5 Best Queening Chairs in 2023, Reviewed by a BDSM Educator

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The best queening chair is the JimSupport Handled T-Leg. It’s amazingly sturdy, absolutely comfortable, and surprisingly portable. No other femdom chair comes close to its brilliant design, super high-quality materials, and handcrafted construction. Trust me when I say it’s the only choice for queening. Pick one up as soon as you can. If you do, you’ll instantly know why it’s the all-around most comfortable facesitting queening chair money can buy.

But there are four other excellent queening chairs worthy of your attention. Hang on as I review their good and not-so-good points. Because while the JimSupport Handled T-Leg is at the top of my list, you might feel one of them would be better for worshipping your queen.

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Key Takeaways

Best Overall: JimSupport Handled T-Leg
JimSupport Handled T-Leg queening chairJimSupport Handled T-Leg is designed by bondage experts from tough and durable materials. It’s carefully constructed to comfortably support everyone for as long as they want. The testers also loved the practical handles, putting it firmly at the top of our list.

Rocking Motion: JimSupport Rim Rocker
JimSupport Rim RockerWith another fine example of BDSM engineering, Rim Rocker is a uniquely pleasurable take on a facesitting chair. It adds rocking and rolling to female-domination cunnilingus play. Take it from an expert. It’s something you didn’t know you’d wanted until you tried it!

Budget Pick: Bondage Boutique Chair
Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer ChairYour bank account will rejoice, and your libido will thank you for the Bondage Boutique Sex Enhancer Chair. It’s inexpensive, durable, comfortable, and an exciting budget option for more expensive products. Discount code MSTG15 for 15% off!

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M.ChristianI got into kinky sex back in 1988, and it vastly improved my sex life. After spending 35 years in the BDSM community, I’m still finding new and exciting stuff to try, which is why I’ve become a highly respected educator, sex toy reviewer, and erotica writer. The only thing I like more than discovering a new sexual activity is teaching others about what I’ve learned.

From when I first stretched out beneath one to helping a dominant buy one, I’ve been into Queening benches. Combined with researching everything I can about them, I’m more than qualified to explain why these are the five best queening chairs.


1. JimSupport Handled T-Leg: Best Face-Sitting Chair

JimSupport Handled T-Leg queening chair

Why I love the JimSupport Handled T-Leg:

There’s a lot to consider when selecting the top queening chair. Including how well it’s designed and constructed. Not forgetting how comfortable it is compared to other queening chairs. But not only for the femdom seated on it but for whoever she wants under her. Then there’s whether or not it has one or more cool additional features.

Everything the JimSupport Handled T-Leg excels at and more! Beginning with this fantastic femdom queening chair is made by JimSupport. The BDSM community highly respects them. Their name is synonymous with brilliant designs, superb craftsmanship, and top-tier customer service.

Its handy snap pins enable the Handled T-Leg to be raised twelve, thirteen, or fourteen inches off the ground. Pull them out, and it breaks down into three easily-to-hand pieces. More impressively, the entire thing only weighs twelve pounds. It is also capable of supporting someone weighing 325 pounds.

Perhaps its most remarkable and pleasurable feature is the pair of handles. They are positioned on either side of the Handled T-Leg’s sturdy, high-quality black toilet seat. The person under the chair can use them to lift or lower their face as much as they or their femdom wants.

Minor issues I found during testing:

I never had any serious issues or complaints during my pleasurable hours using the JimSupport Handled T-Leg. It could be more comfortable if I had to say anything negative about it.

Though this isn’t a big problem, as JimSupport designed the Handled T-Leg to fit most toilet seats, you can swap the one it comes with the one you prefer.

Why the JimSupport Handled T-Leg is the Best femdom chair:

Here’s a top-of-the-line BDSM queening chair designed and made by experts from super tough and durable materials. It’s carefully constructed to support practically everyone comfortably for as long as they want. As its name implies, whoever lies underneath can effortlessly pull themselves to where they can please their queen.

Add its adjustability, flexibility, and portability, and you’ll understand why the Handled T-Leg more than deserves its place as the best queening stool.

