9 Best Chastity Cages in 2023, Reviewed by a BDSM Educator

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After putting on many, and I do mean quite a few, cock cages, my team and I are excited to say the CB-6000S Short Male Chastity Cage Kit is the absolute best chastity cage. Much of this sexually restraining but always arousing chastity restraint gets right from its brilliant design and masterful construction to how remarkably comfortable it is to wear. It is top-of-the-line and superb for keeping a penis-equipped submissive locked up.

But it is not the only chastity cage for men out there. Far from it! After spending a considerable time trying most of them on, I narrowed the field down to these 9 best chastity cages for 2023.

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Key Takeaways

Best Cock Cage: CB-6000S
cb-6000s male chastity deviceCB-6000S is our favorite cock cage. The reviewers praised the shorter length, perfect for subs who found the CB-6000 uncomfortable. But it still has the same quality materials, expert construction, and genius-level design. Discount code MSTG15 for 15% off!

Metal Cage: DOMINIX Deluxe
DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock CageDOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage is a hardcore metal cock cage. Houdini himself could not get out of it once locked on. This much firmer, far colder, and industrial-appearing metal cock cage does not mess around.

Upgrade: Master Series Rikers
Master Series RikersMaster Series Rikers is a must-own for graduate-level BDSM community members or anyone into a more decidedly intense experience. It will also turn everyone’s heads when your submissive strolls across your favorite dungeon while wearing it.

Why You Should Trust Us

M.ChristianI have decades of hands-on experience in practically every aspect of BDSM play. I am also a well-known sex educator, kinky lecturer, sex toy, and sex tech reviewer, not to mention an accomplished erotica writer. Put all this together, and it would not be wrong to say I am more than qualified to help you choose the right cock cage.

But since no one person can try out every chastity cage, I also enlisted an enthusiastic cadre of fellow kink experts. So between me and we can steer you in the right direction when it comes to keeping a penis-equipped person’s “equipment” bound up.


1. CB-6000S: Best Chastity Cage

cbx cb-6000s

While the original CB 6000 male chastity device remains popular for its amazingly effective design, and when locked in place, no one will get out of it. Unless that is, whoever is holding the key lets them.

The only downside to the CB 6000 male chastity cage is its length. Some users found it a little like the penile version of Cinderella’s glass slipper; despite how much they wanted to wear it, they simply could not.

cb-6000s male chastity device

Recognizing the opportunity to produce a cock cage for exactly those types of people, the minds behind the first CB-6000 released our number one pick for the best male chastity cage of 2023: the CB-6000S Short Male Chastity Cage Kit.

The right length for all the penis-equipped submissives who found the initial chastity device to be uncomfortable to wear, the CB-6000S has the same high-quality materials, expert construction, and a genius-level design but shorter.

CB-6000S Cock Cage with all the items inside the box

Also, like its bigger brother, the CB-6000S male chastity cage kit has a set of five ring sizes (image above), so you can fine-tune its fit as much as you want.

Making it even better, along with the CB-6000S Short Male Chastity Cage Kit itself, it additionally comes with a nifty storage case, a brass padlock and key (circled in the image below), five plastic locks, and a sample sexual lubricant.

cb-6000s small clear chastity cage kit

Minor issues I found during testing:

Perfection is a myth, and the CB-6000s are no exception. During our testing, we encountered a few issues that could be of concern to potential users. However, everyone’s experience is unique, so what may be a problem for me may not necessarily be one for you. Here are the issues we found:

  1. The placement of the external lock at the top of the cage produces an audible clunking sound when walking or running. While the plastic locks were less noisy, I always felt a little self-conscious when on the move.
  2. Depending on the type of pants worn, an extra bulge may be noticeable. Personally, suit pants were the worst for me, and I wouldn’t even attempt wearing skinny jeans.
  3. Wearing the hard-edged ring at the base of the cage for an extended period can lead to discomfort.

Why the CB-6000S is the best chastity cage:

But do not merely take my word for it, as its customer reviews are filled to the brim with praise for how well made it is. Particular attention is often given to how comfortable and sexually exciting wearing it is.

One even noted how the CB-6000S Short Male Chastity Cage Kit has a very low profile. If you want to wear it in public with plastic locks and not worry, people will know you are. They wrote, “It doesn’t really show unless you wear something with very thin fabric.”

They further mentioned another common issue regarding cuck cages: when nature is called. One that isn’t a problem for the CB-6000S. They say that “The thing I was worried about was when peeing; I didn’t know if I would make a mess every time I needed to pee. But, this hasn’t been the case.”

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

You can read our comprehensive CB6000S review in this article.

