How To Make A Homemade Sex Doll Without Breaking The Bank

Featured imageAre you tired of your standard masturbating routine? Or maybe you’re craving new sensations or pleasures? Consider making a homemade sex doll to simulate real sex!

Realistic sex dolls give you intense pleasure while taking your solo session to a new level. And there’s no shame in creating a sex doll at home. It can save you a lot of money, it’s an enjoyable process, and you can use it whenever you want.

This article has five different dolls you can make at home without breaking the bank. You can read my instructions and decide which is the most appealing for you to recreate. After all, it depends on how much time, money, and skill you’re willing to put into making your own realistic sex doll.

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Why Make Your Own Sex Doll?

You might be asking why you should build a homemade sex doll. The most obvious answer is to save money. Most sex dolls are sold for $2,000 up to $10,000, putting them out of reach to many people. But you can make a realistic doll at home for way less. For $100 – $200, you can make yourself an excellent bedroom companion.

A man thinking

Apart from being an excellent option for saving money, it may be better than purchasing from a sex doll company. You can choose to custom your sex dolls according to your preferences. We’re talking about hair color, body shape, breast size, ass size, penis size for male sex dolls, etc. In addition, you’re 100% sure all materials are body-safe and no surprises are waiting.

Finally, let’s not forget it’s a fun process! If you’re the DIY type, you will love every moment of it. And they are more pleasurable to use when you know it’s your own creation. If you’re not the handy type, don’t worry, it’s not difficult, and you will learn one or two useful, practical things along the way.

Note: You need to take great care when making and using your homemade sex dolls. Any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages. Learn more.

How to Make A Homemade Sex Doll

A life-size female sex doll is the most realistic option for simulating sexual intercourse. The body is similar in size to a real woman and has appealing features and good playability.

Full-size sex doll

Furthermore, you can customize features like height, figure, and hair color. By the time you’re finished, you’ll want to have sex with her over and over again.

Total Cost: $220

Total time to complete: 2-4 hours

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Hair wig (your choice)
  2. Mannequin head with realistic features
  3. Female torso.
  4. Bath towels or fluffy blankets (2-4 for the legs)
  5. Kitchen towels or sweaters or t-shirts (2-4  for the arms)
  6. Six 1.5-liter plastic bottles (for the upper arms and legs)
  7. Two 0.5-liter plastic bottles (for the lower arms)
  8. One small rectangular throw pillow
  9. Silicone cosmetology hands
  10. Silicone cosmetology feet
  11. Round pillows (2 small or medium for the ass)
  12. Skin tone color tape
  13. Needle and thread (to sew the pillows together)
  14. Cylindrical container you can fit the masturbator inside (plastic cup, etc.)
  15. Two sponges (round-shaped)
  16. Box cutter or scissors
  17. Rubber bands or hair ties
  18. Vaginal masturbator or stroker sex toy
  19. Fake breasts
  20. Women’s outfit full body suit or women’s spandex nylon body suit (preferably a full female body suit like spandex or latex)

1. Attaching the Vagina

Take the small throw pillow and make a small hole in the middle of the bottom end. Pack the fillings tighter and make a small cave inside the pillow that can fit your container.

Next, take the cylindrical container and sponges. Stack the sponges together, carefully cut a 1-inch hole in the middle of each sponge, and insert the container. Please note that you don’t need the hole as wide as the container as your sponges will expand when you insert it.

A man cutting a hole in the sponges

Finally, insert the masturbator into the container and then insert the whole sponge package into the pillow hole. Make sure it’s tight and not moving around. For extra stability, attach the cylinder inside the pillow using tape.

2. Assembling the Torso

Moving on to the backside of the torso, you need the two pillows and preferably a needle and thread (or super glue, for a shortcut) to form the ass area. Fluff your pillows and put the two together – one next to the other.

Now take your thread and insert it through the needle. Sew the two pillows together to make the butt cheeks more realistic. You will want to sew from the back to keep your doll’s butt looking neat.

A man sewing two pillows together

Then attach all your pillows (the butt and the vagina) to the torso. The female torso listed in this article is pinnable. So with your needle and thread, you can easily sew them onto the torso. Measure 1-2 inches from the top of your round pillows to attach to the doll’s torso, giving your doll a plump ass.

You can also add fake breasts if you want bigger boobies. The fake breasts above have straps and hooks so you can easily attach them to your mannequin torso.

3. Attaching Arms and Hands

To form the arms, you need plastic bottles, tape, kitchen towels, sweaters, or t-shirts – whichever is readily available.

