10 Best FTM Packers & Prosthetics For Trans Men in 2024

Featured imageAfter scouring the globe, trying out what must have been several dozen FTM Packers, Mr. Right by Vixen Creations was the highest-scoring model. Combining comfort, realism, and a satisfying bulge, Mr. Right by Vixen Creations beat its competition hands down when it comes to the best designed, manufactured out of the finest materials—in this case, making one hundred percent body-safe, silicone models that are also the safest and most versatile packers we’ve ever tried.

Key Takeaways

Test Winner: Mr. Right by Vixen Creations
Mr. Right by Vixen CreationsMr. Right by Vixen Creations got the highest rating in our review. Compared to the other packers, no other one hit all the right points than Mr. Right. Everyone voted to make it our overall choice, scoring far higher than any other model we checked out.

Budget: Mr. Limpy 
Mr. LimpyEveryone we asked about Mr. Limpy universally said that’s an astonishingly low price for such a high-quality packer. For instance, compared to Mr. Right by Vixen Creations, which retails for a far higher $65, you could get four Mr. Limpy’s!

Why You Should Trust Us

M.ChristianHi, I am M.Christian. Not to brag or anything, but in my humble opinion, there are likely few, if any, more experienced and, therefore, more perfectly suited to select these seven top-tier FTM packers. Why, you may ask? To begin with, I’ve been a member of the BDSM community for more than thirty-five years, and during that time have tried, and often enjoyed, pretty much everything kinky—including trying out more than a few FTM packers.

But even so, I know when it’s time to call out the big guns, as in calling on my hand-selected toy testing team, backed up by a carefully chosen group of professional sexuality educators (Sandra Larson), expert BDSM players (Tim Larson), and clinical sexologists (Rachel Sommer) to aid me in my search for this year’s seven best FTM packing gear.

To submit a question to M.Christian, call them at +1 307-372-3895 or send an email to [email protected]. Be sure to include your full name and your phone number or email address.


How We Picked The Products

Trying to compare all of the available realistic packers against each other- with my testers, experts, and myself giving the process our all is no mean feat. Fun? Assuredly. Enjoyable? Certainly. Easy? Far from it! But luck would have it; it wasn’t as impossible as you may think, mainly due to my tried-and-tested five-point selection process. It not only chose this year’s seven top ones, but you can use my system when you or your partner buy your own.

But before getting into that, here’s a brief breakdown of the five important factors we looked for in an FTM packer —and why each was essential when weighing their pros, cons, or outstandingly excellent features.

  • Manufacture: We limited our search to companies known and respected by the trans community, such as Trans Essentials, SheVibe, ReelMagik, Transguy Supply, and GoGirl. Only considering those made by these extremely popular manufacturers is a surefire way to ensure every trans product they make will be as well made as humanly possible.
  • Material: We also considered what these generally top-scoring, premium-quality packers were made of. However, this doesn’t just mean that their rubber, latex, silicone, or any other material is the finest grade, but if the manufacturer knows the right kind of stuff to make their products out of and not just choose something willy-nilly (bad joke, sorry).
  • Design: Further cementing our decision to stick with trans community recognized companies, such as Trans Essentials, SheVibe, ReelMagik, Transguy Supply, or GoGirl, is each of them also understand that packers also need to be not just manufactured from top ranking materials, but brilliantly designed as well. After all, what good is a well-made, high-quality packer gear if people haven’t designed it with years of hands-on experience in using it?
  • Safety: While hard packers aren’t known to cause any sort of harm to the wearer, all of us decided to be better safe than sorry, which is one more good reason to only look at companies like SheVibe, Transguy Supply, ReelMagik, GoGirl, or Trans Essentials.
  • Versatility: Similarly, they are usually designed, manufactured, and sold for a single, very focused purpose: i.e., to provide the wearer with a realistic-looking and feeling penis. Still, we gave a few extra marks to FTM packers, which can be worn in a variety of unique ways for an equally wide variety of activities.

I started my search for this year’s seven top packers manufactured or sold by Trans community favorite companies such as ReelMagik, GoGirl, and Trans Essentials. SheVibe, or Transguy Supply.

