9 Crazy Sex Positions – Weird Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Love Life

Featured imageAre you looking for the best crazy sex positions? Then this guide from clinical sexologist Rachel Sommer, Ph.D., will help!

Are you wondering how many people have boring sex lives? I did too, so I decided to dig up the numbers, and the result was surprising. A recent study suggested it can be as many as half of American couples. [1]

Wow. That’s a staggering number. But you can avoid a dead bedroom by adding variety to your sex life, and switching positions is the most straightforward way to accomplish this.

To help you out, I compiled 9 weird sex positions to help spice things up and have the sex you always fantasize about! In addition, all crazy sexual positions come with pictures and illustrations, so it’s easy to try them yourself in the bedroom.

Are you ready for the challenge?

1. Pile Driver

Pile Driver sex position

Ah, the Pile Driver, the upside-down twist. If you ever dreamed of being a pornstar, this funny sex position certainly gives you a taste of what it takes. It also makes you wonder: is it a sex position or a yoga pose? The answer is both, and that’s why it’s so great. Let me explain:

  • Studies show that yoga helps you eliminate stress and anxiety and increases general wellbeing. [2]
  • Similarly, sexual activity reduces cortisol released in response to stress. [3]

Combine both, and you’re on your way to being reborn. You might have to practice for a while to make it work, but the benefits are worth it.

Note: The Pile Driver requires flexibility and a good sense of balance. It’s also a great anal sex position and one of the best sex positions for small penis sizes.

How To Do It

  1. The receiving partner lies on her back and lifts her legs towards her head, just like the Plow yoga pose.
  2. Alternatively, she can spread her legs sideways (think Frog pose).
  3. The giver squats and slides into position.
  4. If you struggle to keep balance, an alternative has the top partner go down on his knees while facing away from his partner.

2. Wheel Barrow

The wheelbarrow

If you want to try one of the truly wild sex positions, the standing Wheel Barrow is one of the craziest sex positions on this list. It will make you wetter than you’ve ever been before – and I don’t mean your genitals!

Wheel Barrow is about the same difficulty level as the Pile Driver as it requires arm strength, a strong core, and a strong squat game. The female partner has to squeeze her muscles to stay in the position while the male partner keeps his legs bent. It’s almost like a gym session, except you’re in both heaven and pain as your muscles struggle to adjust to the strenuous activity.

If you’re a masochist or simply like a challenge, you’ll love it. If you’re a gym rat, well, this is your time to shine.

For those who aren’t convinced yet, here are some extra advantages:

  • It brings variety to your sex life.
  • It’s a different take on doggy style but with a great view of your partner’s body.
  • The blood rush can increase arousal and make her orgasm stronger.
  • It builds trust and increases bonding.
  • The Wheel Barrow is a great G-spot sex position.

Pro Tip: The key is to start slowly and communicate with your partner. If the giver thrusts too vigorously, the receiver might lose her balance. Be careful!

How To Do It

  1. The woman starts by getting herself into a plank position or downward dog yoga position.
  2. The man stands between her legs and picks her up, holding her by the thighs.
  3. In the first variation, she keeps her legs straight. Alternatively, she can wrap her legs around his waist.

3. Lap Dance

Lap dance sex position

This sitting in-his-lap position might not be as crazy as some of the other funny sexual positions in this roundup. But hear me out before you dismiss it. This chair sex (or sex on couch) position does have some benefits. For example, both partners must keep their legs curled, perfect for small spaces, like a car.

Picture this: you’re driving to your parents’ house, and things have been stressful. What better way to release than a cheeky orgasm in a secluded place? Just make sure you stop your car away from the public’s gaze.

How To Do It

  1. The top partner sits on the edge of the bed or a chair with his legs bent at the knees.
  2. The receiving partner takes a position on top while facing the same direction.
  3. The giver then leans back slightly and places their hands on his partner’s chest.
  4. Alternatively, you can face each other.

4. Carry Me

Carry me positionThis standing sex position is a shoutout to all women who wish to be carried by their partners, just like in romantic comedies. But unlike in movies, reality requires work, and it’s not always a success.

While Carry Me is a challenge, the idea of carrying your partner from one room to another is a turn-on. Forget the awkwardness. You can start your session in the hallway and move to your bed without interruptions.

Trust me. It’s one of the best sex positions to drive her crazy!

Pro Tip: if it’s too physically demanding, the woman can keep one leg on the ground.

How To Do It

  1. The easiest way to get into this position is to start with the receiving partner lying down in a butterfly position.
  2. The giver can then bend and pick them up. He then places his hands on the woman’s butt to control the penetration.
  3. For safety, the receiver should wrap her hands around her partner’s neck and her legs around his waist.

5. Cross Booty

cross booty sex positionCross Booty is easier than the other positions on the list, but it’s a seemingly weird sex position. While the woman is lying on her back, her partner is positioned sideways. He might look back to maintain eye contact, but that requires some flexibility – it’s easier to stay flat.