My praise for it doesn’t stop there. For example, here are a few other outstanding reasons why the Handled T-Leg is a face-sitting stool other queening benches should aspire to be–and every submissive partner’s face should look up from.

  1. Versatility: It’s designed to accommodate any industry-standard toilet seat. Do you want a softer, wider, or whatever else you need to make it more comfortable? Just exchange it for another one.
  2. Portability: Weighing barely twelve pounds is certainly cool. Especially because this makes the JimSupport Handled T-Leg easy to travel with or quickly store, but it supports a 325-pound person as well. That’s some outstanding BDSM engineering!
  3. Material: The Handled T-Leg is made of ultra-tough galvanized steel, improved by a zinc coating, so it will never rust or corrode.
  4. Build Quality & Safety: All products from JumSupport are very safe and built according to the highest quality standards.

Calling it top-of-the-line doesn’t do JimSupport’s Handled T-Leg chair justice. Particularly after putting dozens of other queening chairs through their paces, my testers agreed it is as great as you can get!

  • Materials: Galvanized Steel Frame, Abs Plastic Seat, Rubber Tipped Legs, Vinyl Covered Handles
  • Height From Ground: Twelve, Thirteen, Or Fourteen Inches
  • Colors: Silver And Black


  • It can comfortably support a 325-pound person while weighing only twelve pounds
  • Disassembles into three, easy to carry pieces
  • Seat replaceable with any standard toilet model
  • Zinc-coated, galvanized steel construction
  • Optional pillows and travel bags available upon purchase


  • More expensive than your average queening chair
  • Toilet seats may not be comfortable for some people

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2. JimSupport Rim Rocker: Best Rocking Queening Chair

JimSupport Rim Rocker

With another fine example of BDSM engineering expertise, JimSupport’s Rim Rocker is a uniquely pleasurable take on a facesitting chair.

I say that as it adds rocking and rolling to your female-domination cunnilingus play. Take it from an expert. It’s something you didn’t know you’d always wanted until you tried it for yourself.

And trying it is what I most enthusiastically recommend you to. Think of the JimSupport Rocking Queening Chair as their Handled T-Leg with an extra-added level of mobility.

Have a submissive with shoulder or back issues? Craving more back and forth in your oral pleasuring? Or perhaps you want to relax and be aroused by a BDSM queening box?

Getting your hands on a JimSupport Rocking Queening Chair will answer these and other kinky questions. It’ll also put a huge smile on your face and wetness on your submissive’s lips. Sit down and rock and roll to your heart and libido’s content.

It shares most of which made Handled T-Leg such a hit with my testers and I. Like how it has the same durable, galvanized steel construction and can be taken apart or put together in just a few minutes.

The toilet cushion is exchangeable with any other standard model. The JimSupport Rocking Queening Chair’s scant fifteen pounds comfortably supports queens weighing as much as 325 pounds.

Want a vinyl or leather pillow or a handy storage bag to go along with it? All of these and more are options when buying this excellent queening chair. I like the option of having a pillow that isn’t black.

Minor issues I found during testing:

Here is a remarkably well-made and thoughtfully designed queening bench. That also made it quite challenging to find anything not too great to say about it.

Hard pressed, I’d suggest it should also come with a less-uncomfortable seat. Like the last time I brought that up, changing a JimSupport Rocking Queening Chair’s bottom isn’t hard.

Why the JimSupport Rim Rocker is the Best Rocking Queening Chair:

There’s so much to rave about this innovative approach to queening chairs. For starters, it provides an enjoyable range of possibilities. For another, it’s from the brilliant and praise-worthy kinksters at JimSupport.

So you know it’s not just good but fantastic. Though there are a few other excellent reasons why it’s the best femdom rocking chair:

  1. Galvanized, zinc-coated steel frame is strong and requires little or no maintenance.
  2. Handles are ideally placed to maximize oral pleasuring and minimize submissive back and shoulder strain.

As relaxing as it is arousing, brilliantly designed, and expertly manufactured, the JimSupport Rim Rocker does everything right. No, not right. More like above and beyond regarding how exciting a queening chair can be.