During testing, we rated each of the toys based on the criteria listed above starting from 0% (Worst) to 100% (Best). Each score was calculated using different weighted metrics depending on what we deemed most important. The majority of the total rating comes from Manufacture (30%) and Material (30%). After that comes Design (15%), Safety (15%), and Versatility (10%).

Using my five-point selection process, I then sent the 20 possible contenders to my toy testing team. After they put them through their paces, the remaining fifteen we passed along to my panel of clinical sexologists, and trans experts, who reduced them down to ten. Finally, I spent a lot—and I mean a lot—of time seeing how well or not they were reviewed online, a process which gave me these highest-ranking, top-scoring seven best packers for this year.


Everything We Tested

In this chapter, you can see a comparison table with all the products we tested. As you can see, each row has the test criteria our team used during the testing. To make our testing process even more transparent, we also included the raw test data so you can see how the products performed with each test criteria.

Mr Right by Vixen CreationsMr Limpy
NameMr RightMr Limpy
CategoryBest OverallBudget
Average Rating95%90%
Price & Value95%96%
Price Tag$65$15.95
ColorLight Beige, Light Brown, & Dark Brown.Light Beige & Light Brown


1. Mr. Right by Vixen Creations: Our Overall Test Winner!

Mr. Right by Vixen Creations

Why I Love Mr. Right by Vixen Creations:

Compared to all the other products my team and I reviewed, no other one hit all the right points than Mr. Right by Vixen Creations. Every one of us voted to make it our best FTM packer overall, scoring far higher than any other ones we checked out.

For instance, unlike other FTM packers, we found it was extremely durable, a remarkable accomplishment considering how other, less well-made ones tend to be extremely fragile. Agreed, you still have to be careful with it, but Mr. Right by Vixen Creations, you can take a licking and keep on ticking—or more accurately, you don’t have to worry about it unexpectedly breaking apart and its various silicon pieces falling out of your pants leg.

Another factor leading to our decision to give Mr. Right by Vixen Creations was its designers and manufacturers obviously know what it should, or better yet, must be. In my experience, an FTM packer, even if it’s extremely realistic, is no good if you can’t comfortably wear it for an extended period.

Not only that, but all of us swooned over how Mr. Right by Vixen Creations wasn’t just a silicone packer. What do I mean by this? Well, our tester Shane Davis put it perfectly, saying, “I forgot it was there like it was a part of my real body.”

High praise indeed, especially as a couple of my experts and several of my other testers pointed out how other silicone models didn’t feel natural—so wearing them was less of a pleasure and more of a chore.

If you’ve tried Mr. Right by Vixen Creations for yourself or want to share your experiences with other packing gear—good, fair, or not-so-good- we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at [email protected].

Minor Issues I Found During Testing:

For my testers, experts, and I, the true test of any superior quality and finest designed toy, be it a whip, cane, or packer, is when you can’t think of anything—or at least anything major—you don’t like about it. Something we all felt was absolutely true about Mr. Right by Vixen Creations. That said, we wouldn’t be worth our collective salts as toy reviewers if we didn’t mention at least something perhaps not-so-fantastic about Mr. Right.

In the end, we all felt it was a little on the expensive side, retailing at a surprising $65. However, it’s also worth noting no other packer comes close to how finely crafted and extremely comfortable it is to wear.

If you’re not keen on investing in an FTM packer and find that simply using a sock in your pants does the trick, but you still crave a touch of BDSM in your life, don’t worry. There are plenty of budget-friendly BDSM toys in this guide for you.

Why Mr. Right Is The Highest-Rated FTM Packer:

Not only is this highest-scoring packer impressively created to feel like it’s always been a part of you, but it comes in a nice variety of different colors, like light beige, light brown, or dark brown, which makes it the perfect option for most transgender men, particularly with sensitive skin wanting to explore their gender identity without bottom surgery.

Another reason we all agreed on was how Mr. Right by Vixen Creations more than earned its number one spot on our seven top packers, bucks the too-often frustrating trend of less-quality packers by being both flexible and comfortable while at the same time, always holding its realistic shape.

