14 Best VR Sex Toys 2024, REALLY Tested! [Video Reviews]

Featured imageI started using sex toys more than 10 years ago, and the best part about my experience is that every day brings a new surprise. The VR masturbators, especially, are an exciting part of my collection. While I have numerous VR-enabled products, nothing beats the immersion of an interactive stroker.

After extensive testing by our team, we firmly believe that the best VR sex toy overall is Kiiroo Keon. It’s compatible with many VR sex sites, has robust 230 strokes/minute, has excellent compatibility with other products, and I loved the smartphone app. So, without further introductions, here’s the list of this year’s highest-rated devices!

Update: Seeing the positive response, we went out of our way to negotiate a special deal with Kiiroo for you! If you buy Keon using the Kiiroo link below, you get a 10% discount at checkout!

Key Takeaways

Test Winner: Kiiroo Keon + PowerBlow
Kiiroo KeonKiiroo Keon + PowerBlow got the highest rating in our review. Our testers loved how the masturbator is compatible with numerous VR sites, including PornHub, with an endless collection of free content for you. 

Blowjob: AutoBlow AI Ultra
Autoblow AI UltraAmong the standout features we loved about the AutoBlow AI Ultra; its realistic blowjob simulation was our favorite. As the name suggests, the masturbator employs AI technology to mimic the sensations of receiving oral sex.

Budget: Lovense Max 2
Lovense Max 2Our budget pick might not be the most AI-advanced VR sex toy, but it punches well above its weight. For starters, it’s compatible with an intuitive mobile app, allowing you to easily sync it with VR porn videos on sites like Real Virtual Porn.

Why Should You Trust Us

Tim LarsonTim Larson started using sex toys in 2010 and has reviewed them professionally since 2016. During that time, he published more tests than most other people, and he’s regarded as the foremost expert on male sex toys globally. Tim did more than 100 hours of research for this article, including scouring forums, reading customer reviews, and interviewing experts and friends. In addition, he tested all products using our rigorous review process.

Based on Tim’s many years of experience as an objective sex toy reviewer, we are confident that the products below are this year’s absolute best.


How We Picked The Products

I selected more than 20 products for this article, emphasizing options for men looking for the most realistic self-pleasuring experience. I also defined test criteria that we could measure on a scale from 0 to 100:

  • Design. The prioritized review samples that were easy to use, with an intuitive interface and user-friendly design as the bare minimum.
  • Compatibility. During testing, we prioritized models compatible with multiple sites and VR headsets. The variety gives you options, ensuring you explore as much as you want. We also ensured you have plenty of interactive content to choose from, even for gay, transgender, and non-binary people.
  • Materials. From the onset, we only picked devices made from high-quality materials whose design signified a great work of art. Remember, the goal was to get something that’s both easy to use and pleasurable.
  • App Features. Different brands have varying app features to shape your personal experience. We tested various applications to ensure those we recommended offered multiple possibilities for solo users and couples.
  • Settings & Stimulations. We paid attention to VR sex toys with the most settings and stimulation types. The more, the better.
  • Battery. Besides picking models with USB-rechargeable batteries, I also emphasized ensuring the charge-to-output time made sense. An ideal sex toy should take minutes to fill up and hours to drain the power.
  • VR Features. The beauty of VR toys is the absolute realism that comes with using them. For this reason, we gave special privileges to those models with unique features like motion sensors, voice control, and Artificial Intelligence designed to simulate the real thing.

During testing, we rated each test criterion on a percentage scale from 0% (Worst) to 100% (Best). We then calculated the overall score using different weighted metrics depending on the importance of the test criteria. Half the total rating comes from Design (25%) and VR Features (25%). After that comes Materials (10%), App Features (10%), Battery (10%), Design (10%), Settings (5%), and Compatibility (5%).

After a month of testing, the team came back with the results. It took me about 18 hours to review and summarize the findings before compiling a list of the highest-rated picks for the different categories. And from the sheer analysis and expert liaison, I believe these are this year’s best VR sex toys for men!


Everything We Tested

In this chapter, you can see a comparison table with all the products we tested. As you can see, each row has the test criteria our team used during the testing. To make our testing process even more transparent, we also included the raw test data so you can see how the products performed with each test criteria.

Kiiroo Keon + PowerBlowAutoBlow AI UltraLovense Max 2Lovense SolaceLELO F1s V3Fleshlight Universal LaunchThe HandyLovense GushHot Octopuss Pulse Solo InteractiveLovense Calor
NameKiiroo KeonAutoBlow AI UltraMax 2SolaceLELO F1s V3Universal LaunchThe HandyLovense Gush Hot Octopuss PulseCalor
CategoryBest OverallBlowjobBudget PickHands-FreeHigh TechFor FleshlightsVoyeurFrenulum StimulationAlternative for Frenulum StimulationWarming
Average Rating94%93%92%91%90%90%87%86%86%84%
App Features93%93%85%89%90%90%83%80%88%84%
Settings & Stimulation91%90%92%85%87%87%89%86%80%85%
VR Features96%89%87%89%90%88%88%85%85%86%
Price Tag$279.99$299.95$99$189$249$199.95$199$99$179$139.99
MaterialSilicone, TPE & ABSABS & SiliconeABS & TPEABS & TPESilicone, Aluminum, &
ABS & PU CoatingSilicone, ABS & TPESiliconeSilicone & ABSSilicone & ABS
Length9.05 inches10 inches6.5 inches 11.6 inches4.3 inches14 inches5 inches3.39 inches2.87 inches7 inches


1. Kiiroo Keon + PowerBlow: Our Overall Test Winner!

The body showing the LED lights

Why we love Kiiroo Keon + PowerBlow:

I know you can’t wait to hear what we thought about the Kiiroo Keon VR masturbator, and we won’t keep you waiting. Penis owners who love linking their sex toys to immersive videos like classic porn or enjoying interactive VR shows and webcam sites will enjoy the Kiiroo Keon and PowerBlow powerhouse.

