We-Vibe Sync O Review 2024: Most Comfortable Couple Vibrator?

We-Vibe Sync OIf you’ve tried couples vibrators before and found them uncomfortable, this article might pique your interest. The We-Vibe Sync O is a c-shaped vibrator reimagined so the internal arm is flexibly shaped and fits into a multitude of differently-sized vulvas. It comes with a remote control, app compatibility for long-distance or hands-free use, and is small enough for travel. Join me to find out if I thought it was worth the hype!

Key Takeaways
4.5 out of 5 stars

Overall, I think this toy’s redesign was ingenious and will change the minds of many people who were previously disappointed by wearable vibrators. Especially those who tried other We-Vibe couples toys and found they were too intrusive, will likely think Sync O is more comfortable and a good next purchase. Comfort is king when it comes to good sex! But please note that the company nixed the internal vibrating arm, so if you or your partner loves internal vibrations, you may need to look for another product.

Who Is This For? If you only need clitoral stimulation to get off during penetrative sex and you have been looking for something more comfortable and flexible to wear with your partner, you’ve found your vibe. Further, if you feel neutral about internal G-spot vibrations and they bother your partner, this is a nice alternative. It’s less obtrusive for both of you.

Who Is This Not For? Anyone who needs G-spot vibrations to climax or appreciates the extra tightness that comes with wearing a traditional couple vibe won’t enjoy this new design that much. For those, I recommend We-Vibe Sync 2 or Sync Lite instead. And if you have vaginismus or chronic sexual pain and can’t use an internal arm at all, I recommend Dame Eva as it’s the only couple vibrator that’s 100% external.

You Can Buy It on the We-Vibe website or Lovehoney for $169.00. Discount code MSTG15 for 15% off!

What Is the We-Vibe Sync O?

We-Vibe Sync O is a new couples vibrator that you can use during penetrative sex. I’ve tried many couples vibrators in my life and so have my friends—all to make penetrative sex more pleasurable. Most are C-shaped, with an internal arm and an external arm, but the inflexibility can sometimes make it feel like a vibrator has been clamped to your vulva. We-Vibe O heard our collective pleading and answered with the Sync O, which has an internal arm shaped like the letter O, so that it is flexible enough to be comfortably inserted, and then will conform to the shape of your vagina so that it doesn’t fall out. The last part is key—as couples vibes that fall out mean it can be difficult to change positions with ease and it can be hard to use in a truly hands-free manner.

We-Vibe Sync O

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First Impressions and Features


I always love unboxing We-Vibe toys. Their packaging is reliable, giftable, not over-the-top but still satisfying. The box was attractive and sturdy. Inside was a beautifully packaged toy, a USB charging cable, the instruction manuals, and a pretty linen storage bag (image below). I like the linen storage bag because it doesn’t draw undue attention. If you’re someone who has roommates or just likes that extra level of privacy, a linen storage bag may not attract the curiosity of roommates.

The content of the box


The We-Vibe Sync O has novel features, including:

  • Waterproof, body-safe materials and a rechargeable battery
  • Secure, adjustable fit thanks to the internal o-loop
  • Remote control and app compatibility


We-Vibe Sync O specifications at a glance:

  • Material: Body-safe silicone
  • Size: 3.15” x 1.73” x 1.75”
  • Color: Purple or green velvet
  • Mechanism: Couples clitoral vibrator
  • Weight: 2 oz

How To Use We-Vibe Sync O?

There are several different ways to use the We-Vibe Sync O. But like with any toy, to get started, you’ll want to wash and charge it. Then, grab the water-based lubricant and get yourself in the mood. After you and the o-shaped arm of the toy are lubed up, place the o-shaped arm inside your vagina until it rests comfortably. If you’re playing with a penetrating partner, now’s the time to hold the toy in place while they insert their lubed-up penis. Hold the toy through the first couple of thrusts to ensure it’s comfortable and will stay in place while you get into a rhythm.

Then, decide what your plan is for using the toy. If you want to start by just using the button, that will be simple. The single button turns the toy on and off and will cycle you through the ten vibration patterns. Unfortunately, it doesn’t turn the toy’s intensity up or down, so if that function interests you, you must use the remote or the app. I like to use a low-intensity setting to start and then eventually increase the intensity, so I would never be able to use this toy without the remote or app.

Solo Missionary Masturbation Position

To use the remote instead, you’ll get to know five buttons: plus and minus buttons, right and left buttons, and the control button. The control button is below the other four, and it’s used for pairing your toy. Once the toy is on, you can simply use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the intensity and the right and left buttons to scroll through different patterns.

