Lovense Tenera 2 Review: Best Clit Suction Vibe of 2024?

Lovense Tenera 2Clitoral suction devices were relatively new Just a few years ago. But now, there is a virtual sea of choices, and in that sea, the Lovense Tenera 2 is a mermaid-esque clitoral suction toy incorporating vibration. This gorgeous, ephemeral suction vibe is here with new upgrades—but does it stand out from the competition? Find out with me in my Lovense Tenera 2 review.

Key Takeaways
4.5 out of 5 stars

I loved the combination of vibration and suction. It helped me warm up to the more intense stimulations and it’s perfect for more sensitive people. If you have the old version and would love the extra boost of vibration, this is an upgrade you cannot miss. However, you can skip this version if you prefer suction stimulation alone.

Who Is This For? The Tenera 2 is a must-try for anyone who loves sucking sensations and wants to have more control over the patterns available. It’s also a unique experience since it vibrates as well as sucks, which is great for people who want to experience two kinds of stimulation at once. It’s waterproof and small, perfect for travelers.

Who Is This Not For? If you aren’t sure whether clitoral suction will get you off or not, you should try a cheaper toy first, like the Womanizer Starlet, which can easily be found for well under $100. If you love clitoral suction and the pretty aesthetics but would never use the app, you can probably get by with something cheaper, like the Lovehoney Rose. And if you want super strong suction, go for a more intense sucker like the We-Vibe Melt.

You Can Buy It on the official Lovense website for $259 ($129.00 with discount).

What Is Lovense Tenera 2?

The Lovense Tenera 2 is a clitoral suction vibe that uses PulseSense, Lovense’s patented technology that uses airwaves to create sucking sensations that can feel like oral sex. It is waterproof, easy to use, and has an app to make getting creative easy. It’s perfect for long-distance couples and anyone who wants to feel two kinds of stimulation without using an internal toy.

Lovense Tenera 2

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First Impressions and Features


Unboxing the Lovense Tenera 2 was pleasant. It came with lube, instructions, and a charging cable (image below).

The content of the box

I wish it had a sample packet of lube and more detailed instructions. The Tenera 2 has a ton of versatility, but the instruction manual does not go into any detail about the app or how to position the toy. Its price tag makes it an unlikely choice for a first-time toy, but the instruction manual basically guarantees that novice users will have difficulty sorting out all of the functionality.

However, the website has a video that goes over basic ways to use the app. And, with a little digging, you can find more information on how to use it for camming and other more high-tech uses on their website.


The Lovense Tenera 2 has modern, thoughtful features, including:

  • An unparalleled app for long-distance use or developing your own patterns
  • Waterproof, body-safe materials
  • Fast motor with up to 4500 pulses per minute
  • Combination vibration and suction stimulation


Lovense Tenera 2 specifications at a glance:

  • Material: Body-safe silicone
  • Size: 72” x 2.38” x 1.67”; the nozzle is 0.89” by 0.71”
  • Color: Ombre pink and blue
  • Mechanism: Clitoral suction and vibration
  • Weight:75 ounces

How Do I Use Lovense Tenera 2?

Charge it, wash it, and then grab some lube. Put lube on your clit as well as the lip of the nozzle. Place the nozzle around your clit until it forms a tight but still comfortable seal. When you turn the toy on, you will know if it’s in the right place or if you need to adjust it.

For the most basic level of use, use the buttons rather than the app. Press the plus button for three seconds, and the toy will turn on. Pressing the plus button more times will increase the intensity for five intervals and then lead you through four patterns. Pressing the minus button will go back through the four patterns and then decrease the intensity.

The instruction manual

If you prefer to use the app, download the Lovense Remote app and turn on Bluetooth on your phone (or whatever you are pairing the toy to). Turn the toy on, too. Next, find the plus icon at the top right of the app’s screen and press it; then press “add toy” and click on the Tenera 2 when it appears. Now that the Tenera 2 is paired, your phone will operate as the remote control. Read the “app” section for more tips on how to use the Lovense app to its fullest potential.

When you are done using the toy, you’ll want to wash it and charge it so it’s ready for use next time. The Lovense Tenera 2 is rechargeable. The manual suggested that it would take 70 minutes to charge, and when I tested it, it took an hour and fifteen minutes to charge and then lasted an hour and a half. The red light will be constantly lit when it’s charging; when you use it, it will blink red.

For relative beginners out there who have zero experience playing with this type of sex toy, it’s a must-read to go through this guide on how to use a clit sucker.

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My Personal Experience

The online video shows the Tenera 2 turned on and a small pearl being chaotically whipped around like a bag in the wind. It’s a video that made my clit nervous, but that’s because I am particularly sensitive. Others may be excited at the generous sensation this device offers. Fortunately, when I tested the suction on my finger, it started at a gentle level.

It is crucial to have extra patterns (if you enjoy patterns) with a suction device. Why? Because suction toys are often so good at the job of getting you off that, you will have an orgasm before you can get comfortable. Creating your own patterns means you can start very low, raise the intensity slowly, and enjoy teasing before playtime is over. You may be disappointed by how quickly the experience ends without the ability to fine-tune these sensations.