  1. Stack your 1.5-liter and 0.5-liter plastic bottle horizontally next to one another (0.5 should be at the bottom).
  2. Tape the two bottles together, focusing on where the mouthpiece connects to the end of the other plastic bottle. Wrap everything in tape for it to be tight and secure.
  3. Finally, tape the arms to the torso before adding your towels or t-shirts.

A man attaching the sex doll arms

Pro Tip: Before taping the bottles together, make sure they fit inside the body suit. If they don’t, you need smaller bottles.

Once everything is taped up, roll the kitchen towels (or t-shirts) around the plastic bottle as if you were packing them in your luggage. Wrap as many as needed until the plastic bottles are fully covered but still fit inside the bodysuit. You can use a rubber band to tie the towels.

Insert the makeshift arms inside the bodysuit. As long as everything is rolled up nice and tight – inserting them into the sleeve of your doll’s costume will give it that much-needed filling.

Pro Tip: To make your arms more realistic, look at your forearm and follow the shape with how you place the rubber band around the sides of your towel or t-shirts. Doing so gives them a more realistic feeling.

Next, take your cosmetic hands and use sticky tape to mount them to the plastic bottles. Wrap the tape two or three times until it’s sturdy. Finally, pull the sleeve down to make it look seamless.

4. Attaching Legs and Feet

Once you’ve selected your artificial feet, you can start assembling the legs. For this step, you will need more 1.5-liter plastic bottles, bath towels, or a fluffy blanket to create life-sized legs.

Like with the arms, stack two 1.5-liter plastic bottles on top of one another and tape them together until it’s nice and secure. Then, tape the two plastic bottles onto the ass pillow or the torso, whichever works best. We’re slowly but surely bringing your doll to life!

A man taping two bottles together

Once it’s taped up, take your bigger-sized towel for the upper leg, a medium-sized towel for the lower leg, and roll them up tightly around the plastic bottles.

Next, tie the towels with a rubber band or hair tie and put on the body suit.

As with the cosmetic hands, you need to expose the end of your plastic bottle. Take your cosmetic foot (either left or right first) and use sticky tape to attach it to the makeshift leg/ankle.

Pro Tip: Try to match the skin tone of the feet and hands for a more realistic look.

5. Attaching the Head

Now, let’s move on to the head, the cherry on top, before you can use your custom sex doll.

First, take your assembled torso, mannequin head, and sticky tape. Then place the head directly on the torso. Make sure the head is facing the front. After all, you don’t want a semi-off-looking head facing the wrong direction.

A man attaching the sex doll head to the torso

Lastly, tape the head to the torso to prevent it from moving. Once your tape is secured, zip up the costume, and ta-da! Your custom sex doll is all ready for you.

How To Make A Homemade Male Sex Doll

Who says sex dolls are only made with female features? You, too, can make a life-size sex doll with male bits and a very similar technique. Of course, the main difference is the doll’s body type, genitals, and overall features.

DIY Male sex doll

You’ll have fun choosing the size of your doll’s penis and customizing his hair. Whether you’re a man or a woman, male sex dolls are great additions to the bedroom. Use it for practice and pleasure whenever you want a sweet release.

Total Cost: $250

Total time to complete: 2-3 hours

Materials you’ll need:

  • Men’s wig or shoulder-length wig (style and color of choice)
  • Male artificial head.
  • Complete male torso.
  • If you want a more affordable option:
  • Tape
  • Men’s tight shirt
  • Men’s jeans or trousers
  • Men’s boxers
  • Belt
  • Artificial hands
  • Artificial feet
  • 2-4 Kitchen towels
  • 2-4 Medium-sized towels
  • 6 1,5 liter plastic bottles (for the upper arms and legs)
  • 2 0.5 liter plastic bottles (for the lower arms)
  • 2 Round pillows (for ass cheeks)
  • Optional: other accessories like a cap, socks, shoes, etc

1. Attaching the Penis

This step is only for those who didn’t purchase the complete male masturbator torso. Skip this step and proceed to step #2 if you have the whole torso.

First, you will want to assemble your male sex doll’s genitals, the main highlight of your sex doll. To do this, you will need your dildo, small rectangular pillow, strap-on harness, and tape.

A man attaching the strap on dildo to the male doll

Lay out your throw pillow horizontally. On the upper half of the pillow, you will need to attach the harness as if the pillow was wearing it. Then, take your dildo and insert the flared base on the O-ring stretches. Doing so will keep your dildo in place and support it well enough for use.