It’s basically missionary position, except the woman gets to watch her partner. She can massage his butt and scratch his back for heightened sensations – let him feel amazing!

Pro Tip: Do you want to make him go really crazy? Use a sex toy to stimulate his butt area. He’ll never want to do it any other way.

Also, don’t forget the leg massage. Whoever said massages belong to foreplay never tried combining them with penetrative sex. Give it a try and let the pleasure commence!

How To Do It

  1. The receiver lies on her back with legs slightly apart.
  2. The giver enters her like the missionary position, except he’s lying sideways, so your limbs form an X.
  3. To make the sideways angle easier, the man can try entering his partner in one of the missionary sex positions and then turn sideways.

6. Pretzel

Pretzel sex positionAre you getting sick of sexual yoga positions yet? No sweat! The Pretzel is a breather compared to the others. It’s similar to the spoon sex position, except the male partner sit straight up. This variation allows you to move slower, savoring every sensation and pleasure on your partner’s face.

In addition, the proximity makes it so hot. For example, you can give your partner a passionate kiss, use sex toys, or engage in some dirty talk, plus enjoy the sight of each other’s bodies. Make it a challenge and combine aggressive words with slow movement. Can you stop yourself from thrusting hard?

Pro Tip: The male partner is perfectly positioned to rub the female partner’s clitoris or use fingers for some internal stimulation. It’s a very intimate position, so don’t be afraid to show your partner a bit of affection (for example, you can stroke her hair).

How To Do It

  1. The receiver lies on her side and rests on her elbow. Then she lifts her leg, keeping her legs slightly bent.
  2. The man kneels with his partner’s leg between his knees.
  3. The woman places her other leg on the man’s hip, and he steadies himself by holding onto her knee.

7. Table Top

table top sex positionOkay, this one might not be as crazy as some of the other freaky sex positions on the list (unless the idea of locking eyes with your hookup freaks you out). But if you’re an experienced player like me, you’ll find ways to get creative.

For example, you can make it more interesting by adding some role play. What comes to your mind when you think of the table sex position? A secretary having an affair with her boss and getting dirty in his office? A doctor giving in to a desire with his patient? A wife cheating on her husband on a kitchen counter? More on interesting sex positions in this article.

The possibilities with this crazy sex position are endless, and outfits to play out your fantasies tend to be pretty cheap. So, what’s stopping you?

Pro Tip: the man can stroke the woman’s breasts and kiss her neck. He also has easy access to her clitoris. As this is a hands-free position, the male partner can explore all her erogenous zones.

 How To Do It

  1. The receiver lies or sits on a table with her legs spread and knees bent.
  2. The giver stands between her legs and places his arms on both sides of the woman’s waist
  3. Enter while slightly leaning forward.

8. Bridge

bridge sex positionLet’s face it! Sex is also an exercise! If you’re not exhausted by the end of a steamy session, you’re doing it wrong. The bridge is one of the most crazy sex positions because you combine pleasure with a demanding activity.

According to psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, motivation comes from skill and a challenge. Therefore the Bridge is just what you need to improve your sexual encounters. [4]

How To Do It

  1. The man lay down on his back.
  2. The woman sits on his penis, facing him.
  3. The man lifts himself slowly into a bridge position while the woman keeps her feet on the ground.
  4. An alternative involves the woman getting into a reverse downward dog or the crab walk position. The man then kneels in front of her. It’s a doggy style but more exhausting for the lady. However, while the body placement might not allow for powerful thrusts, the angle ensures a toe-curling orgasm every time.

9. Spider

spider sex positionIf you hate spiders like me, let me put you right at ease. This crazy position has nothing to do with these hairy creatures, but instead, it’s named this way because you will look like a spider with eight legs.

The Spider might not be the position to try if you’re after deep thrusting, but it opens the door to a few possibilities:

  • Firstly, a woman can manually stimulate her clitoris while being penetrated or use a sex toy to increase sensations.
  • Secondly, the penetrating partner has a fantastic view of the vagina owner. He can watch his penis moving in and out and look at all the best parts of his partner’s body.

It’s the definition of hot, making it one of the best crazy sex positions.

How To Do It

  1. Partners sit facing each other. The man spread his legs and lean slightly backward.
  2. The woman places her legs above his hips and leans backward, resting on her elbows.
  3. The man slides into position, his butt touching his partner’s.

The Takeaway

Without a doubt, sex is fun. But boredom can creep into the most exciting lovemaking session if you don’t explore some of the best new sex positions. While some might be physically demanding, they’re also great challenges. If you fail, you can laugh it off and turn it into a bonding experience.

With the right person, making a fool of yourself is liberating. But if you decide to stick it out, get ready to increase upper body strength and become more in control of your body.

I hope you’ll enjoy this list of the most crazy sex positions. And let me know which sex position is your favorite in the comments below!

Thanks for checking out my weird sexual positions!


PS, you can find more of the best sex positions here. Or, if you think the crazy sex positions on my list are too advanced, you can find sexual positions for beginners here. We even have a guide to the most popular sex position based on research statistics.


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