masturbation.

Should I Buy A Manual Or Automatic Male Masturbator?

Whether to buy a manual or automatic masturbator boils down to your preferred sensations and budget. An automatic masturbator is easier and more exciting because your hands are free, and the stroker does everything for you (AKA hands-free pleasure). On the other hand, a manual stroker is relatively more affordable than an automatic model.

How Realistic Are Male Masturbators?

The realism degree varies for different masturbators. Some models feature a realistic design with descript orifices and texture. On the other hand, others feature a non-descript orifice and heavily-textured canal.

Are Male Masturbators Safe?

Yes. Masturbators are safe. You should be good as long as you use lots of lube and gradually increase the stroke speed as your penis gets used to the experience.

Can I Use Male Masturbators With My Partner?

Yes! You can use masturbators with a partner. And especially the interactive ones, you can connect the stroker to your partner’s sex toy for harmonized long-distance control. In addition, your partner can use the dedicated mobile app to regulate the rumbles regardless of the distance.

How to store male masturbators?

Ensure you also wipe the case clean and store it in a clean, cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. It enhances your toy’s longevity and ensures you only need to clean it after use – no need to get stranded when you want to use it.

Thanks for reading my guide to the best masturbators 🙂


PS, for a complete list of the best male sex toys, please check out this article.

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