To get the most functionality out of the toy, you’ll want to give the We-Vibe app a try. Getting started is easy:

  • First, download the app.
  • Then, hold down the button on the device for ten seconds to reset it, then hold it down for two seconds until it vibrates twice. This is how you get the toy into pairing mode.
  • Find the “Sync O” on the list of toys in the app, and then the app will guide you through the rest of the pairing process.
  • After that, you can try creating your own patterns, syncing the toy to music, or chatting with your partner while they control the toy.

A couple talking

If you’d like to return to using the remote after you’ve paired your Sync O to the app, you’ll have to re-pair it with the remote control. To do so, hold the control button down for ten seconds to reset the toy. Lastly, if you’re using it for long-distance play, both you and your partner will need to download the app. The toy must be paired with your phone first. Once it is, you can invite your partner to the We-Vibe app by choosing the “long-distance play” option. After they accept, the fun starts.

In case you two lovebirds have more questions, you guys can read our guide on how to use couples vibrators.

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My Personal Experience

I knew nearly what to expect from this toy before even opening the package—or so I thought. I’ve tried many We-Vibe toys before, and I’ve been lucky enough to try their prior versions of couples toys like the Chorus and the Sync Lite. I know what I like about them, which is generally that they are high-quality and powerful, and what I don’t, is that they can feel bulky during penetrative sex. I was excited to see if this toy would truly be hands-free, even during more athletic sex.

One of the main advantages you get when you use a hands-free couples vibrator over a regular bullet vibrator that you have to hold in place is that you can get into more sexual positions. If your hand is busy and your pelvis is occupied by a vibe, spooning is the best, doggy style works, and cowgirl will do the trick, too. Beyond that, things can get tricky or even uncomfortable.

The device charging

But when you use a couples vibrator that stays in place, you can get in many more sexual positions (though not all, because some may be uncomfortable due to the extra pressure from the G-spot arm). Further, you could use your hands for another sex toy or another partner—the sky is the limit. Since getting off in many positions is why I like to use vibes like this, I had even higher hopes for the Sync O. This could make the hands-free option even more comfortable.

Before trying it, my partner was nervous about the O-shape. He thought maybe his erection would catch on it as he thrust. Luckily, this wasn’t the case. Further, for most of the positions we used, it stayed inside too. I also didn’t miss the G-spot vibes as much as I thought I would, and my partner had more room to maneuver. Four thumbs up from a happy couple!


As you can see in the image below, We-Vibe’s packaging is reliably excellent. It comes with the couples vibrator, quick start user guide and safety information, a USB recharging cable, a linen storage bag, and a remote control. All you need to have on hand is some lube!

The packaging


The design blends form and function, as is typical of We-Vibe toys. They traded internal G spot vibes for a more comfortable, stay-put o shape. The shape makes it easier to insert, and then the circle expands to help it stay in place during penetrative sex or while you use a dildo or another toy. You can see the unique O-shape in the below image.

We-Vibe Sync O

The design will probably work better for some people than others. The internal arm is rather short, so depending on the length of your vaginal canal, it might not be long enough to feel secure. This may not matter, however, if you don’t mind holding the toy in place.


We-Vibe uses waterproof, body-safe materials to make this couple’s vibrator, and they are all high-quality. This toy feels like it will last for a long time, and its flexibility doesn’t make it feel more fragile.


We-Vibe’s toys have reliably strong stimulations. But the better question is, do they reach your clit? And are they strong enough to make up for the lack of internal vibes? When I tested this toy, I found that the toy comfortably reached my clit and the stimulations felt strong and rumbly for such a small toy.

We-Vibe Sync O

Sound Level

This toy is moderately quiet. When I tested how loud it was, the decibels ranged from 34 to 48. That’s not too loud for public play as long as you’re somewhere that has a low level of noise!

Build Quality and Dimensions

The build quality is excellent, which has always been the case with the We-Vibe toys I’ve tested. The toy is quite small, making this perfect for travel and for users who don’t need sizeable toys to get off. The smallness makes it more comfortable, too, for wear with a penetrating partner. You can see how the size compares to other couples vibrators I have tested in the image below (Sync O is the purple one in the middle).

All the couples vibrators I have tested

My small qualm with the dimensions is that the linen storage bag that comes with it is small; so small that it can be difficult to fit the toy in it with the remote control, let alone the cord. I wish it were about an inch longer so that you didn’t have to fiddle with it so much to get it to fit.

Ease of Use

This toy is easy to use if you only plan on using the basic functions. As you can see in the image below, it is a one-button toy, and that one button turns the toy on and off and cycles you through the basic vibration patterns. The USB charging cable is magnetic, making it virtually foolproof. If you get the cord in the vicinity of the magnetic charging pins, magnetism will do the rest of the work for you, and you can tell it’s working when the light starts flashing.