Notably, the masturbator is compatible with numerous VR sites, including PornHub, with an endless collection of free content for you. Other sites like Virtual Porn 360, Metaversexxx, and Chathouse 3D sell individual 180-degree VR videos for as little as $0.99.

Screenshots from the Feelconnect app

Something else that stood out was the intuitive Feel Connect app (screenshots in the image above). Pairing it with Keon was bliss, and it was the connection between the masturbator and Virtual Reality. Everything from the easy-to-follow prompts to the endless customization options made the app stand out from other models we tested.

The PowerBlow replaces the traditional suction but with the extra ooze of better control of the suction experience with the mobile app. More importantly, the end cap is compatible with interactive videos on PornHub and other VR content sites, making it ideal for immersive masturbation fans. Plus, it supports 2D and 3D content, so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

Closeup of the power button

Note: The exceptionally versatile accessory is well-suited for Feel Strokers and other sleeves with a similar shape. Connecting it with the Kiiroo Keon was straightforward, and its compatibility with the Feel Connect app further improved the user experience.

Unlike traditional sex toys, Kiiroo Keon and PowerBlow’s automatic stroking and suction free your hands so you can focus more on what matters the most: having a great time.

Kiiroo Keon

Let’s talk about the design next. We loved the ergonomic structure (seen in the image above) because it significantly simplified the user experience. It felt great on the hands, which was an improvement from the other models we used over the years. “The design language was essential for demystifying the massive VR masturbator, even for people with smaller hands,” says Shane Davis.

Kiiroo Keon

Note: While the design did well in simplifying handling, we don’t recommend the Kiiroo Keon for people seeking a travel-friendly model. However, regular users will love the weighty feel because it adds to the realism aspect. Most masturbators feel like insincere imitations, but Kiiroo Keon was animated, and the sensations felt organic.

The stimulation was among the best we experienced. The smooth TPE sleeve (image above) wrapped the penis warmly, while the Helix Power texture induced gentle yet satisfying sensations. “It reminded me of the renowned Stamina Training Unit (STU) with a unique mix of a tight canal and firm bumps and ridges making for even stimulation,” Tim Larson wrote in his test report.

PowerBlow attached to a Feelstar stroker

The testers loved the build quality from the get-go. The designers paid attention to the last detail, with impressive artistry visible in Keon and PowerBlow’s rugged design (image above). In addition, the choice of materials and the user-centered structure simplified the user experience while amplifying the intensity.

PowerBlow’s versatility was another aspect the team looked into. The automated suction control replaced traditional spinning and turned the masturbator into a more exciting sex toy. It connected with the Feel Connect quickly, laying the foundation for exciting VR porn simulation. In addition, the high-tech auto masturbator lets you hand over control to a long-distance partner or connect it with another sex toy like Pearl3 for real-time interactivity.

Kiiroo PowerBlow

Note: The masturbator and stroker are made in-house by Kiiroo. For this reason, there are no compatibility worries, as most models are made from brand collaborations. All it took was a quick twist, and the toy locked into place.

Alternative: Kiiroo Onyx+:

Kiiroo Onyx+ is an incredible alternative for folks seeking more discretion. The more compact toy was much easier to handle, and frequent travelers will love its greater portability than the Kiiroo Keon.


Something else that set it apart was the more natural and cozy sleeve. Like Keon, it connects to the Feel Connect app, opening your world to endless possibilities, including VR porn, webcam immersion, and sex toy interactivity.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Unfortunately, handling the massive Kiiroo Keon can be problematic, especially for people with smaller hands and weaker wrists. Even for an average user, you can expect sore arms after extended sessions of self-pleasuring or foreplay.

In addition, the VR stroker costs about $300, which is comparatively pricey for folks seeking an honest wank. If you’re not as ecstatic about the VR capabilities and mobile control, consider getting cheaper options like Lovense Max 2.

Why Kiiroo Keon + PowerBlow is the highest-rated VR sex toy:

  • Stimulations: We loved many things about Kiiroo Keon, but its high-tech specs make it stand out. It connects to the intuitive Feel Connect app, opening the world to exciting possibilities like VR porn, integration with webcam sites, and long-distance control. You can even pair it with a sex toy like Pearl3, allowing you and your partner to regulate each other’s sensations.
  • Design: Kiiroo Keon and PowerBlow’s ergonomic design was the best among the VR sex toys we tested. It certainly wasn’t the most compact in the bunch, but the designers intelligently thought out the dimensions and inscribed curves and angles in the right places to simplify handling. The control buttons on the side make it easy to regulate the stroking movements. More importantly, the sleeve and housing were made in-house, completely negating any compatibility issues.
  • Build Quality: Something else that stood out was the phenomenal quality of artistry. The body-safe silicone and ABS materials enhanced the sensations and made the masturbator durable in the long run. In addition, the plasticky body that made up the better part of the stroker was surprisingly firm and has held on well after multiple uses.

If you want to see what Kiiroo Keon looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

Make sure to read our review of the Keon masturbator to learn more about it.