As a tester said, “Who knew rocking back and forth could be such a turn-on! I love it, my submissive adores it, and we’re both in love with this facesitting chair!”

  • Materials: Abs Plastic Seat, Galvanized Steel Frame, Rubber Tips, Handles Covered In Vinyl
  • Height From Ground: Twelve Inches
  • Colors: Silver And Black


  • Rocking back and forth is amazingly good for submissive and dominant alike
  • Nothing beats a pair of handles for getting a submissive’s face where it’s needed most
  • Phenomenally sturdy and strong steel construction


  • Care is needed to avoid rocking over the receiver’s hands
  • Toilets aren’t known for being all that pleasurable to sit on

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3. Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair: Budget Pick

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair:

Kinky sex gear can be loads of fun. BDSM equipment is equally fantastic to fool around with. But most queening chairs, a combination of each, also tend to be expensive.

What’s needed is a queening chair as well-made as it is affordable. Bondage Boutique isn’t just both but comes with a wide range of extra-great features.

Bondage Boutique’s queening chair’s deceptively simple design belies its astounding sturdiness, flexibility, and portability. All for the low price of $99.

Yes, you heard me right. You get a comfortable queening chair capable of supporting a 330-pound person for less than one hundred dollars! It’s also the perfect height for anus pleasuring and more.

Its quadruple-layered elastic support is resilient and pleasantly springy. So this queening seat is just the ticket for anything from stationary to wildly bouncy cunnilingus. An unexpected bonus for allergy sufferers, the Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair’s elastic cushion is latex free.

Minor issues I found during testing:

The biggest complaint my testers and I had about this queening chair is it takes two people to assemble it. More than anything, its elastic cushion has to be stretched very tight to be as supportive as possible.

Something we found required a lot of particularly heavy-duty effort to fit onto the Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair frame.

But once over and done, this queening chair sex chair is picture perfect for whatever style of queening turns you on the most. All while not dinging your bank account too much.

Why the Bondage Boutique is the best cheap queening chair:

Finding queening chairs capable of balancing quality with affordability is difficult. After weeks of looking, we discovered the Bondage Boutique Sex Enhancer Chair.

But as I said, it’s far more than that. Like how remarkably strong it is versus how little it weighs. Not forgetting its four-layered elastic support delivers the right amount of bounce, no matter who sits on it.

But there’s still more to love about the Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair. Not least of which is its additionally impressive features:

  1. Lacking a back panel, queens can move this chair or themselves however much, or often they like
  2. Even with its flexible cushion installed, it doesn’t require much effort to break down and store.
  3. Holds up to vigorous cunnilingus due to its tried and true queening chair design and excellent construction.

Is your budget tight, but queening is a big turn-on? Your bank account will rejoice, and your libido will thank you for purchasing a Bondage Boutique Sex Enhancer Chair. It’s an affordable, durable, comfortable, and exciting new alternative to more expensive face-sitting chairs.

It also does all this without ever feeling cheap or risky to use, which is the biggest compliment my testers and I can give the Bondage Boutique’s masterfully skilled kinky furniture makers.

  • Materials: Metal Frame, Rear Support Comprised Of Four Layers Of Latex-Free Elastic
  • Height From Ground: Fifteen And A Half Inches
  • Color: Black


  • Superbly made but excessively expensive
  • Can support a 330-pound person
  • The four-layered elastic cushion is not too flexible or too stiff
  • The rear support is made from latex-free materials


  • Requires two people to assemble
  • Some may not like a backless cunnilingus chair

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4. Master Series Queening Chair: Best With Restraints

Master Series Queening Chair

Why I love the Master Series Queening Chair:

Want some bondage chocolate in your queening peanut butter? Go to Extreme Restraints and get one of their Master Chairs!

Submissives and female dominants will be amazed by all of its ultra-kinky features. But they aren’t your run-of-the-mill kinky bells and whistles. Not at all, Mistress!

For instance, its fully-enclosed, stylishly-colored smother box is fitted with wrist restraints and an adjustable head support. The first prevents whoever’s doing the licking from going anywhere. The second lets them comfortably pleasure themselves for hours without straining their neck.