  • Company: CB-X
  • Material: Clear, hard plastic
  • Dimensions: 2.5 inches in length
  • Price: $159.99


  • Super high-quality construction
  • It comes with plastic padlocks
  • Various ring sizes
  • Right cock cage for anyone whose penis is shorter
  • Comfortable to put on and wear


  • It might not be suitable for more endowed users.

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2. DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage: Metal Chastity Cage

DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage

Why I love the DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage:

For those longing for a firmer, colder, much more industrial-looking cock cage, allow me to introduce the DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage.

This much firmer, far colder, and industrial-appearing metal cock cage does not mess around. Just looking at it will likely cause even the hardest or hardcore submissives to get weak in the knees. But in a good way.

How firm, how cold, how industrial? Check this out for size; when other chastity cages are hard plastic, the DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage is a hardcore metal cock cage. Houdini himself could not get out of it once locked on.

Minor issues I found during testing:

One downside to being a metal cock cage is that the DOMINIX Deluxe does not provide much wriggle room for the wearer’s testicles. To the tune of half an inch, and that is it, period. So it will do you and your submissive good to do a lot of careful measuring to ensure it will not be too loose or too tight.

Why the DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage is the Best Steel Cage:

All things considered, this is an all-around great chastity cage. One which will give you hours on hours of sexual pleasure.

Along with the DOMINIX itself, you will get a small padlock with a pair of keys. Maybe not a lot of extras, but when you weigh how incredibly well-machined this dick cage is and how much thought went into its design, that is not worth complaining about.

  • Recommended for experienced users
  • Company: DOMINIX Deluxe
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 3 inches in length
  • Price: $59.99


  • Extremely well-constructed and manufactured chastity device
  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • Made of high-grade stainless steel


  • Too heavy for some users
  • Steel requires unique care

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3. Silicone Male Chastity Cage: For Beginners

Double D Harnesses Silicone Male Chastity Cage

Why I love the Silicone Male Chastity Cage:

Though the company behind Etsy may not want to advertise it, more and more kinky entrepreneurs are selling a host of very well-made sex toys there.

Not least of which is more cock cages than you could ever count. But one that immediately caught my eye was this Silicone Male Chastity Cage.

Why, may you ask, and right along with it, what caused me to place it here at our number three spot? While many chastity cages and the like are inflexible, these can move in all the right ways.

As in expanding, contracting, and generally form fitting. This Silicone Chastity Cage will greatly reduce pinching and other uncomfortable problems.

Minor issues I found during testing:

The only problem with this pink chastity cage is that it is not as confining as other devices. So though it is remarkably comfortable, it may not work for you if you are into more intense bondage.

Why the Silicone Male Chastity Cage is best for beginners:

Made of medical-grade silicone and ABS plastic in your choice of baby blue, flat black, and sexy pink, any of these Silicone Male Chastity Cages will practically fit anyone or everyone who wants to restrict their genitalia. Better still, for much longer than with metal or hard plastic cages.

Purchasers will also receive a set of five cock ring sizes, each a different size. Included are multiple spacers, two locking pins, a brass padlock, two keys, a matching pair of keys, and five uniquely-numbered plastic locks.

With all that and how adjustable and, for lack of a more accurate word, “welcoming” this Silicone Male Chastity Cage is, you can see why I have dubbed it ideal for beginners.

  • Recommended for beginners
  • Company: Double D Harnesses
  • Material: Medical-Grade silicone and ABS plastic
  • Price: $28.35


  • Fantastic design, especially for those new to cock cages
  • Chastity device expands to fit most wearers
  • Allows for some penis movement
  • Ships with assorted plastic locks
  • Assorted ring sizes


  • It might be too loose for anyone into tight-fitting cock cages.

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4. Short Penile Urethral Plug Cage: For The Very Experienced

Lock the Cock Penis Cage

Why I love the Short Penile Urethral Plug Cage:

Keeping your or your partner’s penis locked up is one thing. But if something more sounds erotically appealing, say hello to the Short Penile Urethral Plug Metal Cage.

This outrageously kinky cock cage and, you guessed it, a urethral stimulator is all but guaranteed to push whoever wears it over their arousing limit.

If you cannot picture how the Short Penile Urethral Plug Cage works, look at the short metal rod towards the tip and think of it entering the urination hole at the tip of the penis. As in where urine and semen come out.

When fitted with this mixture of two intensely arousing toys in one, someone will not only be kept touching themselves or becoming erect, but using the bathroom would be, shall we say, an “interesting” experience.

Minor issues I found during testing:

I labeled the urethral chastity cage as appropriate only for the very experienced. It probably is not a toy those inexperienced in either chastity belts or urethra play will pick up, hopefully not before getting a lot of hands-on training and reading up on how to do each as pleasantly and safely as possible.