  • Material: Silicone, TPE, ABS
  • Width: 3.62″
  • Length: 9.05″


  • Impressive high-tech specs.
  • Outstanding VR compatibility.
  • Automated stroking action.
  • The in-house design team negates compatibility issues.
  • Convenient Feel Connect app.
  • Ideal for long-distance romance.


  • People with weaker wrists will find handling complicated.
  • It’s not ideal for budget seekers.

Update: Seeing the positive response, we went out of our way to negotiate a special deal with Kiiroo for you! If you buy Keon using the Kiiroo link below, you get a 10% discount at checkout!

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2. AutoBlow AI Ultra: Blowjob Simulations!

Autoblow AI Ultra

Why we love AutoBlow AI Ultra:

Among the standout features we loved about the AutoBlow AI Ultra; its realistic blowjob simulation was the best. As the name suggests, the masturbator employs AI technology to mimic the sensations of receiving oral sex.

The testers highlighted the authenticity and the impressive ‘training’ from the machine watching endless blowjob porn videos so that it can fine-tune the intricate details of oral sex. “The machine replicates the different variations of a blowjob experience so you can relax and enjoy the most mind-blowing orgasms,” says Shane Davis.

Me holding the Autoblow phone app

Besides fine-tuning the sensations with thousands of hours of blowjob videos, the device has an endless porn library (image above) that it liaises with in real-time. More importantly, the masturbator can be voice controlled, and your partner can regulate the pleasure remotely from miles away. Y

Let’s talk about the design. The reviewers loved the inscribed grooves on the side (highlighted in the image below), describing them as a gateway to simplify handling. We loved how the new model was anchored on the principles of the preceding model, with a few notable improvements to enhance the user experience. The design felt more balanced, and the device ran more smoothly. More importantly, the stroker was more in sync with the new sleeve, thus generating more friction and amplifying the sensations.

Autoblow AI Ultra

Other notable improvements include the tighter and more realistic-looking sleeves (image below). The AI Ultra blowjob simulator also comes with video syncing capabilities, something users have always asked for.

The extensive Video Sync Library was another highlight of the review. We tested multiple masturbators, and none matched the VR sex toy’s dynamic collection. Everything from deepthroating videos to enhance your blowjob sensations to anal gaping porn to spice your backdoor exploration experience, there’s something for everyone.

Closeup of the mouth orifice

Note: The brand maintains a consistent inflow of new videos to ensure the catalog stays fresh and updated, so you don’t have to worry about running out of options.

Something else we loved was the versatility. The product comes with three sleeves so that you can choose your favorite depending on your mood and preferred sensations. While we were most excited to explore the mouth orifice and what it had to offer, the realistic mouth and anal openings provided a unique and breathtaking balance for kinky masturbator users.

Autoblow AI Ultra

The texture inside the oral cavity was the most balanced among the three. It felt like receiving a head from your favorite throat goat. There was an incredible balance between intensity and functionality, making it the most stimulating orifice among the three.

All the sleeves looked and felt unique. The texture variation made the AutoBlow AI Ultra masturbator dynamic enough to chop and change depending on your mood and sexual desires. Whether you’re after the coveted deep-throating action, vaginal penetration, or anal gaping, there’s something for everyone. The vaginal onahole was the most intense, with a tight cavity and a mix of ridges and ribs from end to end.

The content of the box

Note: The anal sleeve was not as intense, but the cavity was the tightest. The smooth lining imitated the low-flying vibe of the Classic Pink Lady.

The VR sex toy’s compatibility with the AI Ultra app significantly simplifies the user experience. For starters, it complements the simplistic control interface, allowing beginners and experienced folks to enjoy the experience. The secure web app is one of the most well-thought-out models we tested. Everything from the straightforward interface to the multiple preset vibration patterns makes it stand out.

The packaging

Lastly, the designers paid attention to detail, ensuring every part of the masturbator underlined the desire for excellence. The team used user reviews and recommendations from the preceding models to construct the latest VR sex toy. For instance, the new masturbator features Fleshlight-like sleeves, an improvement from the sharper lips that were more susceptible to tearing because of the force needed to fit it into the stroker. We found the new sleeves more effective, easier to clean, and longer lasting.

Alternative: AutoBlow AI+

Unlike the Ultra model, people with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) will enjoy the AutoBlow AI+ because it’s usable with a flaccid penis. We found it much easier to retain the member inside even before getting a full erection. More importantly, the masturbator also came with multiple sleeves with different dimensions and texturing, making it exciting to switch between the three to match your mood and sexual desires. Like other AutoBlow products, the VR model is compatible with an intuitive mobile app, opening your world to endless possibilities like long-distance romance and voice control.

Closeup of the body

Unfortunately, the AutoBlow AI+ does not support Adult video sync, which is a massive part of the AutoBlow AI Ultra experience.

You can read our review of Autoblow AI+ here.

Minor issues we found during testing:

The most significant concern was the loud rattling noise from the suction cap. Ensure you tighten it correctly before use to minimize the annoying sound.

Users with smaller palms or weaker hands will find the device cumbersome when used for extended sessions. You must keep switching hands if you intend to use it for extended sessions.