We-Vibe Sync O and the remote control

Things get a bit more technical when you want to use the remote or the app, but it’s still more user-friendly than I would have guessed. If you get nervous about learning new technology, flip through their user manual, which has a visual guide and simplifies the process considerably.

The remote control and app pairing process are made as easy as I could imagine. My partner would love to talk to you about how not tech-savvy I am, and yet I repeatedly pair and unpair these toys with ease. I can even sail through the app’s many functions without any hiccoughs. If they can convince me that it’s easy enough to use, I’m certain that you would be able to do it.


This toy gets fewer points for versatility than some of its siblings since it did trade out the G-spot vibration for a more comfortable experience. However, I still think most couples could get more use out of this than most couples vibes because it’s comfortable enough to use frequently.

We-Vibe Sync O

Here are all the different ways I could think of to use this toy: public play (wearing tight-fitting underwear and pants to help it stay in place), masturbation, masturbation with a dildo, long-distance play, penetrative sex, double penetration, with the remote control by yourself, handing your partner the remote control, creating rhythms with app control, in a bathtub, hot tub, or pool, or even as a clitoral vibrator without using the internal component.

On the other hand, it won’t work as an anal toy, it won’t provide G-spot excitement, and it won’t add to the pressure during sex.

Warranty and Support

We-Vibe offers a two-year warranty on their toys that covers any defects in workmanship or materials. Better yet, they offer a 100-day money-back promise that allows you to return the toy if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. This is one of the most generous offers on the market, since sex toys can’t be resold, thank goodness.

Minor Issues I Found During Testing

One of the issues I came across when testing is that the storage bag is slightly too small to hold everything I want to keep in it: the cord, the remote control, and the toy.

If you want to see what Sync O looks like and how to use it, please watch our unboxing and demonstration video below:

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View On We-Vibe.com

Review Summary


  • The redesign makes this more comfortable to wear than other similar toys
  • Good for people who have partners with penises who don’t enjoy vibration since the inner arm doesn’t vibrate
  • Comes with a remote control and is app-compatible
  • Waterproof, rechargeable, and soft
  • Giftable packaging


  • The storage bag is slightly small when storing the toy, remote, and cord
  • It might not stay in place for people with longer vaginal canal due to the small internal arm

Who Is This For?

If you don’t need internal G-spot vibration to get off during penetrative sex and you have been looking for something more comfortable and flexible to wear with your partner, you’ve found your vibe. Further, if you feel neutral about internal vibrations and they bother your partner, this is a nice alternative. It’s less obtrusive for both of you.

Who Is This Not For?

Anyone who needs G spot vibrations to climax or appreciates the extra tightness that comes with wearing a traditional couples vibe won’t enjoy this new redesign that much. And if you have vaginismus or chronic sexual pain and can’t use an internal arm at all, I recommend Dame Eva as it’s the only couple vibrator that’s 100% external.

Alternatives to the We-Vibe Sync O

In this chapter, you can see a comparison table and shorter reviews of alternative products we tested. As you can see, each row has the test criteria our team used during the testing. To make our testing process even more transparent, we also included the raw test data so you can see how the products performed with each test criteria.

We-Vibe Sync OLELO Tiani 2Lelo Tiani 3We-Vibe Sync 2We-Vibe Sync 2We-Vibe ChorusLovense DolceDame Eva
NameSync OTiani 2Tiani 3Sync 2Sync LiteChorusDolceEva
Average Rating95%93%91%94%85%92%90%91%
Ease of Use96%93%91%90%88%91%82%95%
Build Quality97%90%92%89%93%92%89%90%
Battery Life92%91%91%91%90%90%90%89%
Special Feature90%90%92%88%84%92%97%91%
Price & Value91%93%91%93%97%86%92%91%
Price Tag$169.00$119.99 – $189$169$159$89.00$199$139.99$140
MaterialSilicone & ABSSiliconeSilicone & ABSSiliconeSiliconeSiliconeSiliconeSilicone
Insertable Length3.5 inches3.3 inches3.1 inches3 inchesN/A3 inches3.54 inches1.7 inches

All the couples vibrators I have tested

Lelo Tiani 2

I might be in the minority, but I prefer the Lelo Tiani 2 to the Lelo Tiani 3. The battery lasts longer, and it comes with an extra size and shape of the arm, so you can select the one that fits your body best. This toy will work better for most people since you can select a size. No one wants a vibrator that reaches right past their clit or one that’s so short that it’s frustrating. Plus, the Tiani 2 has an upgraded remote control with SenseMotion, making it extra intuitive to use.

