14 Best Prostate Massagers in 2024, REALLY Tested! [Video]

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Are you a newbie looking to explore prostate stimulation? Or maybe you’re an anal play pro looking to up your game? Whoever you are, you came to the right place because here we are talking prostate massagers!

We spent 6 years and hundreds of hours testing the most popular products, and we firmly believe Lelo Loki Wave is the right choice for most consumers. Besides being one of the strongest among our test samples, Loki Wave stayed inside the longest during play, making it the ideal choice for hands-free play. Even with the new Loki Wave 2 being slightly more comfortable and robust, our team thought the original Loki Wave’s power and hands-free balance stood out and made it the better of the two.

Key Takeaways

Test Winner: Lelo Loki Wave
Lelo LOKI WaveLelo Loki Wave got the highest rating in our review. Our testers loved the ergonomic design, the smoothly curved shaft, and the tapered tip. The unique stimulation with vibrations and come-hither fingering motion also stood out. Code MSTG15 for 15% off!

Non-Vibrating: Aneros Helix Syn Trident
Aneros Helix Syn TridentThe reviewers loved the medium-size and contoured body, which were better than other non-vibrating models we tested. The small size and rounded head simplify penetration and make it ideal for people seeking a filling dual penetration experience.

App-Controlled: Lovense Edge 2
Lovense Edge 2Lovense Edge 2 is most effective for long-distance and public play because of the excellent Lovense remote app. It bridges the gap for long-distance couples while offering numerous possibilities for every rectum play fan. It also had the strongest vibrations.

Why You Should Trust Us

Tim LarsonWhen it comes to male sex toys, few can match Tim Larson’s experience. Since starting My Sex Toy Guide in 2016, he has reviewed 100s of products and helped millions select the right products for their needs. In addition, he has grown the website from being just a husband and wife side project into a 20+ team of full-time experts.

The first edition of this article was first published in 2016 and has since gone through several iterations. In total, we spent 125 hours on research and product testing. We also interviewed industry experts and everyday users on various Internet forums.

If you have questions or product recommendations for Tim, don’t hesitate to contact him. You can call him at +1 307-372-3895 or email him at [email protected]. We also try to answer all comments left on our articles.


How We Picked The Products

I made a questionnaire and spread it among my colleagues at My Sex Toy Guide. Then, I used the responses to pick the models that appeared the most before combining them with the P-spot toys I’ve come to love over the years. I distributed the review samples to the testing party (Shane Davis and me) and defined test criteria that we could measure on a scale from 0 to 100. These included the following:

  • Design. Like G-spot vibrators, prostate massagers must have a curved body to enhance precision. In addition, a tapered design helps to simplify insertion. We ensured the models we reviewed featured these admirable features and others to improve your user experience.
  • The ideal Size depends on your experience and stimulation preference. For instance, a beginner would go smaller on the scale. Similarly, a girth play fan will prefer a chunky anal toy compared to a depth play fan who’d be after the most extended shaft.
  • Everyone loves a versatile sex toy. I advised the team to prioritize models with a versatile design, including perineum stimulation.
  • We always pay more attention to vibrating models with multiple vibration settings. The more, the better.
  • We also reviewed P-spot vibrators with more forms of stimulation. Besides vibration capabilities, we looked into thrusting, inflatable, and rimming models.
  • Build Quality. All the prostate massagers we reviewed had to be made from high-quality, body-safe materials like silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass.
  • Special Features. Standout features we paid attention to include a waterproof design, wireless remote control, and dedicated mobile app for simplified close-range and long-distance handling.

During testing, we rated each test criterion on a percentage scale from 0% (Worst) to 100% (Best). We then calculated the overall score using different weighted metrics depending on the importance of the test criteria. Half the total rating comes from Design (25%) and Stimulation (25%). After that comes Size (10%), Build Quality (10%), and Settings (10%).

The test panel returned with the reports after the 35-day self-testing exercise. It took almost 28 hours to analyze and summarize the findings so I firmly believe these are this year’s best prostate massagers!


Everything We Tested

In this chapter, you can see a comparison table with all the products we tested. As you can see, each row has the test criteria our team used during the testing. To make our testing process even more transparent, we also included the raw test data so you can see how the products performed with each test criteria.

LELO Loki WaveAneros Helix Syn TridentLovense Edge 2LELO HugoHot Octopuss Plexnjoy Pure WandWe Vibe Vectorb-Vibe Rimming PlugLovehoney High Roller
Name LOKI WaveTridentEdge 2HugoPleX with flexPure WandVectorRimming PlugHigh Roller
CategoryBest OverallNon-VibratingApp-ControlledRemote-ControlledCustomizableMetalHands-FreeRimmingBudget
Average Rating93%91%90%90%89%89%87%86%85%
Ease of Use79%90%93%94%87%93%90%89%86%
Build Quality93%95%78%90%76%93%90%90%90%
Special Features95%89%91%90%93%85%88%88%78%
Price & Value93%90%90%79%85%83%89%75%96%
Price Tag$164$69.99$109.00$175$99.95$115 – $149.99$139$128 – $159.99$79.99
MaterialSilicone & ABSSiliconeSiliconeSilicone & ABSSilicone & ABSStainless SteelSiliconeSiliconeSilicone
Diameter1.47 inches1 inch1.38 inches1.28 inches 0.7 – 1.2 inches1 – 1.5 inches1.4 inches1.4 inches1.4 inches
Insertable Length3.9 inches4 inches3.5 inches3.4 inches5.5 inches8 inches4 inches3 inches3 inches


1. LELO Loki Wave: Our Overall Test Winner!

Lelo LOKI Wave

Why we love LELO Loki Wave:

After the dust settled, our testers ranked LELO Loki Wave as the best prostate massager we reviewed. The primary motivation was the dual-motor design that tickled the prostate gland and perineum in equal measure, building the foundation for intense dual stimulation. This was an astounding feature that no other product had.