Finally, you can tape the pillow around the mannequin torso to secure everything on the body.

2. Attaching the Butt

Moving on to the butt and torso section of your DIY sex doll. For this step, you will need your 2 round pillows, the custom-made dildo pillow, sex doll’s belt, men’s pants, needle and thread, and tape.

All the materials you need to build the butt cheeks

Take your two round pillows and fluff them up. With the needle and thread, sew them inside the pants where the butt cheeks go. Keep them firm and close together since this acts as your doll’s ass.

We don’t recommend using any sharp objects like safety pins to attach anything to the sex doll. They can get detached during heavy use and injure your most precious body parts!

We can then proceed to the arms and legs.

3. Attaching the Arms

A male sex doll’s arms should be thicker than a female sex doll’s. Therefore, bath towels or bulkier items of clothing like sweaters are ideal for creating their arms.

To build the arms, you do the same as the lady doll above. Take your plastic bottles, tape, and bath towels or sweaters– whichever is readily available. First, stack your 1.5-liter bottle horizontally on the 0.5-liter plastic bottle (the 0.5-liter bottle should be on the bottom).

A man building the sex doll arms

Then, tape the two plastic bottles together, focusing on where the mouthpiece connects to the end of the other plastic bottle. Wrap everything in tape so it’s tight and secure. Fold one bath towel around the plastic bottle to make the upper arm and fold a smaller bath towel to make the forearm. The gap between the two towels where the mouthpiece is taped on serves as your doll’s elbow.

To give the illusion of muscular arms – you can shape your hand towel by pinching the upper middle section and taping it slightly to hold. Stretch out the towel in the upper region to give it more dimension. Repeat the same step with the other arm.

You can then add a shirt and carefully make it go through the makeshift arms and around the torso.

4. Attaching the Legs

Regarding your male sex doll’s legs, you will need larger towels to create a man’s thigh. In addition, you will need more 1.5-liter plastic bottles, four bath towels, or a fluffy blanket to make accurate-sized legs.

Two towels serve as the upper leg while the other two serve as the lower leg. Essentially, it’s the same steps as assembling the arms.

First, stack two 1.5-liter plastic bottles on top of one another. Tape them up together until it’s nice and secure. Then, tape the two plastic bottle legs onto the butt of your male doll. We’re slowly but surely bringing your doll to life.

The materials for the male doll legs

Once you have them taped up, take a bigger-sized towel for the upper leg and a medium-sized for the lower leg, and roll them up tightly around the plastic bottles to form your doll’s legs.

Once they’re rolled up and tied, insert them into the men’s jeans or trousers. Make sure the size of the jeans you choose fits the towels nicely. If it’s loose, feel free to add extra stuffing, like a sweater wrapped around the plastic bottle, until it fits perfectly.

5. Attaching the Head and Hair

If you have a male doll head without hair, you have the freedom to purchase a wig that you find most desirable. Find the hairstyle: color and length you think is most attractive.

A man placing the wig on the doll's head

Once you select one, you can use hair pins to attach the wig to your sex doll head. After that, you can connect it to the torso for the final finish. You may use skin tone colored tape to attach the doll head to the torso or take two dowels and drill a hole inside the neck for a more permanent solution.

How to Make a Sex Doll Torso

A torso sex doll is great if you’re only focused on the essential female body parts needed for sex. It’s easier to make as you don’t have to assemble the limbs, and it’s also a bit cheaper since you don’t need as much material.

Man hugging a sex doll

Total cost is only $180.

Total time to complete: 1-1½  hours

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Torso masturbator
  2. Clamp (to attach the head)
  3. Outfit (preferably a full body suit like spandex or latex): Women’s full body suit or Women’s spandex nylon body suit)
  4. Flesh-colored tape
  5. Realistic mannequin head (with short neck)
  6. Hair (wig color) of your choice

1. Picking the Outfit

For this doll assembly, you can use the floor or any flat surface to work.

First, you should ensure the outfit is suitable for the torso. We recommend a full-length body suit with a zipper, but you can scout costumes in dress-up shops or stores that sell anime costumes. Then, unzip the dress and insert the torso inside of it.

A man choosing the clothes for his sex doll torso

If the legs and arms on the dress are too long, you can either fold them or cut them shorter using scissors.

Optionally: you can add fake breasts if you want bigger sizes for your doll. The fake breasts we recommended have straps and hooks so you can easily attach them to your torso.