Compared to some of the other silicone products on our list, Mr. Right by Vixen Creations never feels floppy and lifeless or artificially erect, like what a manikin’s dick would be like—if, of course, manikins had dicks. But even all of these top-scoring marks barely cover why all of us, as well as some FTM folx we asked about their FTM packing gear experiences, were so extremely fond of Mr. Right by Vixen Creations:

  • Manufacture: One of our frequent complaints about subpar silicone packers is there’s no way they’d feel or even look like a biological penis. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this because all those we asked agreed there are few things worse than shelling out a lot of money only to get stuck with what one of my experts, quoting from the British SF comedy, Red Dwarf, “that last chicken in the shop look.” Thankfully, that’s never what we called Mr. Right by Vixen Creations, owing to its perfect blend of realism and comfort.
  • Material: Just as Vixen Creations knows how to make a penis packer that’s as easy to use as it is appealing to look at, they similarly are well versed in using the ideal material to manufacture it from. It’s further backed up by how their uniquely formulated, body-soft silicon walks the ideal line between softness and rigidity.
  • Design: My testers and experts, and likely many of you out there as well, have become more than somewhat tired of packers that, in trying to be lifelike, end up looking anything but. It’s like the Packer version of the uncanny valley, a term for when, in attempting to create hyper-realistic CGI artists or game programmers end up making their characters less and less attractive. Good for all of us; Vixen Creations no doubt put a lot of time, effort, and possibly no small amount of expense into giving us a silicone packer that expertly resembles a biological penis while never looking disturbingly creepy.


  • Material: Body Safe Silicone
  • Measurements: Its Shaft Is Approximately 5.5″ When Extended And Sports A 1″ Head.
  • Colors: Light Beige, Light Brown, And Dark Brown.


  • Right by Vixen Creations, according to all of my toy testers and sexuality experts, represents the gold standard of packers.
  • It’s formed from a hundred percent body-safe silicone plastic.
  • It can be cleaned in a little less than four minutes.
  • It’s neither too soft nor too rigid, so is effortless to use yet is remarkably realistic, even while wearing underwear.
  • You have a choice of one of three colors: light beige, light brown, and dark brown.


  • It retains at $65, placing it outside the budgets of many trans individuals.
  • It doesn’t allow realistic urination or cannot become erect, while some of the others do.
  • It only comes in one size, which might be too small or too big for some transmasculine folks.

View On FTMEssentials


2. Mr. Limpy: Beginners & Budget Seekers

Mr. Limpy

Why I Love Mr. Limpy:

For when you or your partner need a classic packer, you can’t beat Mr. Limpy—also from the experts at FTM Essentials. Our praise for this perfect introductory model doesn’t stop at its old-school design but because when my testers, experts, and I weighed its benefits and very few drawbacks against other soft packers, we were pleased to discover it does everything a much more, equally high scoring expensive packer does—at a much lower cost.

How low? How about $15.95? Everyone we asked about this one universally said that’s an astonishingly low price for such a high-quality packer. “For instance, compared to Mr. Right by Vixen Creations, which retails for a far higher $65, you could get four Mr. Limpy’s: one for everyday play, one for special occasions, one for traveling abroad, and one for Sunday”, our tester Sandra Larson wrote in the test report.

Do you have a Mr. Limpy? If so, please email us your opinions about it, especially if its affordability in any way equals a less enjoyable packing gear experience. You can also leave a comment below.

Minor Issues I Found During Testing:

Certainly, you can’t expect a classic, $15.95 model to fall at least somewhat short if measured up against the more expensive models. But what my testers, experts, and I were pleased to learn—and why it’s here on our packers list—is how we never felt it was in any way, shape, or form a less comfortable or effective packer due to its low cost.

Why Mr. Limpy Is The Highest-Rated For Beginners And Budget Seekers:

No matter how you slice it (now there’s an unsettling image), no other is more ideally suited for packing gear novices or anyone looking to save a few bucks than Mr. Limpy from FTM Essentials. What’s extra great about this packer is its affordability. It is also an ideal introduction to the pleasures of packing. However, that isn’t all we liked, if not loved, about Mr. Limpy.