Why AutoBlow AI Ultra is ideal for blowjob simulations:

  • Stimulations: The oral sleeve was the most intense among the reviewed models. We thought the designers struck an outstanding balance, making the oral sex intense without phasing out beginners or those with sensitive skin. Adjusting the intensity with the suction cap was straightforward, and the additional sleeves (vaginal and anal) made it easy to switch between different sensations depending on your preference.
  • Versatility: AutoBlow AI Ultra was the most versatile VR masturbator in the article. For starters, the package came with three unique sleeves. Whether you want a realistic mouth, vagina, or anal opening, there is something for everyone. More importantly, the Video Sync Library had an extensive range of adult content videos that synced to the stroking action for a more organic experience. Lastly, the AI Ultra’s compatibility with the mobile app simplified the user experience and opened the user’s world to endless possibilities.
  • Design: Like other AutoBlow products, there was impressive attention to detail when designing the AI Ultra masturbator. We found the model more balanced, and it ran smoother than the preceding models. In addition, the ergonomic and compact structure simplified handling for beginners and experienced folks.

If you want to see what AutoBlow AI Ultra looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

If you want to know more about the AI Ultra’s features, we highly recommend reading this Autoblow AI Ultra review.


  • Material: ABS, Silicone
  • Dimensions: 5.5″x 4″
  • Height: 10″


  • High-tech masturbator.
  • Realistic blowjob sensations.
  • Convenient mobile app.
  • It comes with multiple sleeves.
  • Impressive video sync library.
  • Adjustable suction pleasure.


  • It feels cumbersome when used for extended periods.
  • You can’t save and save custom patterns.

View On Autoblow.com


3. Lovense Max 2: Our Budget Pick!

Lovense Max 2

Why we love Lovense Max 2:

Our budget pick might not be the most AI-advanced VR sex toy, but it punches well above its weight. For starters, it’s compatible with an intuitive mobile app, allowing you to easily sync it with VR porn videos on sites like Real Virtual Porn for a mix of intensity and bliss. Whether you stay together or are in a long-distance relationship, the easy-to-use mobile app enhances the user experience. It makes it easy to customize individual facets of the masturbation session, an impressive feat for a model that costs between $109 – $139.

Other perks like music sync and unlimited customization made the mobile app (screenshots below) integral when using Max 2. It enhanced dynamism and allowed you to curate a music playlist beforehand so you could relax and enjoy the automated vibrations and contractions with each change of the beat. We also liked how simple it was to set up and pair the dual stimulation stroker with the mobile app.

Screenshots from the Lovense remote app

The sensations were another highlight of the review. The outstanding mix of contractions and vibrations was churned out evenly throughout a masturbation session, laying the foundation for intense and fulfilling orgasms. “I’ve come across numerous people who had issues climaxing with regular sleeves but found instant success with the automated penis stimulator,” says Shane Davis.

Besides the conventional vibration settings, the VR sex toy’s 360-degree contractions lifted the roof off when we first tested it. We loved the balance between intensity and functionality, evident with the adjustable air vent that made the oral sex simulation super realistic. More importantly, the variety with seven vibration settings and three contraction modes made it easy to customize the pleasure to match your experience and sexual needs.

Lovense Max 2

Let’s talk about the design. Lovense Max 2’s ribbed cylindrical structure enhances its low-profile and simplistic body. Unlike other models we tested, Max 2 was much easier to handle for different users, including beginners and those with smaller hands.

The squishy TPE sleeve (image below) felt super realistic. The cavity was lined with nodes and ridges to amplify the quality of sensations. The often rough texture helped tuck in the penis inside the orifice so that every vibration and contraction was well injected. And while the sleeve design made cleaning problematic, the quality of sensations negated the slight inconvenience.

Lovense Max 2 Up Close

Lastly, the easy-to-open case made cleaning easy. In addition, the suction control air vent allowed for quick air pressure stabilization. Lovense Max 2’s quick-release valve around the bottom provided emergency release when needed. “The vent design could be better in later releases. The current one makes it challenging as you need almost-perfect precision with your fingernails,” says Shane Davis.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Unfortunately, the porous TPE material was a little complicated to clean. The microscopic holes needed extra care when washing and drying, which took considerably more time and effort.

The sleeve attracts a bit of dust and lint quickly, necessitating more frequent cleaning. In addition, the air vent design could be better because the current one makes it challenging, as you need almost perfect precision with your fingernails.

Why Lovense Max 2 is our budget pick:

  • Price: For a price between $109 and $139.99, the automatic stroker offered excellent value for money. We loved the straightforward design and ribbed case because they simplified handling. In addition, the well-thought-out mix of contractions and vibrations made the price a bargain. Lastly, Max 2’s build quality and compatibility with VR porn made it a better choice than other budget sex toys.
  • Design: Everything about the masturbator was well-thought. We loved how the cylindrical structure simplified handling without looking cheap. According to Shane Davis, it was a blend of sophistication and masculinity that none of the more affordable models have been able to merge. “The air pressure vent made it easy to customize the experience to match your experience while the easy-to-open case demystified aftercare,” says Shane Davis.
  • Versatility: The male masturbator’s connectivity with the dedicated mobile app amped the ante for pleasure seekers. The mobile app added to the impressive bells and whistles like music sync and endless customization. In addition, pairing the two was quick, and the intuitive interface made it foolproof.

If you want to see what the product looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

If you want to see what Lovense Max 2 looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

You can check the Max 2 masturbator review by clicking this link.


  • Material: TPE, ABS
  • Usable Width: 3.33″
  • Usable Length: 6.5″


  • Ideal for VR porn fans.
  • A well-designed and affordable male stroker.
  • It’s made from high-quality TPE and ABS materials.
  • The textured sleeve feels incredible.
  • A convenient Lovense mobile application.
  • Music sync and unlimited customization.