Lelo Tiani 2 and the remote control

For a more detailed analysis, here’s our complete Lelo Tiani 2 review. You can grab a Tiani 2 for $149.

Lelo Tiani 3

The Lelo Tiani 3 is another C-shaped vibrator meant for wear during penetrative sex. Lelo’s packaging beats We-Vibe’s in terms of extravagance, but it isn’t app-compatible, making this a poor choice for long-distance couples. The vibrations on the Tiani 3 weren’t quite strong enough unless I pressed the vibe against my clit, so you’ll need to base your sex position choice around this, either allowing enough room for your arm or finding a way to get your partner’s pelvis to do the job for you.

Closeup of the control buttons

The Lelo Tiani 3 comes with an intuitive remote control that has a few features the We-Vibe Sync O lacks. First, the SenseMotion feature responds to your touch (you can turn it vertically or shake it rapidly) to determine the vibration intensity. Further, the remote vibrates, too, so if you hand it off to your partner, they will be able to feel what you feel and can make more informed vibration decisions. The remote has wonderful functionality, but the toy’s use is reduced to one setting without it, so only buy the Tiani 3 if you plan to use the remote control religiously.

You can read more about how well the remote functionality was in our Lelo Tiani 3 review. The Tiani 3 costs $169.

We-Vibe Sync 2

The We-Vibe Sync 2 is similar to the Sync O except for the internal arm. The Sync 2 has a G spot vibrating arm, which helps it stay in place a little better but is bulkier during penetration. It doesn’t have the fancy remote that the Chorus does; rather, it shares the simple black remote that the Sync O uses as well.

We-Vibe Sync 2

One thing you should know about the Sync 2 is that it uses deep ridges to keep the toy in place—and it can feel uncomfortably grippy, especially for anyone who is going through menopause or has vaginal dryness. Overall, it’s a solid mid-range choice for people who want something between the Lite and the Chorus.

Buy a We-Vibe Sync 2 for $159 or much less when on sale. You can use the discount code in our We-Vibe Sync 2 review here.

We-Vibe Sync Lite

The We-Vibe Sync Lite is a budget version of We-Vibe’s ever-popular Sync. Though you will get the same basic shape and features (including app compatibility), you won’t have a remote control and it’s not waterproof. It’s only splashproof, which means cleaning will be slightly fussier and the Sync Lite isn’t quite as ideal for travel or having sex wherever, whenever. The ridges are smaller, though, which I found more comfortable. Lastly, the charging cable is a pin charger rather than magnetic, which can be more breakable if you’re not careful.

We-Vibe Sync Lite

Read the full review of We-Vibe Sync Lite for more details. And once you’re ready, you can have a We-Vibe Sync Lite of your very own for just $89.

We-Vibe Chorus

The We-Vibe Chorus is another c-shaped couples vibrator that has similar app compatibility and features to the Sync O. The inner arm isn’t as flexible, but it does come with an incredibly intuitive remote control. Unlike the Sync O’s remote control, the Chorus’ remote can be operated by squeezing: the harder the vibes you want, the more you squeeze. It’s a lot easier and more fun than remembering which button to press. The vibes are rumbly, and the material is a slight upgrade from the Sync O.

We-Vibe Chorus

We went in-depth on how its vibration felt in our We-Vibe Chorus review so make sure to check it out.  You can grab a We-Vibe Chorus for $209.

Lovense Dolce

The Lovense Dolce shares many things in common with the Sync O: its c-shape, app compatibility, and body-safe and waterproof materials. However, the Dolce has a leg up on some aspects. For one, the app has more functionality. Next, the Dolce is so flexible that you can straighten it out and use it like a dildo, so it’s got improved versatility.

Lovense Dolce

The Dolce is a much different shape than the Sync O, though, and the G-spot component is significantly larger. If you have vaginal pain, this should probably be your last choice. But if you like a little extra oomph, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

The Lovense Dolce retails for $229, but you can usually find it much cheaper during a sale. Want a discount code? We have one, in our Lovense Dolce review.

Dame Eva

For people who struggle with sexual pain, there’s no better or less painful vibrator that I’ve found than the Dame Eva. It may sound strange since you lodge her between your labia, but since this vibe isn’t internal it can cut down on the amount of pinching you feel when mixing toys with penetration. It’s the perfect choice for anyone with a smaller vaginal canal, but it’s also a great choice for anyone who doesn’t need G-spot vibes to get there.

Dame Eva II

It’s cute, it’s body-safe, it’s waterproof, and it could be yours for $140. If you need a little push to get it, perhaps our complete Dame Eva review will do it. Check it out by clicking the link.

You can find more We-Vibe vibrators in this article.

Thanks for reading my We-Vibe Sync O review!


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