When I tried the app, I was pleased to see that it is still reliable and vast. You can masturbate in so many different ways by using the app. New patterns, music, porn, videogames—all of these things can be incorporated with the Tenera 2.


The Lovense packaging is sturdy and reasonable. It comes in a white box (image below) that doesn’t feel cheap but is not super giftable. Inside, the toy is nestled securely, so you don’t have to worry about getting damaged during transit.

The packaging

It also comes with a satiny black bag for storage, a USB charging cable, and an instruction manual. It would be nice if it came with lube, but it otherwise has everything you could hope for!


The Lovense Tenera 2 is probably one of the prettiest toys I own. The ombre of coral pink to cloud blue reminds me of masturbating seaside or perhaps eating a bowl of rainbow sherbet. The Tenera 2 is a winning choice for anyone who prizes good looks.

Lovense Tenera 2

It was thoughtful of Lovense to include the measurement of the clitoral suction nozzle so that you can measure your clit and see if it will be a good fit before purchasing. The thicker nozzle surrounding the mouth may make it more difficult to get a good seal than the suckers with thinner nozzles that are more flexible.

One small thing that was difficult for me to get the hang of is that I often press the minus button to turn off sex toys. On this, you press and hold the plus button, so it operates like a power button. After a few tries, I got the hang of it.


The Tenera 2 is made from soft, sturdy silicone. It’s silky yet not so soft that it mutes the suction sensations.


The Tenera 2 has mid-level suction strength and rumbly vibrations. The first setting feels a bit faster than the first setting on many others, making it perfect for those who love quick pulsing sensations and having one orgasm after another ripped quickly from them.

Me testing the power in a bowl of water

The suction was not as intense as some other toys, which I appreciated because I often find suction toys too intense. There is also a vibration component, which I found interesting since it’s not mentioned on the website or in the manual. This sucker vibrates and sucks, and I found the combination to be novel and enjoyable.

Sound Level

It’s somewhat loud when the Tenera 2 isn’t on your body. The website says it does not exceed 43 decibels (which they describe as between a conversation and a light rain), but I’m assuming that’s when up against your body.

Me testing the noise level using a decibel meter

When I tested the decibels, they ranged from 50 to 56. However, that sound level will deaden somewhat once you place the nozzle on your clitoris.

Build Quality and Dimensions

The build quality is excellent, just like each product I’ve received from Lovense. And the dimensions are typical for clit suckers—it fits in your hand and is small enough to slip into a purse. Perfect for travel! (You can see Tenera 2 next to my other clit suckers below).

Lovense Tenera 2 next to my other clit suckers

My one quibble with the build quality is with the motor, which can stall out even if you press the vibe gently against you. I also wished you could control the suction and vibration separately since I like stronger vibrations and lighter suction. Moving them both at once made it more difficult to reach a climax.

Ease of Use

The Lovense Tenera 2 is easy to use if you don’t plan to use the app. Just wash it, charge it, and hold down the plus button (circled in the image below) for three seconds! Things get a little more complicated if you use the app—but they also get more exciting. However, even without the app, it’s functional and has plenty of variation.

Lovense Tenera 2 charging


The Lovense app is the best sex toy app I have tried. It’s ideal for cammers who want to monetize their masturbation sessions or those who want more options for patterns. If you’re like me, you will want to get started exploring the app right away.

Once you have paired the Tenera 2 with the app, the experimenting begins. You can use your finger to increase or decrease the intensity and then use “Loop” to create a repeating pattern. If you choose “traditional,” you can use the pink button to lower or raise the intensity. When you find a pattern you absolutely love, you can save it in “My Patterns” and use it whenever you want. You have up to ten slots to fill with your creativity.

Me testing the Lovense Remote app

If you want to hand over the controls to your partner, whether in bed with you or in another country, you can create a link to share with them in the “create control link” section. After they download the app and pair the toy, they’re in charge of your pleasure. Some thoughtful touches are that you can select whether this link is renewable or expires, and you can set a time limit on how long your partner controls the device.

Further, you can sync the motion of the Tenera 2 to other Lovense toys. So, if your partner has one of their compatible toys, it can feel as close as possible to having sex.

You can also sync the Tenera 2 to media or streamers, making porn feel more real than ever. It can be sound-activated, adding an additional dimension to your favorite songs. Nearly any kind of media you can imagine can be masturbation-inspiring with this clever little toy.


The Lovense Tenera 2 gets top points for versatility. It is waterproof and perfect for use in a hot tub or shower. It’s small and has a storage bag, which is ideal for travel. The app makes it easy to use for people in long-distance relationships or those who are frequently separated. The app also gives you full creative license to create new patterns and more. You can even use it on other body parts, like your nipples, or wherever you like to feel sucking sensations. The world is at your fingertips, or rather, the tip of your clitoris.

Warranty and Support

The Lovense Tenera 2 is protected by a one-year warranty, which covers defects in workmanship or materials, and a ten-year quality guarantee, which allows you to use a 55% discount on a new model if your old Lovense toy stops working within the decade. That’s an excellent offer!

