How to Use a Sex Swing? PRO TIPS from a Sex Toy Tester!

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Featured imageUsing a sex swing – also known as a love swing – can be a fun way to shake up your sex life with your partner. The free-floating design lets you expand your repertoire of sex positions more easily while giving the suspended partner a feeling of loftiness they’re sure to love. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use a sex swing to get maximum enjoyment from your new purchase.

Key Takeaways
  • A sex swing is a piece of sex furniture that suspends one partner in the air while the other has more freedom to maneuver them into the ideal position.
  • Thicker-strapped products are better for anyone desiring additional comfort. Whether it hangs from the ceiling, a stand, or a door frame will depend on how much play space you have.
  • If you’re new to sex swings, start with a basic model and carefully read the safety instructions. Before trying it with a partner, verify the installation and use it solo first.

What Is A Sex Swing?

As the name suggests, a sex swing is a harness to suspend one partner in the air while the other has more freedom to maneuver them into the ideal position. There are a few models to choose from, varying in level of support and from where they are suspended. Thicker-strapped options are better suited for anyone desiring extra comfort. Whether you hang it from the ceiling, a sex swing stand, or a door frame will depend on how much space you have to play.

Wild Side Sex Swing missionary position

How Does A Sex Swing Work?

How a sex swing works for you will depend on the unique poses you and your partner plan to enjoy together. For positions like doggy style, it will support the hanging partner via a strap under their chest, another below their belly, and the third supporting their low legs. Reclined missionary involves the hanging partner laying back into straps supporting their lower back and thighs.

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

Either way, the job of the sex swing is to give the swinging partner a weightless feeling and the standing partner the freedom to move you into new positions with gentle ease.

Who Are They For?

With so much variety between the different models, there really is something for everyone.

Athletic couples might enjoy testing their balance and strength using less supportive and more versatile options. Larger folks and those working with limited mobility will enjoy the supportive and weightless feeling of a sex sling or chair.

Wild Side Sex Swing doggy style

Either way, couples lucky enough to have access to a sex swing will enjoy expanding their repertoire of sex positions and the enhanced accessibility for the penetrating partner.

Types Of Sex Swings

When it comes to suspended sex, there’s only one way to do it! And because of that, most traditional sex swings have a comparable design.

That being said, if you’re in the market for a new model, there are variances in features that will impact your experience with your new toy. Namely, the level of support that each product offers.

Strappier designs include squatting attachments that only offer handles for your hands and feet. They are fun to use but are limited in the number of compatible sex positions and are not the best fit for folks with limited mobility.

High-duty sex swings like The Screamer Dual Hook (image below) are a great mix of support and versatility since the straps can be adjusted and re-arranged to help users find their perfect fit. (You can read our Screamer Dual Hook review here.)

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

If comfort is your main priority, sex slings or a sex chair will likely be your best choice. Although pricier, sex slings offer the benefit of providing the widest surface area and 3-4 suspension points to support the swinging partner better.

Another detail to look out for is how your sex swing hangs. Some designs can be used with a simple door mount, while others require a separate stand or for you to mount to the ceiling (which will involve using a ladder to set up your swing every time you want to use it.)

Keep in mind that models mounted to a sex swing stand or the ceiling offer more versatility regarding positions. A door sex swing (image below) is great for beginners but won’t provide enough space to try all the positions.

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Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing

If you need more help selecting your sex swing, we have a comprehensive guide with all the best sex swings.

How To Use A Sex Swing?

Ready to test out your new sex swing? This step-by-step guide will help you feel prepared to test out your new toy.

1. Start With A Basic Swing

Folks looking for their first sex swing should prioritize simple designs requiring limited assembly. Therefore, starting with a door-mounted model is a great choice. They are usually more budget-friendly and don’t require drilling a hole into your ceiling or investing in a separate stand.

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing

You also won’t have to worry about fumbling with straps since most door sex swings come pre-assembled in the packaging. Look for something like the Fetish Fantasy Deluxe (image above) with rubber coatings to prevent door scratches. (You can read our door sex swing review here.)

2. Carefully Read The Instructions

Although for many sex toys, you can get away with leaning on the job, it’s worthwhile spending a few extra minutes double-checking your sex swing’s instruction manual (circled below).

The content of the box

In the instructions, you’ll find details about the weight limit, the correct way to connect all the straps, and where to suspend it. All of which is essential information for helping you use your sex swing safely.

3. Wash It First

As with any other sex toy, the first step after unboxing your sex swing should be to wash it.

Doing so will help you remove dyes or other skin irritants that might be left over from the manufacturing process.

4. Discuss Consent With Your Partner

Enthusiastic, ongoing consent should always be the goal for you and your partner. But it’s especially true when you are broadening your sexual horizons. Inviting new sex toys into the bedroom is fun but also can invite a definite sense of vulnerability.

Therefore, it’s important to maintain communication about boundaries and each partner’s comfort level throughout your time together.

A couple talking

If your sex swing is bondage-friendly (like the Fetish Fantasy’s swing), discussing a safe word before being restrained is a good idea. You might also consider discussing which flavors you’re in the mood for. Is anal sex on the table? Are you craving oral sex?

