Cuckquean Guide: Beginner Tips from a Sexologist!

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featured imageEver stumbled upon the term “cuckqueaning”? It’s an intriguing fetish where a woman gets aroused in seeing her male partner having sex with a third person. You can say it’s the female equivalent of a cuckold. If you are ready to explore your cuckquean fantasy, Sandra Larson will tell you everything you need to know in this Cuckquean guide and how to do it in a fun, no-stress way.

What Is A Cuckquean?

A cuckquean is a girlfriend or a wife who gets turned on by seeing her boyfriend or husband have sex with other women. It’s the female version of a cuckold, which is a man who gets off on watching his partner bang other men. The name’s got some old-school roots, mixing “cwen” from Old English, which means “queen,” with “cuc,” for “cuckold.”

Let’s break down the types of cuckqueans next:

  • Voyeuristic cuckquean: If you are a girlfriend or a wife who is more interested in watching your partner with someone else than actually participating, then the voyeuristic cuckquean might be for you. You can sit back and enjoy the show, or even direct the action if you’re feeling bold. Read more on voyeurism here.
  • Participatory cuckquean: If you want to be more involved, but still want to keep some control, then the participatory cuckquean might be a good fit. You can join in on the action but still maintain some level of dominance over the situation.
  • Full cuckquean: If you’re ready to fully embrace your cuckquean desires, then the full cuckquean might be the way to go. This involves giving up control completely and watching as your partner has sexual activities with another woman.
  • Submissive cuckquean: If you’re into the submissive side and cuckqueaning, this combo might just be your jam. The whole idea is about experiencing a cuckquean’s pleasure from seeing your partner take the dominant role with someone else. Think of a mix of watching, a bit of erotic denial, and maybe some light humiliation – all adding an extra zing to the experience.

If you’re unsure if you are the submissive type, you can read some submissive wife stories and try to reflect on yourself.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to be a cuckquean. It’s all about finding what works for you and your partner(s). So, take some time to explore your options and figure out what degree of cuckqueaning is right for you.


Why Cuckqueaning?

Now, before you start picturing a bunch of people in bird costumes, let’s clarify a few things. Even though it kinda sounds like cheating, it’s not. Why? Because everyone in this scenario is totally on board and has given the green light. It’s all about consent, making sure everyone involved is cool with the situation.

In fact, many women who engage in a cuckquean fantasy find that seeing their partner have sexual acts with someone else can be incredibly empowering and give spice to their sex life. It’s a journey of self-discovery where both can explore their sexuality and desires and experience pleasure in a way that feels authentic and exciting.

Other reasons could be to enjoy the humiliation aspect of it, while others enjoy the voyeuristic thrill of seeing their partner have sex with another person in the same room. Some people enjoy the power dynamic, while other derives sexual pleasure from it.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that everyone involved has given their consent to the act. It’s important to note that cuckolding is a consensual act and both partners must be on board for it to work.


What Is A Cuckcake?

A cuckcake is a woman who is having an affair with the cuckquean’s partner. It’s similar to a “bull” in the cuckold community but with a feminine twist. Think of it this way: if a cuckquean is the wife of an adulterous husband, then a cuckcake is the “other woman” in the equation. She’s the one who is having sex with the husband and fulfilling his desires, while the cuckquean is left to watch or participate in other ways.

Note that being a cuckcake is not the same as being a homewrecker or a mistress. In the cuckquean lifestyle, all parties involved are aware of and consent to the arrangement. It’s a form of consensual non-monogamy that can be incredibly fulfilling for all involved.


How To Become A Cuckquean?

Are you excited to shake things up in your relationship and dive into this kink? We’re here to help make the process smoother for you. Whether you’re just dipping your toes in or ready to dive in headfirst, we’ll guide you through it all, making sure it’s a fun and easy ride for both you and your lover. So, if you’re up for a bit of adventure, let’s jump in and see where this takes us!

1. Heart-to-Heart Talk

Begin your cuckquean journey with an open and honest discussion with your partner. This is more than just a chat; it’s about laying the whole idea on the table. Imagine you’re on a talk show, confessing your deepest fantasies – it’s thrilling, nerve-wracking, but oh so necessary.