Women on the receiving end will appreciate the Master Queening Chair’s upholstered leather cushion and robust wood construction. There’s no chance of a tired ass or wayward submissive with this astoundingly well-made sex chair.

This low chair is also constructed out of body-safe, high-quality materials. The smother box has an extra-solid wood frame for amazing sturdiness. And the support cushion is furnished in warm and welcoming PU leather. The head support and adjustable straps are made from handcrafted leather.

Minor issues I found during testing:

The one thing you can’t say about the Master Chair is that it’s subtle. From its black and leather exterior to its similarly black wrist straps, it practically screams kinky!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be embarrassed to own one. Unless you have a place big enough to store it where it won’t be seen, it’s nearly impossible to disguise.

But if you’re a hardcore queening enthusiast, you’ll probably want to display such a delightful piece of BDSM furniture proudly.

Why Master Series is best for queening chair bondage:

Lips to vagina play with bondage? Cunnilingus with wrist straps? Intense yet playful? All this and more is excitedly embodied in the Master Chair.

It’s got everything a female dominant or worshipful submissive would want in a boldly striking, hand-made package. There’s nothing my testers and I didn’t like about it. Aside, of course, from how to hide it when the in-laws visit.

Otherwise, it’s like the product of your kinkiest femdom fantasy and a gaggle of highly qualified BDSM furniture craftspeople got together.

That and everyone who tried it, myself included, was shocked by how extremely comfortable it is, certainly for whoever’s sitting on it, but those with their head in it as well. Both are made possible by the Master Chair’s innovative-designed head support restraints and padded seat. There’s plenty of space for anyone’s head without feeling too small or claustrophobic.

But its oral delights don’t stop there. For example, check out these many other additionally-great points in its favor:

  1. It’s an exceptionally well-made box, backed up by the apparent care and craft put into it by Extreme Restraints. Created from fine wood, it never creaked or groaned when my testers and I used it.
  2. You can use it with or without its straps. The same is true for its matching set of wrist supports. There are as many ways to enjoy this cunnilingus chair as fun ways to perform oral sex on someone.
  3. It looks as good as it gives. Handsome and stylish barely describe how gorgeous the Master Queening Chair is. It’s an out and proud example of BDSM mastery, and my testers and I both love it for that.

For an intense queening play or to mix up your bondage or cunnilingus scenes, a Master Series Chair is just what you need, and you should purchase this right this very minute.

I’m not alone in jumping for joy at the prospect of buying and playing with Master Queening Furniture. “I love getting licked, and my partner enjoys bondage. This queening stool gives us what we both want. Thanks, Extreme Restraints. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

  • Materials: Wood, Leather, Body Safe TPR Plastic
  • Height From Ground: Thirteen Inches
  • Color: Black And Red


  • Amazingly versatile and comfortable
  • Adjustable head hammock prevents neck strain and discomfort
  • Numerous ways to use
  • TPR is very easy to clean
  • Box provides plenty of space for most heads


  • Extremely expensive
  • Challenging to store or conceal

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5. DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Enhancer Chair: Most Versatile

DOMINIX Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Why I love the DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Enhancer Chair:

Face-sitting chairs are usually a one-trick pony. They might be great for one style of play, but not great if you want something else.

An issue I repeatedly scratched my head over. I even came to believe a multi-use sex chair was the stuff of legend. Then came a kinky miracle: the DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Enhancer Chair is as astoundingly versatile as a pure delight.

Notable for its unique, open-ended design, anyone can put any body part into it if it fits. It is twelve inches tall and comfortably fits everything from someone’s head to their feet or with their genitals right in the middle.

For queening enthusiasts, this enables whoever’s performing oral sex to enter it four different ways, earning the DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Enhancer Chair its place as the best, most versatile queening sex chair.

Minor issues I found during testing:

A tester pointed out that while the DOMINIX Deluxe can handle an impressive range of body shapes, it’s not a one-size fits all queening throne. In this light, I suggest carefully measuring yourself or your partner to ensure you fit under it.

Why the DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Enhancer Chair is the Most Versatile:

The DOMINIX Deluxe is ideal for exploring all sorts of pleasure-enhancing possibilities.

