8 Best Sex Positions for Short Girls, Ranked by a Sexologist

Featured imageYou know how some people say that size does not matter? While there is some truth to that, being a short queen in the bedroom, especially with a partner who towers over you, can make lovemaking a bit hard and uncomfortable. Your bodies could be lining up in places that they shouldn’t be. But, it’s not all bad. More than anything, being short gives you versatility. If you are already naturally flexible to begin with, being short makes it easier for you to be bent and positioned into many different shapes. Since we have the best sex positions for different types of people and partners, naturally, we have curated a list of the 8 best sex positions for short girls. We haven’t forgotten you, our short queens or lovers of their pint-sized partners.

Even with huge height differences, these positions prove that you do not need to break your back to make sure you both enjoy having sex. Whether you are vertically challenged yourself or happen to have a partner on the petite side, look no further. This is the ultimate guide to the best sex positions for our shorter-than-average sirens. Read on to find out what the best positions are that will make every inch count.

One pro tip: If you are having difficulty enjoying sex because of your height gap, consider using a wedge pillow. This could solve some of your problems in sex that are caused by the height difference. This pillow is ergonomically designed to tilt the receiving partner in a favorable direction, one that normal pillows can not accomplish.

Another pro tip: Communication is key. You’ve probably heard this many times, but being open with one another is crucial. You know your body best, so speak up when things get awkward or uncomfortable. With the communication lines open and partners sharing what they like and do not like, you can both soar to greater heights.


We start with an intimate sex position: the Spooning position. Chances are, if you’re the short partner, you’re the little spoon, and that’s what makes this the perfect position for short girls. Since you’re lying on your side and not standing, your height (or lack of it) does not affect this position at all. It is also one of those lazy positions that can instantly make things hot and passionate. Whether you choose to do slow and sensual movements or fast and deep thrusts, you can guarantee lots of pleasure.

Spooning Position

Throw in a sex toy or even use your free hand for clitoral stimulation, if you’re feeling raunchy. You can also take this as a chance for you or your partner to hit your G-spot, with the penetrating partner entering you from behind.

How To Do It

  1. Both partners lie on their sides facing the same direction.
  2. The receiving partner or the short girl bends their top leg in front of them for easy access and deeper penetration.
  3. The big spoon or giving partner inserts their penis from behind.
  4. They grind their hips, feeling every thrust, every sensation as they move up and down.
  5. Stimulate your partner’s breasts, use a sex toy, or reach downward to stimulate the clitoris of the little spoon.

Table Top

Next up, we have the Table Top. Height? We don’t know her. With the Table Top, height plays no role as you are at roughly the same level. You are free to do this anywhere. It does not have to be a table. Any flat surface will suffice: the bedside table, the dining table, the bathroom counter, the kitchen counter, or the office desk.

table top sex position

As long as whatever surface you will do it on is at your partner’s crotch height, you can have fun doing this kinky sex position. Also, with the short partner raising their legs to their chest, this lets them have more control over the speed and depth at which their partner thrusts, so there is some shared power in this position. If you want more kinky sex positions, click here.

How To Do It

  1. Look for any flat surface that is suitable for performing the Table Top.
  2. Once you have your chosen surface, the short or receiving partner lies down on it with their knees raised above their chest and spread apart. It is best if their body is close to the edge of the table; this permits easier penetration.
  3. The penetrating partner enters standing up.
  4. Start with slow thrusts before gradually increasing speed. Use your hands to explore and play with each other’s bodies.


Looking for another position to bridge the (height) gap between you and your lover? How about Cowgirl? This is another easy sex position that proves that size doesn’t matter. With one partner lying down and the other riding them, you couldn’t care less about how tall you are. Plus, having shorter legs means you do not need to worry about long legs getting in the way.

Cow Girl Position

How To Do It

  1. The giving or taller partner lays supine on the bed with their legs spread apart while the short or receiving partner gets on top of them with their knees on the sides of their partner’s waist.
  2. They guide the penis inside the receiving partner.
  3. The short or receiving partner grinds and moves their hips forward and back, looking for a comfortable pace and rhythm as they start to grind faster. The giving partner can use their hands to grab onto their partner’s waist, ass, breasts, etc.
  4. The receiving partner rides until they reach an orgasm.


If you are fond of cuddling and sensual sex, you will enjoy the Lotus. If you are a petite queen, you will enjoy it to the max. With the bigger partner cradling the smaller one, it is an awesome position to be a short girl. To add to that, in the Lotus, you can gaze into the eyes of your lover, make out with them, and so much more. If you already tried the lotus you can also try other sitting sex position variations.