It’s also not a one-way street. Your partner’s thoughts and emotions are equally important. This conversation is like the foundation of a house – without it, everything else might just crumble.

But remember, this isn’t a boardroom meeting. Keep it light, maybe over a glass of wine or during a cozy night in. Use humor, be candid, and most importantly, be yourself. It’s okay to be vulnerable or even a little shy. The idea is to build trust and understanding, setting the tone for your adventurous journey ahead. Make sure to match the pace of the slower partner and keep the communication going which is the most important thing.

Remember, jumping into a cuckquean relationship is a pretty big deal. It’s something that can either add some excitement or bring challenges to your relationship. So, it’s super important to give it some serious thought. And if you need a guide on how to introduce your fetish to your partner, you can check out our guide about it.

2. The Research Phase

Your next step is a deep dive into cuckquean-themed content. Think of it as binge-watching a new series but for your sexual enlightenment. Start with some light cuckquean porn videos, and maybe read some articles or stories online. You’re not just watching; you’re observing and learning. What do you like? What makes you uncomfortable? It’s a discovery process, not just about the act itself but about your own desires and limits.

Don’t rush this step. Take your time researching, and notice your reactions. It’s like tasting different flavors of ice cream to find your favorite. Some might not appeal to you, and that’s okay. And remember, it’s perfectly normal to have mixed emotions – excitement, apprehension, curiosity. Embrace them all as part of your journey.

Pro Tip: There’s an excellent Cuckquean Reddit group with tons of helpful information. It’s filled with experienced people and they always take the time to answer questions.

3. Browse Dating Sites

Now comes the exciting part – finding potential partners. It’s like casting for a role in your own personal play. Online platforms offer a myriad of options, but it’s important to be picky. You’re looking for someone who resonates with both you and your partner. Read profiles carefully, engage in conversations, and look for that spark to have an idea if you have found the perfect fit for your fantasy. It’s a bit like online dating but with a twist. You’re not just looking for physical attraction; you’re looking for compatibility on a deeper level. It’s important to discuss expectations, interests, and boundaries right from the start. Think of it as building a friendship with a sprinkle of sexual excitement.

Want some concrete examples? Adult Friend Finder is a good one we used in the past. FetLife is another solid choice. I heard people having good luck on Tinder too. But hey, just a heads-up: when you’re diving into these kinds of sites, especially the adult-themed ones, keep it smart and safe. Watch out for your personal info and get the lowdown on the site’s rules and privacy stuff.

4. Define The Rules

Creating strict rules and boundaries is like drawing a map for your cuckquean journey. This step is crucial and should be approached with care and consideration. Discuss everything – from the dos and don’ts to having a safe word. It’s a collaborative process; think of it as a brainstorming session where all ideas are welcome.

Daisy Petal Threesome Sex Position

This is also the time to address any fears or insecurities, making proper adjustments as needed. It’s okay to have reservations – we all do. The key is to communicate them openly- as effective communication is the cornerstone of healthy relationships. Remember, these rules aren’t set in stone. They can evolve as you progress in your journey.

5. Meet In Public First

Meeting your potential third in a non-sexual setting first is crucial. It’s like a first date but with an extra layer of excitement and anticipation. Choose a relaxed, public place where you can all feel at ease. This is a no-pressure zone, a chance to see if there’s a natural connection without the sexual tension.

Speak about everyday things – hobbies, interests, even your favorite TV shows. It’s important to establish a human connection beyond just the sexual aspect. This meeting is about gauging comfort levels, chemistry, and potential compatibility. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t take it any further. Trust your instincts and remember, there’s no rush.

A couple talking

The next step would be choosing a neutral location like a hotel for your first sexual encounter to ensure a safe and neutral playing field. It’s like setting a stage where everyone can be their best selves without the distractions of personal life. This environment allows you to focus solely on the experience, making it more immersive and enjoyable. Think of this step as a mini-getaway – a break from reality where you can explore your fantasies in a controlled, safe setting. It also eases any concerns about privacy or familiarity as nobody will know where the other people are living.