We don’t need to assemble the crotch since your torso masturbator has one ready to go.

2. Attaching the Head

Mannequin heads have a hole at the base, which mounts on a stand. Therefore, you can use a clamp to attach the head to the torso masturbator.

To use the clamp, attach it to the base of the neck and adjust the screws to hold it together tightly. Then, you can attach the bottom of the clamp to the neck by tightly turning the screw to secure it.

A man placing the head on the doll torso

Pro Tip: Zip the body suit all the way to the neck to hide the clamp.

If you have a mannequin head with interchangeable hair, now is the time to add the wig using hairpins.

And if you want a more permanent setup, you can use sticky tape to better secure the head to the torso. Skin color tape is excellent to make it as natural-looking as possible.

How To Make A Poseable Sex Doll

A poseable sex doll is fun and gives you access to more sex positions. But not everybody like this sex doll as it involves more work, but on the other hand, if you don’t mind a sex doll that’s highly customizable with a couple of jagged edges, then go ahead and get started.

Man having sex with a Poseable Sex Doll

Total Cost: $200

Total time to complete: 2-3 hours

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Female poseable mannequin like this one or a better alternative (realistic skin tone)
  2. Artificial breasts with bra straps (see link above)
  3. Wig (hairstyle of choice)
  4. Vaginal masturbator or pocket pussies
  5. Set of cosmetology feet (some don’t come with feet)
  6. Set of cosmetology hands (some don’t come with hands)
  7. Scissors or box cutter
  8. Dowels
  9. Wig
  10. Big needle
  11. Outfit (you have more freedom to choose any outfit you wish to dress your sex doll in)
  12. Cylindrical container (make sure you can fit the masturbator inside)
  13. Bubble wrap or any alternative for stuffing
  14. Tripod stand

1. Attaching The Vagina

The poseable female figure listed in this article is bare-bones and standard. So you’ll want to add the crucial bits to make this sex doll work. First, you’ll want to place your poseable body on a stand to make it easier for you to work with it.

Going down to the crotch part, take your scissors or box cutter and cut open a 1-inch slit to attach your pocket pussy. Use the same technique of placing your vaginal masturbator inside the container as the first doll above.

A man making a hole in the poseable mannequin

Add bubble wrap to fill in the gaps and tape it to the side of the cup. It should sit securely inside the doll’s crotch. Add more tape if needed to keep your pocket pussy in place.

If you want some anal action on your DIY sex dolls, use the same technique for the ass area, i.e., cut open a 1-inch slit where the anus is supposed to go. Take your second vaginal masturbator or pocket pussy and insert it into the container. Insert that into the anus and secure it with tape.

2. Attaching the Breasts

Next, you need to attach the artificial breasts to the body. Although the poseable body already has a bust, you can customize it more with your own pair. Make sure the artificial breast comes with a strap or a harness that goes around your doll’s body.

A man attaching the fake breasts

If you need to, secure it around the upper part of your doll with tapes. After all, you don’t want your doll’s breast to come off while penetrating her!

3. Attaching Face and Wig

You might want to do a little more work on the facial features of this doll. The female poseable body we recommended in this article comes with faceless features, but you can replace it with a more realistic-looking one.

A man placing a wig on the homemade sex doll

First, cut off the doll’s head (yikes!), leaving about an inch of the neck as a base. Once it’s off, put back any stuffing on the neck and sew the cloth of the opening together. Use tape to attach the head.

Pro Tip: You can place the head on two dowels, making it easier to attach to the body.

Once firm on the neck, you can attach the wig. This step only applies if your doll head doesn’t already have a hairstyle. Glue the wig on the doll’s head and style it however you want.

4. Attaching Sexy Lingerie or Clothing

Lastly, you can add some finer details like clothing or lingerie for your sex doll to wear. This step is optional but highly recommended if you want to have foreplay where you take her clothes off.

A man dressing his poseable love doll

Shop the sexiest lingerie or underwear online to make your DIY sex doll look more attractive. There are plenty of options in costume shops, anime shops, or the women’s department store section.

How To Make A Homemade Blowup Sex Doll

The easiest option is a blowup sex doll. Inflatable dolls may have a cheap reputation but what we’re talking about in this article is a step up from a fake blowup sex doll. There are two different types of blowup dolls – latex or vinyl. Both have their advantages, like vinyl is a more excellent option for durability while latex is a more flexible option.

Not only is it the most cost-efficient doll to create, but it also takes the shortest amount of time to finish. You can fully customize them while getting the same benefit of having sex with the doll.

