5 Best Foot Masturbators & Other Foot Fetish Toys In 2024 [Video]

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A foot fetish is very common with studies showing 1 in 7 people have fantasized about feet at least once in their lives. In addition, the spiraling feet pic industry is an indicator of the widespread obsession with sites like Instafeet allowing models to sell their trade to millions worldwide. So it’s no wonder that various foot sex toys have hit the market.

During my decade-long sex toy review journey, the highest-rated foot masturbator I found is the Silicone Feet from Warm Doll. I have a foot fetish, and even with the dozens of products I’ve used, this realistic baby takes the crown. The silicone-made feet feature a versatile design, allowing you to explore both vaginal sex and foot sex. Most importantly, the textured vagina is made to feel like a real woman.

Key Takeaways

Test Winner: Warm Doll Feet
Silicone Feet from Warm DollWarm Doll Feet is our favorite silicone foot masturbator. Besides a body-safe design, foot fetish gurus will appreciate the authentic handcrafting that goes into producing one of these.

Budget Pick: Succubus Foot
Succubus Sole Foot FuckSuccubus is ideal for foot fetish fans on a budget; for less than $60, you can explore your wildest fantasies. In addition, Succubus  has a juicy vagina, something that adds to the whole experience.

Most Realistic: Abby’s Feet
Abby's FeetAbby’s is great if you’re on the market for the most realistic foot masturbator. The foot toy is molded from a real person to produce the most realistic human feet, complete with natural poses.

Male Feet: Andy’s Male Feet
Andy's Male FeetDo you like men’s feet? Then you love these male feet with a lifelike design, complementing your foot fetish. In addition, you can add an anal orifice on the ankle for some exciting anal sex.

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How We Picked the Products

This foot fetish article was personal as I’ve had the fetish for nearly a decade. I don’t know what it is about well-pedicured feet, but I love the sight and feeling – It took Sandra, my wife, a while to catch up 😊.

For this article, I started by assembling all the foot sex toys I’ve used over the years. I also surfed the internet to learn more about what other users look for when picking the feet masturbators. Initially, I pooled 24 products but I skimmed the number down to 20, mainly using the materials as the elimination factor.

Armed with 20 review samples, I called my colleagues to action (for this article it was Shane Davis and yours truly), with instructions to test each and return to the site with detailed reports on their experience. The 30-day testing fiasco culminated with a 41-hour solo analysis to pick the similarities in the descriptions and compare them to mine.

Besides the similarities’ comparison, I defined several test criteria that we could measure on a scale from 0 to 100:

  • Design. Better-designed products got a higher score. Full stop. Just like the Silicone Feet from Warm Doll, which was human-molded, we gave the highest-rated award because they went the extra mile in making sure their users would not regret their purchase.
  • Realism. We know foot fetish enthusiasts are not just concerned about how realistic the feet look, but also how they feel. Fear not, we’ve got you covered. We ranked the products thoroughly by their lifelike features and, it might be needless to say, how physically accurate the shape is.
  • Size & Shape. Our team inspected each size and shape carefully since some are just plain old feet, and some have full legs- making this category a crucial factor in achieving a realistic experience for foot fetish enthusiasts.
  • Stimulations. We wanted to make sure your purchase will make you travel down memory lane and remind you of your first-foot sexual experience. And by that, we made sure that the sensation you get from each sex toy is not only top-notch but as realistic as possible from the crevices to the slight hint of firmness that will surely make you hard!
  • Build Quality. Upon testing all of the products, we concluded that the go-to material for realism is either Silicone or TPE. TPE provides skin-like, jiggly sensations. But beware, it’s porous so keep it clean to avoid undesirable buildup. While our usual champ silicone is waterproof and long-lasting, it is less realistic and pricey. We extensively explained the pros and cons of each product to help you have all the useful information you need to help you decide which one you prefer.
  • Versatility. We gave an edge to the products that offered more than what the usual products give. Take the Half Sex Doll for example – not only does it come with the regular foot job, but it also has this hot vagina and anal openings. With these extra features, you can explore new territories and spice up your solo play, talk about options!
  • Price & Value. We made sure the review samples come in a range of prices depending on the extra features you desire. Our team guarantees that the higher the price, the better the quality. But if budget is a concern, fret not! Even our cheaper options provide a satisfying experience. As always, it’s important to think about your wallet before diving into a world of foot fondling. So, whether you’re looking for a quick stroke or a more immersive experience, we’ve got you covered.
  • Maintenance. Let’s face it, nobody wants to use a sex toy that only lasts a couple of months. Aside from proper maintenance (which is vital), one more important factor that we considered is the material. In our evaluation process, we prioritized toys that were built with high-quality materials that last with minimal upkeep.