  • Adjusting the air vent can be challenging.
  • Cleaning the sleeve takes more time and effort.

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4. Lovense Solace: Best For Hands-Free Play!

Lovense Solace

Why we love Lovense Solace:

Among the VR sex toys we reviewed for the article, Lovense Solace stood out as the more hands-free option. Couples that have to live away from each other will enjoy the freaky online webcam shows with the Lovense delight. Besides using the Lovense Remote app to regulate every aspect of VR-powered masturbation, you can connect the Solace with other sex toys for a more immersive experience.

People seeking an entirely hands-free experience will find more than solace in the stroker. It connects with the Lovense app so that you can explore a wide range of possibilities, including video, VR, and alluring bedroom games.

Closeup of the control interface

Unlike any models we tested, Lovense Solace was compatible with two mobile applications. The WeVibe Mate offers the user a glimpse into the exciting VR world, allowing you to marvel at the out-of-this-world visual excitement. On the other hand, the more intuitive Lovense Remote app (screenshots below) simplifies connectivity and implodes the number of possibilities.

We found it easy to fine-tune the experience with the two mobile applications. Whether you want to alter the stroke length, the speed, or the pattern, customization was straightforward. In addition, the user-friendly interfaces made it easier to learn what each function did, making the experience blissful.

Screenshots from the Lovense Remote App

According to Shane Davis, the stroker reminded him of the Lovense Max 2. “It looked and felt like a more compact model of the Max 2.” The refined and slim body made handling more straightforward. In addition, setting up the included mount was quick, hastily making the huge masturbator completely hands-free.

Lovense put the effortless orgasm phrase to good use with the state-of-the-art desk mount (image below). The versatile mount felt firm once set up, even after continuous pumping. In addition, its 180-degree adjustable range allows the user to enjoy different sex positions and poses. Fancy a quick wank while standing? Or would you rather do it while sitting? Everything goes with the Lovense Solace.

Solace with the desk mount

Something else that stood out was the sleeve’s closed design. While some users faulted it for making it challenging to regulate the suction pressure to their liking, others loved the overall neatness because it didn’t spill the lube and body fluids after orgasm.

Note: The close-ended design also makes the sleeves comparatively more tedious to clean. Unlike the conventional open models, washing and drying takes more time and effort.

Closeup of the orifice opening

We loved that Lovense included an extra sleeve for dynamism. People who don’t love the vagina-looking orifice can use the non-descript option (zoomed in the image above). Those with a thicker member will appreciate the looser latter, but those after a more intense and tight experience will love the vagina model.

The build quality was another highlight of the review. The impressive quality of artistry was evident from the time we unboxed it to the last use. Everything from the rigid exterior to the ultra-soft TPE made for an exciting experience. On the one hand, it simplifies handling and makes the sensations more fulfilling. More importantly, the materials are durable in the long run, and maintenance is reasonably straightforward. “Besides the quality of artistry, we thought the pieces of the jigsaw fit perfectly, and the mechanical stroking was smoother than most hands-free models.”

The content of the box

Versatility was another aspect we couldn’t overlook. The multiple control apps opened a new world of possibilities and simplified the experience for close-range and long-distance users. Whether you want to video chat with your lover to schedule play or build up to the ultimate immersion, mobile apps offer endless customization options and long-distance romance.

Lastly, the robust motor packed a punch, allowing the more experienced folks to marvel at the wild world of up to 280 strokes per minute. You might not need such intensity to orgasm, but having it in the back pocket for when you might need it is enough assurance to get the masturbator. My only concern was the annoying rattling noise coming from the powerful motor. It’s a bit indiscreet, and people living in shared spaces or those with nosey neighbors might have to look elsewhere.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Unfortunately, the masturbator only has a 2.76″ stroking length, which can be limiting for most people. While the rapid-fire rhythm was fulfilling, people after a model that envelops the entire shaft might be disappointed with Solace.

In addition, the sleeves were relatively tight, and people with girthier-than-average members will find them limiting. If you’re packing anything more significant than 6.5″ x 2.5″, you’ll find the bogging during stroking to be annoying. We recommend Lovense Max 2 if you fall into this category.

Why Lovense Solace is the most effective for hands-free play:

  • Design: The testers highlighted the importance of the hands-free desk mount in simplifying the user experience. It was unlike the other models we tested. The slim, lightweight structure significantly enhanced handling. More importantly, the versatile mount was adjustable up to 180 degrees, making it easy to switch between sex positions. And with your hands-free to explore, solo masturbation and foreplay will never be the same.
  • Versatility: Lovense Solace’s connectivity with the Lovense Remote and WeVibe Mate apps made it stand out. The former is the best in its class, with unmatched versatility, endless customization options, and ease of pairing. On the other hand, the VibeMate app opens your pleasure world to exciting possibilities like VR porn and other interactive videos that sync to the automated stroking action. Everything from realistic porn to sex games and webcam streaming, there are multiple streams to explore.
  • Build Quality: Like other Lovense products, Solace’s craftsmanship was impressive. We loved the well-thought-out dimensions and choice of materials. The designers struck an outstanding balance between silkiness and durability, giving us one of the most interesting VR sex toys to use.

If you want to see what Lovense Solace looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

Please read our Lovense Solace review if you want to check out the full specs.


  • Material: ABS, TPE
  • Length: 11.6″
  • Dimensions: 4.07″ x 3.94″


  • The highest-rated hands-free masturbator.
  • Outstanding build quality.
  • It’s compatible with the Lovense Remote and VibeMate apps.
  • Endless customization options.
  • Ideal for Virtual Reality and sex gaming fans.
  • You can connect it with Other Lovense products.