The dual-stimulation design includes a 4″ prostate shaft and rumbly arm for the perineum (image below). “I especially loved the inner arm’s angled design with a bulbous body that feels incredibly filling and a tapered head to simplify insertion,” our lead product tester, Shane Davis, wrote in his test report. “Another standout design feature was the slim neck, which, coupled with the bulbous body, made Loki Wave stay inside comfortably,” Shane continued.

Lelo LOKI Wave

The team agreed the silicone and ABS plastic marriage came out perfectly. Unlike most other sex toys made with two materials, the seams looked great and didn’t have the annoying dips that trap dirt and bacteria, making cleaning more tedious than necessary. Bravo LELO!

The ten vibration functions were another highlight of our review. The testers especially appreciated that there was a trackable graduation in power, making customizing the rumbles more fun.

The content of the boxLet’s move on to the highlight: LELO Loki Wave’s come-hither technology, which everyone agreed was an incredible feature. “The inner prober simulates the index finger movements during fingering while inside so that prostate stimulation comes from repeatedly tapping the gland and not vibrating only,” Tim Larson explained.

The whole team heaped praise on the variation in prostate and perineum stimulation. The fingering and vibrations created an exciting blend of sensations and gave the user multiple options to customize the experience. We can’t really describe this in words. It has to be experienced. (Yes, it’s that good).

Closeup of the control buttons

Lastly, we also thought the control interface was intuitive. The five buttons (image above) are well-labeled and easy to reach. While we usually prefer raised buttons because they’re more responsive, LELO did a great job implementing the controls. In addition, the 10 settings give you a degree of control even without the separate buttons for both motors—some settings turn off the prostate and perineum motor so you can enjoy either at a time.

What about LELO Loki Wave 2?

The new version boasts a more comfortable wearing experience. In addition, the motors are a little more potent (about 10%) than the original Loki Wave, making it more suited for the most experienced folks looking for the finer margins in life. LELO Loki Wave 2’s come-hither motion is also quicker, a massive consideration because you can’t regulate it.

In the image below, the two models are compared side by side (the original Loki Wave on the left and the new Loki Wave 2 on the right).

Lelo Loki Wave and Loki Wave 2

The test panel recommended the LELO Loki Wave as the best vibrating prostate massager, highlighting the powerful motor, ease of use, and intelligent design. And while the new model packs slightly more juice, the original’s numbers will satisfy the most experienced user, and the extra cost is not worth it. In addition, LELO Loki Wave stayed inside throughout the sessions, unlike the upgraded model that kept popping out.

You can read our comprehensive LELO Loki Wave 2 review in this article.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Some people will find the $189 price tag for LELO Loki Wave too high. Even with the impressive features, more affordable options like Lovehoney High Roller exist.

In addition, people with mobility issues will find it hard to reach the buttons because of the positioning near the base. A mobile phone application or remote controller would’ve been a great addition, especially for something that costs almost $200.

Why LELO Loki Wave is the highest-rated prostate massager:

LELO Loki Wave stood out among the dozens of prostate massagers we tested. It was easiest to insert, and the vibrations were powerful and impactful. Let’s look at the raw test data to understand better how we motivated our decision to put Loki Wave at the top:

  • Stimulations: The test panel described LELO Loki Wave as one of the strongest models, and it’s not hard to see why. The ten vibration settings were also impressive because they made customizing the experience easy—you can even turn off the come-hither motion or perineum vibrations.
  • Design: LELO Hugo’s design score was 96%, the highest among the review samples. The testers praised everything from the bulbous body to the dual-moor build and the slim neck that promoted the best retention.
  • Special Features: Unique features like the come-hither motion simulate fingering, making the P-spot stimulation more realistic and thrilling. And with a rumbly perineum tickler, the resulting blend of sensations was exciting.
  • Ease of Use: Even though a smartphone application would have improved the experience, the control interface was relatively easy to use (score: 79%). Especially with the indented middle button, it was a great experience.

If you want to see what LELO Loki Wave looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

You can read our review of Lelo Loki Wave here.


  • Material: Medical-grade silicone & ABS plastic
  • Diameter: 1.47″
  • Insertable Length: 3.9″


  • The most powerful prostate massager.
  • Outstanding dual-action design.
  • The bulbous shaft with a tapered head promotes intense prostate orgasms.
  • It has multiple settings to explore.
  • Impressive come-hither motion.
  • The USB-rechargeable Loki Wave is waterproof.


  • Reaching the buttons can be a challenge for people with mobility issues.
  • Size queens might find the dimensions underwhelming.

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2. Aneros Helix Syn Trident: Best Non-Vibrating!

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

Why we love Aneros Helix Syn Trident:

Aneros Helix Syn Trident might be non-vibrating, but we still believe it’s a versatile piece for solo players and couples. “I was initially hesitant because it looked smaller in real life than on the box. However, as soon as I placed it on my palm, I knew it was big enough to offer a formidable challenge”, Tim Larson reported.

The design has some noticeable features. It has a bulkier tip than the body (circled above). Even with the rounded design that significantly simplifies penetration, the testers liked the defiant tip, which amplified the sensations when coupled with the notches on the inner arm.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident inside the box

The material is silky silicone, giving it a flexible and durable consistency. The extra squish makes the massager beginner-friendly and we believe it’s a good choice for the majority of consumers.

Something that stood out was the two tiny arms meant to enhance the sex toy’s safety. While they looked weak, my colleagues found them sufficient and up to the task. They also noted that the upward angle exerted pressure on the perineum and the kundalini. The arms are slim, meaning they easily fit between your ass cheeks. Solid design choices overall.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

The testers also reported how easy it was to use the Aneros prostate massager. Shane Davis summarized his experience like this: “The silicone body is firm enough to enhance penetration but squishy to glide through the tight anal hole. In addition, the elongated arms made it easy to guide the massager through to the prostate and retrieve it after I was done. And without buttons to learn and settings to acclimatize, Aneros is foolproof”.