During testing, we rated each test criterion on a percentage scale from 0% (Worst) to 100% (Best). We then calculated the overall score using different weighted metrics depending on the importance of the test criteria. Half the total rating comes from Realism (25%) and Stimulations (25%). After that comes Design (10%), Build Quality (10%), and Price & Value (10%).

Finally, after more than a month of in-person testing, analysis, and deliberation with the team, we believe these are the best foot masturbators to bring your foot fetish to life.


Everything We Tested

In this chapter, you can see a comparison table with all the products we tested. As you can see, each row has the test criteria our team used during the testing. To make our testing process even more transparent, we also included the raw test data so you can see how the products performed with each test criteria.

Silicone Feet from Warm DollSuccubus Sole Foot FuckAbby’s FeetAndy’s Male FeetSilicone Half Sex Doll from Warm Doll
NameWarm DollSuccubusAbbyAndyHalf Sex Doll
CategoryBest OverallBudgetRealisticMaleLower Torso
Average Rating95%93%91%89%91%
Size & Shape96%91%88%90%89%
Build Quality93%92%91%89%88%
Price & Value93%95%90%94%85%
Price Tag$229$57.95$290 – $670$215$1,099
SizeN/AN/A37.5 (EU), 7 (US)41 (EU), 8 (US)N/A
Weight3 lbs1.65 lbsN/A1.3 lbs38 lbs


1. Silicone Feet from Warm Doll: Overall Test Winner

Silicone Feet from Warm Doll

These silicone feet from Warm Doll are some of the most effective feet masturbators on the market. Full stop. What I like most about them is that they come as a pair – left and right, so you get more value than other products that just come with one.

Another standout feature was the realistic detailing on the feet, including the ankles, well-curved heels, and natural toes, complete with nails. I’ve reviewed dozens of foot sex toys, but these felt more unique and natural. And with a soft all-silicone design, it doesn’t get any more realer than this.

Something else that our testers liked was the two vagina orifices. They especially loved the bulged, succulent lips. “I’m not going to lie; I’ve eaten out these feet several times and almost forgot it was a sex toy. The orifice has realistic texturing, and it feels like you’re penetrating your partner”, our lead product tester Shane Davis wrote in his test report.

Besides the soft and flexible consistency, the silicone material was easy to clean. And unlike most cheap plasticky foot fetish toys, it doesn’t have an odor.

Overall, I thought the foot masturbators were a great addition to my sex toy collection. And with their lightweight design. I always stash them in my bag whenever I’m traveling solo.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Despite ranking 1st on this list I still think that even for its quality, $229 is downright expensive for budget-seekers like myself. I kid of course, but I honestly believe you can find another product, although one or two tiers lower, at a more affordable price but still delivers excellent quality and experience.

Why Silicone Feet From Warm Doll is The Best Foot Masturbator:

If you’re looking for the most recommended foot fetish toy, you can’t go wrong with this pair of beautiful silicone footsies. Besides a body-safe design, foot fans will appreciate the authentic handcrafting that goes into producing one of these. Notably, the 9″ legs are relatively lightweight, so most people – if not all, can comfortably use them.

  • Realism: With the help of the all-silicone material, it created a more realistic feel to it- from the design to its warmth, no other model comes close. The detailing was truly commendable as it perfectly replicates natural-looking feet. Blown-away is totally an understatement to even describe how I feel about it. There are plenty of reasons why this bae ranks higher than the competition- the design is just one of them.
  • Stimulations: The sensation from the vaginal lips was better than the other review samples. If you close your eyes and have a go with your mouth, I promise you won’t even know it’s just a sex toy. The orifice has realistic texturing, as well as the outside design that makes the foot. From the ankles to the toes, truly a masterpiece that deserves the top spot!
  • Maintenance: Silicone products will never let you down. Aside from the usual perk of an extra luxurious build, they are super easy to keep and clean. Unlike other cheap materials, the last thing you want is a foot masturbator reminding you of less-sexy stuff, am I right?


  • Material: Silicone
  • Length: 9″
  • Weight: 3 lbs


  • A sexy pair of human feet – double delight.
  • Realistically textured vagina for natural sensations.
  • A human-molded sex toy for foot fetish users.
  • It’s made from high-grade silicone material.


  • It’s relatively expensive – $229.

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2. Succubus Sole Foot Fuck: Our Budget Pick!