6. The Golden Rule: Safe Sex

Safe sex is the cornerstone of your cuckquean adventure. It’s about respecting each other’s health and well-being. Insist on using condoms, and don’t be shy about discussing sexual health openly. This step is like the safety briefing before a rollercoaster ride – essential for ensuring everyone enjoys the ride without worries.

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But it’s not just about physical safety. Discussing and practicing safe sex also builds trust and reassurance among everyone. Remember healthy relationships are built on trust and communication. It shows that you value each other’s well-being, which is crucial in such intimate encounters. Remember, this isn’t just a purely physical connection; it’s an emotional one too. Prioritizing safety is a sign of respect and care, which are key ingredients in any healthy sexual relationship.

7. The Art of Aftercare

Aftercare is your time to reconnect and reflect. It’s like the cool-down after a gym session – necessary and hugely beneficial for your emotional and physical well-being. Spend time with your boyfriend or husband, speak about the cuckquean experience, and share your feelings. This is an opportunity to bond, to understand each other better, and to provide comfort and support.

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This step is about processing the experience together. It’s not just a debrief; it’s a celebration of your shared adventure and an exploration of your emotions. Discuss what worked, what didn’t, and how you felt throughout the experience.


Benefits and Risks of Cuckquean Play


If the thought of your guy or husband with another woman sends you into a jealous rage, then yeah, this might not be your scene. But for those with a daring spirit and an open mind, there’s a whole world of unexpected perks to discover in cuckqueaning.

  • The Ultimate Humiliation – But in a Good Way: Are you one of those women who get a thrill from a bit of humiliation? Welcome to cuckquean humiliation – it’s like the Oscars of kinky play. Imagine it as a sort of role-playing game where your lover is the star, and you’re the avid audience, enjoying every scandalous moment.
  • Front Row to the Action: Ever thought about what it would be like to be a fly on the wall during a steamy scene? Being a cuckquean is like having VIP tickets to a live show, except it’s your partner in the spotlight. It’s a mix of ‘Oh no!’ and ‘Oh yes!’ all rolled into one. It’s like seeing a forbidden scene unfold right before your eyes, sparking all sorts of wild feelings.
  • See Your Partner in a New Light: Ever been curious about how your boyfriend or husband looks and moves during the deed? Cuckqueaning gives you a whole new perspective. It’s like being a director watching your lead actor in a performance, except this time it’s your partner showing their moves. You get to see all those little expressions and movements you usually miss.
  • A Surprising Turn-On: Here’s a shocker – seeing your partner with another woman can incredibly bring about pleasure! It’s like watching a live version of your fantasies playing out. Sometimes, it’s an invitation to join in, and other times, it’s just about enjoying the view. It’s a unique thrill that’s hard to match.


Now, let’s not sugarcoat it – diving into cuckqueaning comes with its share of risks. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, and here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • Jealousy: The green-eyed monster can sneak up on you in cuckqueaning. It’s one thing to desire your partner or husband with another woman, but seeing it in real life can stir up all kinds of emotional blocks like jealousy no matter how much you think you are ready. You are no longer in full control of your emotions. You might start comparing yourself to the other person, wondering if they’re getting more attention or enjoyment. Unfortunately, there’s no specific education that could teach you to fully control your emotions. It’s all you.
  • What If He Likes Her More: One of the scariest thoughts? That your male partner or husband might desire the other female, to prefer the other woman’s body. And this is twice as scary if you’re a wife risking so it’s best to understand that there is a risk, no doubt about it. You’ve got to have a solid foundation of trust with your partner or husband, but even then, there’s always a ‘what if’. It’s like playing emotional roulette – exciting but risky.
  • Health Hazards Ahead: Let’s talk health – getting intimate with another woman always carries the risk of STDs. It’s like sharing a drink with a stranger; you never know what you’re going to get. So, safe sex is a must, and don’t skip the aftercare. Think of it as putting on your seatbelt – it’s just common sense.

Double Oral Threesome Position

In the world of cuckqueaning, it’s all about walking the tightrope between excitement and caution. It’s an adventure, sure, but one that needs a good dose of realism and careful consideration. So, if you think this fetish isn’t for you, you can find more fetishes in this guide.


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