Not least of which is doing anything other than cunnilingus. While that’s its intended purpose, nothing prevents you from using it as a positioning pillow during penetrative play.

Then there’s how sturdy and strong the DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Enhancer Chair’s steel frame is—not discounting how pleasantly comfortable the faux Leather bottom is. A good thing since many people prefers faux leather over the real thing.

It’s as good as a multi-function queening stool can get. A fact that had it my unquestionable choice for the most versatile, bar none. Its sexual stimulation potential is as limitless as the kinky fantasies you’ll have about playing with it.

But wait, there’s more! Like the following other worthwhile reasons why I adore this cunnilingus chair:

  1. Its nine-inch in diameter padded bottom hole provides all the access any submissive would ever need to worship their female dominant.
  2. Its corner loops are great for attaching restraints to—the same for submissives to grab hold of while performing cunnilingus on their partner.

The DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Enhancer Chair is the Swiss Army Knife of oral sex activities. Nothing beats it for comfortably, effectively, and pleasurably doing whatever you want with whoever you want. Live out your kinky wet dreams by riding this delightfully versatile queening chair.

  • Materials: Street Frame, Faux Leather Upholstery
  • Height From Ground: Twelve Inches
  • Color: Black


  • Super durable construction
  • Corner loops are great for holding or attaching restraints to
  • Extra-plush upholstery equals extra comfortability for cunnilingus givers and receivers alike


  • Its inflexible frame might be too stiff for some people
  • Steep price for a less complicated queening throne

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Everything We Tested

In this chapter, you can see a comparison table with all the products we tested. As you can see, each row has the test criteria our team used during the testing. To make our testing process even more transparent, we also included the raw test data so you can see how the products performed with each test criteria.

JimSupport Handled T-LegJimSupport Rim RockerBondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer ChairMaster Series Queening ChairDOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Enhancer Chair
LinkT-LegRim RockerEnhancerMaster SeriesDOMINIX
CategoryBest OverallRockingBudgetRestraintsVersatile
Average Rating95%93%92%89%88%
Build Quality96%92%91%89%87%
Price & Value93%88%94%89%92%
Price Tag$224N/A$99.99$532.95$274.99
MaterialZinc-Coated, Galvanized
Steel, Vinyl-Covered
Handles &
Rubber-Tipped Legs
ABS Seat, Galvanized
Steel Frame, Rubber
Tips & Handles
Covered In Vinyl
Steel Frame &
Four Layer Elastic Seat
Wood, Leather & TPRStreet Frame & Faux
Leather Upholstery
Height from Ground12 inches - 14 inches12 Inches15.5 inches13 inches12 inches
ColorBlack & SilverSilver & BlackBlack & SilverBlack & RedBlack


How We Picked The Products

My testers and I spent much time weighing whether or not these and other queening thrones were affordable, flexible, or comfortable. Though these are important, I felt others were more. Therefore, we defined test criteria we could measure using well-defined quantitative metrics:

  1. Materials. Pleasurable is one thing, but for a sex chair to make it onto my best in 2023 list, it must use the highest quality materials. Especially since using top-of-the-line steel, plastic, and so forth increases its durability and decreases the possibility of someone getting injured.
  2. Safety. Likewise, each of these five seats was selected by how low risk they were to use. I narrowed these criteria to only if these face sitting chairs were used as intended. Because however well built or designed, anything can harm anyone if used incorrectly.
  3. Build Quality. Unlike what a cunnilingus chair is made from, this is about whether it’s put together well. A rejected chair might be manufactured out of fine grade but doesn’t hold up when vigorously used. So I only picked ones that were not only built from different materials but also exceptionally well built. I also leaned toward ones as comfortable to sit on as they were on a person’s face.

During testing, we rated each test criterion on a percentage scale from 0% (Worst) to 100% (Best). We then calculated the overall score using different weighted metrics depending on the importance of the test criteria. Half the total rating comes from Design (25%) and Safety (25%). After that comes Material (10%), Build Quality (10%), and Comfort (10%).