How was the size? Well, the 4″ insertable length and 3″ circumference make it a medium-sized prostate tickler. That, plus the squishy silicone material, makes Aneros Helix Syn Trident the most effective non-vibrating prostate massager for most users.

The packaging

Minor issues we found during testing:

You might have to look elsewhere if you’re after a sophisticated device with bells and whistles like rumbly motors and intense prostate massage. Aneros Helix Syn Trident is a non-vibrating sex toy maneuvered with your hands.

We also think the small size might be underwhelming for experienced anal play users.

Why Aneros Helix Syn Trident is the best non-vibrating prostate massager:

Aneros Helix Syn Trident might be too dull for those after intense rumbles to their prostate. Still, the reviewers pointed out its medium-size and contoured body as two essential features for a thrilling self-pleasuring experience. It also scored highly for the following key-decision making factors:

  • Size: Its small size and rounded head simplify penetration and make it ideal for couples seeking a filling dual penetration experience (score: 89%). And even if you’re not the most experienced anal play fan, its non-intimidating figure is beginner-friendly.
  • Stimulations: My colleagues also loved Aneros Helix Syn Trident’s retrieval arms, giving it an 87% average score. While they looked flimsy at first, they made it easy to maneuver and retrieve the waterproof prostate massager after use. During play, they also put pressure on the perineum and the kundalini for precise prostate stimulation.

If you want to see what Helix Syn Trident looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Circumference: 3″
  • Usable Length: 4″


  • A bulbous body amplifies internal stimulation.
  • The rounded head simplifies penetration.
  • It’s made from body-safe and easy-to-clean silicone.
  • Elongated retrieval arms.
  • Ideal for anal sex beginners.


  • The small size might be underwhelming to experienced users.

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3. Lovense Edge 2: Long-Distance Play (And Strongest)

Lovense Edge 2 with the Lovense Connect app

Why we love Lovense Edge 2:

Lovense Edge 2 is the most recommended model for people in long-distance relationships. It was also the strongest prostate massager on this list, making it perfect for our power-hungry readers.

The second-generation Edge features a redesign with an adjustable arm for precise stimulation (image below) and an upgraded Bluetooth chip for better long-distance connectivity. Other improvements from the original Lovense Edge included the enhanced battery life and magnetic charging port for extended vibrations as well as a simplified charging experience. Everyone agreed they were some solid upgrades.

Lovense Edge 2

Besides the solo power button that helps cycle through the preset patterns, it’s compatible with the Lovense Remote app. The intuitive smartphone app makes it easy for long-distance partners to regulate each other’s sex toys over Wi-Fi. Unlike the onboard interface, you can create new patterns and store ten favorites for later use. You can also sync the vibrations to your Spotify playlist (this feature was great!). Other impressive mobile app features include multi-toy sync and unlimited customization options.

While the Bluetooth prostate massager felt stiff on the hands, the testers found it flexible with a little push. The stiffness is actually a benefit. You see, once you get it into the right shape, it remains in position throughout the play. But we recommend to press it gently until you get your desired anal stimulation, taking care to avoid any damage. You should also adjust the toy outside the body for optimal results.

Closeup of the controls

The Edge 2 retains its shape, and you don’t have to re-route it again – just once, and you’re set. Moving the tip furthest to an almost perpendicular position was the most comfortable and thrilling.

The Lovense Edge 2 motor churns out powerful vibrations, which impressed the team members. Unlike most prostate massagers we reviewed, each vibration pattern—low, medium, and high had its distinct rumble type, and we could feel the change when transitioning from one to another. Even the four modes—pulse, wave, fireworks, and earthquake—had a distinct ‘flavor,’ making it easy to enjoy the pleasures that came with each one.

Lovense Edge 2

Something else that stood out was the dual-motor design. Lovense Edge 2 has two motors – one on the base and the other in the head for coordinated prostate and perineum stimulation. With 4 patterns and 3 speeds to explore, we found the vibrations among the strongest on this list.

Pro Tip: We recommend setting the vibrations on the prostate and external arm at different levels. If you max out both, they wash each other out, and you don’t have a distinguishing factor that makes the dual-motor design stand out.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Lovense Edge 2 is somewhat loud, and public play fans might have to look elsewhere.

Another concern was the stiff body. If you’re not experienced with anal sex toys, you’ll have to sit this out. It could be squishier, and I’d recommend it to the most experienced anal sex fans.

Why Lovense Edge 2 is best for long-distance play:

Our long-term readers probably know our undying love for the Lovense Remote app. It’s performing so much better than the competition, so it’s no surprise that Edge 2 was our choice as the best Bluetooth prostate massager. Let’s check what the test reports said:

  • Special Features: The test panel loved Edge 2’s compatibility with the Lovense Remote app. The average score was 91%, much better than the other app-controlled products we reviewed. With bells and whistles like music sync, multi-toy control, and a sexting platform, it was the highest-rated option for people in LDRs.
  • Stimulations: Edge 2 had the most powerful vibrations of the reviewed models. Other features like the dual-motor design that adds perineum stimulation to the experience and the bulbous body that promotes retention and makes backdoor exploration more thrilling also received an average rating of 95% from the team. (Please read our complete Lovense Edge review here.)

If you want to see what Lovense Edge 2 looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Diameter: 1.38″
  • Usable Length: 3.5″


  • Intuitive and action-packed Lovense Remote app.
  • Impressive dual-motor design for amplified stimulation.
  • The adjustable design enhances precise prostate massage.
  • A lovely range of vibration patterns.
  • The app supports video chat, music sync, and sexting.


  • It’s somewhat loud.
  • Lovense Edge might not be ideal for beginners.