  • Manufacture: It’s no wonder FTM Essentials is so highly praised by the trans community, holding this deceptively simple, classically designed packer in your hand—feeling its lifelike texture and cosmetic details, how it’s squishy yet firm enough to replicate a biological penis—you’ll certainly agree with us that it’s expertly manufactured as well.
  • Material: Though not made of medical grade silicone, which FTM Essentials makes a point of saying means you shouldn’t, as in never expose it to excessively hot water when considered against other soft packers, Mr. Limpy does everything a good packer should.
  • Design: Another great reason we enthusiastically awarded Mr. Limpy our budget and beginner prize is that, unlike packers like Mr. Right by Vixen Creations, it’s available in not only different skin tones but two sizes as well. It is also great for starting your packing journey as, unlike most models, it works well with packing underwear and packing boxers and can be a good choice for day-to-day wear.


  • Material: Low-Temperature Plastic
  • Measurements: It comes in two sizes: small is 3.75″ long, including the shaft, which is 3″; large is a total of 6″ in length, with a 5.25″ shaft.
  • Colors: Light Beige, Light Brown


  • It retails for the extremely low price of just $15.95.
  • It comes in two sizes and two skin tones.
  • It is a good choice for packing underwear.
  • It looks and feels like a higher quality, more expensive model.


  • Due to it not being made of silicone, it will melt if placed in boiling water.
  • It may not be as realistic as other, more costly packers.

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Other Good Alternatives

The Flip-N-Tuck STP is ideal for those who want their STP packers to enable them to pee just like anyone born with a penis. While there are a lot of STP packers available, we could think of no better for replicate that penile function than as comfortable and pleasurable to play with Flip-N-Tuck STP from FTM Essentials. As far as stand-to-pee devices, it’s just the ticket for trans guys to use in a locker room as they pee standing up.

The Shilo Pack And Play can’t be topped for penetration play. Looking as good as it feels, this pack-and-play silicone dildo should be owned by trans guys who like strap-on scenes or packing underwear. Please note you’ll need to purchase a separate harness because SheVibe’s Shilo pack-and-play toy doesn’t come with one. Luckily, you won’t have to go out of your way to find one, as SheVibe has a huge assortment of ones to choose from.

Packers from ReelMagik are what we like to call the Rolls Royce of FTM Packers. Calling this line of Packers top-of-line is an understatement. Crafted some super-high quality materials, and brilliantly sculpted to be as accurate as any packer gear could ever hope to be, each of ReelMagik’s packing toys is as much fine works of fine art as they are the world’s most comfortable, effective, and realistic packing gear money can buy.

Pierre Uncut is just the ticket if you or your partner want to play with or sport a lifelike, uncircumcised penis. Available in four skin tones, these uniquely sculpted packing toys will surely make whoever is fortunate enough to use them stand out from the crowd; whether it’s playing bad boys in a few public bathrooms or aiding in dealing with bottom dysphoria, packing can be an amazing experience.

GoGirl STP Device is another amazing “Stand To Pee” FTM packer, though this one is more affordable than Mr Limpy. Made to perfectly mimic how it looks and feels for a penis-equipped person to urinate, GoGirl has proven itself as one more trans-community-approved manufacturer and retailer of packing supplies and other FTM toys and appliances with this and their other stand-to-pee devices.


What Is Packing?

Packing gear refers to placing something, like the hard packers on our list, to provide the illusion the wearer either is equipped with a penis or, in certain circumstances, wants to make it appear like their own is exceptionally large or long.

Mr. Right by Vixen Creations


What Is An FTM Packer?

An FTM packer is an appliance that vagina owners can use to appear as if they possess a penis [3]. There are a considerable number of reasons why someone would use them, ranging from using them as part of a penetration play or BDSM scene to allowing the wearer to live their life as their one, true gender.

Mr. Limpy


Types of FTM Packers

There are almost as many kinds of packers as there are many trans guys who like or feel the need to use them. But for the sake of brevity, I’ve compiled a list of the three most common varieties and how each can provide a unique experience.

