7 Best Sex Positions For Overweight People

Featured imageRecent studies show that obese people tend to be less sexually active [1]. But it’s time to change that! Today, our clinical sexologist Rachel Sommer, Ph.D., presents a list of the best sex positions for overweight people to help you make intercourse more enjoyable.

If you try the sex positions featured in the guide, you’ll realize a little extra weight doesn’t limit you much. You can make sex enjoyable regardless of your body shape and experience, and all you have to do is keep reading and get out of your comfort zone.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of a fulfilling sex life?

Pro Tip: All the plus-size sex positions come with pictures and illustrations, so it’s easy to try them yourself in the bedroom.

1. Missionary

Missionary Sex Position With Two Fat People

The missionary might not be the most exciting sex position, but sex should be about what makes you feel good, not about contorting yourself in the most extreme shapes. Here’s why missionary should be your first choice:

  • Maintaining eye contact strengthens the bond and lets you give in to the sensations. Don’t worry about looking like a porn star – porn isn’t realistic, and trying to recreate it will only ruin the fun.
  • Another benefit of the missionary position is that lying on your back allows you to relax and enjoy sex without any distractions. To maximize the pleasure, make sure to prioritize foreplay. Have your partner finger you and kiss your neck.

Pro Tip: A missionary alternative is to place a pillow under your pelvis so your partner can enter you more easily.

How To Do It

  1. The vagina owner lies on their back with their legs spread.
  2. The penis owner positions themselves between their partner’s legs and slide into position.

2. Doggy Style

Doggy Style Sex Position With Two Fat People

Having sex on all fours might seem uncomfortable if you’re carrying some extra weight. But doggy is actually one of the best sex positions for plus-size couples as you can stimulate yourself during penetration. Plus, if your partner is also overweight, the angle will allow for deeper penetration than other positions.

Since doggie style isn’t a face-to-face position, you can let your imagination run wild and imagine yourself in a scenario that turns you on the most. If your partner is into the same kink as you, you can engage in roleplay to spice things up.

Pro Tip: A doggy alternative is to add a piece of sex furniture, like a Liberator wedge sex pillow with memory foam, under your arms for extra support; it will allow you to save energy while being on all fours. More on sex positions with a pillow here.

How To Do It

  1. Get on all fours on the edge of the bed and use a pillow for your forearms.
  2. The penetrating partner then enters you from behind.
  3. The vulva owner can spread their legs and stick their butt out for easier entry.

3. Spooning

Spooning Sex Position With Two Fat People

Do you like to snuggle up and cuddle with your partner? Then you should give the spooning position a go, and here’s why:

  • For starters, spooning is an incredibly intimate position that isn’t much different from your regular cuddling session.
  • Secondly, the spooning position can give your partner a feeling of comfort and strengthen the connection between you two, which is hotter than having wild sex.
  • Additionally, the position allows your partner to enter with ease and stroke your breasts at the same time. The extreme closeness also prevents his penis from slipping out, which can happen in certain sexual positions.
  • Finally, since you’re lying down, spooning is also one of the best sexual positions for bigger people with bad knees.

How To Do It

  • Both partners lie on their sides, facing the same direction.
  • The receiving partner lifts her top leg to allow the giving partner to enter her from behind.
  • The man should position himself slightly lower than the woman to make it easier to insert his penis all the way.

4. Standing

Standing Sex Position With Two BBW People

Having sex while standing can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. It’s actually more convenient than most other BBW sex positions as you avoid putting too much weight on your partner. As hot as it initially sounds, it might make your sex life more frustrating than it should be!

The easiest way is to lean against a wall, like in the doggy style position. Your partner then has access to all your body parts and can enter you from behind if you stick your butt out. This position is also great for a quickie. Just think how much fun it would be to fool around in the shower.

Pro Tip: It’s also a great position to practice oral, so don’t be ashamed to kneel before your partner or have him please you before penetration – remember, intercourse isn’t just about penetrative sex.

How To Do It

  1. Stand against a wall and lean slightly forward.
  2. Have your partner enter you from behind.

5. Cowgirl

Cowgirl Sex Position With Two Overweight people

The best thing about the cowgirl is it allows for deep penetration and eye contact. It’s also one of the best plus-size sex positions for couples that love power play. You can try lightly choking your partner or whisper a few dirty words into his ear.

If you feel like too much is in the way, you can make it easier by tweaking things. Yes, I’m talking about the Reverse cowgirl position that allows you to rest the weight on your forearms. This cowgirl alternative works great if your partner is also obese, because you can easily lean forward without putting pressure on his stomach. The angle also allows for direct G-spot stimulation, which should convince you to try it.

 How To Do It

  1. Your partner lies on the bed.
  2. Position yourself over his hips and slide into the position.
  3. You can face either direction, but if you’re both overweight, it’s better to attempt the reverse cowgirl position first.

 6. Tabletop

Tabletop Sex Position With A Plus-Size Couple

The tabletop position is another excellent plus-size position because it gives you a lot of space to use sex toys to enhance your orgasm and add variety to your sex life. Plus, it’s great for those spontaneous sex moments.

You can also try roleplay while you’re at it – this, combined with the thrill of getting caught, can take your lovemaking sessions to the next level.

How To Do It

  1. Lie on the table with your legs spread.
  2. Have your partner stand between your legs and enter you slowly.
  3. He can place his hands on your hips for more control.
  4. Alternatively, you can try out the butterfly position that requires you to put your legs on your partner’s shoulders. This alternative will allow you to enjoy deeper and better penetration.

7. Pretzel

Pretzel Sex Position With A BBW Couple

Pretzel is an ideal sex position for overweight couples as it combines deep penetration with intimacy which are key ingredients to great sex. Since you twist your body and turn to the side, it gives your partner easy access to your vagina. This angle is also great for oral sex and clitoris stimulation – remember, foreplay is as vital as actual penetration and might help you relax if you’re self-conscious about your body.

Pretzel is one of the best sex positions for obese couples because your body positioning is perfect for G-spot stimulation. You can add a pillow under your hips to let your partner go in deeper and experiment with different angles. Add a vibrator to the mix and look your partner in the eyes while you’re having an orgasm – it will drive him crazy!

How To Do It

  1. Lie on your side and lift one leg.
  2. Your male partner kneels in front and puts your leg over his hip.

The Takeaway

I hope you enjoyed this guide on the best sex positions for larger women and men. Many overweight couples don’t have sex because they fear it will be awkward or unenjoyable. But remember, you don’t need a slim body to have fun sex in the bedroom.

You can experience fantastic sex with the sex positions mentioned above, and if you have to adjust them to make it work, don’t worry.

Everyone’s body is different, and not everyone enjoys the same stimulation. Give them a go and mention your favorite sex positions in the comments.



[1] https://www.webmd.com/sex/news/20100616/obese-people-have-less-sex-but-risky-sex

PS, we also have an article about the best sex positions for seniors.

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