Succubus Sole Foot Fuck

Why we love Succubus Sole Foot Fuck:

I love a good foot job and the only reason it took me years to get into foot fucking was an unwilling partner and the high price of foot toys. The Succubus Sole Foot Fuck changed all that because it gave me the organic feel of the soles of a lady’s foot without breaking the bank.

Succubus was the most affordable among the test samples. Full stop. For only $57.95, the realistic-looking lady foot is a bargain especially if you consider the quality. As you can see in the image below, the attention to detail is almost like on the more premium models, everything from the skin-like texture to the ultra-tight vagina orifice.

Closeup of the toes

If you consider that most products we tested cost up to $370, Succubus is perfect for foot fetishists on a budget or those who want to add an incredibly-looking piece to their collection.

I want to give a special shoutout to the elegant packaging, with some enticing artwork on the cover to fill you with anticipation  as soon as you open the discreet brown shipping box (you can see the box in the image below). So much attention to detail went into designing the colorful box, and it makes the perfect gift for anyone with a foot fetish or a hentai toys collector.

The packaging

Let’s move on to the material, my biggest complaint. While silicone would have been better, I still loved the feel of the stretchy, rubbery TPE material. But it feels delicate, and like other onaholes, you must give it the necessary care to ensure longevity. The flexible material and a super-tight vaginal orifice make for a great combo for anyone who wants to get into this niche.

Note: The orifice is designed at an angle, placing the ankle in an excellent handhold for simplified handling. In addition, the vagina is far enough back on the foot, letting you enjoy the raw creases running down the sole.

The bottom of Succubus

I also appreciated how easy it was to use the Sole Fuck. The ankle had a good enough size so I could easily hold it with my hand and I could firmly grab the material without slipping.

My favorite part was fucking the tight vaginal orifice and licking the arches and sucking the toes. Yummy! But the holes were also decent and the textured vaginal canal took me through a whirlwind of emotions, and the winding and twisting angles made the experience a ball-draining ride.

Succubus Sole Foot Fuck

Minor issues we found during testing:

Unfortunately, cleaning was a challenge. The close-ended foot masturbator design and an intensely textured canal make it hard to clean the sex toy.

The material could be too soft for the liking of most sex toy users. And while it feels incredible on the penis, it takes away from the realness. It’d be nice if the designers added a bony structure or used a different texture for the sole.

Why Succubus Sole Foot Fuck is our budget option:

  • Price & Value: Succubus is the perfect product for foot fetish fanatics and collectors of Hentai toys. The affordable pricing ($57.95) makes it a bargain in a world where high-end masturbators go for as much as $370. Everything from the ultra-tight vaginal orifice to the realistic design and heavily textured canal makes Succubus great value for money.
  • Build Quality: While we always recommend silicone, the TPE material used for Succubus Sole Foot Fuck feels incredibly stretchy and plush on the penis. The testers highlighted how the smoothness and tight orifice make it ideal for most users. Whether you love feet or want to explore the fetish, the flesh-like will keep you aroused.

If you want to see what Succubus Sole Foot Fuck looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

You can read our complete review of Succubus sole foot fuck here.


  • Material: TPE
  • Insertable Length: 5.5″
  • Foot Length: 12.6″


  • An affordable foot masturbator.
  • Ideal for people on a budget.
  • Realistic design enhances the experience.
  • Super-tight canal feels like virgin pussy.
  • The textured canal is incredibly stimulating.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • The vaginal orifice might be too tight for extra girthy guys.
  • It’s challenging to clean the textured canal.

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3. Abby’s Feet: Most Realistic!

Abby's Feet

Abby’s Feet are the most realistic foot masturbators on this list. Everyone on the team felt the all-silicone masturbator is perfect for foot fetish fans seeking the absolute premium product with no worry about the price tag.

Like its cousin Alice (you can find her on their website), there are three tiers of quality to choose from, with a 3 – 12 days waiting period. In addition, multiple versions are designed to curate your experience based on your desired level of realism. You can have the masturbator in an all-silicone model or add a skeleton to simulate bones.

The other two include the toe-shapable version with flexible and bendable toes and the overall shapable version with a simulated human frame, meaning you can bend the toes, ankles, and soles.

Unlike the previous two list entries, Abby’s feet are extended, so the vagina is deeper. The realistic orifice feels like a human vagina without too much texturing to scare beginners away.

Minor issues we found during testing:

This one costs $670 if you want to get a pair so it’s definitely a premium pick. While it surely won’t disappoint you, spending that much will give you a lingering feeling of “Did I spend too much”?