You can find more of our Lovense reviews here.

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4. LELO Hugo 2: Best Remote Control!

Lelo Hugo 2

Among the most exciting aspects we loved about LELO HUGO 2 was the redesigned remote control (image below), which stood out. The all-silicone body felt great on the hands, and the well-calculated indents on the buttons made it easy to track the experience even when multitasking.

Unlike most review samples, the remote controller’s dimensions were ideal for different users, including those with smaller palms. More importantly, the remote controller introduced cutting-edge SenseMotion technology, rendering the experience even more blissful. Once turned on, the feature lets you regulate the vibration settings by flicking the wrist.

Lelo Hugo 2 and the remote control

The second-generation prostate vibrator also offered the option of a remote control or an app-controlled option. We reviewed the former, which was comparatively easy to pair and use. Unfortunately, you can only use one and not both. If you get the version with a mobile app, it doesn’t come with a remote control and vice versa, which was a bit confusing.

Let’s talk about the sensations next. HUGO 2’s dual-motor build made the rumbly vibrations more intense on both ends, the prostate and perineum. According to the website, it was 20% more powerful than its predecessor, and the intensity was evident on the first try. “The vibrations were rumbly from the first setting to the last,” says Shane Davis. “The intense rumbles on both the perineum and prostate tickle the sensitive nerve endings, culminating in satisfying internal and external stimulations.”

The device charging

The re-engineered design was another highlight of the review. Combining the tapered inner arm, a slimmer neck, and a flexible body made the vibrator completely hands-free. Retaining it inside was easy compared to the other names we tested, and it felt comfortable even when worn for extended periods.

LELO HUGO 2’s dimensions were ideal for intermediate prostate massage fans (you can see how it compares to the other review samples in the image below). The tapered head was easy to insert, and the curved design of the external arm clung onto the perineum for direct stimulation. More importantly, the all-silicone body felt cozy inside with the flexible build, allowing easy adjustments to hit the sweet spots.

Lelo Hugo 2 with all my other prostate massagers

How about the build quality? You might be asking. Well, the choice of material was incredible. The silicone felt tremendous, and the non-porous feature simplified cleaning. On the other hand, the ABS section added a feeling of class and ruggedness that made the butt plug sparkling to the eyes. “I used the original HUGO, and it felt a little uncomfortable after a few minutes,” says Shane Davis. “The new model combined a tapered design, comfortable materials, and a flexible body, rendering it ideal for extended wear during penetrative sex.

Note: The prostate toy felt uncomfortable when sat on because of the base. While it’s perfect for extended wear, the toy isn’t designed for public play.

Me measuring Hugo 2's sound level using a decibel meter

The website stated the noise meter was under the 60 dB meter, and the team was excited about the numbers. When we tested it, it ranged between 37 and 57 decibels, a comparatively discreet noise for a powerful dual-motor vibrator.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Unfortunately, the new HUGO 2 model comes in two: a remote and an app-controlled option. Unlike most hybrid toys, you can only use one and not the two. If you buy the former, you can’t pair it with the LELO app; the app-controlled model doesn’t come with the remote controller.

We reviewed the remote-controlled model, which didn’t offer independent motor control, which was a bummer. In addition, the button orientation wasn’t as intuitive as anticipated, and it was a little complicated to get the buttons right because the functions were backward when the remote was turned, so the buttons were on top.

Lastly, the remote-controlled model costs $219, while the app-controlled option is $179. While the former has cutting-edge SenseMotion technology, regular prostate massage fans will find the price too expensive.

Why LELO HUGO 2 has the best remote control:

  • Versatility: The new HUGO 2 model lets you choose between a remote-controlled and app-compatible vibrator. While you can’t have both simultaneously, the choice of having either made for a dynamic prostate massager. In addition, the dual stimulation design offered more incentive for pleasure seekers, with precise prostate and perineum orgasms.
  • Stimulations: The ultra-powerful motors were the best thing about the perineum sex toy. A motor dedicated to each arm ensured no bias or power loss throughout the experience. The new model was 20% more intense than its predecessor. The rumbly vibrations were evenly spread from the first to the last pattern, rendering LELO HUGO 2 ideal for intermediate and experienced users.
  • Design: Besides the revamped motors, the redesigned shape made the new model hands-free and easy to retain inside the anal cavity. The curved inner arm and tapered head promoted precise sensations and simplified penetration even for people not as experienced with backdoor exploration. In addition, the flexible body and silky-smooth silicone material hugged the body securely, significantly enhancing the user experience.

If you want to see what LELO Hugo 2 looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

You can read our comprehensive LELO Hugo 2 review here.


  • Material: Silicone & ABS plastic
  • Insertable Length: 2.83″
  • Dimensions: 4.1″ x 4.2″ x 1.6″


  • Well-designed remote control butt plug.
  • User-friendly control interface.
  • Phenomenal build quality.
  • Intense rumbly vibrations.
  • You can also buy the app-controlled model.
  • Body-safe silicone and ABS plastic materials.


  • The remote control is not waterproof.
  • LELO HUGO 2 remote is pricier than the app-controlled model.

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5. Hot Octopuss PleX with flex: Most Customizable!

Hot Octopuss PleX with flex

Why we love Hot Octopuss PleX with flex:

Hot Octopuss PleX with flex is the most customizable prostate massager we reviewed because of the innovative Treble and Bass technology. Everyone was excited to try it out, and we weren’t disappointed. “I enjoyed the bass more because of the rumbly reverberation, which I found more impactful than the sharp treble buzzes,” Tim Larson commented.

The testers also appreciated the motor separation with the treble at the tip and the bass motor in the middle. The differentiation induced an exciting balance ensuring the rumbles were spread evenly. With five pleasure settings and patterns, there was an excellent range of vibration combinations to explore (You can see the control panel in the image below).

