How To Use Vibrating Panties? PRO TIPS from a Sex Toy Tester!

Featured imageAdding public sex play and a little voyeurism into your relationship isn’t hard once you learn how to use vibrating panties. These remote-controlled sex toys are simple to use and can spice up your sex life with your partner or leave you open to enjoy some solo hands-free play.

If you’re not sure what panty vibrators even are or just want a little more information before embarking on your secret stimulation journey, keep reading for everything you need to know!

What Are Vibrating Panties?

Contradictory to what you might think, vibrating panties aren’t panties that vibrate. They are simply panties with a sewn-in space into which you can slip a bullet vibrator.

Moxie and Dame Eva

Although there are panties specifically created to use with these vibrating attachments, many bullet vibrators enlist the help of magnetic wings or other extensions that allow them to turn your own panties into vibrating panties.

How Do Vibrating Panties Work?

Vibrating panties use an array of vibes you can easily conceal and wear hands-free to provide stimulation even outside the bedroom.

Most of these vibrators have some controller — whether it’s a remote, an app on your phone, or even an extra-disguisable ring — that allows you or your partner to adjust the speed or vibration setting easily.

Moxie with the smartphone app

People love using this remote control vibrating panty to spice things up with their long-distance boo or add some extra zest to a solo date night.

Do They Feel Good?

If you’re not a fan of vibrators, then there’s a chance that vibrating panties might not tickle your fancy, but for most people, the clitoral stimulation will provide a ton of pleasure and some naughty fun.

Who Are They For?

Vibrators are often thought of as being for vagina owners only. But vibrating sex toys of all kinds, including vibrating panties, are for everyone.

Descriptipn how remote controlled vibrators are working

Whether you’re single, dating, male, female, or anything in between, remote vibrating panties can open up a world of pleasure and add an element of spice to your sex life.

What To Think About When Buying A Product

The Type

The majority of vibrating panties are used for clitoral stimulation only. Still, for anyone who prefers internal stimulation, there are exceptions to this rule, in the form of panty vibrators that are insertable and created to stay in place.

Bullet vibrators created for clitoral stimulation are designed to fit in panties with sewn-in vibrator-specific pockets, or held in place with magnets that allow them to be used with the panties of your choosing.

Ferri, Moxie, Esca 2, and Lush 3

In addition, you can also find panties with a minimal design, more closely resembling string than actual panties. These are made to leave space for vaginal or anal penetrative sex while you use them. You can find more butterfly vibrators in this article.


As with most vibrators, the bullets used in vibrating panties are usually created using either silicone or ABS — also known as Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a standard thermoplastic polymer plastic.

Both of these materials are easy on the skin and non-porous so they won’t harbor yeast-infection-causing bacteria.


The bullet vibrators commonly used in vibrating panties offer a variety of settings for both various speeds as well as different vibrations.

Lovense Ferri and the Lovense Connect App

There are even vibrators made with a function that allows them to undulate to the music being played around you or to match your movement while you wear it.


Most of these panties were created with more or less the same design and, therefore, will take up a similar amount of space.

b-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

The most significant difference in size regarding vibrating panties will relate to their remotes. Some are small and created to be inconspicuous, while others more obviously resemble remotes and are difficult to conceal in public settings.


The panties themselves are most often lacy and either come in a thong or cheeky cut. Certain companies have also created more gender-neutral briefs, though, if that’s more your style.

The accompanying devices are most often bullet vibrators, meaning they are oval-shaped and closely resemble the size of a lipstick container.


How comfortable you feel using your vibrating panties will depend on a few things, like:

  • The material and cut of the vibe panties
  • The size and material of the vibrators and
  • How comfortable you feel wearing them in public

Depending on the setting, wearing panties or having other people control the stimulation level could make you uncomfortable. Wearing them out in public might not be the best fit for you, but in that case, using them in the comfort of your home will still be an option.

Sound Level

When wearing vibrating panties out in public, you will always run the risk of ‘being discovered,’ and the amount of sound your toy produces could be significant.

Measuring the sound level of a sex toy using a decibel meter

If you are concerned about noise, it’s best to find a product with a ‘whisper setting.’ This function allows your vibrator to run without producing any sound.

That being said, most of these products were created with discretion in mind and generally make little to no sound when pressed against the body, at least on the lower settings.


Most vibrating panties come priced between $100-150, although you can find more simple designs for as little as $40 (though you will definitely notice where the extra money goes).

You can read more about vibrating panties here.

How To Use Vibrating Panties?

1. Wash it first

The first and most crucial step in using a vibrator is ensuring it has been thoroughly cleaned, even if it’s brand new.