Why the Short Penile Urethral Plug Metal is best for the very experienced:

Befitting a toy from a company that knows what its customers want, most of this toy’s reviews go out of their way to praise its quality and comfort.

Lock the Cock’s Short Penile Urethral Plug Cage ships with a padlock and key, three ring sizes, an optional urethral plug with urination holes, and a snap-fit cock ring.

  • Recommended for experienced users
  • Company: Lock the Cock
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 3.54 inches (length)
  • Price: $69.99


  • Just the thing for those who are really into cock cages
  • Well-made and finely constructed
  • Restricts urination as well
  • Three ring sizes


  • It may be too much for those new to cock cages.

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5. CX108 Full Wrapping: Best For Full-Enclosure

CX108 Full Wrapping Plastic Chastity Device With Adjustable Ring

Why I love the CX108:

Here is an elegantly-styled, uniquely-designed cage that does not merely restrain the wearer’s penis but their testicles. The CX108 Full Wrapping Plastic Chastity Device With Adjustable Ring does it so well that we doubt whoever wears it will not even think of pleasuring themselves. Which, we have to admit, many of you gleefully strict dominants have been eagerly waiting for.

But that is not the only thing going for it. After all, what good is being good if you or your BDSM toys do not look the part? Which the CX108 does and then some. This is one extremely handsome or, maybe we should say, pretty comfortable cock cage. It would not look out of place on the pages of a glossy fetish magazine or walking down the aisle at a latex-fetish show.

Minor issues I found during testing:

My only complaint with this sissy chastity cage is unless you fit into it, the CX108 can be a little too uncomfortable to use. But if you are a great fit, it is an excellent chastity cage.

Why the CX108 is best for full enclosure:

If you dislike your CX108 Full Wrapping Plastic Chastity Device in black, it also comes in a frosty white. But let us face it, when talking about elegant sex toys, it is black and nothing but black.

For what the CX108 comes with, it seems like it is just a brass padlock and key. But as the Chastity X is a little scant on the details, it may not come with anything except the cuck cage itself.

  • Recommended for people into fully enclosed penis cages
  • Company: Chastity X
  • Material: ABS plastic or possibly silicone
  • Price: $59.99


  • Fantastic for all-encompassing chastity play
  • Very intense and pleasurable to use
  • Unique sensations and well-put-together


  • It may not appeal to people who do not like having their testicles restrained.

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6. Cock Clamp: Budget Pick

Chastity Cages Co Cock Clamp

Why I love the Cock Clamp:

We all know how expensive most penis cages and BDSM gear can be. So anything that is equally affordable and well-made is definitely worth mentioning. Both of which the Cock Clamp from Chastity Cages absolutely is.

How affordable? If you guessed fifty bucks, you would be off by nearly twenty as this cock cage will only set you back just $34.99. Yes, you most certainly can whistle at that. This is because that is not only a ridiculously low price but especially when you measure it against how much the other devices on our list will cost you.

Minor issues I found during testing:

But one thing the Cock Clamp is not is cheap. As cheaply-made, as it is, it is quite a phenomenally well-made toy and more than suitable for restraining any penis-equipped people you like to play with.

Why Clock Clamp is the best budget pick:

The Cock Clamp certainly has its fans. One of which praised how it neatly balances cost and quality but also restraint with comfort. They write, first referring to chastity cages in general, “When they’re hard plastic, they tend to get rather hot and stuffy, but this negates that, which I like. Apart from that, it’s a good fit and lightweight.”

The Cock Clamp comes with five different adjustment rings. So it is suitable for nearly every sized person. Most notably for those new to chastity cages or those on the smaller side. The Cock Clamp includes a brass padlock, two keys, and five travel locks.

Making it even more flexible, you have your choice of ring size. There’s the smallest, at 1.57 inches across. Then there is the medium, which comes in at 1.77 inches. Lastly, there is the large one that measures 1.97 inches in diameter.

  • Recommended for budget-Minded people
  • Company: Chastity Cages
  • Material: Hard plastic
  • Dimensions: 4.5 inches in length
  • Price: $34.99


  • Extremely affordable cock cage
  • More than one ring size
  • Amazingly comfortable and flexible
  • Fantastic for inexperienced and experienced alike


  • Quality is not as fine as other chastity cages.

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7. LocKink Cage-Ink powered by Qiui: Best For Remote Play

LocKink Cage-Ink powered by Qiui

Why I love the LocKink Cage-Ink:

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! In the futuristic year 2023, we have drones, 3D printers, smartphones, smart sex toys, and for all you kinksters, Bluetooth-compatible smart chastity cages.