The controls at the base

It took a while before everyone figured out the ideal setting for me, but as soon as they picked the rhythm, experimenting with both motors was an adventure. While adding independent control would be a game-changer, they had a blast!

Something that stood out was the wide body, rounded head, and slim neck (circled in blue below). The well-thought build meant the massager enhanced a feeling of fullness during play while promoting precise prostate stimulation. It has a 5.5″ length, so you can be sure it’ll go all the way.

The company logo on the base

Even with the built-in interface, the wireless remote control came in handy. It’s small and has a silicone body that feels great on the palm. Customizing the experience was much easier with multiple buttons than the one—two-button interfaces.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Unfortunately, Hot Octopuss PleX with flex might be too expensive for beginners on a budget. It costs $99.95, and people after a cheap prostate massager will have to look elsewhere.

Also, I wouldn’t say I liked that I couldn’t independently regulate the treble and base motors. Separating the functionality would have been the icing on the cake.

Why Hot Octopuss PleX with flex is the most versatile model:

Hot Octopuss PleX with flex is an incredible addition to your bedroom collection. The testers pointed out the motor positioning on the top and middle as a ‘genius’ move that helped balance the vibrations, making them more impactful and adventurous. Let’s have a closer look at the test criteria to see how we motivated our decision:

  • Stimulations: The reviewers fell in love with the Treble and Bass technology, which is why we made it our most versatile pick (rating: 85%). And even without independent control, everyone was excited with the sharp buzzing and intense rumbles.
  • Build Quality: We also loved the well-thought-out build quality, with a rounded head and wide body that made prostate stimulation more satisfying regardless of the experience. The average score was 76%.

If you want to see what PleX looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

You can read our complete Hot Octopuss PleX with flex review here.


  • Material: Silicone, ABS
  • Diameter: 0.7 – 1.2″
  • Length: 5.5″


  • The most customizable prostate massager.
  • Remarkable Treble and Bass technology.
  • Well-thought-out build quality.
  • Intuitive wireless remote control.
  • It has a wide range of vibration combinations.
  • The vibrator is fully waterproof.


  • Hot Octopuss PleX doesn’t have independent motor control.
  • It’s pricey – $99.95.

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6. njoy Pure Wand: Best Metal Prostate Massager!

Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand

Why we love njoy Pure Wand:

Are you looking for something more heavy-metal? Then you will like our next list entry: njoy Pure Wand, the top prostate massager made of metal. One end is more prominent (1.5″) compared to the smaller 1″ bulb (image above). The size variation made Pure Wand perfect for most users, as you could juggle between the two depending on your preference.

The testers found the 1″ end works great for warming up before you can turn it around and immerse the wider bulb. With the weighted metal feel, we found anal stimulation more profound with the njoy Pure Wand.

Closeup of the steel body with the njoy logo

Something else that stood out was the curved body. “The curvature was slightly more pronounced than I’d anticipated, and it took a few tries to get the right rhythm,” our tester Rachel Sommer told me. “Once I was in tune with the curve and how to hold the massager, I found it easy to hit the prostate with minimal maneuvering. I usually combine my anal sex toys with a vibrator on the perineum for dual stimulation, and it took seconds to orgasm with the njoy Pure Wand”.

My colleagues couldn’t wait to try temperature play. Like other metal dildos, njoy Pure Wand’s stainless-steel material warms and cools to match the ambient temperature. We tried submerging it in warm and cold water 10-15 minutes before play, and it felt great. “I prefer the warm after-effect because who wants an ice-cold metal dildo in their ass anyway,” Shane Davis reported.

Closeup of the larger head

Pro Tip: Once you submerge the njoy wand in warm water or leave it in the refrigerator, wait until it’s warm or cool enough for penetration. I usually do a hand test, placing the toy on the back of my hand – if it’s too hot or cold for the hand, it has no business in your ass.

Minor issues we found during testing:

While the weighted stainless-steel ends add to the sensation of pressure, a positive for such a small dildo, people with mobility issues and weak hands might find the weight problematic. In addition, the stainless steel might be uncomfortable for people with sensitive anal sphincters.

You might have to look elsewhere if you’re in the market for an affordable prostate massager. njoy Pure Wand costs $115 – $149.99, a price most people will find too much for a non-vibrating model.

People who prefer a rough texture or dual stimulation will be disappointed with the njoy Pure Wand.

Why njoy Pure Wand is the best-performing metal prostate massager:

  • Design: The test panel applauded the multiple bulb design (score: 84%), with most reviewers pointing out how essential the differently-sized ends were. “For solo play fans, you can use the smaller end to warm up for the big one, and for couples, the smaller bulb can be used for anal penetration and the larger one for vaginal probing,” one reviewer said.
  • Size: Other reviewers pointed out the curved design’s relevance in simplifying prostate stimulation. And with about 8 inches in length, I found using the massager very easy, which was the first for a metal dildo.
  • Build Quality: I also liked the high-quality build with the 316-grade stainless steel. Besides enhancing durability, it allows temperature play fans to explore their limits with the extra incentive of a warmer or cooler shaft.

If you want to see what Pure Wand looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 1″ and 1.5″
  • Length: 8″ (end to end)


  • Differently sized bulbs add to the versatility.
  • The sensual curve simplifies prostate massage.
  • It’s ideal for temperature play.
  • The weighted ends add to the sensation of pressure.
  • It comes in an elegant, gift-ready package.


  • njoy Pure Wand is expensive – $$115 – $149.99.
  • It might be underwhelming for those who prefer a textured shaft.

View On Lovehoney

View On Shevibe.com


7. We-Vibe Vector: Best Hands-Free Model!

We-Vibe Vector

Why we love We-Vibe Vector:

We-Vibe Vector did a better job staying inside the anus than the other review samples on this list. Most team members reported that they didn’t need to re-adjust the starting position for it to be comfortable (unless you want to, of course). This motivated testers to give it a 96% rating for the hands-free aspect, making it a good option if you want to pair your prostate massage with other activities, such as penis masturbation or penetrative sex with a partner.