  • The machine is loud.
  • It’s on the pricey side of the spectrum – $189 – $398.

View On Lovense.com


5. LELO F1s V3: Most High Tech!

Lelo F1S V3 next to a coffee thermos as size reference

Why we love LELO F1s V3:

LELO F1s V3 is one of the most exciting additions to the masturbator series. The AI-driven masturbator strives to do more than replicate a hand job. Instead, it takes technology to the next level with the impressive LELO app. The new AI-anchored V3 gives artificial intelligence more control over the experience, curating the sensations to match feedback received from your body.

According to the website, the masturbator uses data in real-time to curate a user-centered experience. The unique integration of AI ensures that the sensations are exceptional for everyone and are not a one-for-all kind of setup. Of course, a few tweaks could be made to make the AI more dynamic, but we loved the current state of the dynamic facet.

Closeup of the control buttons

Note: The AI interactive mode uses built-in sensors to pick up real-time encrypted info and sync the intensity and motion for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Unlike its predecessor, there are two size options: a standard size for the regular user and an extra-large model for the girthier folks (image below). The testers reviewed sizes, and Shane Davis highlighted how similar the two felt. “The usable length was under 0.5″ more for the larger model, but the circumference was notably bigger so that thicker guys can enjoy the extra room.”

Lelo F1S V3

The new sleeve structure was another feature we couldn’t overlook. It worked on the preceding model’s flaws, ensuring it fits snugly around the cock for a more direct vibration transfer. In addition, the design negated the problematic air pocket around the tip that made the sleeve uncomfortable for girthier folks.

Note: The 4.3″ usable length ensured even folks with smaller members enjoyed the entire cavity’s worth of sensations.

In addition, the glorious black panel on either side and the colorful strip enhance the sleek look. The little peek-a-boo window in front gives you a piece of the action during use, rendering it perfect for voyeur fans.

The packaging

Something else that got our eyes on the design was the discreet thermos look. You can leave it on your nightstand without worrying about spooking your family or friends.

Mastering the motion took a minute because of the often slippery material that necessitated the use of both hands at all times. For this reason, hands-free masturbation fans will have to go for the Lovense Solace. LELO F1s V3’s simplistic control interface includes a three-button pad. Everything from the punchy design to the button separation and positioning on top of the masturbator makes it foolproof.

The device charging

The build quality was phenomenal. The new LEXAN 141 material was a new one, but it proved rugged quickly enough. The polycarbonate was exceptionally firm and heat-resistant, rendering the perfect ABS plastic alternative. In addition, the super soft sleeve was made of silicone, which is the best sex toy material. Besides amplifying the longevity aspect, it made the sensations more intense, and the sleeve is ideal for everyone, including people with ultra-sensitive skin.

The powerful motor offered an extensive range of buzzy and rumbly sensations. Getting used to the non-stroking design took a while, but we loved the intense stimulation. A mix of squishy silicone lining, textured lining, and potent vibrations made the masturbator one of the most powerful in the article.

The content of the box

Lastly, the Cruise Control technology made the masturbator stand out from the other high-tech names in the article. The compelling feature was especially vital for the non-stroking F1S because it ensured the sensations remained constant even when pressed against the member during the climax. This way, you won’t have to worry about botched orgasms.

Minor issues we found during testing:

Unfortunately, you can’t use the masturbator with a flaccid penis, making it unideal for people with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). In addition, you must have both hands or at least one of them to make the most of the sensations, making it regulate the pleasure hands-free or with a flaccid penis. You must have an erect penis and hold the device with one hand at all times.

Something else that was annoying was the lack of remote control. We loved the mobile app, but not having the convenience of regulating the excitement from miles away made the masturbator not ideal for people in long-distance relationships.

Why LELO F1s V3 is the most high-tech:

  • Special Features: The AI-powered stroker boasted impressive technological features that made it stand out. For starters, its compatibility with the LELO mobile app complemented the built-in control pad, making it easy to customize the experience. Even without the remote control, we loved the simplified interface with a gamey touch that made it feel like you’re driving a race car.
    Other impressive features like the Cruise Control technology ensured the masturbator kept on firing even when pressed against the body. Other models tend to stall when pushed against the wall, but LELO F1s V3 didn’t.
  • Stimulation: The sensations were phenomenal. The testers loved the textured sleeve because it amplified the stroking action. Regardless of the size you go for, the silicone luxe feeling and textured cavity deliver some of the most pristine orgasms I’ve ever experienced. In addition, the potent motor churned out an excellent range of rumbly and buzzy vibrations. Getting used to the non-stroking design took a while, but the powerful sensations made the experience worth it.
  • Design: The new sleeve design addressed flaws in preceding models, ensuring it fits snugly around the penis. Unlike the LELO F1s V2, the sleeve doesn’t have air pockets in the tip, and girthier folks can enjoy the sensations like everybody else. In addition, there are two size options: a standard size for the regular user and an extra-large model for the girthier folks.

If you want to see what LELO F1s V3 looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

We went in-depth with this beauty in our Lelo F1s V3 review so make sure to check it out.


  • Material: Silicone, Aluminum, LEXAN 141
  • Insertable Length: 4.3″
  • Girth: 1.75″ – 2.36″


  • Phenomenal build quality.
  • Wide-ranging range of sensations.
  • There are two sizes available.
  • Straightforward interface.
  • Intuitive LELO mobile app.