Like its sex tech innovative vibrators, massagers, or strokers, Qiui’s Cellmate 2nd Generation Cag.Ink can wirelessly link up to a special Android or iPhone app. Once that is done, the smartphone can do everything from releasing them to delivering a carefully calculated electric shock to keep them in line.

Minor issues I found during testing:

Unfortunately, when you have something as complex as this, there are bound to be issues getting it to work with this cock cage that links its smartphone app to the Cellmate. But once you have that sorted out, it is a kick to use and play with.

Why the LocKink Cage-Ink is best for remote play:

For dominants with more than one submissive, you can even set the app up to control more than one Cellmate. Further, if you really want to keep tabs on your subs, it is equipped with a geo tracker so you will see where they are and what they might be up to at all times. Like a high-tech chastity belt.

The app even has a time lock, automatically disengaging it after a set time. Though we have mostly mentioned its partner-play possibilities and ring size, the Cellmate is also fantastic for single kinksters like using the time lock to keep yourself restrained and other special features designed for soloists.

  • Recommended for those into remote or long-distance relationships
  • Company: Qiui
  • Material: Metal rings, medical-grade polycarbonate body
  • Price: $179


  • Unique sextech approach to cock cages
  • It has a built-in lock
  • More than one ring size
  • Great for nearly or long-distance experiences
  • Fun features and special possibilities
  • Includes plastic travel locks


  • Very expensive
  • Problems with getting it to work with the smartphone app
  • Security issues can be troubling

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8. Master Series Rikers: Best For Experienced Users

Master Series Rikers

Why I love the Master Series Rikers Chastity Cage:

There will come a time when you graduate from a cock cage novice to a fully-qualified expert. You will want to celebrate when you get there by moving up the chastity cage ladder. Of all the ones ideal for more experienced players, I cannot think of any that does it better than the Master Series Rikers Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage.

The word “intense” barely begins to describe this marvel of stainless steel penis bondage design and engineering. I mean, look at this crazy and very hot thing. It is astoundingly heavy, completely secure, and will prevent even the most reluctant wearers from doing anything without their dominant’s permission.

Minor issues I found during testing:

This chastity cage sometimes feels too much to handle, especially for long term wear. This is due to how heavy, metal, and more than a little intense. Though if that is your thing and you can get used to it, this chastity cage can be a real turn-on.

Why the Master Series Rikers  is best for experienced users:

This is an exceptionally cool and exciting cock cage, like how it features an internal lock. With it, there is no need to buy a more secure lock than whatever comes with your run-of-the-mill chastity cages. Though you are out of luck if you misplace either of the Master Series Rikers Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage’s keys.

It is a must-own for graduate-level BDSM community members or anyone into a more decidedly intense experience. It will also turn everyone’s heads when your submissive strolls across your favorite dungeon while wearing it.

  • Recommended for experienced users
  • Company: Rikers
  • Material: Durable stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 3 inches, long and wide interior. The solid ring size is 2 inches across
  • Price: $120


  • Perfect for anyone really into chastity play
  • Wonderfully intense sensations
  • Number of locking pins
  • Amazingly well constructed


  • Probably too much for less-experienced players or for long term wear

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9. Master Series Solitary Chastity Cage: Best For Small Penises

Master Series Solitary Chastity Cage

Why I love the Master Series Solitary Cage:

Hankering for a restrictive, durable stainless steel penile restraint experience such as with a Riker’s Chastity Cage but somewhat on the smaller side? Do not fret because this Master Series Solitary Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage is just what you have been looking for.

Designed specifically for shorter-length persons, it has all of its bigger-brothers quality manufacturing. Aside from that, it does not have the Riker’s internal lock. But that is not a, please excuse the expression, big deal as in every other way, this small chastity cage is absolutely superb. Not least of which is its locking pins and hinged ring.

Minor issues I found during testing:

My sole criticism is that the Master Series is too heavy to be comfortable. This is particularly true for people who may not be familiar with wearing a steel chastity case and its snug fit. But after spending time with it, I think, in all likelihood, you will look forward to having it locked onto you.

Why the Master Series Solitary is best for small penises:

Particularly because of its 100% stainless steel construction or 1.75 and 2-inch diameter rings and locking pins. It’s also made to be extra-breathable, which increases its comfort level. It can be worn for longer lengths than with fully-encompassing cock cages.

With the Master Series Solitary Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage, you will receive a brass padlock with a pair of keys. But it will accommodate any other lock whose clasp can fit into its restraining holes. Its locking pins also make it infinitely adjustable.