Cleaning Sex Toys In The Sink

Bacteria and other irritating particles you don’t want to make contact with the more sensitive parts of your body could be lingering on your new sex toy. This step is also essential in preventing any possibility of your pH getting thrown off, or yeast infection-causing bacteria making their way onto the scene.

Make sure to use a mild, unscented soap to give your vibrator — and any accompanying pleasure panties — a good scrub before their first use.

2. Make sure it’s fully charged

The battery life typically lasts from 50 minutes to 2 hours and takes approximately two hours to reach full charge.

If you plan to spend an entire evening out, ensure your toy is fully charged, and keep in mind that using it on a higher setting will cause it to burn through its battery power faster.

Lovense Ferri charging

Getting in the habit of replacing the batteries or plugging it in to charge after every use will help you avoid running out of juice in the middle of your fun.

3. Learn how the controls work

Take some time familiarizing yourself with the unique ways you can change the settings on your vibrator.

Whether through a wireless remote control, app, or even a super-inconspicuous ring, there are various ways you can connect to your toy, and some might be easier than others.

Moxie with the iPhone app

Knowing exactly how your specific remote control works and familiarizing yourself with all the different settings can help you — and your partner — get the most out of your toy.

4. Try it at home first

Even if you plan to use your toy with your partner, it’s always a good idea to use it at home beforehand to get a better idea of how it works and the sensations you can expect.

5. Start slow

This suggestion is especially applicable to anyone who plans on using their vibrating undies in a more public setting.

Not only will popping your toy on a slower setting help you conserve battery, but it will also ease you more gently into this new — and sometimes a little overwhelming — experience.

6. Wear them to a restaurant

You might not want to wear vibrating panties to a family-friendly neighborhood joint, but if you plan on heading to a more adult-friendly and ideally dimly lit location, wearing them could add a little zest to your next date night — whether it’s a solo date night, date night with your partner, or even a first date if you’re feeling a little riskay!

7. Wear them while grocery shopping

Want to invite some extra fun into your regularly scheduled chores? Wearing a pair of vibrating panties can help you do exactly that. Just ensure you head to the store with a list so your new distraction doesn’t lead you to forget all your groceries.

8. Wear an audio-syncing vibrator to the club

Certain vibrators, like the OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.0, were actually created to be worn on the dance floor since they have a function that allows them to vibrate to the music around you. This feature can make heading out for a night on the town a touch more sensual and stimulating.

9. Wear them to the movies

Going to the movies is kind of the perfect place for you to wear vibrating undies.

A dimly lit theatre is the perfect space to express your enjoyment, as long as you do so quietly, and allows for enough privacy to do so without feeling embarrassed.

10. Pause or stop if you feel uncomfortable

Whether you feel physically uncomfortable due to the vibrations or are trying to use your sex toy in a more public setting and feel shy about doing so, make sure to stop if something doesn’t feel good.

Either try again another time, or if this is a regular occurrence, it could be a panty vibe isn’t the best match for you. In this case, there are a ton of other vibrating sex toys that could be a better fit.

How To Use A Panty Vibrator With A Partner?

Most people who invest in a pair of vibrating panties do so intending to hand the controls over to their partner so they can decide on their level of fun for them.

Description how long distance vibrators are working

Using vibrating panties can help keep long-distance partners sexually connected and add extra fun to date nights for couples feeling the monotony that can sometimes accompany long-term partnerships.

But, before wearing these sexy panties outside of the house, it’s a good idea to decide on some ground rules.

A couple talking

Rules like whether or not they have to warn you before activating any sort of vibration or if they should start on a slower setting can help you feel safer exploring these pleasurable sensations with your partner.

Inviting discreet play into your sex life can add a definite element of fun, but public play can also get uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. Therefore, you must ensure you do it with someone you trust completely.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Properly Wash It

To prevent bacteria build-up and subsequent infections, it’s important to always wash your panty vibrator with mild soap and warm water after every use. Also, throw any panties you might have used with your toy directly into the laundry afterward.

Properly store it

In between uses, you can store it in a cloth bag or your nightstand, as long as you allow it to dry fully before doing so.

Under the Bed Bins and Boxes

Bottom Line

Adding vibrating panties to your repertoire of sex toys can open up an entirely new world of sexual exploration, regardless of whether you’re single or living a few thousand miles away from your partner.

With the variety of bullets and different styles of remote controls that exist, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest and suits your preferred style of secret stimulation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to use lube with my vibrating panties?

Although you don’t technically need lube for vibrating underwear, using lube can reduce the amount of friction between you and your toy, helping to make the experience more comfortable and pleasurable.

Are there vibrating panties for men?

Not only are there vibrating underwear brands specifically made for men but there are also attachments that, although created for women, can be clipped to any pair of underwear to provide stimulation for both the front and the back door.


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