Why Abby’s Feet is The Most Realistic Foot Masturbator:

You should go and buy Abby today if f you have the budget for her. She is just that good (and more). Did I mention that it’s molded from a real person to produce the most realistic human feet, complete with natural poses? That’s right! Let’s look at some of the other test criteria to see how we further motivated our decision:

  • Design. This collection includes two unique versions: one with flexible, toe-shaped nodes and another with a simulated human frame that allows for the bending of soles, ankles, and toes. Another thing that sets Abby’s feet apart from others is how deep you can go when you insert your penis. The realistic orifice provides a lifelike experience without getting overwhelmed, just the good old feeling of your first sexual experience, nothing more. Realism for the win!
  • Realism. Abby handily beat the competition when it came to realism because it’s molded from an actual person’s body, resulting in the most authentic, natural-looking feet you’ve ever found. With the option to choose an all-silicone model that has the option to add a skeletal mockup, the price is definitely worth it.
  • Size & Shape. I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed with the design and construction of Abby and our team concluded that the other factor that complimented it is the size & shape. The manufacturers did an amazing job crafting the perfect shape and size to fully embody the appearance of a real foot in all aspects.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 37.5 (EU), 7 (US)


  • The most realistic product on this list.
  • Multiple versions are available.
  • Silky smooth and flexible silicone male masturbator.
  • Natural-looking vagina orifice.
  • These human-like feet are designed with natural foot poses.


  • It’s expensive – $290 – $670.

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4. Andy’s Male Feet: Highest-Rated Male Feet

Andy's Male Feet

Andy is unique because you won’t find many male feet on the market. I assume it’s because there is not a large market for this niche but I can imagine that even some straight ladies with a foot fetish are looking for something like this.

Alright, with that out of the way let’s dive into the review, starting with the material. Andy is made from TPE which I love besides the cleaning part. While silicone is typically preferred, TPE has a soft consistency that makes it more realistic than its cousin silicone.

Moving on to the design and realism categories where I thought Andy looked and felt pretty realistic. Something that stood out was the immaculate detailing with the lifelike marks and freckles on the skin. Even the sole looks like a human’s.

We gave some bonus points to the usable anal orifice that you can add to your order if you want more stimulation options. We noted that the orifice is positioned at the top of the ankle, so it doesn’t get in the way of the spotless view of the masculine yet gentle male foot. For such a versatile masturbator, I thought it was relatively affordable overall.

Minor issues we found during testing:

It’s important to note that Andy’s male fit is designed for a larger size, labeled as “male.” For those looking for a smaller option, this may not be your choice. The product has a 41 EU size, which can be overwhelming and may not fit everyone’s idea of what’s sexy. It’s fair to say that this product caters to a specific demographic (Gay men and straight women).

Why Andy’s Male Feet is The Most Recommended Male Foot Masturbator:

Andy was one of the few male masturbators we could find so there’s not much competition in this space. But our test team still thought it was a well-made product that all male feet aficionados would appreciate. Let’s look at the raw test data:

  • Stimulations. The TPE material significantly boosted the sensation you get from the tight anal orifice. Fans of anal play are going to have a good time exploring the wonders of how realistic the sensation you can get while looking at the spotless view of the masculine yet gentle male foot.
  • Realism. It’s hard not to appreciate the intricate details of Andy. The realistic lines on the sole are quite lifelike and you may mistake it for the real deal. The complexion adds a masculine touch that will surely appeal to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Size & Shape: Some might dislike the size of this foot masturbator, but it’s one of the reasons why Andy’s feet stand out. Its impressive size and weight give it a hefty and robust feel that embodies masculinity. At 1.3 pounds, it may be a bit challenging for those with mobility issues, but that same weight provides a more intense and realistic experience of holding and playing with a male’s feet.


  • Material: TPE
  • Size: 41 (EU), 8 (US)
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs


  • The highest-rated male feet masturbator.
  • Realistic detailing enhances the experience.
  • You can add an anal orifice for penis-to-ass penetration.
  • It’s made from soft and squishy TPE.


  • Some people might find the foot size too big – 41 (EU) & 8 (US).

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5. Silicone Half Sex Doll from Warm Doll: Lower Torso

Silicone Half Sex Doll from Warm Doll

Alright, let’s wrap up our list with this silicone half-sex doll from Warm Doll that we believe is the ideal choice for people looking for a lower torso doll. Without a doubt, it’s the largest product on this list so you for sure need some storage space for this bae.