The team also noted that Vector has a joint at the edge where both arms meet, making it easy to adjust to the perfect angle for your body (image below). The testers found the joint elusive, so you might have to confirm, but changing the angle is straightforward once you locate it. More importantly, the joint is stiff and won’t give in once you get it to the desired angle.

We-Vibe Vector

We also think Vector is ideal for people new to anal play. The reason is the squishy silicone material with a tinge of firmness around the joint, which is ideal for novices. In addition, the vibrator is easy to use and offers multiple fun options to explore, especially with the mobile app.

The team ranked Vector as “Well-Constructed.”—everything from the flexible body to the all-silicone body and overall comfortable feel. The 3.5″ circumference and 4” insertable length make a medium size perfect for most users, including those new to prostate stimulation. And with the tapered tip and slim neck, penetration is easy, and the toy feels incredibly cozy inside the ass.

We-Vibe Vector and the remote control

As you can see in the image above, Vector has a remote control for simplified close-range control. While the controller’s design could be better – it felt slightly cheap, it makes it easy to cycle through the ten preset vibration settings. It also connects automatically with the prostate vibrator, so you don’t have to worry about the setup process.

The We-Connect app might not be the best – connecting took a while. However, it makes it easy to regulate the vibrations. Besides the available ten settings, you can create new patterns. This feature is especially crucial because it allows you to independently control the prostate and perineum motor, an impossible task with the remote control. (You can see screenshots of the app below.)

Screenshots from the We-Vibe Connect smartphone app

With the mobile application, you can create different rhythms for each motor with the multi-control feature. This way, the prostate and perineum vibrations feel unique. Another way to use the We-Connect app to regulate the motors independently is by setting the music function so that one motor responds to bass while the other responds to treble.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Unfortunately, the We-Vibe Vector might be underwhelming for people after hard-hitting buzzing. Even with a dual-stimulation design, it offers soft rumbles perfect for a beginner or intermediate prostate massage fan.

There’s no outright way to regulate the two motors independently. It takes creativity, and you must use the mobile app to create different patterns or employ the music function.

Why We-Vibe Vector is our favorite hands-free prostate massager:

  • Versatility: One thing that stood out with the We-Vibe Vector was the adjustable base and firm silicone design that made it easy to customize the angle. The panel lauded the elusive joins stiffness (average rating: 78%), meaning it remains intact after customization, so you don’t have to adjust the position now and then.
  • Special Features: Other impressive features include the mobile app, which simplifies handling and expands the possibilities. We especially loved that the app allowed for independent motor control. With an all-silicone design and medium size, We-Vibe Vector is ideal for most users, including newbies.

If you want to see what We-Vibe Vector looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

You can read our We-Vibe Vector review here.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Circumference: 4.5″
  • Usable Length: 4″


  • A flexible design is easy to manipulate.
  • Multiple control options – onboard interface, remote control, and mobile app.
  • It’s made with squishy silicone material.
  • Vector is waterproof but the remote is only splashproof.
  • It comes with a storage pouch.


  • It might be underwhelming for more experienced folks.
  • The remote control is battery-powered.

View On Lovehoney

View On We-Vibe.com


8. b-Vibe Rimming Plug: Great Rimming Sensation!

b-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite with the remote control

Why we love the b-Vibe Rimming Plug:

If you draw extra pleasure from anal rimming, the b-Vibe Rimming Plug will be a good option. While most people call it petite, the testers found it more of a medium sex toy than a small one. “Don’t get me wrong, newbies can use the anal toy comfortably, but so would an intermediate user looking to advance and test their limits,” Shane Davis told me.

The rimming sensation was unlike anything we’d experienced with a sex toy. Of course, its small size makes prostate massage impractical, but it perfectly simulates the feeling of oral stimulation. “Sandra and I love eating each other’s asses out, and the b-Vibe Rimming Plug is the closest I’ve ever gotten to the real thing,” Tim Larson reported. “the rotating beads are dramatically accurate. And with a vibrating tip, I loved every bit of the experience,” Tim added.

Closeup of the tapered tip

Something that stood out during the self-testing exercise was the buzzy consistency. I’m not the biggest fan of the buzz, especially for a hands-free sex toy that’ll be in my ass as I carry on with my day. That’s a personal preference, though.

We also loved that the Rimming Plug had a wireless remote control that worked perfectly from several feet away. The team found the buttons easy to push – probably too easy, which occasionally caused us to accidentally press the power button, turn the toy off, and start over again (I blame the lube on my hands).

b-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

Moving on to the motor, which has an excellent range of vibrations – 7 rotation and vibration modes with 6 intensity levels. Although you can’t regulate the rimming and vibration settings independently, we highly appreciate the variety.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting to orgasm from the rimming action, but the anal toy was an excellent addition for someone looking for a public play massager. I used it when having sex with Sandra for more sensations.

The base with the control button and charging port

Note: If you’re using it for public play, it gets uncomfortable after extended periods on the chair. The huge base (circled above) makes it anal sex friendly, but it can be uncomfortable if you sit on it for long – it’s better suited for public use if you won’t be on the chair.

Minor issues we found during testing:

The b-Vibe Rimming Plug is loud. It’s not the loudest we tested, but I don’t believe the whisper-quiet marketing ploy most reviews have brandished.

In addition, it’s not the most affordable option ($128 – $159.99), and you might have to try something cheaper if you’re not sure you’ll like an anal toy.

Lastly, you can’t regulate the rimming action and vibration patterns independently.