  • It’s pricey – $249.
  • The mobile app doesn’t support remote control.

View On Lelo.com


6. Fleshlight Universal Launch: Best For Fleshlights!

Fleshlight Universal Launch

Why we love Fleshlight Universal Launch:

The Universal Launch might not be the most high-tech masturbator, but it ranks among the top for Fleshlight users. Even without notable interactive features, it comes with a universal smartphone mount so you can watch the most intriguing porn while doing your thing.

We firmly believe the smartphone mount (image below) helped mask the lack of interactive capabilities. Of course, the model is an improvement to preceding products like the Fleshlight Launch with improved functionality and endless possibilities. Still, it’d be nice if Fleshlight added more AI and VR components to the automated stroker.

The packaging

The new design allowed the masturbator to accommodate more standard Fleshlight sleeves. It’s a must-have product if you own a couple of Fleshlight masturbators, and the simplified interface makes it easy to switch between the sleeves.

Unlike other models in the category, the Universal Launch was the most secure. Besides the standard screw-in threads that bolt the sleeve in place (image below), it came with a patented ratcheting system with a firm plastic loop securing the stroker steadily so you don’t have to worry about it popping out mid-session.

Closeup of the ratcheting system

Something else that stood out was the ergonomic design. We loved the huge handlebars on either side because they significantly demystified handling. The testers were nervous when they saw the size but were utterly surprised at how the handles made it easy to use the masturbator. Some of the smaller models were impossible to use with a single hand, but using the massive Fleshlight Launch with a single hand was straightforward.

The easy-to-press buttons (zoomed in the image below) were thoughtfully inscribed on both handlebars so you can regulate the stroke speed and length quickly. In addition, the interface lets you customize more intricate details like the positioning so the sleeve focuses on the tip, shaft, or base. This way, you can achieve precise stimulation and intense edging excitement.

Closeup of the speed button

The testers described the Fleshlight Universal Launch as quieter and more discreet. “We didn’t expect it to whisper quiet, but the size-to-noise ratio was impressive,” says Shane Davis. “You might not be able to hide it from your roommate, but you won’t need to worry about the neighbors.”

Something else the reviewers highlighted was the intricate detailing of the Turbo Thrust masturbation sleeve. Everything about it was terrific, including the realistic and flexible orifice that made it easy to penetrate from multiple angles. “It was unlike anything I’d seen before,” confirms Shane Davis. “The increased friction from the flexible entry made the orgasms more intense.”

Closeup of the ratcheting system

Note: The ribs and ridges line up the cavity from end to end (highlighted in the image above), ensuring the penis is engulfed from head to base. This way, the sensations are evenly spread, and the stroking action is more stimulating.

Alternative: Quickshot Launch

While it might be unideal for people seeking full-shaft sensations, the Quickshot Launch is much more versatile than its competitors. For starters, it has a universal smartphone mount so you can enjoy visual stimulation during masturbation. In addition, it’s compatible with most standard Quickshot sleeves, so you won’t have to buy new ones.

Quickshot Launch blowjob machine

Like the Universal Launch, its massive handlebars significantly simplify the user experience and make it easy to use it with one hand. More importantly, switching between the different sleeves was quick, and so was regulating the stroke speed and length.

Minor issues we found during testing:

One of the most significant concerns was the pricing. The stroker is relatively expensive because it costs between $262 and $291. Most people will find the price tag too expensive. If you want something more affordable, we recommend the Lovense Max 2.

In addition, the launch is limited in terms of interactivity. Most of the models in the article feature high-tech features like VR sync and AI integration, but the Universal Launch only has a smartphone mount so you can watch your favorite erotic content during play.

Why Fleshlight Universal Launch is the most recommended for Fleshlights:

  • Design: Something about the Universal Launch that stood out during self-testing was its compatibility with more Fleshlight sleeves. We loved the rugged ratcheting system because it added a layer of security to the stroking action. In addition, the massive handlebars made it easy to control the masturbator with a single hand. Lastly, the intelligently placed buttons render it simple to regulate the stroking speed, length, and position.
  • Versatility: The Universal Launch stood out as one of the most dynamic products in the article. For one, it was compatible with more sleeves, making it perfect for those with multiple Fleshlights in their adult toy collection. More importantly, the structure allows for precise control of the sleeve’s position so you can switch between intense, full-on stroking and passionate edging.
  • Build Quality: We loved the attention to detail by the designers. Unlike the other masturbators in the category, Fleshlight imposed their authority with its well-thought-out dimensions and curves. There was an impressive balance in the design that made the powerful stroker functional for different users, including beginners.

If you want to see what the Fleshlight Universal Launch looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

You can read our full review of the Fleshlight Universal Launch here.


  • Material: ABS, Silicone, PC
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 11.5″ x 7.5″


  • A well-designed masturbator for Fleslights.
  • Impressive build quality.
  • Convenient ratcheting system
  • The masturbator is compatible with multiple sleeves.
  • Intuitive control interface.
  • Handlebars make it easy to use the Universal Launch with one hand.


  • No storage bag.
  • Missing interactive features.

View On Fleshlight


Other Good Alternatives

The Handy with the sleeveThe Handy is the perfect choice for voyeur fans. All three sleeves are transparent, giving you an unprecedented view of the action. Sandra and I enjoy the view of an erect dick during mutual masturbation, and very few masturbators complement our experience than the Handy. In addition, the Handy connects to the Handy Connect mobile app, opening your world to endless possibilities, including VR sync. Lastly, the masturbator is compatible with FeelMe AI. This way, the toy uses the advanced AI system to transform a quick wank into an intense blend of sensations.

