Sex Toy Techs at CES 2024: We List The 3 Highlights!

Featured imageWhile the spotlight at CES 2024 was undoubtedly consumer electronics, several adult companies unveiled their latest innovations. The event showcased an impressive range of devices, including sophisticated remote-controlled vibrators and advanced motorized masturbation tools, highlighting significant growth and diversity in the sex tech sector.

Tim Larson, our CEO and lead product tester, visited the show and shared his thoughts on the most innovative sex toy techs in this article. Let’s check them out one by one!

CES and the Evolution of Sex Toys

Partly because of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the way we think about sex toys has dramatically shifted. CES is a massive global stage where the latest tech marvels are unveiled, and the sex tech industry has always been here, showcasing eye-opening innovations.

Lately, there’s been a real boom in sex tech creativity. Companies are zeroing in on smarter, more discreet, and much easier-to-use gadgets. Think sex toys trained using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, constantly learning what you like so things are always exciting.

Aa man using a VR headset

We’re also seeing sex toys that can mimic real-life experiences. Imagine strapping on a VR headset and diving into a hyper-realistic encounter. Or use toys with realistic touch sensations like the new Womanizer Next. Some even respond to your movements. It’s like stepping into the future.

This revolution isn’t all about fancier gadgets but about changing attitudes, too. Sex toys are shedding their taboo and becoming a normal, healthy part of people’s lives. Thanks to these tech leaps, we’re seeing a new era where exploring pleasure through gadgets is not just accepted but celebrated.

You can read more about my thoughts about future sex toy trends in this article.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s jump into my summary, starting with an innovative stamina trainer from MYHIXEL:


1. MYHIXEL’s Orgasm Trainer

MYHIXEL, a Spanish startup, was at CES for the fourth time to showcase its orgasm trainer. I have read about MYHIXEL several times, but this was the first time I saw the device in person so it was an exciting moment.

What immediately stood out was the size. It’s larger than my Fleshlight STU which made me a bit concerned. But when I held it in my hand, I noticed it was quite lightweight and easy to hold onto, thanks to its ergonomic case.

MYHIXEL's Orgasm Trainer

What makes MYHIXEL’s Orgasm Trainer stand out? For starters, the company created a pretty life-like sleeve with a skin-like texture and a warming cover that adds to the realism. But the real magic happens with its companion app. It’s like having a coach in your pocket, offering guidance and feedback to help you get control over your timing. It’s also backed by solid science, with clinical trials vouching for its effectiveness.

The app has an 8-week gamified training program that teaches you how to improve your stamina, ultimately making you last longer in the bedroom. The app also has AI and machine learning, so it will learn about you over time and personalize the experience to your exact needs. You can see a demonstration video of how everything works below:

@hwztech♬ original sound – HardwareZone

Yep, of course we will test this bad boy later this year. Stay tuned to see if my wife will give a yay or nay to MYHIXEL’s Orgasm Trainer!


2. Svakom’s Interactive Fleshlights

Next, I walked over to the Svakom booth that was loaded with exciting new products. What stood out was their new CONNEXION lineup of interactive masturbators that can be synced to porn videos, similar to AutoBlow Ultra AI and Lovense Solace. However, Svakom’s video synch seems to be a paid subscription service which is a bit surprising since the others are free.

CONNEXION also supports webcam and long-distance features, so they may be a direct competitor to Lovense, which has been the dominant force in these niches for a long time.

Svakom's Interactive Fleshlights

Svakom also thought about your privacy. Their app is locked down with serious security, like encrypted keys for remote play. So, you can have fun without worrying about your personal details getting out there.


3. “Oh!” Vibrator

After Svakom, I moved on to the Norwegian company Ohdoki. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because we tested their Handy stroker as soon as it hit the market. It has been one of our favorite masturbators so we were excited to see what they have been up to.

This time, they presented their new Oh! vibrator (image below) geared towards the female crowd. What sets it apart is its innovative approach to sexual wellness, offering more than just your average buzz.

Oh vibrator

“Oh!” has ResoTouch tech that uses sound waves for stimulation, creating a range of sensations from the subtle to the intense. These sound waves generate various patterns and frequencies, allowing consumers to tailor their experience to their precise liking. Imagine being able to dial in the exact kind of stimulation you want – that’s “Oh!” for you.

It’s not just about fancy tech, too. Ohdoki, steered by their CEO Jens Petter ‘JP’ Wilhelmsen, is all about uplifting everyone’s intimate experiences. They’re using feedback from their flagship product, The Handy, to make “Oh!” a beacon of joy and pleasure. This commitment to using sound wave technology for stimulation shows they’re pushing the boundaries in pleasure tech. With “Oh!”, you’re not just using a vibrator; you’re exploring a whole new world of personalized pleasure.

Everything about Oh! looks great and we will definitely test it as soon as it’s hit the market later this year.


Wrapping Things Up

There you have it! CES 2024 truly outdid itself, showcasing a dazzling array of innovations that have us all talking. Events like these remind us just how exciting and boundary-pushing the world of technology can be.

As we close the chapter on this year’s event, the anticipation for what sex toy techs at CES 2025 will bring is already building. If this year was any indication, the next will surely be even more thrilling. We can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon in the ever-evolving tech landscape!

One thing is for sure. My Sex Toy Guide will be at CES 2025 to showcase all the goodies!


Tim Larson
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