  • Recommended for people with small penises
  • Company: Master Series
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 2.5 inches long
  • Price: $30


  • Fantastic cock cage for the less-endowed
  • A high-quality chastity device
  • Solid construction and high-quality manufacturing
  • Looks very good and feels even better
  • Ring size is 1.75 or 2 inches


  • Really only suited for smaller penises
  • Locking pins are easily adjustable
  • Weight may possibly take some getting used to

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Everything We Tested

In this chapter, you can see a comparison table with all the products we tested. As you can see, each row has the test criteria our team used during the testing. To make our testing process even more transparent, we also included the raw test data so you can see how the products performed with each test criteria.

CB-6000SDOMINIX DeluxeSilicone MaleShort Penile Urethral PlugCX108 Full WrappingCock ClampLocKinkMaster Series RikersMaster Series Solitary
LinkCB-6000SDOMINIX DeluxeSilicone MaleUrethral PlugCX108Cock ClampLocKinkRikersSolitary
CategoryBest OverallMetalBeginnerVery ExperiencedFull-EnclosureBudgetRemote PlayExperiencedSmaller Penises
Average Rating95%93%92%92%90%89%87%86%86%
Build Quality93%91%92%88%90%89%89%
Price & Value93%92%89%90%90%95%92%91%85%
Price Tag$159.99$59.99$28.35$69.99$59.99$34.99$179$120$30
MaterialClear &
Hard plastic
Stainless SteelSilicone & ABSStainless SteelABS or
Possibly Silicone
Hard plasticMetal rings &
Stainless SteelStainless Steel
CompanyCB-XDOMINIX DeluxeDouble D HarnessesLock the CockChastity XChastity CagesQiuiRikersMaster Series
Measurements2.5 inches in length3 inches in lengthN/A3.54 inches in lengthN/A4.5 inches in lengthN/A3 inches in length2.5 inches in length


How We Picked The Products

I was not kidding when I said I take BDSM seriously. Because the truth is, while toys like chastity cages may not look like it, there is always the risk that someone somewhat might be by having their cock locked into them.

My seriousness is reflected in how strenuously my team and I selected the seven devices on our list. To give you a bit of an idea of how much care and dedication we put towards picking our select few, we also defined test criteria we could measure using well-defined quantitative metrics:

  • Materials: Obviously, you do not want low-quality materials near your genitals. Aside from potential allergic reactions, there is always the possibility of breakage leading to terrifyingly sharp edges and serious bodily harm. This is why all of the best cock cages use nothing but the highest-grade stainless steel, body-safe silicone, or medical-grade polycarbonate.
  • Construction: Right up there with using the right materials is the care that went into using them to make the chastity cages on our list. All of them and other models had to show a serious dedication towards increasing pleasure and decreasing any risks of injury. It is the same for durability. A man cage should be built to last an exceptionally long time when they contain medical grade polycarbonate, even under unusual circumstances like for long wear.
  • Build Quality: Put materials and construction together, and you get whether or not a chastity cage is a high enough quality to earn a slot on our breakdown of 2023’s best chastity cages. This is also in how much information is provided to customers, so they know what they are getting into. Same for how respected a company is by the BDSM community. Who knows the important difference between a good and the best male chastity device. Like how having more than a single ring size can make a big difference.

Concluding my personal search for the top cages, my next move was to pass them on to my team of experienced and enthusiastic testers. When they had put the cages and themselves through all sorts of kinky paces, they sent me the dozen or so that made the cut.

During testing, we rated each test criterion on a percentage scale from 0% (Worst) to 100% (Best). We then calculated the overall score using different weighted metrics depending on the importance of the test criteria. Half the total rating comes from Design (25%) and Build Quality (25%). After that comes Safety (10%), Comfort (10%), and Materials (5%).

I managed to whittle down to this creme-de-la-cream of cock cages and other models after consulting with some qualified BDSM and sex educators. Balanced with any good or bad comments made by customers who had purchased them. Now on to some more cock cage tips from my colleague Tabitha Britt:


What Is A Chastity Cage?

A male chastity cage is a device that “locks” the wearer’s penis inside. It prevents the wearer from getting a full erection, which means masturbation, sexual intercourse, or other sexual activity are off the table until their keyholder says it’s OK to do so. Because chastity cages literally cage the wearer’s penis, it’s important to ensure that you know exactly how to use it and remove it quickly, if necessary. Otherwise, you could end up in the ER.

“The aim of male chastity is to embrace and savor the journey towards orgasm,” says Tatyana Dyachenko, a relationship expert, sex therapist, and founder of Peaches and Screams. “When choosing a restrictive device, always do your homework first; make sure it’s from a reputable company and that the male chastity device is safe.”