Why b-Vibe Rimming Plug is the most effective rimming massager:

If you’re looking for a medium size anal sex toy that simulates the sensations of someone licking your anal opening, we highly recommend the b-Vibe Rimming Plug. Let’s have a closer look at the test highlights to learn why:

  • Stimulations: We loved the rotating beads on the neck that glide gently on the anal opening, inspiring a unique feeling.
  • Settings: With multiple settings to explore, it felt great. In addition, the remote control simplified handling and made the rimming plug an ideal choice for solo and coupled play.
  • Design: Even without independent rimming action and vibration control, the reports gave the b-Vibe Rimming Plug positive ratings (average 87%). With a non-intimidating design, most people, including newbies, will enjoy the rimming action. You can read our complete review here.

If you want to see what the b-Vibe Rimming Plug looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Circumference: 4.5″
  • Insertable Length: 3″


  • An excellent range of vibration and rimming settings.
  • The tapered design and flared base render it easy and safe to use.
  • Handy remote control.
  • It’s made from body-safe silicone material.
  • Convenient storage case.


  • The anal vibe is not waterproof.
  • It’s pricey – $128 – $159.99.

View On Lovehoney

View On Bvibe.com


9. Lovehoney High Roller: Budget & Beginner Model!

Lovehoney High Roller

Why we love Lovehoney High Roller:

Lovehoney High Roller is a budget-friendly prostate massager for beginners. While I found the 4.5″ circumference filling, the rounded head and bulbous body were reasonably easy to insert. It’s not necessarily the most straightforward sex toy I’ve ever used, but it had an outstanding balance, offering just enough degree of challenge to make the experience exciting.

Something that stood out was the powerful motor, with some saying that the High Roller packed a hefty punch. More importantly, it offered seven patterns and three speeds, making up for an excellent range of combinations to explore. With a wireless remote control, customizing the rumbles is much easier for solo and coupled users.

Aside from the rounded tip that greatly simplifies penetration, I loved the slightly curved design that made it easy to hit the prostate. It took a few wiggling, and I could get a whiff of the prostate even before turning on the vibrations.

I also loved the flared base because it doubled as a perineum stimulator. It has delicate lines running from end to end to induce a swift degree of texture. I didn’t feel the effect from the subtle lines, but they look great on the smoothly-textured anal toy.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Unfortunately, the anal toy isn’t the smallest or easiest to use. It takes patience, especially for a beginner, with the bulbous design. The tip could be ‘more tapered’ as well.

I also found the vibrations powerful. But luckily, there’s a range of combinations, so you can always customize the experience to match your experience.

Why Lovehoney High Roller is our budget & beginner pick:

  • Ease of Use: Lovehoney High Roller got the highest score for ease of use (average 86%), making it our choice for beginners. The testers especially liked its rounded head and bulbous body, making insertion easy and comfortable.
  • Price & Value: At only $79.99, it’s one of the most affordable prostate massagers we reviewed. Perfect for budget seekers.
  • Design: My colleagues also appreciated the versatile design, with the flared base doubling as a perineum stimulator. And with the remote control that renders the anal toy as effective for couples as it is for self-pleasuring folks, reviewing the Lovehoney High Roller was a thrill I’d not mind relieving.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Circumference: 4.5″
  • Length: 5.5″
  • Insertable Length: 4.5″


  • It has a wireless remote control.
  • The bulbous design feels incredible.
  • It’s made from high-quality silicone.
  • The flat base doubles as a perineum stimulator.


  • It slipped out a few times – it might be a personal problem.
  • The firm silicone build might be too much for those with sensitive bits.

View On Lovehoney


Other Good Alternatives

Nexus Revo Extreme is perfect for people after girth play. The chunky 6.25″ circumference promotes a filling experience for the most experienced anal sex fans. Notably, the shaft has two rotation functions on the head, which you can customize to rumble clockwise or counterclockwise. And with a convenient remote control, the anal toy is ideal for couples and single users. Lastly, it has a textured base that amplifies external stimulation.

Tantus P-Spot Vibrator is a good choice for pegging and strap-on fans. The 7.5″ dildo’s flat base slots into most standard-sized O-rings, freeing your hands and giving you more freedom to explore other body positions and enhance the quality of sensations

The testers loved the Tantus P-spot anal vibrator‘s smooth finish. “The texture-free shaft was convenient for such a chunky anal dildo, rendering it ideal for intermediate and experienced users.” Other impressive features included the bulbous body and curved design, two tweaks that enhanced accuracy and elevated the sensations. It also has a removable bullet vibe that adds mild rumbles to the experience.

If you’re a glass dildo fan, you should check out Icicles No. 46 which is made out of glass. While it might not be the largest, I found the rigid glass an excellent challenge for intermediate and experienced users. More importantly, it has a tapered design to simplify insertion and a rounded body for a filling experience. It also has a wide finger loop that significantly improves the user experience. And with the temperature-responsive borosilicate glass, the options are endless.

Booty Blaster is what we recommend if you want a thrusting motion. Even with the back-and-forth movements, it also has a suction cup base for entirely hands-free play. The test panel loved its vibration and thrusting combo, two capabilities that made it an excellent choice for most users. Another highlight was the range of settings, including the 7 patterns and 3 thrusting speeds. We also liked the included wired remote control, which we thought added to its versatility.

Booty Call is the best inflatable prostate massager. Notably, an easy-to-use hand pump engorges the plug with a few squeezes. It gently stretches the sphincter muscles, ultimately inspiring an exciting feeling of fullness. More importantly, it has a quick-release valve for instant deflation and a strong suction cup base for hands-free use.


What Is A Prostate Massager?

As the name suggests, a prostate massager is a male anal sex toy designed to massage your prostate, a walnut-sized gland inside your rectum. Like everything else in the diverse sex toy industry, there are numerous types to meet the needs of different anal pleasure fans. Either way, the most effective prostate massager stimulates the prostate by gently pressing onto your rectum’s frontal wall, achieving intense orgasms.