Minor Issues I Found During Testing

When testing the Lovense Tenera 2, I noticed that if you push the nozzle close to you as you edge toward climax (a  typical inclination), the air pulses can stall out, which may throw you off your game.

If you want to see what Lovense Tenera 2 looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

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Review Summary


  • Gorgeous, unique colors and design
  • Couldn’t be more versatile
  • Up to 4500 pulses per minute
  • Waterproof; easy to clean
  • Rumbly vibration plus gentle suction equals a winning combo
  • The app offers incredible, endless customization with great connectivity


  • The motor occasionally gave out when pressed lightly
  • The vibrations and suction can’t be controlled separately
  • Pricey, at a full retail cost of $259 (as of writing, it was on sale for $129)

Alternatives to Lovense Tenera 2

Original Tenera

Tenera’s design got a major facelift between the original Tenera and the second version. The first looks plain in comparison and comes only in turquoise color, and it’s no longer available on the Lovense website. The original boasted 5,000 pulses per minute, so the suction has slowed down a bit. The Tenera 2’s mouth has been widened a bit since the original, and it’s also heavier, though not noticeably. The battery life is comparable, but the main upgrades are the vibration component, the design, and the size.

The content of the box

If you prefer the OG to the new one, you can check out our Lovense Tenera review.

Womanizer Next

The Womanizer Next is a clit-suction device that offers 3D Pleasure Air, which feels roughly the same as the Tenera 2’s suction but much more powerful and thuddy. The Next’s design is gorgeous and leans into elegance rather than adorableness, making it aesthetically different from the Tenera 2. The Womanizer is more giftable and has high-end features like Smart Silence (meaning the noise cuts off when not in contact with your skin), Autopilot (which puts your pleasure in the hands of the toy), and Climax Control (which can prevent overstimulation).

Womanizer Next on my bathtub.

Anyone who wants features galore will be pleased with the Womanizer Next. But it doesn’t have an app, so it won’t work for people in long-distance relationships or those who want to create their own patterns. It also doesn’t have vibrations.

Grab a Womanizer Next for around $219. You can also use the discount code from our review of Womanizer Next right here.

We-Vibe Melt

The We-Vibe Melt is similar to the Tenera 2, but there are important differences that may help you make your decision. Overall, We-Vibe Melt wins in terms of raw power, and Tenera 2 wins for having two types of stimulation as well as the preferable app experience. The We-Vibe app lacks certain upgrades like the ability to use it easily as a camming tool, sync with porn or video games, or transfer stimulations from device to device.

The content of the box

The We-Vibe Melt has a thinner rim around the nozzle, which can be more comfortable for certain body types and easier to get a seal, but it doesn’t have the pretty ombre color that Tenera 2 has. However, it only comes in blue or pink. The Melt doesn’t have vibrations, just suction, making it seem quieter but less versatile. Lastly, the price is slightly different, as the We-Vibe Melt is $150 without a sale, cheaper than the Tenera 2.

For those who prefer this cheaper alternative, please read our We-Vibe Melt review to learn more about it.

Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is an excellent choice for the budget-conscious. For around $70, you get a dependable, waterproof, easy-to-use clit sucker. Its features don’t compare to the others on this list, and it doesn’t have an app, but it’s the perfect choice if you have never tried a suction device before and want to find out if you like it before spending a boatload. The downside is that the unboxing experience will be minimal and the design is mostly plastic, giving it a much cheaper feel than the rest of the suction devices.

Featured image

You can read the full review of Satisfyer Pro 2 and learn more about it by clicking the link.

Where to Buy Your Lovense Tenera 2?

Grab your app-controlled clitoral suction stimulator here.

Note: If you’re a first-time Lovense buyer, we highly recommend reading this Lovense shipping & packaging guide to get an idea of how their entire protocol for delivering toys works.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Best Lube for Lovense Tenera 2?

The Lovense Tenera 2 is made from silicone, so do not use it with silicone lube, or you can permanently damage the exterior and make it impossible to sterilize. A water-based lube will suit you much better and protect the finish at the same time. Lovense sells an excellent water-based lube, but other brands will also work.

Remember that water-based lubes can often become sticky and lose their slipperiness before other lubes, so you may have to reapply or spritz with a water bottle to restore the glide.

Is Lovense Tenera 2 Waterproof?

Yes, the Lovense Tenera 2 is IPX7 waterproof.

How Do I Clean Lovense Tenera 2?

The Tenera 2 is incredibly easy to clean. The instruction manual suggests that you turn it on to the highest intensity and submerge it in clean water for one minute, and it will clean itself! I recommend adding some antibacterial soap into the mix to ensure the toy is as sterile as possible. Water alone may miss some bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye, so do not skip the soap!

Then dry the Tenera 2 with a lint-proof cloth. This sucker is prone to picking up lint, so if you use a linty towel, it won’t look as clean as it should.

Here’s our comprehensive guide on cleaning Lovense toys, which can also provide you with more helpful details to keep your new toy in tip-top shape.

Is the Packaging Discreet?

Yes, Lovense ships your products in a plain, unmarked box that disguises what is inside. Your privacy is safe in their hands!


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