What does a chastity cage do?

Chastity cages prevent the wearer from masturbating or becoming erect and can be pleasurable and effective for dominants and submissives alike.

Though that is not the only appeal these best cock cages have for people in power exchange play. Here is a brief look at why chastity cages are so popular.

  • Possession. By giving control of someone’s genitals to another person, a submissive may feel even further dedicated to their dominant. This is enhanced by using a lock and key. So even if they wanted to access their penis, they would not be unable to do so without their dominant’s permission, like with long term wear or orgasm denial.
  • Genital bondage. No list of cock cages would be complete without mentioning the appeal of having the penis restrained. The pleasures run the gamut from physical sensations like orgasm denial to pressure put on or around the genitals and the joys of enforced chastity.
  • Fetish play. Another fun aspect of chastity cages lies in their aesthetic aspect. Where sporting a penis cage is as much how sexy a wearer looks as how they feel. This sort of play can be magnified by wearing leather or latex garments designed to call attention to a person’s metal cage.

However you enjoy chastity cage play, remember it is okay. That is unless it is not physically and emotionally safe, done without coercion, and is always consensual.


Why Use a Penis Cage?

There are numerous reasons you should have a penis cage, but the main one is improving your relationship and enhancing intimacy.

  • Handing your partner the power over your penis’ freedom requires a lot of trust and belief they’ll do the right thing. Moreover, it improves bonding among partners by inducing a unique dependency where your partner decides when to let your penis free for penetrative sex.
  • Another reason you should be using a penis cage is to improve the romance in the relationship. When couples stay together for long, the sex life is bound to become a bit dull. Using the right cock cage is thus a great way to introduce something new and exciting, so your life between the sheets becomes more unpredictable and thrilling.
  • Denying your man immediate orgasm amps the sex drive while improving the focus. As long as he can have sex with you anytime, chances are there won’t be anything to look up to. There is very little, if any, motivation to please you. However, limiting the urge to have sex means your partner has something to look up to. It’s like a celebration of finally being free. Think of it as a way to recharge so you can come back and please your partner with renewed vigor.
  • Lastly, penis cage use heightens the stakes for couples that love playing the dominant and submissive roles. In a dom/sub relationship, the master decides when the sub is free and can enjoy penetrative or oral sex. On the other hand, the sub enjoys their master’s unpredictability and assertiveness.


What To Consider When Buying A Chastity Cage?

Before you decide on which penis chastity cage you’d like to try out, you should consider the following:

  • Penis sizes. Measure the penis size when it’s fully erect and again when it’s flaccid. Both measurements are essential when we’re discussing a literal cage.
  • Scrotal circumference. Be sure to measure the circumference of your balls, too. You don’t want to be uncomfortable!
  • Do you plan to wear the cage during the day? If so, what clothing options do you have that can accommodate your member and the cock cage itself?
  • Sexual stimulation tolerance level. Don’t push yourself. Start slow! “Beginners need to build up their tolerance, so start with short stints,” says Dyachenko. “Wear the male chastity device for a few hours at a time; slowly start to increase the amount of time you wear it, and you should find you’ll be able to go a few days with it on,” Dyachenko continues. “Never wear chastity devices for multiple days straight away. You need to break into it slowly.”

After you’ve given some thought to the considerations above (really think about these things), you have the info you need to make a sound purchasing decision. So, here are the 7 best male chastity cages to help you get started.


How To Put On A Chastity Cage?

Note: BDSM/Bondage are advanced sex acts, and you must take great care when doing them. Any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any losses, injuries, and damages. Learn more.

There are a few essential steps to take before putting on a chastity cage [2].

Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Discuss the “rules” with your partner. Open and honest communication between you and your partner is essential, no matter what you do! Before you decide if chastity play is for you, discuss the “rules” with your partner and establish safe and healthy sex life boundaries.
  2. Put the spare key somewhere safe. While the point of chastity is to be locked up, the key holder may want to consider keeping a spare key in a safe and accessible place just in case of an emergency.
  3. Get familiar with the device. You’re going to be getting pretty up close and personal with this device, so before you do anything, go ahead and familiarize yourself with it. Take it apart and put it back together again. See how it works, check the locking system, test the keys, etc. The last thing you’d want to do is put on a chastity device that’s poorly made or faulty.
  4. Clean up. Once you’ve found the perfect cage, you should clean up everything down there. You may want to shave, too (to avoid any unnecessary tugging or discomfort).
  5. Get the lube. Lubrication will make this process so much easier. Add a bit of lube to the device, your penis, and your balls (for good measure).
  6. Start with the ring. Place each testicle through the ring one at a time, then bend your penis downwards and slide it in. If your cage has a hinge mechanism, insert your testicles one at a time and then bend your penis either upwards or downwards so the enclosure can hinge over it [1].
  7. Lock it up. Once everything is in place, attach the closure to the ring or close the hinge.