Flex with Plex and Edge 2


But Why Do I Need One?

A prostate massager is an ideal adult toy for prostate owners. Besides massaging your sensitive nerve endings-rich prostate gland for intense sensations, a prostate massage can potentially help ease pressure and swelling by releasing fluids that build up in the prostate.

Lelo LOKI Wave and Lovense Edge 2

In addition, some men even claim they receive more sexual pleasure and ejaculations after prostate massages. However, more studies need to be done to verify this claim.


Types of Prostate Massagers

  • Prostate massagers come in different shapes and sizes, but most follow a universal design, a curved shaft with a narrow tip to provide direct prostate stimulation.
  • Most massagers are either vibrating or non-vibrating, with the main difference being the degree of stimulation. Vibrating anal toys use a motor with a rechargeable battery to stimulate your p-spot, while non-vibrating (also called manual) models require that you move your sphincter muscle to excite mind-blowing prostate stimulations.
  • A prostate stimulator is also either internal or external. Internal prostate massagers are inserted into the anus to stimulate the prostate directly. On the other hand, external prostate massagers are small devices men use while sitting. They work as a perineum stimulator (the area between the scrotum and the anus) while sitting. (Read more about a taint massage here.)

njoy Pure Wand, Flex with Plex, and b-Vibe rimming plug


How To Use A Prostate Massager?

Prostate anatomy

  1. First, position yourself at the right angle to promote easy access to your rectum muscles. The best position for using a prostate massager is lying on your back, bending your knees, and pulling your feet towards your butt. This way, you can easily reach your rectum and slide the butt toy through. The fetal position works well, too.
  2. Make sure you apply plenty of lubricant to the toy and the sphincter. Please only use water-based lube for silicone toys, but if you have a non-silicone toy, like glass or metal, you can use silicone-based lube.
  3. Once the toy is inside, navigate it slowly until you feel it against your prostate gland. You will tell when it lands on the prostate by the difference in sensation.
  4. I recommend you have soothing music playing in the background and switch off any other electronics in the room to avoid unnecessary distractions.
  5. Relax, lay back, and close your eyes for at least 20 minutes to give the body ample time to adjust and the muscles down there to relax.
  6. After the initial 20 minutes, it’s time to work out your prostate muscles. Start your Kegel exercises by contracting and releasing your pelvic floor muscles.
  7. It’s similar to when you stop urination in midstream. The contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles control how you urinate.
  8. Similarly, hold the contraction and then release it multiple times after a few seconds.

A man using a prostate massager

As expected, the first few sessions of holding and releasing the muscles will cause your muscles to get tired impulsively since they are not used to the exercise. But the more you exercise the muscles, the more resilient they become.

As you develop the muscles, ass play becomes more enjoyable and seamless to achieve p-spot orgasm.

You can exercise these muscles from anywhere—for example, practice contraction and relaxation in the office chair or on the couch at home. If the muscles get tired, take a break and resume when ready.

A man relaxing

With some discipline and practice, the whole experience will be the most pleasurable thing you’ve ever done.

Pro Tip: If you’re new to prostate milking, don’t expect to achieve prostate orgasm after the first attempt. It takes a while!

For more information on using anal toys, please check out our guide on how to use a prostate massager.


So How Does A Prostate Orgasm Feel Like?

While many people perceive a P orgasm to originate from the genitals, it begins with a warm feeling throughout my midsection. The sensation from the abdomen is transferred to my genitals and soon overtakes my body [2].

I’ll experience some form of uncontrollable quivering, making me arch my back and lose track of what is going on with my body. There’s nothing you can do but let it go and enjoy the ride.

In total, they last somewhere between seconds and a few minutes, but it’s followed by a relaxation of the body and mind for a couple of hours.


Can I Hurt Myself When Using One?

Yes, if you’re not following the instructions, you may be too rough and end up hurting yourself. In addition, your rectum may harbor harmful bacteria, so proper cleaning between uses is essential so you don’t spread them. You should never go from the anus to other orifices, like a vagina or mouth.

Note: Before trying your new prostate massager, you should always consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice.


How To Clean A Prostate Massager?

Cleaning, storing, and maintaining your prostate milking massager doesn’t have to be tedious. To make the experience blissful, I have compiled a detailed guide on cleaning the different sex toy materials.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does a Prostate Massager Work?

A prostate massager delivers vibrations to the area around the prostate for an exciting feeling of satisfaction. Most models have a protruding base doubling as a perineum stimulator for dual action [1].

What Does a Prostate Massager Feel Like?

A prostate sex toy feels excellent. While the experience varies depending on who you ask, a prostate massager tickles the small gland (also called the male G-spot) for a pleasing effect [3].

What Is The Best Position For Using One?

The missionary is our preferred position for prostate stimulation because you have a direct view, and your arm is the most capable without any twisting. You can also try spooning and doggy style, two significant sex positions, especially if you have a partner.

How to insert a prostate massager?

Position yourself in a comfortable, relaxed pose, like in a spooning position. Then apply plenty of lube to the toy and anus. Insert the toy slowly, and once inside, navigate until you feel it against your prostate.

How to orgasm with prostate massagers?

Relax for at least 20 minutes to give the body enough time to adjust to the new sensations. After 20 minutes, it’s time to start working your Kegel muscles by contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor, similar to when stopping urination midstream. Hold the contraction, then release it after a few seconds. Keep repeating until you achieve the P-spot orgasm.


Primary Sources

1. Bazar, R. M. The Prostate Massage Manual: What Every Man Needs To Know For Better Prostate Health And Sexual Pleasure. (2015).

2. DiLonardo, M. J. Prostate Massage: How It Might Benefit Your Health. (2019, June 14).

3. Normal Male Sexual Function: Emphasis On Orgasm And Ejaculation. (N.D.).


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