The standout feature was the dual stimulation capabilities, with usable vagina and anal orifices. Notably, both holes are designed differently so that each feels like the equivalent of a real woman. And while the feet might not be the most authentic on the list, they’re “good enough” with soft silicone that feels like human skin.

Something else that stood out during our review was the commendable stability and flexibility of the torso. It’s articulated with a metal skeleton and movable joints, making it easy to prop into multiple sex positions for maximum enjoyment. This added bonus points in the realism category.

Minor issues we found during testing:

If high prices make you flinch, then you better prepare yourself – because the price tag on this baby is a whopping $1,099. The hefty cost will weed out many potential buyers but for those who have a fondness for indulging in their foot fetish and seek a touch of extravagance, this one will be a good buy.

Why Silicone Half Sex Doll is The Top Full-Size Foot Masturbator:

The silicone half-sex doll is a good choice for those after more than just a foot masturbator. With this one, you get an all-silicone sex doll torso with movable joints to enhance its flexibility so it has far better realism than the earlier list entries.

  • Build Quality. You get both vaginal and anal orifices with the Warm Doll, each hole offering a unique texture that was pretty stimulating but not very realistic. The feet are made with high-quality silicone that feels quote close to actual human skin but lacks a bit in the look department.
  • Versatility. The durability and versatility set this one apart from competitors. Equipped with a sturdy metal skeleton and flexible joints, this torso is perfect for achieving a variety of sex positions that will open a world of discovery for you and your foot kink. And while the price may seem steep, the versatility of this product is well worth the investment.
  • Maintenance. For spending such a huge amount of money, it’s pretty understandable to worry if this foot masturbator is easy to maintain and if it will last long. Fortunately for you, the answer is a resounding yes as the silicone makes it non-porous, hypoallergenic, and durable even in extreme hot and cold temperatures.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Height: 3ft5 (standing)
  • Weight: 38 lbs


  • The only torso that we thought was worth adding to this list
  • Vaginal and anal sex capabilities.
  • The orifices are designed to simulate those of a real woman.
  • A well-made masturbator with feet, legs, and ass.


  • It’s expensive – $1,099.

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What is a Foot Masturbator?

A foot masturbator is a male adult toy that looks like a real human foot. They are primarily used for foot fetish activities, like licking the arches or sucking the toes, but sometimes they come equipped with a functional vaginal or anal orifice so you can use also them as a masturbator.

Closeup of the vagina opening and pussy lips


What is a Foot Fetish?

A foot fetish is when someone is sexually aroused by a human foot [1]. While it seems odd to some, it’s actally one of the most common fetishes, with studies confirming 1 in 7 people have fantasized about feet at one point in their lives. In addition, the spiraling feet pic industry is an indicator of the widespread obsession with cute feet, with sites like Instafeet allowing foot models to sell their pics to millions worldwide.

Foot masturbator With Ankle Jewelry


How To Use a Foot Masturbator?

  1. Start by cleaning it before the first and lube up generously with a water-based lubricant if you plan to use it for penetration.
  2. If you have a full-size masturbator with feet and ass, spice up the sex with a pair of stockings and heels. You can even have the ‘mini doll’ wear a tiny uptight skirt for extra realism.
  3. I usually begin by licking the soles and sucking the toes. If you have a pair of feet, you can use them for a foot job, where your stroke your penis between the soles.
  4. My favorite thing about them is their lightweight size, and their easy-to-use design makes it easy to explore different penetration angles and positions [2].

A man cumming on a foot masturbator

Pro Tip: I always finish with cumming on the feet or sole. Try it. The visual is like no other!


How To Clean Foot Masturbators?

I recommend cleaning it before the first use and after every use. This way, you maintain a high hygiene level, and the masturbator is always ready when you are.

Cleaning Sex Toys In The Sink

Get a mild unscented soap and warm water to flush the human fluids and other dirt out. Then, rinse it with clean water before air drying the toy. You can also use a lint-free cloth to wipe off the water for storage.

Note: Always confirm with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Here’s an article on how to clean different sex toy materials.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Store a Foot Masturbator?

A storage case is the most secure way to store your masturbator. If you don’t have one, use one of your drawers. Just spread an old cotton shirt and ensure the drawer is dustproof – you have a comfortable lounge for your new foot fetish sex toy.

Note: Only store clean and dry toys!

Read more on sex toy storage here!

What Lube Should I Use?

Like other toys, water-based lube is the preferred lubricant to use with your foot sex toy. And while you might have to use lots of it because of the runny texture, it’s sex toy material-friendly and easy to clean.

A man holding a lube bottle


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