Remember that your mood can always change; if you want to dial things up or down, the desire to head in a different direction should be communicated and respected.

5. Create A Good Mood & Atmosphere

According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, setting the mood is one of the best ways to keep the passion alive, especially in long-term relationships. [1]

Setting a mood will look different for each couple. It can even vary depending on whether you’re in the mood for slow and intimate sexual intercourse or plan to have a more high-intensity session.

Romantic Bedroom

Either way, some ways that you can create a more inviting space for you and your partner include:

  1. Ensure your space is clean: Nothing distracts the eye like dirty dishes and garbage! If tonight is the night you plan to test your new sex swing, do a once-over before you begin.
  2. Dim the lights: Complete darkness might not be the best idea when using a sex swing, but at least kill the overhead lighting and light a candle or two.
  3. Play Music: Never underestimate the impact that the right music can have on your session. Try checking out the “makeout mixes” on your favorite music streaming platform to find something that matches your mood.

6. Make Sure It’s Properly Installed

Whether it’s hanging from a door frame or the ceiling, it’s not a bad idea to do a quick once-over before climbing in. Using the manual, go over the entire sex swing, starting from where it hangs. Make sure you don’t forget any pieces and that everything is where it needs to be.

The heavy-duty springs

Pro Tip: Our tester Angela shared this helpful tip to make sure it’s properly installed: “I did a weight test first, so I put a watermelon in the swing to see if it would hold. Then, I put some pressure on it with my knee to see if it started to buckle. It seemed sturdy and could withstand my weight (and my partner’s weight) without any trouble.”

7. Try It Solo First

Setting up your swing by yourself will help you get a handle on the ins and outs of your new sex swing without killing the mood when you’re with your partner.

If you plan on being in the swing, you might consider practicing getting in and out and figuring out where each of the padded support straps is supposed to sit on your body. Be sure to set up some padding underneath – even just pillows and blankets – to catch you should you fall.

Wild Side Sex Swing with the headrest

This test run could also be when you fine-tune the lengths of the adjustable straps – to give yourself extra support or set yourself up at the ideal height (keeping in mind your partner’s height), so the two of you can test out your first beginner-friendly position together.

8. Start With Swing-less Foreplay

You might have plans to end up on the sex swing, but that doesn’t mean that’s where you have to start! Before hoisting yourself into your new gadget, spend time connecting with your partner on more solid ground.

Most women agree that foreplay is an essential part of any sexual experience and something that isn’t given enough precedence. So don’t be shy to tease each other with your hands, mouths, or favorite toys before heading for the sex swing. [2]

9. Try Different Positions

A huge selling feature is the variety of sex swing positions you can test out with your partner. A spinning sex swing mounted to a stand or the ceiling will allow you to test almost every position – from doggy style to swinging cowgirl.

Reclining Missionary Sex Swing Position

If you’re new to using sex swings, check out our sex swing position guide with ten different sexual positions you can experiment with, from beginner to more advanced arrangements.

10. Pause Or Stop If You Feel Uncomfortable

Is using a sex swing feeling like more than you signed on for? Don’t be afraid to tell your partner! It’s normal to feel slightly exposed when using a new toy, especially when you’re doing so with another person.

If you call it quits early, dedicate some time to aftercare – reconnecting with your partner in whatever way feels best for you. The two of you can spend this time talking, massaging, and cuddling. It’s a chance for your partner to care for you and help you feel more comfortable.

Aftercare and Maintenance

This next section will detail the best ways to wash and store different models.

How to clean a sex swing?

It’s normal to get fluids and lube on your swing. Washing a sex swing might not be as easy as your other toys. Still, it’s essential to prevent bacterial infections and keep it in the best condition possible. So you can continue enjoying suspended sex for years to come.

  1. You should wipe down sex slings made from leather with a wet cloth and leather cleaner. Make sure not to drench the leather since it can impact the longevity of your sex sling.
  2. Any cloth swings that don’t detach from their metal hardware are a little trickier to wash. The best way to clean these is to take them to the sink and give them a good soak with mild soap and water.
  3. If you own a cloth swing with detachable straps, please remove the cloth straps from the leather hardware, place them in a laundry bag, and throw them in the wash on low heat. Afterward, hang-dry them or put them in the dryer on low heat.

Remember that thicker straps with lots of padding can take days to air-dry completely. So you might want to ring them out or squeeze them between dry towels to help remove excess moisture before hanging.

How to store a sex swing?

Storing a sex swing is a crucial topic for people in busy households who would rather not deal with their kids or in-laws discovering their toy. Luckily, storing them is easy, and just like the washing instructions, storage will depend on the model you choose.

The best option for people concerned about prying eyes will be door swings or something that fits into its carrying case (most dual-hook designs are easier to store since they don’t require a large metal bracket.)

The swing inside the storage bag

If you choose a different model, you’ll be left with a pile of straps, a metal mount, and a spring after using your toy. You can store this bundle in a drawer or box under your bed. You also have the option to keep it assembled and hang it up tucked into the back of your closet.

Thanks for reading my sex swing instructions!


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