I began this guide of the five best chairs with a couple of dozen possible ones. After going over them myself, my team of loyal testers put them through their paces. Combining their experiences with mine, I consulted well-regarded sexologists and BDSM enthusiasts for their opinions.

It concluded with me cross-checking their good and bad points with as many online reviews as possible.

All of this resulted in my best five queening chairs in 2023.


What Is Queening?

The term queening refers to a type of cunnilingus. Particularly oral sex performed on a female-identified person. Specifically, it’s when the recipient sits on or over a partner’s face and mouth.

There’s also a form where the partner remains fully dressed, as a unique form of oral dry humping.

Similar to face sitting, queening often implies female domination (femdom). Whether or not that’s the case, I strongly suggest that every partner adheres to BDSM’s rules of conduct.

Here they are, beginning with safety: that kink play has to be as emotionally and physically safe as possible. Sane, as in everyone, should remain clear-headed and fully able to understand what’s being negotiated. Lastly, consensually is that everyone must give and receive explicit permission for whatever’s about to happen. Each partner should also feel free to pause, stop, or renegotiate a scene at any time for any reason without fear of reprisal.


What Is A Queening Chair?

A queening chair is a low chair, often U-shaped, which you position over a person’s face to allow maximum oral stimulation of pussy or anus. While sitting in the chair, the receiver’s pelvic floor muscles are relaxed and her labia minora more exposed, allowing the giver better access to her vagina and butt.

Couple using a rim chair

A queening throne is widely used in the BDSM community, primarily in slave/owner face sit scenarios. In this role-playing scenario, the owner sits on the chair while the slave gives her sexual gratification until she tells them to stop.

You can also find a category called smother box. Smother boxes are slightly smaller products with a lock-in feature for the slave’s head. They sometimes also have wrist restraints for even kinkier BDSM sessions.

Rim chairs and queening chairs are often used interchangeably. And you can find the best rim chair in this article.


Why Should I Use A Queening Chair?

Queening chairs kill two birds with a single stone. They offer a comfortable lounger for the receiver while providing the giver quick and full access to the vagina. This way, oral sex can be enjoyable even when you decide to do it for an extended period—no more cramping or straining your leg muscles.

Just sit on the padded chair, and your partner scooch down and lay directly underneath.

More importantly, the raised queening chair means your partner isn’t smothered against your genitals and ass. Instead, there’s enough clearance, and with their nose unobstructed, they can pleasure you for hours without tiring.

By ensuring the giver seats directly under the vagina, queening chairs promote precise clitoral stimulation. Unlike the traditional form where you lie on the bed or floor, you have a clear view of the target.

In addition, your partner sits above you, allowing the labia to hand down, leaving you with an unobstructed view of the clitoris, vagina, and anus. This way, you can explore your tongue game – everything from circular movements, targeted tongue strokes, and rimming for the extra kinky couples.

Like other sex tools, a queening chair adds a new dimension to sex, enhancing exploration and promoting a deeper connection between couples. And in Sub-Dom relationships, it helps to keep up with the culture. The giver is ‘punished’ by lying beneath for as long as the master wishes. So, if you want to add a BDSM piece to the dungeon, a queening chair works fine.


Queening Chair Buyers Guide

  • First and foremost, ensure the queening chair is made from comfortable and body-safe material. It should also be hygienic and easy to clean. We prefer faux leather or a removable, machine-washable cover.
  • Furthermore, make sure the frame is solid. You don’t want to get hurt while using it. MIG-welded steel or properly nailed wood pieces are preferred. However, we are not big fans of foldable designs since they are less safe.
  • The product should also have a comfortable headrest for the sub. An adjustable hammock, like Extreme Restraint above, is our favorite. But an adjustable pillow, like MasterMindCrafts, works too.
  • Make sure to get the measurements right. In particular, make sure the giver’s frame fits underneath the chair. Get a tape measure out to be on the safe side. Also, check the max weight requirements.
  • Finally, if you plan to include BDSM/bondage or master & slave roleplay, ensure the products have attachment points for restraints, like D-rings. If you don’t have your own restraints, some come with shackles.


How To Use A Queening Chair?