Lovense GushLovense Gush is the best choice for people seeking precise frenulum stimulation. We loved the compact size because it simplified handling and storage. Besides making it easy to travel with the masturbator, the testers highlighted how the small size demystified the sensations, making it possible to use it with one hand while the other focuses on other erogenous zones. In addition, the flexible body fits snugly, almost like a tight bracelet on the hand. With impressive features like the intuitive Lovense Remote app, regulating the excitement was straightforward.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo LuxHot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive is the perfect alternative for frenulum stimulation fans. The vibrating penis toy lets you orgasm uncontrollably as you watch your favorite interactive content on your smartphone. More importantly, its open design makes it ideal for different sizes, including the flaccid ones. And with remote control on the menu, it’s suitable for both close-range and long-distance couples.

Lovense Calor with the lidsLovense Calor performed the best among the models we tested for extra realism. The unique warming feature simulated the feeling of a human mouth, making the sloppy toppy organic. More importantly, it’s compatible with the Lovense Remote app, allowing you to enjoy exquisite capabilities like the alarm feature, music sync, and remote control. You can also adjust the grip and switch between the different vibration settings.


What Are VR Sex Toys?

VR sex toys are high-tech sexual wellness products designed to deliver video and physical experiences that simulate real sex. These automatic sex toys use Bluetooth, mobile connectivity, and motion-sensing technology to provide real-time feedback, whether you’re masturbating solo or with your virtual mate. In addition, they’re compatible with Virtual Reality headsets for immersive visuals, including watching VR porn and playing virtual sex games.

A man thinking what masturbator to use


How Do VR Sex Toys Work?

While automatic masturbation has been thought impossible for a long time, VR pleasure products are here to dispute that. These interactive strokers combine multiple technologies to provide real-time visual and audio sex experiences.

The ‘structure’ includes an automatic masturbator, VR goggles, and a dedicated mobile app. Each part of the system complements the other, ultimately delivering the finished product, an immersive masturbation experience.

The VR Headset

For instance, watching Virtual Reality porn with your VR headset simulates the scene’s actions and speed, so it feels like you’re actually in the porn video. In addition, the sex toy picks up the movements, stroke patterns, and speed to simulate whatever steamy action is going on in the video. This way, you enjoy both the visual and physical immersive experience.

The best part is that engagement applies when playing VR sex games and having sex with a camgirl. And even those in long-distance relationships can enjoy real-time mutual masturbation with compatible interactive toys.

You can read more about virtual reality sex and the underlying technology in this article.


How To Use VR Sex Toys?

How you use a VR sex toy will depend much on the brand. For most people, Kiiroo and Lovense are the go-to interactive toys. Personally, Kiiroo edges the competition a little because the Feel Connect 3 app is compatible with more VR porn sites.

So, to use the Virtual Reality masturbator, start by downloading the respective app. Let’s take the Feel Connect app as an example:

  • Turn on Bluetooth mode on the app and click ‘Connect a Device.’
  • Choose your stroker from the list that pops up.
  • Go to the best VR porn site and watch the interactive content.

Closeup of the VR headset

Note: Depending on the goggles you go for, you’ll have to lock your smartphone on the headset or use them standalone.


How to Clean VR Sex Toys?

Cleaning and maintaining your interactive sex toy ensures it’s always ready when you are and improves its longevity. Luckily, most models come with removable sleeves, making it easy to pop them out and clean them easily.

Cleaning Sex Toys In The Sink

Use a mild soap or sex toy cleaner before thoroughly rinsing with warm water and air drying. You can also use a clean, lint-free cloth to dry the sleeve.

Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off any dirt build-up on the case and goggles.


Best VR Sites for Your VR Sex Toys

1. WankzVR

WankzVR won the top VR site of the year in 2018 and 2019, and it’s not hard to see why it bagged the award two years in a row. The interactive and user-friendly website has some of the best videos from renowned performers.

2. VR Bangers

VR Bangers is another hotspot for incredible Virtual Reality possibilities. Besides the interactive UI, the site boasts multiple categories, including VR sex games, oral sex, and trans orgies. In addition, it’s compatible with various platforms, including some of the most affordable VR headsets like PSVR.

3. VRBGay

VRBGay is the perfect site for those looking for gay porn. It has a rich collection of videos that’ll get everyone excited – top, bottom, or vers.

4. Feel Me

Feel Me is another VR porn powerhouse that you can’t sleep on. The site’s porn collection is impressive and supports a wide range of interactive sex toys. Feel Me has multiple categories, with most of your favorite porn stars on board.

5. BadoinkVR

BadoinkVR is a long-standing Virtual Reality site that has stood the test of time. Besides multiple categories, I loved the porn stars involved, including Riley Reid and Liya Silver. In addition, the site has won numerous awards, like XBIZ and AVN VR Site of the Year.

Man in haptic suit having virtual sex


DIY VR Sex Toys

Unlike other sex toys, making a VR male masturbator from scratch is nearly impossible.

Your best bet is to get a cheap VR headset that uses a mobile phone to relay the video. Then, buy an affordable masturbator without all the fancy interactive technology. You can either hold the stroker in your hands or position it with pillows on the bed and thrust it as you watch porn.

Luckily, there are numerous low-cost headsets on Amazon compatible with different smartphones. There are many strokers on the market, so putting together a DIY VR sex toy on a budget won’t be a hassle.


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