How to clean cock cages?

The following is a guide on keeping your chastity cage clean. It is said that cleanliness is next to godliness. But when talking about chastity cages, making sure they are as spotless as possible is neck-and-neck with keeping your genitals healthy.

Cleaning Sex Toys In The Sink

With that in mind, here are my recommendations for doing just that, with special attention to using the right stuff at the right time.

When to clean a cock cage?

Like your sex toys or other intimate BDSM playthings, I strongly suggest cleaning your cock cage and open rings before and after use. Before, to remove dust, dirt, and nasty microorganisms. Afterward, when you put whatever you used away, dust, dirt, and microorganisms will not gain an intractable foothold, which could make most devices much harder to clean.

How to clean a cock cage?

First and foremost, do whatever your chastity cage’s manufacturer recommends and nothing more or less. This is because no one knows your man cage better than they do, including how to maintain it. I suggest sticking to the well-established basics in cases of a popular male chastity device without any cleaning info. For example, warm, not boiling water and a small amount of antibacterial soap for silicone cages. If yours is stainless steel, the same is also true. But whatever you do, never use metal polishing solutions, as they can cause serious rashes and inflections. Even a sample of the wrong cleaning solution can cause problems for most cages.

Can you clean a cock cage too much?

Absolutely, like with metal polishes, as I just said, it is entirely possible to damage your man cage or yourself. A good rule of thumb is to employ basic and known-to-be-effective methods. These include not using excessively hot water, rubbing alcohol, polishes, or anything stringent or toxic on ones made from medical-grade polycarbonate.

In other words, please keep it simple and pure, and do not overdo your cleaning. Manage that, and you and your man cage will have fun for a long time.


How do you dry a cock cage?

Here are my suggestions for how to keep your chastity cage moisture free. As with always having a spic-and-span chastity device, you will undoubtedly want to know how to keep it thoroughly dry.

The reasons for doing so should be pretty clear. Starting with moisture is not great for most devices. Not forgetting, it can also be a fertile breeding ground for a million nasty little bugs and germs. All of which you do not want anywhere near your penis.

How should you dry a cock cage?

Taking a page from my previous chapter on washing up before and after play, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you cannot find any, do not over dry as it could damage your cock cage.

How should I not dry a cock cage?

With another nod to myself, like cleaning your cock cage, stuffing it in the oven, or hitting it with an industrial-grade heat gun might sterilize it. But one thing is for sure, it will absolutely destroy it. Rather, when you have finished giving it a good wash, employ a lint-free towel to get it as dry as possible. For stainless steel toys without high-grade plastic or rubber parts, you can use a short blast or two from a hair dryer but not too long or too hot.

How should I store a cock cage?

Sharing a lot in common with sex toys, the best place to store male chastity devices is in a sealable plastic bag, which is then tucked away somewhere free of dust, dirt, excessive moisture, or direct sunlight. A bedside table drawer, under a bed, or in a closet will typically do just fine for most cages. Here’s a handy little tip; toss a silica pouch in your bag so make sure your cage stays nice and dry. Also, be sure to have a secure key holder so as not to misplace them.

Sex toy storage boxes

The main goal of maintaining your cock cage is to do whatever is necessary, so it remains as clean and dry as possible. That is without harming it or yourself. If you are still stumped, ask at your next BDSM-get together to find out what works for your fellow kinksters.


Can I fly wearing a cock cage?

With airport security going evermore invasive, it is natural to worry about most chastity devices being picked up by their metal detectors. To hopefully make things less stressful, I have compiled a brief list of answers to wearing one while flying.

Will a cock cage show during an airport screening?

Though I hate to say it, the answer is yes. As metal detectors and full-body scanners can now pick up extremely small details, it is a safe bet chastity devices will be noticed. I wish I could say that silicone or plastic ones would be exempt. But even with these, there is a high probability that TSA personnel will see what you are wearing.

Is there any way to fly when using a chastity cage?

After putting a great deal of thought into this, I would say the most trouble-free method for traveling with one is to remove it before passing through their metal detectors. Afterward, a trip to the bathroom is required to get back into it. Hopefully, any dominants you play with understand it. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting flagged. This could even result in getting pulled aside for more extensive searching.

Should you inform security about wearing a chastity cage?