Contrary to popular belief, queening chairs are one of the most straightforward sex chairs. And like the rest, it all starts with ensuring you position it on a stable, flat surface.

I advise against placing a queening chair on the bed. Instead, consider the floor. You can add a comfortable mat or rug to enhance the giver’s comfort.

Once you decide where to use the chair, have your partner lie on the floor/mat and slowly place it above their head. It’s important to note that most queening chairs are adjustable, and you might have to give them a few tries before settling on a specific height or position.

Of course, the best position is one where both parties are comfortable.

From here, let your partner devour your underside.

Your partner can hold on and rub your inner thighs for extra stimulation from underneath. And depending on your fantasies, you can always add other BDSM tools like restraints or costumes to make the experience more exotic.

Just like with other BDSM furniture, you must use queening chairs according to the instructions that go with them. Further, you must clean them before and after use. Store them securely, and please keep them away from children.


How To Make A Queening Chair?

Some of you feel you are more than qualified to put together your very own chair. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend going with a professionally made one instead.

While you may think you know what makes a queening chair safe, an expert knows all about it. It’s particularly important as safety must be the first concern of constructing a chair—far more than if they are sexy.

If you’re determined to build a DIY queening chair, you should at least try to learn everything you can about making a risk-free one.

Fortunately, the BDSM community is filled with people who are more than willing to lend a hand. Online or in-person, all you need to do is ask, and you’ll be inundated with offers to help.

After you’ve thoroughly educated yourself, choose the highest-quality materials available. They might set you back a tidy sum, but cheapness isn’t what to strive for when building a chair.

Then there’s constructing your homemade queening chair, choosing comfort and durability over saving a few bucks. Aim for it to be more and never less sturdy.

Also, don’t make this only about yourself. So ask questions, and take feedback from your partner. Together you’ll have a blast making a queening chair both you will enjoy.

Note: DIY queening chairs can be risky, mainly when you use complex or sharp materials and the chair breaks down mid-session. So, follow these tutorials at your own risk!

You can read more on how to make a DIY queening stool in this guide.


Where To Buy Queening Chairs On The Internet?

We recommend buying products from well-established stores and brands like Lovehoney and Extreme Restraints. They only sell high-quality products with a solid warranty, customer service, and return policy.

A person buying from an online sex toy retailer


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Clean A Queening Chair?

There are several effective methods for cleaning a queening chair. First and foremost, you should follow its manufacturer’s recommendations. If not, you run the risk of seriously damaging it.

If your oral sex chair didn’t come with instructions, reach out to wherever you bought it from to get some.

When all else fails, use appropriate cleaning solutions. For plastic, latex, or vinyl, start by washing it with a small amount of warm water mixed with antibacterial soap. After rinsing, thoroughly dry it with a lint-free cloth.

Leather is the same but uses an even gentler cleaning solution. Saddle soap or a 50/50 mixture of lukewarm water and vinegar is another good option.

The point is you shouldn’t use too much of anything. You might kill many germs, but it ruins your expensive queening chair.

What Is A Queening Chair Used For?

Queening chairs are designed to aid or enhance the performance of oral sex or anus stimulation. A common feature is an open bottom allowing the partner underneath easier access to their partner’s vagina or anus.

Others include handles or neck supports to make the partner performing oral vagina sex more comfortable. Not to mention enabling them to do a better job and thus satisfy their queen.

To sit on a BDSM stool, all that’s required is for the dominant to place themselves where their partner can orally pleasure their vagina. Another way to face sit is to turn towards or away from their face.

Some are also equipped with accessories such as restraints, reinforced steel frames, and thicker upholstery. There are even some with integrated sex toys.

How Does A Queening Chair Work?

By elevating the receiver, queening chairs are an excellent way for cunnilingus givers to gain better access to the receiver’s genitals.

The most common use for face sitting chairs is in female domination or facesitting scenes.

They may or may not involve a submissive experiencing sexual gratification by satisfying a female-identified dominant. Queening stools also frequently act as a comfortable and empowering throne for a dominant woman.

Queening benches are highly sought after by dominant women and those wishing to worship them sexually.


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