Soft Packers: Designed and crafted to closely resemble the look and sometimes the feel of an organic penis; soft packers can occasionally be so exceptionally convincing it may take one or even several minutes to tell them from a biological penis.

STP Packers: If you or your partner wants to pee standing up, you may want to give an STP (Stand-To-Pee) packer a try. These types of packers may not be as lifelike as soft packers, but do much, much more.

Pack N Play: But if you want something that can do practically everything a biological penis can, including penetrative sex, then look no further than Pack N Play Packers. Offering a huge range of possibilities and abilities in their own right, a majority of them use an insertable rod to mimic an erect penis—so much so some can even be used for penetrative play.


But Why Should I Use One?

Most trans men like wearing an STP packer to give them the sense of being equipped with a lifelike biological penis. Depending on the person, this can be anything from transgender men using them during BDSM, humiliation and domination play, as part of a drag king persona, or chiefly to help the transgender men feel like they’re living their true sexual identity.

A man thinking


How To Use An FTM Packer?

When it comes to actually playing with a FTM packer, the good news is it often isn’t as challenging as you may think. In essence, it’s mostly just a matter of finding the most effective and comfortable way to wear, which may or may not need some time to get the right feel for it [1].

Lesbian Missionary Sex Position

More than anything, don’t forget patience is a virtue, so take your time and try out as many different combinations; before you know it, wearing your packer will become easier and easier—perhaps even where it’ll feel like a part of your body. One thing’s for sure: a pack-and-play model sure beats a pair of rolled-up socks.


How To Clean an FTM Packer?

The most important thing to know about maintaining any packer is always to follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions. Failing to do so seriously increases the risk of permanently damaging your device or potentially harming yourself or others when using it.

Cleaning Sex Toys In The Sink

If you cannot find out how to properly clean your FTM, follow the rule of less is more, meaning only use an extremely small amount of mild, scentless, antibacterial soap or toy cleaning solution after giving your packer a bath in warm, and never excessively hot water, and before a thorough rinse and storing it in a dark, cool, place free of dirt or possible contaminants. For easy cleaning, whether it is as an STP packing toy or your underwear or socks, try and create a smooth-flowing system that is simple to do while also being effective.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Pick The Right Packer Size?

Choosing the right-sized packer typically involves measuring accurately, considering how and for how long you will use it, and experimenting with it. By and large (another bad joke), it’s probably a good idea to start with a smaller size, especially one designed to be exceptionally comfortable, then, with time, work up to larger ones—if you want to, of course [1].

Are Packers Safe?

Packers, whichever kind of use, are usually very safe to use [2]. The only thing I can think of that might make them overwise is if you or your parker have a serious allergic reaction to what they’re made of—that and if you use your FTM not recommended by its manufacturer. Don’t discount how serious allergic reactions can be, so if you’re considering an STP packer, a soft one, or any other, don’t risk your health just to pack or be packed.

How To Make FTM Packers?

Unlike most things, you can craft your very own packer. The trick is to keep it very simple like the classic rolled-up socks stuffed down your pants variety. However, I want to mention it’s never a good idea to try and create your own silicone or rubber packer, which can be a disaster for you or your partner. All in all, it’s probably better to just buy one instead of attempting to make your own.

How Long Can I Wear Them?

The amount of time a packer can be safely worn depends on what type of packer you intend to use and what sort of activities you want to do with it [1]. On average, soft models can be worn for several hours, while STP or Pack N Play’s can get unformable in a much shorter amount of time.

Can I Use A Packer During Sex?

Using a Pack N Play STP packer can be likened to using a strap-on dildo or wearing packing underwear or boxer briefs for penetrative sex, and like them, you always should be careful not to use it too vigorously as, unlike a biological penis, you may not be aware of how hard or long you’ve been playing with it. That’s why I recommend keeping your Pack N Play STP packer scenes short until you and your partner get used to them.


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1. Transgenderplus. How To Position Your Package? (October 2013)

2. Wikihow. How to Wear a Packer: Tips for Transmen & Genderqueer Folks (October 2023)

3. Genderkit. Gender Construction Kit: Packing


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