TSA officers can sometimes be understanding about using BDSM gear like chastity devices. One time my dominant neglected to unlock my collar, but once I explained that it could not be removed, they let me pass. But my advice is not to depend on security being understandable. Because all it takes is for a single, less tolerant one to make your trip uncomfortable.

All in all, I believe it is always best to be safe rather than sorry. So to reduce the possibility of getting arrested or embarrassed, take your chastity cage off before going to the airport.


Can I go to the bathroom while wearing a cock cage?

It is entirely possible to visit the bathroom while using a new cock cage or during long time wear. But as it can be occasionally awkward, here are a handful of practical tips for doing it.

Whichever works for you, ensure you do not leave anything behind. This is because contaminated cock cages cause irritation or even infections.

How do you use the bathroom when using a cock cage?

One of the most popular methods for visiting a restroom while wearing a cock cage is to use one or more fingers to adjust your penis. This will probably take some trial and error, but once mastered, it should reduce the amount of awkward spraying. Ideally, urine should not be kept away from the cock cage. But if this is unavoidable, immediately wipe it with water-soaked tissue before thoroughly drying.

Is sitting down or standing up for using the bathroom while wearing a cock cage?

The bottom line regarding if standing or sitting is more optimal for chastity device urinators is if it is more or less comfortable. Though I have found sitting is measurably easier for getting the stream exactly where I want it. Additionally, if there is any unwanted spray, it will not land where it should not.

All in all, finding which position is more optimal for bathroom usage will take practice. If it is appropriate and your dominant allows it, the first day or so is perfect for getting the hang of doing it without creating a mess.


Where To Buy Chastity Cages On The Internet?

We recommend buying sex toys from well-established stores and brands like Lovehoney and Stockroom. They only sell high-quality products with a solid warranty and return policy.

A person buying from an online sex toy retailer


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are chastity cages dangerous?

As long as you measure yourself beforehand and keep track of your personal hygiene while wearing the cage, you should be OK.

“When men shop for a cock cage, the safest option is to choose one that is adjustable,” says Mayla Green, sexpert and managing director at The Adult Toy Shop.“ Why? “Every guy’s scrotum and erection is different, so a ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of ring will not always fit well,” Green continues. “It can be too tight, which is very dangerous — overly constricting the penis and scrotum suffocates the tissue. Compare this to wrapping an elastic band around your finger — after a while, it turns blue, signifying it’s deprived of oxygen.”

Do chastity cages hurt?

First things first: If you’re in pain, take the cage off. Chastity is about painless sexual pleasure, orgasm denial, and orgasm control. If you’re uncomfortable or in pain while wearing your chastity cage, it may be because:

  • It’s the wrong size. In this case, size does matter. If you purchase a cock cage that doesn’t fit you, you’ll be uncomfortable, in pain, and (in severe cases) in danger of cutting off your blood flow. “You may need to experiment with different sizes until you find your perfect fit,” says Dyachenko. “ In terms of the different types of male chastity devices, there are three main ones to choose from: a chastity belt, a chastity cage, and a chastity tube.”
  • A lack of lube or no lube at all. Don’t forget to lube up! Be sure to apply lube to your penis and the dick cages before putting them on. (This is a controversial topic; some disagree with using lube with a chastity device.) If you don’t, there could be some uncomfortable consequences coming your way (i.e., a very sore penis).
  • Excess pubic hair. “You may wish to shave before using the device to avoid your pubic hair getting caught in it,” says Dyachenko.” If you get an erection while wearing the device, and it causes pain, remove it before going to bed to avoid further discomfort.”

How long can you wear a chastity cage?

The answer to this question depends on your sexual experience with male chastity devices and personal preference. If you’re new to chastity, start gradually: Wear it for a few minutes, an hour, a few hours, etc.

“People that are new to chastity cages or chastity belts may find them unconformable to start with,” says Dyachenko. “If you’re uncircumcised, a cage may be limiting as the foreskin may protrude through the end bars, which could lead to inflammation over extended periods.”

That said, if you plan on wearing your cage daily or for long-term wear, don’t forget to remove it for a thorough cleaning now and then. Soap and water should do the trick.

How to measure for a chastity cage?

Measure the length and girth of your penis while it’s flaccid. Write these measurements down. Then, measure the circumference (from underneath your ball sack to over the base of your penis). You can use a piece of string to measure the circumference. Once you have these measurements down, do it again, but with an erect penis.

When shopping for a cock cage, look at the company’s sizing guide before making a final purchase decision [3].

Can I make my own chastity cage?

We don’t recommend making your own cock cage due to the risk. It’s always better to buy a professionally-made product from a trusted brand. You can read more about making a homemade chastity cage in this article.


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I hope you enjoyed our chastity cage review!

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