Total Cost: $50-$60

Total time to complete: 1 hour

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Fleshlight or vagina male masturbator or pocket pussy
  2. Female head mask (latex or silicone)
  3. Sexy outfit (deep v-neck sweater, skirt, tights)
  4. Brassiere
  5. Inflatable pillow (for the torso)
  6. Tape
  7. Long balloons (long animal twisting balloons)
  8. Rocket balloons (for the legs)
  9. Kitchen towels or t-shirts
  10. Boobie party balloons
  11. Regular balloons or latex gloves (for the butt)
  12. Balloon air pump (optional)

1. Blowing Up the Torso and Breasts

First thing’s first, which means building her body. It involves a lot of balloon blowing, which is why the balloon air pump is handy.

Above, we listed an inflatable pillow as your doll’s torso. You simply have to inflate the pillow and the boobie-shaped balloon. Then tape the boobie balloon onto the torso.

A man inflating the balloon torso

Whichever lingerie, sexy outfit, or costume you select, now it’s the time to dress her up. A brassiere is excellent for making your doll’s breasts look more realistic.

2. Inflating Balloons to Build the Body

Next, take 2 long balloons to use as arms. Blow them up and twist the middle of the balloon to make a separation of the upper arm and forearm. Don’t worry if a few pop; a set of balloons is enough for you to build your own sex doll.

A man attaching all the balloon limbs

Then, take your kitchen towels and wrap them around the balloon carefully. Tape it close to secure.

Finally, blow up the rocket balloons to use as legs. Fill them up with a lot of air to make them look like actual legs. After, you can take a page from the arm assembly and carefully wrap some towels around the balloon. Tape them securely.

3. Attaching the Genitals

Next, we will attach your Fleshlight or vaginal masturbator sex toy. Use sticky tape to hold the pocket pussy edges and place it on the bottom of your doll’s torso. Next, blow up two regular-shaped balloons to form the butt. Place your Fleshlight between the two balloons, and tape them around the torso to make your doll’s butt.

A man attaching the pocket pussy to the DIY inflatable sex doll

Afterward, tape the balloon legs to the doll’s torso. Carefully tape it on until the legs connect to the torso.

The same goes for the arms; tape it around the upper region of the torso until secured. Once you’re finished taping everything together, you can add the outfit. A deep V-neck sweater should work well, especially to reveal the breasts.

How To Use Your Homemade Sex Doll

If it wasn’t already obvious, you can use your sex doll as if you were having sex with someone. While it may have some sex position limitations, it works perfectly for penetration and masturbation.

A man having sex with a homemade sex doll

Whatever fantasies you have in your head, you can act on them with your sex doll. Just be sure to position it in ways capable of your doll. Even if it isn’t capable of every position in the book, you can get some good ones.

Whichever type of sex doll you choose, poseable ones, torso, blowup, or male – you can practice sexy positions like doggy style, missionary, and cowboy. Give your thrust game a go and penetrate your penis inside your sex doll’s vagina.

You can read more about using sex dolls in this article.

How To Care For Your DIY Sex Dolls

And finally, we can talk about how to care for your DIY sex doll. It doesn’t involve an extensive cleaning regimen, but you’ll want to practice proper hygiene for it the next time you use it.

The hole you made in the crotch area makes it easy to remove the masturbator for cleaning. If you’re willing to purchase additional tools to make cleaning easier without having to remove the masturbators attached to your doll, you can check out a sex douche cleaning tool. This cleaning tool is long enough to insert your doll’s vagina and reach all the nooks and crannies. Just mix some warm water and soap and brush along the pocket pussy.

Like other sex toys, you can clean them with warm water and soap. And you can try using some pH-balanced intimate wash as it’s gentler. Even without the cleaning douche, it should be easy to remove your doll’s masturbators and put them back in again for your convenience.

When it comes to your sex doll’s body, you will need to wipe it down from time to time to avoid any sticky residue, primarily for the cosmetic or artificial areas like the hands, feet, head, or torso.

For more maintenance information, you can read this extensive guide.

Wrapping Up

It takes just a bit of an effort to create your homemade sex doll. The result? You’re sure to get some maximum pleasure out of it. Say goodbye to the old way of pleasing yourself and say hello to your new sexy accomplice.

Use the steps in this article and make a sex doll custom-made to your preferences. It’s a bang for your buck to continue using it for the long term, which in our opinion, may even be better than masturbating with your own two hands.

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