Lotus sex position in a chair

How To Do It

  1. Look for somewhere comfortable to do the Lotus on. This could be on the couch, the bed, or a soft floor.
  2. The penetrating or taller partner sits down with their legs crossed.
  3. The receiving or short partner straddles the penetrating partner, wrapping their legs around their partner’s back. You may also opt to hug each other to end up in a full-body embrace.
  4. The penetrating partner penetrates the receiving partner while the latter grinds down.
  5. They grind against one another, finding a comfortable pace and rhythm until they reach an orgasm.


Did you know that the Wheelbarrow is one of those positions that gives petite girls the upper hand over taller women? If not, you have to try this out ASAP. While most people know the Wheelbarrow as a male-dominated position that offers deep penetration, it is a great position for pocket-sized women to dominate as well.

The wheelbarrow

Since short girls have shorter torso and limbs, this means their center of gravity is nearer to the ground. This also means you can get your body closer to your partner. If you struggle to do this position due to the height difference, you can place your hands on any surface that is elevated (e.g., the bed, couch, or stairs).

How To Do It

  1. The receiving or short partner gets on their knees and hands with their legs extended straight back as if in a planking position.
  2. The giving partner lifts their partner’s ankles, extends their legs, and then shuffles closer to penetrate. The receiving partner can wrap their legs around their partner’s thighs. This helps their bodies become even closer.
  3. The receiving partner can also tilt their hips higher for greater depth of penetration.
  4. The penetrating partner guides his penis inside the receiving partner and begins to thrust.


Let’s add a twist: the Pretzel. Vertically challenged women win in this position, because they make the most out of the length of their shorter limbs in the Pretzel, as opposed to those with longer limbs. Plus, you get intimacy, a full-body embrace, and eye control along with deep penetration coming from a creative side entry angle. You can’t go wrong with the pretzel. If you want more creative sex positions, you can find some in this guide.

Pretzel sex position

How To Do It

  1. The receiving or short partner lies down with their knees bent to one side.
  2. They lift their upper knee.
  3. The giving partner kneels and centers their body on their partner’s lower leg. Both knees should be in between the receiving partner’s legs.
  4. The giving partner wraps their upper knee around the waist of the receiving partner.
  5. The giving partner penetrates. They can use their partner’s wrapped knee to leverage their thrusts.
  6. Maintain eye contact and try to stimulate each other’s erogenous zones.


Just like all the previous positions where the lack of height does not affect sexual intercourse, the same applies to the bedroom classic: Missionary. This position can be enjoyed by anyone, even or especially small-statued girls. Even with great height differences, the tall partner can still stimulate his short partner’s clitoris.

missionary sex position

The short partner may come face-to-face with their partner’s chest making kissing difficult, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy intense G-spot stimulation, eye contact, the feeling of intimacy and passion, and deep penetration that comes with the good ole’ Missionary position. For it to be more effective, you can mix things up with other missionary variations that feel comfortable.

How To Do It

  1. The short or receiving partner lies down flat on their back and the giving partner climbs on top coming face to face with their partner.
  2. The giving partner penetrates from there.
  3. They start with shallow thrusts, moving slowly until they gradually increase in speed and depth of their penetration.
  4. They keep going until they climax.


Think of the Leapfrog as a short girl variation of doggy style. With the short partner on their hands and knees, it’s sure to create some heightened arousal. The Leapfrog is a relatively relaxed yet steamy short girl sex position for receiving pleasure from behind, just like in doggy style. And it’s not just an exciting experience for the receiving partner either. The angle at which the pelvis penetrates creates a sensation that will leave both you and your partner wanting more.

Leap Frog position

How To Do It

  1. Facing down, the short or receiving partner props themselves up on their knees with their back arched. Here, they can press their face and chest onto a pillow for comfort and support. The woman arching her back can help create deeper penetration, and it also gives their shoulders and arms some rest.
  2. The penetrating partner kneels behind their partner and enters from there.
  3. The penetrating partner thrusts in and out until they orgasm.

Wrapping Up

To all the tiny gals out there or partners of these tiny gals, do not let the differences in height, body weight, or simply size interfere with you having fun in the bedroom. Standing sex or shower sex may be difficult to perform, but that’s nothing to worry about. There are many different sex positions to try that are short girl-friendly. It’s up to you to experiment with them and figure out which positions work best and which ones you can adapt to make it truly your own.

For our miniature female partners, explore these positions that align with pleasure and comfort. Do not force yourself into doing a strenuous position if you have already acknowledged that the struggle is caused by your short height. Instead, be open with your partner and communicate so that you can explore positions that are pleasurable for both parties without you experiencing discomfort.

A couple talking

Regardless of your size, shape, or height, everyone is free to find fun ways to enjoy each other and themselves in the bedroom. Embrace the dynamics of your different sizes, and explore positions that suit your stature. With some creativity and these positions that we have shared with you, try these out in your bedroom routine to ramp up your sex life, and you will surely prove to your partner and each other that size truly does not matter.

Thanks for reading my guide to the best sex positions for short girls!


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